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3. SA78- 82 Now, this very vegetation also has to evolve, it also has to reach finer and finer levels, it also has to reach from the weed to the rose like man reaches from manhood to the god man stage; so likewise, the planets too, by the force of nature, by this compulsory force which the plant or the stone cannot deny. Denial only comes with the development of consciousness. So being not devoid of consciousness, but being unable to use consciousness because of lack of intellect, it has to flow with the forces of nature all the time. Now the main job of nature is to evolve its various species, that is the primary concern of nature. Nature is nothing else but a bundle of various laws and those laws are self existing. Those laws are self existing and if we look at it in theological terms, they emanate from the primal cause. Emanating from the primal cause, the momentums are set up and these various forms of momentums are the laws of nature. Now everything we see around us, the stone, the plant, the animal are constituents of nature. That is how nature expresses itself, but it is not real nature itself. Real nature are the laws that govern all the things that has emanated from itself, that is the essence and basis of nature. So the minerals and the plants and the animals and humans that we see are just but expressions of these primal laws and for the -- and these primal laws do nothing else but keep on moving, moving, moving. It can only exist because of motion. Laws of nature could never exist if it had no motion and the effect of motion is forever pushing forward and forward and onward. That is how (coughs) evolution occurs. Certain theologies will tell you that some old man on a throne sits up there and he changes all these various aspects. Today you're a stone, a couple of thousand years you become a plant, after that you become an animal and then we take you to the stage of man. That is symbolic. What is meant by that old man sitting up there is the force, the law, the natural law that will take you from the mineral to the god man stage. So (coughs) we have found that the plant feels to a certain degree. Science has also found and has proven this which we have read about a lot. Now, when the animal stage is reached, when the biological changes that take place because of the force of nature, an automatic process whereby these biological and physiological laws take place. Now we know that the animal is definitely more developed than the plant because we can measure it by certain of the animal’s instincts. Now the plant also has feeling ability and so has the animal feeling ability, but the feeling ability in the animal is far more intensified and this very intensification of this feeling ability, of the ability to use its senses, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, this does signify that it is on a higher rank in the ladder of evolution. Now if we look at animals, we find them in various gradations of evolution. The intelligence or the instinctual expression of the animal can be measured and it is a good guiding line to show us that it is at a certain stage of evolution. Experiments have been made with chimpanzees for example. They have a far greater perceptual ability than, for example, a rodent. So

7. SA78- 82 Gururaj: We shall never compare what we teach or equate what we teach with what other movements teach. Let them move, let them move in whichever way they like, they can move upward or downward. Good. Now, when a person starts practicing certain practices, I’ve said this before that the mind is so powerful; man's thoughts are so powerful that you could perform a so called miracles. We have seen this through the process of psychometry, telepathy, clairvoyance, photokinesis where objects could be moved just by power of thought. Levitation is possible. If I can move that vase in front of me by the power of thought, then why can I not move my own body in any direction? But the whole question is this, what does it help a man? The name of our movement is the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment. The name is not the International Foundation for Mental Development. We are interested solely with the kingdom of heaven within and all these mental acquisitions which can be performed by the power of mind are of no value to ones evolution. It would rather create a wall for you; block you from reaching the kingdom of heaven within. One could never reach divinity or the spiritual reality in man through the various practices of the mind. There has not been a single master in this world that has advocated the development of these occult powers. They’ve always said that these occult powers will side track you from the real goal, the real purpose of life and because of being side track, be prepared to go through a lot of misery. There's a lovely little story which some of you might know, but its worth telling for those that might not know it. There were two chelas studying under a master and after many years together, they parted. So one day it so happened that the two of them met on the banks of the Ganges. So the one chela, very highly evolved man, took a ferry boat to cross the Ganges, the other one had developed the power to walk over the water. So when they reached the other side, the one that walked over the water could not contain himself, he tells his brother chela, “Don’t you see what I have done?” So the one that took the ferry boat said that, “Look this has cost me four Annas” which is about four cents, “to cross the river and you have wasted forty years of your life to acquire this ability, what have you gained? Now because you wanted to draw your attention to me so much, you tried very hard to show me what you could do, do you know what that means? That by acquiring this ability, this occult power, you have developed a massive ego or else why did you want to have to show off to me? You think I am blind? I did not notice you walking over the water?” Now building up that ego is th e biggest stumbling block towards divinity. If I can fly to England an overnight trip, why would an aeroplane, why should I try and fly over without an aeroplane? I might catch a cold (public laughs) up there (laughs). So these things are totally useless, totally -- totally useless because once we go off the path, then it is very hard to come back onto it. Our minds become muddled. I have read the stories of people exercising occult powers. I've met many through all my travels and invariably without exception; I have found them emotionally deranged because there is a law of compensation. If you develop one part of yourself more, it will be at the expense of another part of yourself and that causes imbalance. While

8. SA78- 82 the purpose of life is to gain that integration, is to gain that balance whereby the true reality within man could be perceived, seen, experienced, lived. Now amidst all these confusion -- amidst all these confusion, it leaves man in a terrible position, what should I do? What path should I follow? The best path to follow is what your own conscience tells you and even there, if there's no clarity -- when I say conscience I don’t mean the thinking processes of the mind, but a deeper self, the deeper inner voice and any intelligent or semi-intelligent person would know automatically that look, this doesn’t sound right and if I failed, I go to the teachers and ask them, and if there are no teachers available, I go to the scriptures, I will open the Bible or the Gita or whatever and find the answer there, for none of them -- none of them talk about the development of occult faculties. But as one progresses on the spiritual path, automatically certain of your faculties become more and more developed, but in a balanced fashion. Why it remains balanced is because you are not concentrating on one aspect of your mind. The concentration is on the totality of the mind because your object is not the mind; your object is that which is beyond the mind. So as you progress on the path, you have beautiful lawns and gardens on the way, observe them, enjoy them, but don’t get stuck there. So the solution would be, listen to them all, whatever they teach and then use the teachings of the real masters. Use the teachings of the scriptures who say over and over again do not worship false gods and these are the false gods that one has to be careful about, the fal se gods of the mind. The mind is very flexible, anyone with six months or years or two years or five years of a one pointed practice in something can achieve it, what their hearts desire. You want to become a first class accountant or a first class doctor or a first class lawyer, you can, if you make the effort. You spend five, six years studying. This is the same. But becoming a first class accountant or advocate or whatever or engineer, you are not reaching God (coughs). Those developments in those professions are necessary to make a living. They are necessary and people going into these professions could be very useful in society. But of what use is a man that can levitate? Of what use is he to society? How is he going to benefit the environment? How is he going to promote the inner self of man, the love that is welling up there that just needs the doors to be opened? How is he going to help there? And how is he helping himself by flying up into the air? How is he helping himself? And this is so simple -- so simple, through certain exercises in Pranayama of breath control, that can be very easily achieved (coughs), but the purpose, there is no purpose, it is purposeless. Instead of wasting all that time and money, I believe it costs a lot of money, in a useless pursuit, use that same time and money helping the poor, help the blind, help the deaf, help the cripple. You’d be performing a useful service and the service would be such that it would take you closer to God, for the service of man is the service of God. That is how we bring the intangible into the tangibility, into daily reality, that is a useful purpose; the other is a useless purpose.

9. SA78- 82 I have met many yogis -- I have met many yogis throughout all my travels, I remember once on the Himalayas, a yogi was sitting with just a little loincloth, I go to him, I paid my obeisance’s and he says, “Oh, you have come? It is nearly time to eat, what would you like to eat?” So I tell , “A sorbet of fruit or something, I'm not really hungry, I just came to see you really”. He said, “ No , no you must eat” so he takes a blanket and just swirls the blanket around him like that and he takes it off and there were plates of beautiful food, there were plates of beautiful food. Now, this is such a simple phenomenon that through the power of the mind you can take the minute’s of atoms and reformulate them into what your mind would desire, but what does it benefit man? What benefit is there? There are so many teachings in the east whereby these things can be developed, these abilities are easily developed, but if all these energies are used to make man realise himself, to make man know the inner core of his personality, to open up the flood gates of the heart. The world is in a mess today because the world lacks love, people has lost the art of loving. Use the energies to promote that instead of wasting time trying to rise up in the air and yet that which is processed -- professed that -- of these possibilities, I have not seen it demonstrated . I have not seen it demonstrated and various other people, including scientists have asked this to be demonstrated in their presence, but this was totally denied. They were only supplied photographs. So what is happening -- what is happening? Is it the truth or is it a hoax? Have man practiced sufficiently enough to do that? And yet I say, all th is is a possibility -- all this is a possibility, but it’s a misuse of energy, misuse of one's discretion, misuse of one's powers of discrimination because the more you develop the powers of the mind, remember that it will have a compensation of lessening the powers of the heart, the heart will become <0:46:52.3> dead while the mind will start developing, we want a balanced development of mind and heart, this total integration where life could be lived so beautifully, so harmoniously. Now many movements that want to teach these things, they have a lovely plausible argument for it, nice package beautifully wrapped in Christmas paper and ribbons to make the product or commodity saleable and I am prepared to tell you one thing, and it is this which I have said a few times in England and in America that the people professing these kinds of things, I am prepared to challenge them on any open platform, could be Madison Square Gardens or the Royal Albert Hall, anywhere -- anywhere. Yes, it is a disgrace and I use this word very strongly. Does that answer? Do you think its time to have tea? Good.

1. SA78- 82 Public: Guruji this might be of interest to Biology, relating spiritual matters to Biology. Gururaj: Um-hmm. Public: Umm this theory of evolution, what I wanted to know is, is it necessary for there to be physical evolution of species as it is necessary for the soul to awaken by gradual stages? In other words, does man evolve from the ape and -- and from stone and animal matter (coughs) and <0:00:32.0> to this question, if it is the soul, as you’ve said, which chooses to be born in a physical body, then can a soul be forced to be born? In other words, if a male and a female seed are put together can they only germinate if there's a soul ready and second <0:00:58.9> there’s a theory of cloning which is being developed now in biology and science; how close is the relationship between the soul and the physical form? Because if it ’s integral, can you, for example, have ten Avatars simply by taking a cell of the body of an Avatar and reproducing it or would the -- the consciousness be different in individual in each case? Gururaj: Good. Now the basic mistake, we’ve spoken about evolution on various occasions. Now what scientists always try and do and which is, as far as we are concerned, basic mistake. The mistake lies in the fact that scientists want to dissect, they would separate physiology from biology, they would separate the mental self from the emotion self, they want to separate the spiritual self if some of those that admit to it, they want to separate that. So everything is sectionalised, put into different compartments. The major factor which they try to prove is this that each of those components can survive by themselves. Now, a mystics’ point of view would be very different that you cannot compartmentalise these various sections of any species existent in this universe. Everything that man, for example, is composed of is part and parcel of each other. Why scientists try to compartmentalise things is because, as I've always said, they think in a linear fashion that B will follow A and C will follow B and D will follow C. This is not the case, because as soon as we accept the theory of separatism, then the entire structure of the universe will collapse because every factor, your entire physiology is dependent upon your biology, your physiology and biology is dependent upon your psychology and that in turn is dependent upon that divine force within man, the spirit within man which actually permeates all these so called sections of man. Now, perhaps to sectionalise things might be necessary to gain a complete understanding of the whole, but we should not think of sections on their own. The idea would be to think of the whole and then, perhaps to break it up to gain some form of mental comprehension. Fine.

2. SA78- 82 So now when it comes to evolution, it is a natural process whereby -- whereby the primal atom has to go through all these various species, all these various kingdoms of existence, mineral, plant, animal, man. Good. Now what happens with the kingdoms that has not developed a higher level of consciousness is this that they are within the flow of the laws of nature. What are the laws of nature? The laws of nature are nothing else but the regulating factor in unifying all these various aspects of the universe -- universe, to unify for the universe exists as an entire whole and not in separate parts. If we stand in the street below, we’ll see just a small portion of Cape Town, we cannot say that this is Cape Town, but if we stand on Table Mountain and get the panoramic view of the whole, then that little part which we saw from our small perspective ceases because then we are comprehending the wholeness of Cape Town and not just <0:06:12.6> Street or Bree Street. So physiology, biology, psychology and the rest are intertwined and interdependent. Now this interdependency is necessary for evolution. I have always said that within the atom is contained the entirety of the highest evolved personage, it is all there in potential, the entire energy that will bring about the progress, the transmittance or transforms or transmutation from one species to the other, all that propelling force is existent in that one small atom. Now we know scientists go as far as the atom and sub-atomic matter, but the further they go, the further do they realise that there is something still more and more and more subtler. So where can it end? Theological people go to the first cause of things, but how far can you go? You have to stop somewhere and regard that -- assume that to the first cause and when that is assumed that there is a first primal cause, from there the entirety of theology is built up. Science denies the building up of this theology because they are aware; from the physicists’ point of view that although they have reached sub-atomic matter, they do feel and know that there is something more. In the molecule they found the nucleus, but how does that nucleolus operate? That nucleus of that atom, for example, is a world unto its own; it also has another nucleus in it and another system whereby this energy is forever going on and on and on. Good. Now to get back to evolution, evolution requires all these energies and as I have said, they flow with the laws of nature, you'd never find a stone rolling up a hill; it will roll down a hill. It is in total compliance with the laws of gravity. It cannot deny that, but a man with developed consciousness can go up a hill because he has developed that consciousness. Now, as the stone too has life, it has not developed the consciousness of itself, yet there is a consciousness within the stone, i t has to be unfolded. Now how can it unfold? It has to evolve, it has to disintegrate and form parts of other forms of life. That is why stone is a mineral. What feeds plants? The minerals in the ground. So that is how the stone converts itself into a higher form of life by becoming food for the plant. Now we know that the plant has life, even in a cabbage they’ve proven a pulsating factor which we call a heartbeat and this was scientifically proven.

4. SA78- 82 this proves that evolution is there and evolution simply means developing a greater awareness, developing a greater consciousness and by developing a greater and greater consciousness and a greater and greater awareness, that is how the evolutionary scale can be measured. Now man, because he can think, is naturally more evolved. He has the ability of thinking, he has the ability of intellectualising, he has the ability of discriminating, but there is where all the trouble starts because man can think. Up to then -- up to then, we will led in this beautiful river of evolution, flowing -- flowing -- flowing and taking one to the ocean, but as soon as man started thinking, he ceased to flow with the waters of the river. He wants to stand up and say, “Look, I don’t need to flow, I can go that way also,” yes. What is man actually trying to do? He is defying the laws of nature; he has the idea that he can control nature. Now that is very true. Man can have full control of all the laws of nature only when he has learnt to be in total flow with the laws of nature. But until then, he is bluffing himself and because he bluffs himself that he can control the laws of nature, all thee frictions begin. Resist not evil, that is what it means where you are resisting the natural flow of nature that will lead you to greater and greater heights on this ladder of evolution. Good. Now what stops us from resisting is, of course, the mind. The thinking principle contained within the mind. This very thinking principle creates in man the idea that I am something. That is why he tries to resist. But when he starts developing the idea that I am so insignificant in this vastness of the universe; that is when his thinking principle will stop. He will stop thinking in the terms of “I am something. ” When I say the thinking principle will stop, it means he will have a different perspective as far as his thought processes are concerned, then he will s ay , “I am so insignificant in this vastness of the universe.” Now, that is the first step the realisation of one's insignificance that will lead one to the realisation of all significance. Man starts on the evolutionary scale, by saying “I am nothing” , “Thou art that ”, “That thou art”, “ Me nothing” . Fine. Now as he progresses on this path, as he starts realising the true significance of his thinking processes, as perspectives and attitudes are changed, he will always say -- he will always say that “That thou art” and that is where devotion begins. But devotion is not enough. The wife is devoted to her husband, the husband is devoted to his wife, but in this devotion, a deep yearning develops -- a deep yearning develops where y ou , with your insignificance and that intense devotion, you want to merge with the object. You, the insignificant subject wants now to merge with the old significant object. Fine. Many of you married people might have experienced this, those that love your wives so much or vice versa will say, “Oh I wish I can eat you up” (laughs) yes, what does it really mean? It means that I want to merge with you. I want to find oneness with you. Now this is all in the process of evolution because we are governed by these laws of nature all the time in spite

5. SA78- 82 of our thinking ability. The thinking ability only creates greater and greater obstacles and the greatest job we have to do through our meditation and spiritual practices is to overcome these walls, these obstacles and by diving deeper within ourselves, cleansing the ego, cleaning the window, all these walls are slowly broken down and when the walls are broken down, the river of life can really flow unimpededly and that destroys friction when the river of life can flow unimpededly, there is no friction for that force within is so great that it washes away all the dirt of the physiology, biology, psychology, any -ology. Yeah. So from the standpoint of insignificance, man, in the evolutionary process, wants to merge with all that which is significant. But the two factors remain, “I and thou”. Now this very principle of “I and thou” has to start a dialogue. At first there is a recognition that ‘I am insignificant and you are all significant, but because of this deep yearning and devotion which has weld up within me, I want to become one with you, I cannot bear the separation any longer’. Burning desire until it consumes you on this devotional path and that is good. Be consumed like the moth knows it will be burnt by the flame, but forever is attracted to the flame and the glory of the moth lies in its self-consummation into the flame where it becomes a part of the flame, where it adds fuel to the flame. What greater thing can there be in life than to merge away in this divini ty ? We start at home with our husbands or wives, yeah. The other thing, divinity is so intangible, who can conceive of it? The mind is boggled; the mind is incapable of conceiving of that divinity. It is intangible but what cannot -- why can I not make that which is intangible to a tangible reality? And that tangible reality is right in my home to whom I could offer all my love, all my devotion and through that channel, through that little opening, I gain oneness with the entire universe. So the next stage in evolution would be that. First, the recognition of the separation, “I and thou”, second stage, the yearning to become one with the object of our devotion and the third step is like the moth in the flame or the river merging into the ocean, or th e salt melting away in the sea and then we say, “Brahmas me, I am Brahma. Now I am the master of the universe. At first I was so insignificant, but now being merged away in that which is all significant, I have become all significant too.” That is unity consciousness. So, in the process of evolution, from the lowest rank of that one little atom or even that which goes beyond the conceivable test tube-able atom, one progresses to that pure consciousness where nothing exists, only that great big “I” and when that consciousness dawns, we are in pure consciousness and then there is no separation in anything in the universe for the stone too is the life which I am. The flower, the plant too is the life which I am. These brothers and sisters are too me -- me -- me, “I” the big “I”, the universal “I”, for “I” the small “I” has merged away, the salt has melted away in the sea. It has not made the sea more saltier, for that sea could contain all the salt in the world. But you are one in the ocean, no more apart of it, but the fullest ocean because this very drop has permeated now the entirety of the ocean. How

6. SA78- 82 are you then going to separate your little drop in that ocean? Inseparable. That's the idea. Now that is the purpose of evolution, that is the goal of evolution and all these various laws of nature govern the process and pushes you ever onward and onward and onward. Onward Christians soldiers, pushes you onward. Okay? Next question. Public: < 0:29:53.9 > Guruji. Gururaj: Okay, make it short. Public: < 0:29:58.6 > Umm in t his crisis of integrating, in the world at the moment one is offered a confusing variety of choices and parts and one that comes to my mind --- Gururaj: I didn’t get you --- Public: Yeah, one --- Gururaj: -- In the world of? Public: Today. Gururaj: Hmm Public: On the course of present evolution, one is offered, confronted with a confusing number of choices of -- umm -- ways of doing this -- umm -- specifically mention in movements and religious orders and monastic vows one can take. Now one that comes to my mind is -- I saw very recently a pamphlet which extol the virtues of flying and levitating. Now, I thought this surely could not be a valid technique. Could you please talk to us about what a truly integrated man in practical reality is? Gururaj: Hmm okay, yeah. Public: He doesn’t fly, he doesn’t do this, what does he do really?


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