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1. ES 77 - 02 -1 Gur uraj: -- chants written. Good, everyone got it? Good, fine. Now I will show you the rhythm of it. We first do the chant and afterwards I will explain you the reasons, the purpose and what it does. Good. Now just one – a few times I will give you the rhythm of it, so listen. (Chants Mantra - Om Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vicheche) Okay? Now we start. (Chants Mantra - Om Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vicheche) Round one (Chants Mantra - Om Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vicheche) round two, now round three. (Chants Mantra - Om Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vicheche) Now round four (Chants Mantra - Om Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vicheche) Now last round, ladies first (Chants Mantra - Om Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vicheche) Open your eyes slowly. Now you know why we wear beads to count. Good, fine. Now all of you must have noticed that in the rhythm, it was like the waves of an ocean. See? Yes? Good. Fine. Now these sounds in the canto yeah it is based on the manifestation of the universe. You have the manifestor which is the divine and the manifestation which is the creation. Good, so when we see in the Bible also, first was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. Now in the process of creation of the universe, there had to be sound because all creation is composed of vibration because wherever there's vibration, there has to be sound. Good. Now if man can stand apart from the universe, then this is the rhythm and the sound you will hear of the entire manifestation. Good. Now by doing this chant, what happens is this that we are uplifting the vibrations of ourselves and the environment. Good. Now in the sound it is also called the eternal sound. Eternal sound because – eternal sound because there are nine syllables to it. Right and nine is always the eternal number. Good. Now if you take the letter 9, the figure 9 and you can times it by any number, 9x2=18, 1 and 8=9, 9x3=27, 2 and 7=9, 9x4=36, 3 and 5=9, 9x5=45, 4 and 5=9. So 9 always comes back to 9. Good. So therefore 9 always reaches 9 so creation always goes back to the source. So with the chant, we are tuning our vibrations to the vibration of the universe. Good. Now you will have noticed in the chant that it is also a great exercise of pranayama. Now pranayama most of you know something about it, it’s a long subject we will go into it some other time, but essentially what it means is control. Now pranayama is expressed outwardly by breathing, but the finer aspects of pranayama is the vital force that gives one life. I'm sorry I was a bit too long – I feel it might be shorter, okay fine. So in pranayama there are three parts. In breathing there are three sections, you inhale, you retain and you exhale. Good, fine. Now the most important part in pranayama is exhalation. Good, now when you do this chant, you will find that the sound is structured in such a way that you are exhaling all the time. (Chants Mantra) going out, out. It’s goin g out all the time. Fine. Now if you breathe out completely, then breathing in is complete also automatically. So the important part in pranayama is always exhaling or the outgoing breath and this creates a balanced rhythm in the body and when there’s a balanced rhythm in the body, then there is a balanced rhythm in the mind. Good. This pranayama is very good for health because by exhalation you are exhaling all the toxins in the body and as you would

2. ES 77 - 02 -1 know, all diseases or imbalance in the body is because of toxins. So whoever finds time and if that is easy to find, would do some pranayams twice a day will find the health improving very well and when the body improves in a beautiful rhythm, then the mind also have wonderful tranquillity and that is also path to happiness. Good. Fine. So these are just the basic principles in the exercise of the chant and of pranayama. Good. Now I want to ask some questions. Good. While chanting how many people found, after a little while, that the chant went on by itself? Put up hands, very good – very good – very good. Now I tell you what happened there. A human being is composed of two selves, the small self and the big self. In other words, man and god. Good. So when the chant goes on by itself automatically, then the big self is watching the small self and that is how – that is how the power of discrimination develops and what is there to discriminate about between the small self and the big self? Now when the big self can observe the small self in action, then the small self loses its importance. We have troubles in life because we think the small self is so important. So this is also a way to find peace. When man can become master of his ego, then he finds happiness because it is only the ego that causes all the problems. We say me and mine all the time, and it is me and mine that makes unhappiness. My motor car, my house, my this, my that, but what is mine? Nothing. Everything is his. So in this chant which seems so simple, we learn so much. We bring better health to the body, we bring peace to the mind, right and we find spiritual integration and we also learn the value of this small life and the eternal life. You see, so simple. Good. Now we are – we will be doing a meditation and this meditation which we will do is thousands of years old and it originated in Tibet. I'm just testing the sound. How many people have the full techniques here? Hands up. I see now thank you, gracias. Those that don’t have – and all those that have full techniques are on mantra meditation, mantra? Good. Not all on mantra, I see, okay fine. Now those that are not on mantra just have a repetition in the mind of the word “Ananda” Ananda – Ananda – Ananda– Ananda– Ananda– Ananda, but just don’t fly away (laughs) okay? So we close our eyes and we start our meditation. You start off with repeating your mantra in the mind and as you keep on repeating the manta, you will find the mantra fading away, receding away. And when the mantra recedes away, thoughts will come and when the thoughts come, let them come and go, let them play. Regard the thought as if you are watching a cinema screen bec ause on the cinema screen you can’t do anything to encourage what is happening and you can’t do anything to discourage what is happening. So you just let the mind play, let the thoughts come and go, when the thoughts go you start on your mantra again and smoothly mantra and thought and mantra and thought and you just go away like that. Don’t try and force anything, don’t try, just let things happen. Good. Now we start.


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