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1. ES 78 - 10 -2 Gururaj: Stands in English, I don’t know if it could be well translated into Spanish, but I think Fernando will try. Good, fine. Two men behind prison bars, one saw mud, the other saw stars. Two men behind prison bars, one saw mud, the other saw stars. Now these two men were in the same circumstances but one could only see the dirty mud down there, the gloom while the other man, also behind the same prison bars could see the stars and the glory. So one sees gloom, the other sees glory. Why? Because the one man is a more integrated man and as life's problems come upon us, the integrated man can handle them more efficiently and with less effect upon himself. As long as we are embodied beings, we will always be governed by the law of opposites. You will have light and darkness, heat and cold, night and day. These opposites constitute this whole world that we live in, but if our attitudes are changed, then the darkness does not seem so dark anymore and that is achieved by a person who can function with his mind, body and spirit as a total human being. Man does not know the secret that to find joy and happiness, he has to act as a whole and nothing he does is total or complete. His mouth might say some words, his mind will think something else and his action will be something else. So in this modern world filled with so many tensions, what we need very badly is this integration because with the technological progress that is being made, there are going to be more and more tensions in the world. So man has to become more integrated and that is the message so that his heart could open up and flower in love and stop regarding himself as a separate entity but part and parcel of a universal whole and when man recognises the inner essence of himself, then only can he recognise the inner essence of things external to him. Then only truly can we practice the major commandment, “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” You can’t love your neighbour as yourself because of his appearance or his mind because that is so impermanent, but the only permanent quality within him is the spiritual quality and by recognising that spiritual quality, we can really learn to love our neighbours as ourself and that is the nectar of yoga, yes . Good, so there’s so much nectar around. A man was standing along the side of a river and he was dying of thirst. Here is a river right next to him and he was dying of thirst so all these things, all these qualities, all these divine attributes are nearer to us than what we really think they are and just through a very simple method of meditation, we dive deep within ourselves and draw from this infinite storehouse of energy, so it would permeate the entirety of our minds and bodies which will give us physiological benefits, psychological benefits, sociological benefits and a real recognition of the divinity within which is the nectar of yoga. Okay? Thank you, next question. Translator: Yeah, he would like to know, what’s the basic difference existing between the way, the method, the path of prayer and the way, method or path of meditation?

2. ES 78 - 10 -2 Gururaj: The question is what is the difference between prayer and meditation? How many of us really know how to pray? Do we really pray to god? Or are we doing business with god? Yes. A person’s son is writing an examination then the person prays, “If my son passes the examination, I will give so much in charity.” So you are doing business. You say, “Lord you do this for me, then I will do this for you.” That is not prayer. People pray or think they pray when they are in dire need. When they have tried everything else and nothing works, then only do they think of divinity. Man has within him the pride that he can accomplish everything, but when he recognises and realises that I have done everything and nothing s eems to help, then he starts begging. So on the one hand, some people do business and on the other hand, some people do begging. Prayer can never reach divinity or higher powers beyond us. If it is for a need, if you need 20000 Pesetas, you pray that may I please have 20000 Pesetas. Now who are you to ask for it? Do you not think that divinity knows your needs better than you? Then what do we do? Good. The answer would be, to pray as usual, but to infuse it with a different quality. Trough meditation, when we go beyond the body and the mind and reach the realm of the kingdom of heaven within, then even without asking, the needs are answered, the needs are fulfilled because perception – seeing that living in this worldly life, certain circumstances has come about, drawing upon the spiritual energy will automatically fill those needs. So you do not need to ask for the 20000 Pesetas, but contact the power within and the 20000 Pesetas will look after themselves for does the scriptures not say, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven within and all else shall be added unto thee”? All your needs will be given to you and mediation is a simple way how to contact this divine source of plenty. For that mansion is filled with every treasure you can imagine. So it is no good doing business and no good doing begging. Now when a person goes into meditation and finds the silence within himself and catches the thought at the source of its origin, at the finest level of the mind which means the finest level of relativity, and then this origin of thought infused with that power of silence can achieve anything. That is why it is said that if you can think in the proper way, your thoughts wil l materialise and this, any humanistic psychology will tell you. So prayer has its purposes and the greatest purpose prayer could serve, if it could be an affirmation, and affirmation which is positive and not negative, for example if a friend of yours is ill, you want to pray for that friend so the friend can get better, which is very noble of you, but the method, the proper method is this that you are seeing in your mind’s eye, your friend ill and lying in bed and suffering so your mind there is filled with the negative thoughts of illness. But if you really want to help your friend and send prayers to the friend, think of that friend being well and healthy. If your friend's leg is sore and can’t walk, see the friend walking and running, that is positive thought and with the power of meditation, the silence you have gained within, that thought is projected powerfully because every thought is a thing, thought is just as material as this glass standing here but of a finest substance. Some people with great psychic abilities can actually see a thought and also the formation of a thought. So thought is composed

3. ES 78 - 10 -2 of very subtle matter. So with the silence gained through mediation, you project that thought to your friend, it will definitely have an effect on the improvement of the health of your friend. That is prayer, it is not business and it is not begging, but you are taking natural laws and putting it to its best possible use. Now many people might not understand this idea but that is understandable because if a hundred years ago you told someone that a thousand tonne machine can fly through the air, you will say the man is mad, and here every 10 minutes of the day we see jet planes flying across the sky. Seventy – eighty years ago, if you can tell someone that at this very moment you will speak to someone 10,000 miles away, they will not believe you at that time and here we experience it everyday on the telephone. So all these things are possible and these powers, we might call supernatural because we don’t understand them but all these laws are perfectly natural for the man who understands them. So that is what prayer is, that is how prayer should be used and positive thoughts combined with meditational practices constitutes real prayer. I would like to carry on this meeting, I love talking and I could talk to you till tomorrow morning 2:00 O’clock but I've got another meeting to address tonight – which meeting is – which meeting is it? Yes, yeah I've got another meeting to address tonight and so unfortunately we have to call this meeting to an end and I wish to thank you very -- very much for being with me tonight. So you tell them I have to address another meeting today? Translator: Yes, yes. Gururaj: So thank you very much. Speaker: Tonight we come to lecture and as appropriate for a lecture we heard some words -- some words that were deep and philosophical, others that were inspiring, others that perhaps had a sweetness or a beauty about them, but even when we can meet with the self-realised individuals, words are nonetheless words and the real contact that's taken place tonight must be more on the level of the heart – okay, since words are only words and experiences experienced it would be nice for you to be able to have a taste of the nectar that guruji was speaking of tonight. If you wish to have this experience, of course this must always be the personal choice of each individual, for freewill is the crux of the spiritual life and each person must choose their path as feels and seems right to them, but if you wish to taste of the sweetness of this particular path, there will be and opportunity to do so very shortly. Course is in meditation and as taught by Gururaj are offered here in Barcelona regularly and I would like to now hand the microphone over just for a few moments to the man who is the – I'm sorry – to Hose Louise, I have difficulty with Spanish names who is the leader of the Barcelona Meditation Society and he will give you some information on courses that will be held here soon.

4. ES 78 - 10 -2 (Hose speaks in Spanish) Speaker: Now the normal procedure is that after an introductory lecture, if one wishes to learn the practices may would first learn preparatory practice which is done for about six to eight weeks after which the individual would be given the actual personal meditation practices selected for them by Gururaj. So having said all these words, we would like to wish you a very good evening, god bless, take good care and perhaps we’ll see you again when we return to Barcelona next summer in July.


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