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1. ES 78 - 11 -2 Amrit: -- And then when he was <0:00:13.5> he moved to South Africa. Now many times people have asked him why go to South Africa when everyone knows what the situation is in South Africa they particularly said <0:00:27.4>. How many of you have wondered that? How many of you have wondered that? How many – he says he’s wondered too. Now in actual fact, the reason he emigrated to south Africa is very simply because during the ages of about 10 to 13, for three years, he lived in south Africa with his father <audio skips> of immigration. Because those three years with his father have had established rights of residency. This is simply to put an end to some of the mystical explanations that people give as to why he went to South Africa. Simple, practical reason. I don’t know whether there are rumours about those things flying around here but they are in most countries. You will find that if you spend time around Gururaj that when you want to be given mystical explanation for something, he will usually wind up giving a very simple practical mundane answer, and then when you finally come to believe that there are no more mystical explanations, at just that point he will blow one at you. This is the way all spiritual teachers work and the idea is to break down all tendencies to live your life in terms of expectations, a spiritual teacher wants you to experience your life clearly here and now in the present and not anticipating and trying to force all of one’s experience into categories. For to do this crushes in one’s consciousness, it’s the greatest limiting factor if there is, on the path of spiritual evolution and so the teacher will constantly be throwing us into situations that will pull, that will pull the rug directly out from the legs of our understanding. Okay and forces to rely on our own direct experience to answer our questions. Now during the years when Gururaj was a business man and a family man in south Africa, he continued to visit his teacher every two or three years and it was always in the back of gururaj’s mind that sometime in his middle years he would begin his real work on this planet. The work for which everything else is just preparation which was to become a spiritual teacher for active western people, not for monks living in a monastery. Now I want to tell you about the experience which happened a very short time ago when Gururaj went to South Africa – went to India to visit his teacher. Gururaj received a telephone last April from Pavitra Ananda’s parents – children rather, saying that Pavitra Ananda was slipping away very fast. He was, after all, about 86 years old. When Gururaj received this message he immediately booked a flight for India and when he arrived at Pavitra Ananda’s home, he found him very ill, and in fact at death's door. Okay, guruji had all – now Gururaj had always said that when his teacher was going to take his Maha Samadhi, I’ll define that term in just a moment, that when his master would take his Maha Samadhi that he was – he would invariably be with him. Now Maha Samadhi which means great Samadhi is the state that a fully realised individual goes into at the time of death, it’s the state in which the physical body having dropped away, the inner consciousness is able to expand to a – to the vast

2. ES 78 - 11 -2 limits which are literally unlimited within their own consciousness and to the – to merge into the bliss of the universal self, beyond time, beyond space and beyond all of the limits and limitations that we know of in this physical world. Many of you again who have read Yogi Ananda’s autobiography remember this experience in masters such as the <0:09:38.7>. Yes, now when Gururaj arrived he was prepared to be with Pavitra Ananda at the moment of his Maha Samadhi, but all gurus tend to be unpredictable people and so it was with Pavitra Ananda that in Gururaj’s presence over the next 10 days Pavitra Ananda recovered. So the – having recovered, Gururaj decided to make a trip around India and visit the ashrams of some of the other gurus in India which is the subject in and of itself and something that we can perhaps discuss later, on another evening, but in any case Gururaj returned back to South Africa and was there for about a month before he became – before he began this tour, his present tour. Gururaj left South Africa about 6:30 p.m. on I think it’s the 29th of June to fly to England. When he got on the plane, the plane, the exactly the moment the plane was to take off, it started up the engine and then the engine suddenly went dead and were not turned on yet for another hour. Meanwhile Gururaj went into a very deep meditation state, where he felt very powerfully the presence of Pavitra Ananda. Now three days later, four days I guess it is, later on a Tuesday, must have been about the 2nd of July in – on one of the courses in England, we received the telegram, it was sent from Gururaj's son in South Africa, it simply said that Pavitra Ananda had passed over at 6:30 p.m. on the 29th of June. Okay. Now when the telegram arrived, it’s very important to remember that this was perhaps the most important man that ever existed within gururaj’s life and experience. Someone for whom his love and devotion was unlimited and so when the news came, Gururaj burst into tear and after a few minutes of crying, he simply looked around and said, there is no death. And very interestingly he noticed shortly after that on the corner of the telegram there were two letters stamped in bright red – in two words stamped in bright red letters – in bright red letters – they were, live telegram. They were live telegram. Okay. Now it seemed to take Gururaj maybe an hour or two to recover from the – the blow of this person's – of this person’s death who meant – we have to remember more perhaps than anyone else to him in the world, but in any case, after an hour or two, he simply said that the course must go on just as it was, that nothing has changed because of this death precisely because there is no death and the proof that one is really committed to this that this is a deeply structured realisation rather than simply of mental idea, is to be found in actually being able to carry on one's life in that natural way, which was done with exquisite beauty, yes with exquisite beauty, the course was one of exquisite beauty and the best course I think that we’ve ever had in England.

3. ES 78 - 11 -2 Now this experience is one that I will always look to as symbolising and expressing, what a higher consciousness is like, what the realised state is like – the realised state is like. For it’s extremely important to remember that if a realised individual feels the whole range of emotions with at least the intensity that we do. In fact would it be greater power because all the blocks have been removed to the flow of feeling. In any case, what characterises the enlightened consciousness is that a person can experience an emotion with great richness and power, experience that experience fully, completely and then let the experience go and in this way the completely cleansed pure and open to each next momentary experience that life throws at them and so the enlightened consciousness almost immediately turns – returns to its state of equilibrium, having experienced an emotion even as profound as that which accompanies death of the one who is dearest to him. This is indeed an ideal worth living for, but its not an ideal which exists in the realms of – of idealistic impossibilities for everyone in this room is capable of experiencing that state. Even long – okay, even long before that state is achieved which guruji calls enlightenment and indeed some of you here are already beginning to have symptom of that kind of experience and at some of exactly these kinds of symptoms that we’re going to be discussing in the late night meetings. During this course, we want to analyse some of these things very deeply and also talk about some of the things that we can actually do ourselves which can greatly catalyse our speed up our own personal growth, that is things beyond just our daily meditation, processes and understandings that we can actually put to use in our daily life on – and I’d like to go into these things with you in some detail in the evening meeting, that is the late evening meetings after dinner. We’ll start this tomorrow night and I’d like you to be thinking of some really in-depth questions about experiences that you’ve been having as you walk this path. Experiences that you call good or bad -- experiences that you might call good or bad, high or low, joyful or very unpleasant, or experiences which simply defy definition in terms of those laws, in terms of those opposing or opposite concepts, or for that matter any experience that happens to pop into your mind. Okay and then finally also if you spend some time really thinking of some deep and probing questions to ask Gururaj, because the quality of the question – questioning very much determines the quality of the answers. Those of you who have been with Gururaj on the other courses, and I think most of you have, are very aware of this fact. So this is basically all I wanted to say a little bit of factor on regarding Gururaj's relationship to Pavitra Ananda and of – and it’s very late, it’s already 12:00 o’clock. I know that’s not late in Spain, the English tends to go to bed about 10:30 a t night, not the Spanish. Okay. So that’s – considers late, why not we just resume tomorrow and the first, what is the first meeting tomorrow? What time? 10:30?

4. ES 78 - 11 -2 Translator: Yeah. Amrit: Okay, it’s very nice to see you all again tonight, god bless, we’ll see you tomorrow morning.


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