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1. ES 78 - 18 -2 Gururaj: By mixing it with other practices you could be having a cart – a donkey cart yeah – yeah with – yeah with forces on both sides. These forces are pulling the cart that way and these forces are pulling the cart that way and where are you? Right in the middle and you reach nowhere. You see? So that is the <0:00:46.2> and that means purity of practices. Okay? Fine. Yes -- Translator: <0:01:04.5> the Om sound. Gururaj: Om, that answer is very short and simple. Om is the universal sound, Om is the most completed sound in the universe. The primal vibration of the universe is something very similar to Om. Now when we say it, it is only the grosser expression but it has its – it has its subtler counterpart and that subtler counterpart is what the Bible says, “First was the word and the word was with God and the word is God.” And even when you say the word Om, you can see how complete it is. It starts from a closing complete itself and closes again. Om – you hear? Good. Now that is not recommended for people that live a worldly householder's life. It would be like a person in Standard 1 trying to do the work of Standard 10. It is only when the system reaches the final stage of refinement that without using the sound Om, that sound is automatically there because then you become one with the primal word, primal sound. Now if you practice Om now, you – what will happen is this, you will become disorientated, you will not be able to function as a householder properly, you will start becoming a recluse, you will start separating yourself from the world and the only desire you will have in your mind is to run away and 99.9999% of the world’s population are needed in this world. It is only a fraction that can go away and go sit in a cave in the Himalayas and become a recluse. We don’t want to become recluses, we want to live the life of a householder, enjoy relativity to its fullness and infuse the absolute into the fullness of the relativity and that is the fullness of life. If you were supposed to be born as a recluse, then you would be born in a cave, why in Madrid or Barcelona or wherever, <0:07:18.4> good. So we don’t – we don’t practice on the mantra Om, it makes us reclusive but we want to live this life in its fullness and all of you that has a mantra, if yo u study your mantra carefully, you will find the essence of Om is in there because your essence within you is mixed up with that primal word, the primal sound. So your mantra represents the primal sound when you became individualised from the divine source like the spark flying out of the fire, your mantra also represents the journey the spark has taken and it also represents how the spark will become one with the fire again. So for example, if there was some kind of machine, now if this machine can take your mind, body and soul and reduce it to sound value, then the sound that would be heard would be your mantra at your present state of evolution. <0:10:15.7> Okay? No time – no time.


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