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1. ES 78 - 20 -2 Speaker: -- wr itten on 25th of August 1975 -- Beloved Amrit, Hi love, this is your real name. Since the beginning of creation, this is the first <0:00:32.5> as the individual entity, the you. These audible vibrations are firstly in a very subtle form and then gradually so it could be <0:01:01.5>. This – this name represents the core of your being and as time goes by, you would find and experience this speed of vibration. And then he talked about some personal things and then he told me <0:01:48.5> living in the world and yet far away from it. All these worked out as my guru, Pavitra Anandaji <0:02:18.7> when he ordered me to live a householder’s life to gain the experiences <0:02:41.3> to die householder. I waited so long for you to come to England. Your meeting with Gita is no accident. There is so much happening ahead for both of you. You can be soul mates; and this life will give you so much <0:03:24.6> that you could never have dreamt of. Get married soon and become the man I want you to be, you will be there, so much work lies ahead for Gita and you and so much joy. What can you do the gardener do but tend his flowers well and make it grow. The householder’s life <0:04:21.5>. I'm always with you watering the root. What do you fear <0:04:36.1> get married, this is an order! A very auspicious <0:04:55.8> from 25th of October to 13th November -- November. Amrit and I were both doing spiritual work and neither of us wants to get married and so we were both horrified when gururaj ordered us to get married and we resist it for about two days, we just didn’t wish to obey – Translator: You didn’t wish to what? Speaker: -- obey gururaj. Now something very beautiful happened. We were talking to each other for about – now it’s just really a test, we didn’t really mean it, you know, we loved him very much and we knew that chelas had to obey their guru, but getting married to someone that you hardly knew and didn’t want to marry <0:06:38.3> and we spent days talking about it and arguing and not talking to each other and then talking again, and one evening we’ve been talking all through the night for about four or five hours, after all you could <0:07:23.3> and we had not come to a conclusion and so we decided to, you know, we <0:07:41.8> staying in the same house and separate rooms, we -- we <0:07:53.7> and Amrit was sitting on a chair just here and I was sitting on a couch just here, and I bent forward to pick up my shoe which I had

2. ES 78 - 20 -2 kicked off while we were talking, at the same time Amrit saw what I was going to do and he bent forward to pick them up for me and as he bent forward, our hair touched very softly, it was as if a beautiful divine explosion took place. We were both surrounded with white golden lights and my whole being went inside Amrit and Amrit's whole being went inside of me and we became totally unified and gururaj was there in and around us and it was this – it was a powerful divine experience of what man and woman should experience in the householder life and we realised that he had given us that gift in order to show us that we could have that experience in this lifetime on earth. And so we wrote to him and said we would get married and with this a beautiful letter he wrote in return – Beloved Amrit and Gita, What great joy it is to write these few lines. At last my wishes for my very own are coming to fruition. <0:11:08.6> it’s jus t the end of the story – my very own Amrit and my very own Gita, -- I can't – and that's the beginning of the story. My very own Amrit and my very own Gita are joining hands in worldly and divine union – are joining hands in worldly and divine union – everything I do reflects you my beloveds. Tears overwhelming <0:13:21.8> a long lost son is back and my Gita finds a soul mate <0:13:32.1>. I feel so full for your happiness is my happiness; I know and I feel it too! Just a moment please lay your heads upon my shoulder and let my fingers run through your hair. I'm nothing but lost <0:14:17.4>. The way things have been so long but perhaps this beautiful <0:14:35.2> do not fail me ever for even in your closest embrace, I am there with your joy for I, the Ananda, will forever permeate every drop of your <0:15:16.7>. My love, you are the very expression of my <0:15:33.5> you are the creation Ananda and forever Ananda you will be. The letter goes on, it's very beautiful. <0:15:50.5> everyone here, we are all part of him and <0:16:01.5>. ----- Gururaj: Shall we start with questions? Translator: Why is it that sometimes you love someone and afterward something happens <0:17:10.8>something and that feeling of love frames into a very different feeling, what has happened there? Gururaj: What has happened there, can you hear me at the back? Good, see you love someone and something happens, you don’t love the person anymore. Know why? Because you are not a love. You think that you have love and when it comes to love, there is no thinking. As soon as the mind starts analysing love, then love stops. All meaning of love is lost.

3. ES 78 - 20 -2 Good. Real love stems from deep within you, the kind of love you talk of is from the mind and I've said to you many times before that the mind is a cunning animal. Your mind says, “I love,” ask your mind what love? Because the girl has a pretty nose or nice eyes or a beautiful voice, these are the things the mind can understand. The mind can only understand that which is experienced but the heart, which is your interior can understand the interior of the other person. So in any relationship between man and woman, there is a communication from the deepest core of one's personality and that is called the heart. That is why, for example, when we read the scriptures so much stress is laid that Jesus bled from his heart and that bleeding was his feeling of love for humanity. He loves not because what you are, he took no account of the sins you have committed, but he just love. There is so much to learn in life and that learning of love can never be achieved by the mind. Man must find a way to reach his inner self and the easiest way is meditation where you very steadily go to the deeper and deeper layers of the mind and reach your inner self. The kingdom of heaven that lies within you, for there is love found, nowhere else – nowhere else – nowhere else. The rest is imagination of your mind. Now why does a man suffer in love which is created by his mind? Because his mind is filled with expectation, and expectation is the root of disappointment. When you love a man or a woman, you love the person conditionally because your mind is <0:23:34.0> your mind is patterned in a certain way of thinking and this patternisation is what causes expectation. So you will always expect something in the person that loves and when that expectation is not fulfilled, you feel unhappy and as the young people say, “My heart is broken.” Okay? Now expectations is the quality of them mind and being limited, it cannot experience the fullness of love. Now I do not say that the mind is not necessary, the mind is necessary for the value of appreciation, but the mind cannot be the origin of true love. Now when the mind is patterned and expecting things, there is a certain mental chemistry taking place because in all expectation there is idealisation. So you do not love the person, but you love the ideal you have of the pe rson. You see how the mind can be <0:26:23.9> the mind is not capable of viewing something at its true value because it is patterned, it is conditioned, right. So what you are doing when you tell a man or a woman I love you, you are actually saying that I love the ideal I expect in you. Do you understand that? <0:27:24.4> good, you are – to repeat, you are actually saying that I love the ideal I expect in you. And when the ideal is not <0:27:53.9> then you feel disappointed, you feel hurt. What is the core of the heart? Not the object of love, but you. Now firstly, if there was no idealisation and therefore no expectation, then there is no hurt. Now as we continue with our meditation and dive deeper and deeper within ourselves, we reach that area which is called the heart and opening up the gates of that heaven within, love rushes out. You don’t try to love, you love automatically, spontaneously and the vastness of that love is so great that it is as vast as this universe, but the universe is so vast that it is beyond your comprehension.

4. ES 78 - 20 -2 It is abstract. So where do we start? I will start with water. (Laughs) So to approach the abstract quality called love, we start with the concrete and the concrete is the beloved. If man can sincerely love his woman with all his being, mind, body and soul, something wonderful is happening there, you are not only loving the object of love, but the development that is taking place within you can cover the entire universe. For love is love, unlimited but being an embodied person and being concrete, you need the concrete object to express this love and the expression is what leads you to divinity for god is love and love is god. So in truly loving, your beloved, you are bringing god into <0:32:35.2> because all love is pure withou t expectation you love for the sake of love. There are three things that are involved, lover, love, and the beloved and all three forces in the universe are trying to bring these three things together where when a person realises his real self, he will find that lover, love and beloved is but one. That is at the highest level where Jesus say, I and my father are one. Look his practical living and to love unselfishly, without motive, without rewards but for the sake of love, his -- the aim and purpose of life; then god or divinity does not remain abstract somewhere else, but god becomes a living god which is with you and closest to you than yourself. So starting with one man or one woman, the object of our love, the range is so great that even divinity becomes one with you. See how powerful it is. So love and love and love and love. (Laughs) But it must be unselfish. Immediately study the word selfish, in the word selfish, there is self, you are thinking of yourself. Your self is your little ego and your ego wants to be satisfied. You are not concerned about the object of your love, you are concerned only of yourself, selfish, but self-less where you forget yourself and all your thoughts and feelings are for the beloveds. When you have a headache, you are not concerned with your headache, but more concerned with the headache of the beloved. You do not exist anymore, but your object exists and this object can be anything. This object can be your beloved, can be your concept of Christ or Krishna or Buddha, or the living teacher, master, the object can be anything. The process and what is it for, is to become one with the object so that subject and object is one. Then you know love. To most people 99.99999, love is just a concept, a concept and a thought, but not an experience. For the mind can never experience love, it will have an idea of love. Only the heart can experience love. In other words it means that love experiences itself, love experiences itself, self- luminous. It is like the light that burns without the support of the electricity, it burns on its own, that is why it is called self- luminous and that is love, indefinable. These words I speak to you is only about love, my words can never tell you what love is, you must experience it yourself, and when you experience love in its totality, you experience divinity. For god is love and love is god, thank you. Next question? 9:35 so what time – what time did you for supper? 9:30? Oh, can't you eat later? No, no, no, no, it will be inconvenient for the kitchen and the staff of the kitchen, because I think we love them also. Translator: He said --

5. ES 78 - 20 -2 Gururaj: You see – you see why I'm laughing? I'm laughing because you are laughing and that happens with love. They see people in love so they think they love, without understanding it. What is the question? Translator: Well, <0:43:04.0> he said this morning you said that when <0:43:07.7>


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