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1. ES 80 - 03 -1 Gururaj: -- Source of divinity. This body is only a channel through which the power of the lord flows through. So it is not my voice, it is the voice of the divine. Good. Translator: He says that Christians have written idea about what heaven is -- Gururaj: What? Translator: Heaven. Gururaj: Heaven is? Translator: Yes, what is the heaven? So we know much a lot about devil and evil and what to say about the hell. So could you say something about what is heaven please? Gururaj: Yeah, what is heaven and where is heaven? It is exactly 5,000 million miles, 3 yards and 2 feet away from here. (Laughs) I'm joking, you know that. It is not only Christianity that believes this, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Christians , the Daoists, Islam, all of them. They, not teaching the original teachings, are putting more emphasis on evil and by putting more emphasis in – on evil and subjecting you to eternal damnation; they're holding a stick over your head. So in order to keep an organised church, and when they could not do it with love and understanding, they devise the method of frightening you and that is why I'm here, to change these misconceptions. Because if god is love, and – and if god is a god of justice, and compassion, then he will not put you to eternal damnation. Now heaven and hell is all in your mind. Now hell means when you indulge on the grosser surface levels of life, like the turbulent waves on the ocean and your boat is tossed up and down. That is hell, and when you dive deep in the ocean and you find a quietness there and peace, that is heaven. So hell and heaven is here and not somewhere up in the sky or below the earth. Heaven and hell is in the heart. So as we live our lives, we can create heaven and hell for us and that is why The Almighty has given you a freewill. Every cell in your body is pulsating in a system and wherever there is system, there is cohesion and that very cohesion is love. So you are made of love and when all the dirt is got rid of the mind, in th e mind, and then you start feeling that love vibrating in you for yourself and for others and that is heaven and all those others around you become angels. For you see divinity in them also. So hell and heaven is here. The Bible or the Vedas

2. ES 80 - 03 -1 we have today, Vedas of the Hindus are not the original as they were composed, what in there is original but severely edited. Translator: What do you say the edited part? Gururaj: What is contained – written there is real, but it is severely edited. Translator: But before edited, what is the meaning? Gururaj: And this editing was done by the fathers that founded the churches and then church became so organised that today it has become a business and that is why instead of the churches becoming full, they are becoming emptier. Because the people that teach in the churches and the temples and the synagogues don’t know what they are talking about, because real knowledge and wisdom comes from experience and not from book knowledge. Anyone can go to a theological college for three – four years and become a church minister, but the real three or four years or ten years or ten lifetimes for studies must be in the subject of experience. I will never speak to you of god if I have not experienced god and if I do that, I'm the world’s greatest hypocrite. So most of the priests we have today are hypocrites and I challenge all of them, including every guru, on any platform anywhere in the world. You're recording this? Translator: Yes. Gururaj: Good. Explain that. It will come in handy one day. Next? Translator: She is asking you on what are the <0:11:47.6> for the safe energy as kundalini and prana energies. Is it two different names for the same energy <0:11:47.6> Gururaj: It is the same energy but used differently and on different levels of subtlety. Universal energy collectively is far more subtler and the individualised kundalini energy in a person is more grosser. It is more grosser because, firstly, kundalini and the chakras are nothing but vortexes of energy and being in a physical body and having the connection of the subtle body with the physical body, it is necessary for it to be grosser than the universal energy. For to find the totality of truth, you have to go beyond kundalini. The practices of kundalini yoga is only a preparation. The practice of meditation, pranayama, and all the other techniques are preparations. Preparation, it is like preparing the candle and preparing the

3. ES 80 - 03 -1 matches and when both are prepared, then light is one second. So illumination or self-realisation comes just like that, but the preparation takes time. It is like a lady spending – senyora – yeah, spending five hours cooking food. And you sit at the table and in ten minutes you finish, yeah, yet you took the trouble and the time of five hours to prepare it. Same principle. Next question? Translator: She’s referring to when we do a communion practice <0:16:03.7> Gururaj: Explain that -- Translator: It’s a double question. <0:16:18.3>first in Spanish and then English. Gururaj: Oh I see, so everyone understood it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Why I appear as a different person and why my face changes and various things happened while I'm doing the communion practice is because communion means I am becoming a total one-ment with god. Now when one comes – goes or comes back, then you got to use the same staircase, yeah. So all those steps on the staircase or stairs represents a different phase of the existences I have had, so you noticing the difference is means that you are noticing various other lives that I have lived. It is such a pity that this has been such a short course, only two days, if it was four-five days, then those that have not joined me in a communion practices would have had a chance to do it. Why don’t you all come to Madrid? Yeah, perhaps I can go to your bank and ask them to lend me some money. (Laughs) it will be nice, but there are a lot of people coming. But 10-12 people I think, you're coming – you're coming? Public: Yes. Gururaj: And of course your father is from there, my friend the doctor, yes that is good, yes, good – good, good, if you can come, Madrid is round the corner, yes around the corner. So if you can come, it would be very good. You will have the experience that you have never had in your life. And you nothing actually, you just sit and look. I do the meditation and in that, by becoming a totally one with god, a great energy is exuded, yeah it's expelled. Yeah, and everyone feels something, your heart is touched by the energies of god. Some people see, some people hear, some people feel that peace and warmth inside, we have that experience -- <0:21:26.2> and your heart definitely gets touched, you feel that there is a presence of something higher than yourself. So those of you that can, come with me, leave all behind and follow me. Someone said that?

4. ES 80 - 03 -1 Translator: Yeah, “Master what shall I do to follow you? Sell all you have and come with me.” Gururaj: It’s not so. <0:22:23.9> Translator: She said that during meditation, she realises that she exuded some <0:23:12.3> in order to protect others against <0:23:26.9> Gururaj: It won't – it won't have anyone, because like attracts like. In English there’s a saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” So aggressive thoughts will go to aggressive people, thoughts of love will go to loving people, but you are getting rid of them, that's important to me. Translator: Purification. Gururaj: Purification. The sun is up. Carry on – carry on – carry on, talk –talk –talk –talk. Carry on more – more – more . So you finished? You finished? Radio Espana. (Laughs) Translator: She is saying that lately you are saying always that you wish everyone having troubles. Say that why, how you wishing everyone to have trouble – wait a minute -- <0:25:44.5> why do you wish us troubles? What happens then when we have no troubles? Are you somehow <0:25:56.4>? Gururaj: No, when I say this, it means that the dirty linen must be washed. Now when you rub the soap and rub the cloth, that there is friction and without that friction, the dirt won't go away. So those are the troubles. But if one accepts the proper attitude, yeah actitud correcta, then the rubbing does not become difficult and it is not hard on the clock either, because the cloth is affected by your attitude, yeah by the clock I mean the problems. So it becomes easy, that is how the karmic debts are paid off. Not pay on demand and summons from the court, yeah, but easy payment plan. Yeah, higher purchase. Translator: Higher? Gururaj: Purchase. You don’t <0:27:59.2> oh oh they do, no interest. Next?

5. ES 80 - 03 -1 Public: <0:28:15.6> Gururaj: It’s only 1:24. What time must you be at -- Translator: Last 2:00 o’clock. Gururaj: 2:00 o’clock? Let’s start another photographs take what, 10- 15 minutes? <0:28:30.2> one more question. Translator: Now just looking at the watch, I see – just a little question – just looking at the watch, we see how time flies here. How does time fly in <0:28:51.5> dimension? Gururaj: In another dimension, would you but explain the – in another dimension there is no time nor space, because time is always associated with space. Because to reach from point A to B, there is measurement of space, on the reaching from point A to B, having space, it will require time. Now this happens in our dimension, but in a higher dimension, there is no time nor space and we think three score years and ten is a long time, but it is not even a flicker of an eyelid. The entir e universe is a flicker of an eyelid in terms of eternity. And at this moment, there are thousands of universes being created and there are thousands of universes that are being dissolved. Yeah, so in the other dimension there is no time and space, it is only <0:31:28.1> and though man lives in the ordinary third dimension here, he can experience another dimension even if he is in this body and having this mind for when he goes beyond the body and the mind, he goes into that dimension of timelessness and spacelessness. Those dimension that we live in has time and space and there is also causation to it, a cause to it, but that dimension has no time, no space and no cause. It just is, and that is can be experienced as now. We can’t do that exercise <0:33:10.0> okay. I speak Spanish, so we count in seconds, 29 and 41 seconds. Translator: <0:33:40.1> Gururaj: 30-58 seconds? Now I'm very sorry Savita, you're wrong. It’s 31-14. Do you know to go through this I'm – I want to demonstrate to you that a man can live in the now, because – cannot because every moment just passes, passes, passes, and the past is gone, you are wrong in saying, “Time is a delusion, you are talking of book knowledge, you have not experienced the delusion of time. So time only becomes a delusion when you have reached timelessness. So you are

6. ES 80 - 03 -1 deluded by your own delusion. I teach of experience, first practice then preach. Before I used to read a lot of books, but I reached the stage where I threw all the books away and started learning the book of life, the book of experience, because I realised that I'm turning around in my mind all the time with all the books and all the philosophies, but what I wanted is this, and I don’t need a book to open this, I need spiritual practices, and when this is opened, then books are not necessary. Therefore the Upanishads would say books that what is there by knowing which you know everything. Because you can keep on reading, reading, reading, reading, reading, and the more knowledge you get, it only does one thing for you, it shows you how ignorant you are. Right, the more knowledge you get, it teaches you that how much more ignorant you are. Yeah, yeah, so but we must read, keep the mind alive, have some mental exercises, like we have physical exercises and by having some background of book knowledge, then when you get the practical experience, you can compare and so therefore book knowledge also has its own particular value, but not full value. So when the mind and <0:39:06.7> you see, photographs. One, okay – okay. Oh yes. Public: Guruji, you – you speak about <0:39:31.1> Gururaj: In other words the – sorry – finished? Oh, the gist of the question is this that what purpose does imagination served but how does it originate? You see, it is so easy that you can take one book and put it into on sentence. Imagination, the basis of imagination is a collection of the experiences man has gained through lifetimes. Yet, imagination goes far beyond the memories of those experiences. Now with the combination of various kinds of experiences, a projection takes place, and in this projection, a third kind of experience is produced. And that is imagination, imagination means creating an image. So with the various experiences man has had, he creates another image. So this creation of another image adds to the bundle or the burden of experience. Imagination could serve so many purposes, good and bad. For every invention, every worthwhile thing that has happened in this world has come about from imagination. Man first has an abstract idea and this abstract idea consolidates itself into an image and this image, many people discard, throw away, but if it is a worthwhile image you created in the mind, known as imagination, it should be man’s duty to materialise that image. So here, from a totally abstract idea ---


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