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1. ES 80 - 04 Gururaj: Problems disappear because he will be living with a mind in the state of no mind and the state of no mind – we are talking a bit on the metaphysical level, but this has to be brought down to the physical level as well. One ounce of practice as I always say is worth a thousand tonnes of theories. So now the question is, where do I start? My relationship with my wife is not good; my relationship with my father and mother is so-so – so -so because my padre-madre is very rich and don’t help me, yeah. So all these problems in relationships begin with insecurity and feelings of inadequacy.I blame my wife for all the troubles but the real problem is within myself because I feel insecure. I feel jealous of my wife because I feel inadequate within me and the wife could be so beautiful and innocent and an angel on earth. I’d still like to meet one like that. (Laughs) you see, so everything, apart from joking, everything is all here, all here. A person is in a mental hospital and he in his mind believes that he is Nero and is always fiddling away and that man, we think he is mad but he really believes he is Nero. Are you better than that man that think that you are always right? We are the same. The difference is in degrees, when I say to myself I'm right, I'm always right, then I'm the same as Nero that mad man that thinks he is Nero fiddling away;one in a bigger degree, one in a smaller degree. So when it comes to attitudes, that very concept of attitude my first apply to us. That you start off by saying perhaps, that perhaps I'm wrong. You see, and as you start in that line of thought, you got to use the mind sometimes that perhaps I'm wrong now let me analyse myself. My son made some mistake but perhaps I should not judge him too harshly. Did I bring him – did I bring him up in the right way so that he would not make this mistake? There must be something wrong in me in bringing him up so that he committed wrong deed. So in spite of the wrong deed where you’d like to kick his backside, some forgiveness comes in your heart and when that forgiveness comes in your heart, your anger goes and when your anger goes, you can have a man to man conversation with your son and he might say, “Dad, I'm sorry, you are right I made a mistake.” And when he says that, you are bringing your son to a realisation where he will not repeat that mistake again. But you are benefitting yourself more than your son. Because you are becoming more positive, you are creating within yourself love, you are admitting to yourself that perhaps I made a mistake in bringing him up and that is a great thing to achieve to admit to yourself that I have made a mistake. Because in this world, the attitude is this that I never make mistakes, other people make mistakes. You see, so you have love, forgiveness, you are admitting to yourself your own weakness. Ah, and you are now communicating with your son and with the forgiveness and love, that communication will not be on the mind level only, but it will be more on the heart level and your son will love you more, you will love him more, and look how beautiful the relationship develops. And I'm using this son as an example, but it applies to everything. Now I believe in one thing that never tell a lie, but today I'm gonna tell you that you must lie sometimes (laughs). Why? You have done something and you don’t feel sorry, but go to the man and tell him you are sorry. You're telling a lie, but

2. ES 80 - 04 from that lie, good and truth can be born. Because that man, because of that man's ego self was hurt, and by you saying sorry to him, a certain mental change will take place in his mind and most probably you will say, “Oh, never mind, don't say sorry.” So how does it benefit you? That you have partaken of that man’s kindness although his kindness might also be a lie. (Laughs) Just because you went to say sorry, he might not accept your apology but he will say, “Never mind, it’s alright. Shake” So here we have two lies, but it has an effect for you apologising to him will create an impression in his mind although he might not recognise and accept it immediately and there will be an effect upon you to recognise and to realise that that man has been kind to you. And you will realise that that man has been kind to you. So here two lies which are negative has produced two positive qualities and show me one man on earth that is living complete truth. If everyman on earth was living complete truth, you do not need guruji. Yeah, so the principle applied here that sometimes a lesser evil could bring a greater good and these things apply in relationships. You see, so relationships is a very delicate matter, you cannot lay down general rules. The only general rules that you could put down is love and forgiveness and kindness but these are abstract concepts. So slowly – slowly – slowly – poco -- poco -- poco– a little by little you develop along those lines and you become better and your relationships improve with people. I've said this before many times that if I want people to love me, I must become lovable and that is the secret of relationships not only with the family, but with friends and the environment. And that is how we can have an improved loving society, that is how conflicts on all levels become less and less, but the secret behind it all is spiritual practices whereby we gain the spiritual force to bring all these metaphysical concepts, abstract concepts into daily reality. Is it quarter to 12? How long did I spea k? Public: 50 minutes? Gururaj: 50 minutes?<0:18:20.9> Yeah, I think that’s about all on this subject because it is a subject that one can go into still far deeper. We can go into spoilt relationships caused by psychosis, neurosis and all kind of osis. (Laughs) but that is not our field here, because you're all normal people, I think so. (Laughs) Yes, yes, yes. We do not want abnormal people, we do not want normal people, but super-normal people and everyone is super-normal, because the totality of divinity is within you and divinity is not normal, it is super-normal. Good, I think we shall finish tonight, a lot of you have travelled from long distances, so do have a nice rest tonight and the rooms won’t be too cold, it will be nice, don’t worry. The rooms are normal, but we’re super-normal so nothing can effect. Well, Namaste!


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