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1. ES 84 - 05 - 06 - 02 Gururaj: -- in India – and he used to teach, he studied under Indian masters and gurus. He studied under the masters of Egypt before, and he studied under Tibetan masters and other time he reached India, he was very well-learned and he had become one with god on the cross. The Hindus have 108 Upanishads, which are holy books, and when I tell them they get so shocked that at least six of those Upanishads were talks given by Jesus. Yes, so Jesus was a universal man and you can only become a universal man if you become one with god. Everyone tells me they have faith, not one of you really have faith. You have a belief and belief could be wrong, but not faith. Faith can only come about when you reach the deeper levels of yourself because faith is not born of thought or the mind, but faith is born here, in the heart. Otherwise it’s just belief and belief changes day by day. You belief tomorrow’s going to be a hot sunny day and it might rain. So how valid is your brain? But Jesus had to use that tactic because he used to teach the ignorant, the poor of the villages and he used to say, ‘Believe in thy father in heaven.’ I can't believe, I want to know, I want to experience because if someone tells me, believe in thy father in heaven, how true is it? Is it just a mental conception? Because the priest and the family and the ancestors tells me that there’s a father in heaven sitting on the throne there with long beard and, no I want to experience god, and by experiencing god, you live god and not just a blind belief and that's what I teach, for you to experience god and live god. In other words, we want a living god, not someone sitting up there in the sky somewhere. And why do we say the sky is up there? The sky is down there as well. Yes, depends where you are standing. So this was basically omitting all minor details, omitted – omitting minor details about the life of Christ. You do not need – I beg your pardon – you do not need to follow all the ten commandments, just two are the most important, love thy neighbour as thyself and do unto others which you expect to be done unto you and the basis of these two commandments is only one, love. Love thy neighbour as thyself, love. Do unto others as you will expect them to do unto you, and that also means love. Right, because you love yourself, you won't do anything wrong to yourself, how can you do wrong to others? So the secret of all these is love, love, love. So Jesus never died at the age of 33/34, he lived to the age of 73 years, and he taught the teachings that he was taught by the gurus of Tibet and India. There are 13 years in the life of Jesus that has not been accounted for, do you know where he was? He was in India and Tibet, to study, at the feet of great masters. Therefore they can't account for it. He was not there. When he told his disciples, ‘If you have to leave your mother, your father, your children, leave everything and follow me,’ that is nothing new. It’s been taught in eastern scriptures for thousands of years, but this was taken very literally by people, but the figurative meaning is, become non-attached, live with your wives and mothers and fathers and family, nothing wrong, but do not be so attached so that it hurts you. Because attachment is possession and who are you to possess anything or anyone. So it means non-attachment, that was the true meaning of

2. ES 84 - 05 - 06 - 02 his injunction when he also said, ‘Be in the world, but not of the world.’ Oh Jesus had great times, I know. He used to dance and sing and drink and the pictures you see of Jesus, you always find him do a sad long face, which is not true, because he in his own word said, ‘Be of good cheer.’ And he was a very cheerful man. His sufferings were not of his own, his sufferings that he suffered were the sufferings of others, he could not see someone else in pain, he took over the other’s pains unto himself. That is what all great spiritual masters do, you see. So worship him great guru, you can even worship him as god, because he had become one with god. God is something abstract, an abstract neutral energy. Now you, as a concrete being, how can you appreciate something which is beyond your mind, abstract? So rather worship something that is concrete. Since I was a small boy, I had the picture of Jesus with me all the time when I closed my eyes, he was there. So it is so difficult to describe the person’s face, because you would never get it right, but I wanted to show the world what Jesus really looked like, and I should know because I lived in that body. So about three years ago, I was in America and through some meditator in high-up circles -- through some meditator of mine in a high-up circle, she got hold of Captain Niles who was not only a Police Captain, but also a person that used to lecture and teach the identikit – identity – face, police – yeah, so you know they have all these hundreds of eyebrows, hundreds of eyes, hundreds of lips and they put together, so many different cheeks, so many different ears, identikit we call it, you must have it in Spain also. You have it. So I spent about four-five hours with Captain Niles, until he set the picture more or less perfect for me. Then, after that, with that identikit we went to a very good artist and I spent about four-five hours with the artist because he had to draw the picture from the identikit. So where he was going wrong I say, ‘no, this way that way that way,’ I supervise it until he got the picture totally correct as I see Jesus. Now we have this picture and I want to promise you one thing that on my next trip, October November when I come, I will bring it with me. Then you will see exactly what Jesus looked like. Okay? I’ll bring it. I don’t know this subject was gonna come up today, or else I would have brought it with me.


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