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1. ES 85 - 01 Gururaj: -- And are you doing – <0:00:21.3> move this little down. (Coughs) Travelling around different – in South Africa it was so warm, 35 Centigrade and I come to London it was below zero and I came to Denmark, below zero, and I come here, too much love. Good. Shall we meditate for a moment? – (Chants prayer) – open your eyes slowly. I feel so so happy to be here again in Spain. To me it – it is in my heart <0:03:14.1> I also want to thank the organisers and I don’t want to mention names because if I forget any names and I don’t want to forget any names, but I do thank everyone for the effort they have put in organising our family together. I don’t know what was the introduction about, but of course – you sit little forward so that I could see your face. -- Of course, on behalf of the Meditation Society of Spain, Espanola Meditacion Society, I'm going to learn Spanish, we welcome Charles, you all know Charles from England, stand up (laughs) say Namaste, right and <0:04:46.3> from Denmark, <0:04:59.0> and myself and Ramon, we’re gonna prepare the programme where the lists you have might be slightly changed. Good. We’re going to have yogamudra, we’re going to have <0:05:27.6>. What was the other thing? Golden thread ceremony and <0:05:47.0>. Good. Now, what shall I speak about today? Now for the new people – sorry – now I never prepare any lectures, I'm saying this for the benefit of the new people here because if I prepare a lecture, it would mean that I will be telling you what I want to tell you, but I would rather prefer to speak to the things that you want to know about. So the bes t way to do that is for any of you to ask a question. Questions are answered according to the level of the question. So the deeper your questions, the deeper the answer. Now let’s listen to some of your profound philosophical questions. – please, oh please. – translate here, that would be beautiful, yes. Now, before you carry on that all philosophy that is abstract has no value, but if you can bring down philosophy into its practical application to daily life, then only it is valid. -- Carry on, sorry for the disturbance. Yeah, beautiful, beautiful, what a charming lady! Um-hmm – you can say one sentence and I know the whole book. Thank you very much, it’s a lovely question, profundo, right, beautiful. Yeah now let’s <0:11:03.1> right, any knowledge gained from <0:11:19.2> revolves only around the mental <0:11:30.5> of yourself and anything that evolves on your thinking thing use a very small portion of your mind. Even genius like Einstein only use 8% of <0:12:01.2> so how could we ever say to ourselves that we have developed <0:12:09.8>. Now using the mind is a very important part of our lives, there is no separation between mind and body, the mind and body is just a continuum. The body is of a grosser level while the mind is subtle. But to repeat again, it cannot be separated.For example, I've given lectures to doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, and it has been found that all your physical ailments stems from <0:13:37.0>and according to -- and according to my researches I found that 90% of physical ailments are psychosomac, in other words it means the interaction between the mind and <0:14:05.7>

2. ES 85 - 01 Good, when it comes to consciousness, how much work is <0:14:20.1> consciousness plays a great part in cognition and recognition and to -- and to say it again, it revolves only on the head. Now the brain that you have weighs about two and a half to three pounds, I talked about the subject somewhere <0:15:10.0> talked about it, right. Now in that three pound of brain you have 12 billion cells and you are using only 1 millionth part of 12 billion. So what is your mind rate? The mind is the greatest obstacle to spiritual progress <0:15:50.0> and it can also be one of the greatest hurdles towards one’s work. The brain has two hemispheres, the left hemisphere, the right hemisphere and as our Ramon or Bala will tell you, there is certain synaptic control.So there are certain, call it electricalvibrations flowing in <0:16:41.1>. The trouble with human kind, human mind is not to allow the fullness of those impulses between the right, left and the right hemisphere and because of that, the mind, the little conscious mind is filled with all kinds of thoughts and because it tries to function on its own with sensory input, it was during this course, one evening, do you have a blackboard? Right, I will draw diagrams for you to explain the various facets of the mind. <0:18:04.0> the conscious mind which you call – by which you recognise things is a very very small portion. So now through meditation and spiritual practices, you activate the left hemisphere with the right hemisphere of the brain.Now when there is a greater amount of correspondence between the left and the right, then it will empower your thinking ability. It will make you more aware. How much are you aware of things today? You sat down to have breakfast this morning, how much were you aware of what you ate? Very little, you just <0:19:30.7> but now how much has hunger to do with your awareness? It has only been the hunger which is essential quality of yourself because you lack full awareness. I had breakfast this morning, a toasted sandwich, what do you call it? And I felt every cell vibrating in that piece of bread. I felt <0:20:33.1> so putting it through my mouth, I was putting divinity <0:20:42.2> and this awareness comes through the <0:20:50.4>. Now awareness has different meaning altogether to what you understand by awareness. It’s like eating food, you put the food in your mouth and then you digest the food. After digesting your food, you got to assimilate the food in every cell of your body. Otherwise it <0:21:46.8> but be conscious of that – that every morsel of food that you have eaten – pardon me – is assimilated in you in the form of the energy that activates you. And what is that energy? <0:22:22.5> Can any man produce any energy at all? I would – I would like to meet him. The energy is within you and also outside you. So the attention must not only be external, but also internal. That is how you appreciate the glory of divinity. Then you will reall y understand the true meaning of the scriptural saying, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven within you, and all else shall be added unto thee.” The reason for people’s misery and suffering is that their attention is mostly outward and very little

3. ES 85 - 01 inward, unless you have a stomach ache. So the externality or materiality can be very well combined with the internality or spirituality, because they are not separate from each other. So if you want to be more conscious of life, this would be the greatest <0:24:56.8> combination of that <0:25:06.9> and this comes about very easily by your meditation and spiritual practices. Those that have been sincere meditators and I lecture around the world, I spend 7-8 months a year, out of 12, travelling around <0:25:39.7>, you could recognise <0:25:50.0> their faces become so gentle, becomes so loving, so sympathetic, and compassionate. So by having these qualities within yourself brought about by spiritual practices, you become a better person. And by becoming a better person, you make the world better. There is one analogy which I'm very fond of, which I've repeated so many times. It is the nature of a flower <0:26:54.8>but that’s not the only thing it does, it also enhances the beauty of the garden. So in our teachings we don’t only use the intellectual faculties, because we know its limitations. Now using the intellectual faculties in Sanskrit is called gyan yoga. Then <0:27:42.4> we have karma yoga, which is the yoga of action, be good, do good. And yet using the intellectual analytical method and then we have bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, and then we have raj yoga, the royal path where all these paths merged into each other. So you become <0:28:43.3> that helps you become practical and you doing your spiritual practices <0:28:51.4> it is such a <0:28:59.7>. We have many movements in the world – all these people who invited me – pardon me, all these travelling around has given me a little chest, it will be gone by tonight. – I've been invited by Muktanads and Puktanands, Maharishi, Sachananda, Sai Baba, Rajnish, you mention them, all of them I know, they invited me but they shiver in their beds because I give them hell. I gave them hell. For example, Maharishi got 16 mantras, I'm speaking especially for the new people. Right, <0:30:27.6> mantras, yeah which you can pick up from any book on tantra yoga, so you – 20 to 25 will give you this mantra, you 25 to 30 will get this mantra, you can pick up a book at one of your shops, right and you become a guru, you just give out money. Muktananda, what you have to do when you go to meet him, is to prostrate yourself on the ground and take him a gift, a fruit or flower, and then he takes a bunch of peacock feathers and bobs you on the head. I don’t know why he does not use a hammer. Do you call that spirituality? Every person’s practice has to be totally individual and a true guru must have the ability, not only giving a mantra but other spiritual practices and imparting that spiritual force within him to his chelas, students, whatever you call them. And then, because of that spiritual force that the true guru imparts, their lives becomes <0:32:47.9> if people are sincere. I could give you examples, in this very room of people sitting here, how they are benefitting and <0:33:07.9> upon receptivity.

4. ES 85 - 01 Now we come back to your question, where does receptive lie? In your small little mind? It is how all the different yogas combine together, but we must not deny them, accept what the mind wants to say, but remember one thing that the mind cannot tell you everything, because your mind is conditioned, it is patterned and this patterning has come about from all the various experiences you had in life, right and perhaps experience the previous lives, if you believe in it. So your mind is patterned and every thought you think will be conditioned by this patterning. So what is --- what is the validity of your mind? Being patterned, so how can it be developed? For example there's an accident, car accident outside and five or six people are there watching it and the case comes up in court and each and every one will have a different interpretation of the accident. Now where is the validity? This witness will say something, another witness will say different thing, and another witness will say something. Talking of court, it reminds me of a story. There were two neighbours living next to each other with a lane between the two houses. So the – these two neighbours were not very friendly, so the one neighbour says -- you know some dogs had passed and made a mess, dirty, shit yeah, they made a mess, right so the one neighbour says, “You clean up that mess,” and the other neighbour says, “You clean up that mess.” And they could not agree. So the case went to court. So the argument in court, because of that lane being in the middle of the two houses, the argument in the court went on and on and on, so there was this Mullah Nasseruddin also in the court. He was an advocate, solicitor, advocate, lawyer, <0:37:59.8> so he got up, Mullah Nasseruddin, and he said, “Your honour, <0:38:25.8> magistrate, judge, right, that your court is here to clear up matters, so I think it's better if you, your honour, go and clear up the mess.” (Laughs) Yeah, through our spiritual practices we are clearing up the mess in our minds. We got to smile. Now, let me tell you, it takes less energy to smile than to frown. You will find as you go on in this course, which others have experienced before, that there are four principles I work on, to inform, to educate, to entertain and make you see things in a totally different perspective, in other words, to change the old patternings into same things. Now here the very favourite saying of mine which I quoted one million times, “Two men behind prison bars, one saw mud the other saw stars.” Mental attitude, fragmentation <0:41:12.3>. The one person – they're both in the same circumstance, in the same prison cell, but one could only see mud and dirt, but the other could see the stars, the glory of god. Every person on earth can change their attitude towards life, the mind can be very <0:41:53.7> and we use the help of the mind, why not? Yeah, and then if we can unpattern the mind in the proper way of <0:42:23.0> You know I might have told you this before that in America we believe in the three Ls, Life, Laugh, Love. It is such a blessing to be able to laugh.

5. ES 85 - 01 Talking of laugh I think I’ve got a few jokes here, -- pardon me – can I get some cough drops? -- There was this one doctor who had a very busy practice, but he was getting old and he couldn’t handle a visit so he hired as a partner a young doctor like Mario. So -- so nevertheless, they had to – the old doctor had to take the young partner to go on visits to meet the patient. So the old doctor started first and they went to Mrs Fatbody, right and of course the normal things these doctors do, they know nothing about medicine by the way, right they take your blood pressure, they take your pulse, and then they put that thermometer in the mouth, temperature. So the old doctor was examining this patient <0:45:24.6> thermometer. Now as he took the thermometer out, you know being full of saliva, it slipped from his hand and fell under the bed, so when he picked up the thermometer, he told Mrs Fatbody that she mustn’t eat too many chocolates – chocolates, good. Then when they went outside, the young doctor asked the old doctor, “Why did you tell this woman not to eat chocolates?” So the old doctor explained that, “When I bent down to pick up the thermometer, I saw lot of chocolate papers under the bed.” So now they went to the next house where the young doctor had to do examination, and it was Mario. So of course, went through the whole same procedure, you know blood pressure and pulse and – and – right, and also after the examination, the young doctor dropped the thermometer on the floor so he told this lady, I think her name was Lovelybody, Mrs Lovelybody, so he told Mrs Lovelybody that ,“You must not be too close to the church.” So after they left, the old doctor asked the young doctor outside, and the old doctor was a bit angry, he said, “How can you tell a person not to be too close to the church?” – Young doctor explained to the old doctor that, “When I bent down to – to pick up my thermometer, I saw the pastor under the bed. I saw the priest under the bed.” (Laughs) You know then there was this one man, yeah, who went to Dr Ramon, the psychiatrist. So Dr Ramon questioned him, examined him, you know try to analyse his problems. Now in psychiatry we do sometimes work in patterns and various things, to study the patient’s mind. So Dr Ramon drew four straight lines, so then he asked the patient that what does this represent to you?” So the patient said, “It represents a woman's lips.” Right, then Dr Ramon drew a few diagonal lines, four of them, “Now what does this represent to you?” So the patient said, “It represents a woman's hips.” Hips, here and then after that the doctor, the psychiatrist, he drew two circles, “What does this represent to you?” So he said, “It represents a woman’s breasts.” So after thinking, the psychiatrist said, “You know what your problem is, that you are obsessed with sex.” So this patient got wild and he stood up and bang on the table – the desk, “How can you say I am obsessed with sex when you were the one that drew the dirty pictures?” (Laughs) You know what do you call a lunatic asylum here? Right, so this person was in a lunatic asylum and the nurse took him for a walk in the garden. But at the same time there was a seagull, a bird, seagull flying across and splattered on the lunatic’s eye, you know what I mean? Right! So the nurse that was with him said, “You don’t move, you just stand here, I'm going

6. ES 85 - 01 to fetch some toilet paper.” So the lunatic, yeah the loca -- crazy – loca said, “By the time you bring the toilet paper, the bird would have flied kilometres away.” (Laughs)Now, what’s your name? First time I meet you, yeah. Marina, good – <0:53:32.4> the Marina. The Marina, in South Africa is a complex of houses near the sea. So please be careful of seagulls (laughs) I'm joking with you -- you know that, I like to tease and laugh and at the same time impart wisdom. Good.


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