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1. ES 85 - 03 - 26 - 01 - 02 Gururaj: -- but the other could see the glory of god. Because the one who saw the glory of god was a more integrated person while the other that saw mud was a fragmented person. So the one seeing the mud is suffering, while the other one seeing the stars is not suffering because he’s seeing beauty, Satyam Shivam Sundaram. So all these things are existing in us, they do not come from outside it is to be brought up, expressed. The second part of your question was, does the spirit suffer after death? The spirit has not suffered because it is the substratum of all existence. There is no such thing as heaven or hell. Don’t think that you are going to be burnt in hell and try that piece of steak. When you leave the physical body, the only thing that goes with you is your subtle body, right and this subtle body is created of various impressions and experiences that you have had. On the other side, in another dimension, there is no such thing. What happens there is this that the subtle body which is composed of impressions and thoughts tries to evaluate itself because by the evaluation, it decides when to be born again and in what form to be born again. There are certain prayers in the Hindu philosophy or theology that if you live bad life here on earth, then you would in the next life will be born like a dog or a cat or a goat. That is not true. Once you have reached the state of the human level, you would always be in the human level or rise higher. One thing happens though, say for example we take six inches to be the mineral kingdom -- mineral kingdom, you say another six inches is the plant kingdom – <0:04:28.5> yeah, and the next six inches, animal kingdom, and the next inches – six inches, the human kingdom. Now according to the patterning of your mind you will remain in that level of the six inches but you can fluctuate it up or down – while you are revaluating what birth you're going to take. Before birth, you do not – your parents don’t choose you, you choose your parents. So when <0:05:27.8> proper combination between man and woman, compatible with your spiritual growth, you get born through those parents. You must know so many examples and this has happened a lot in our movement that one person lives in South Africa and just meets up with someone living in Australia or one in England and the other one from Siberia, somehow or the other they get together and <0:06:24.1>. Now while you are in the other dimension, you evaluate and you are too busy evaluating to suffer or enjoy your –or you are in a mutual relationship. So therefore heaven and hell is here and now, there’s no place up in the sky which is heaven, and no place down there somewhere which is hell. You see, even the subtle body and not having the gross physical body, there will be a certain dimension. Now many of the mediums and occultists which is nothing else but a racket – fraud – fraud, they – some of them has developed the ability to pick up your thoughts <0:08:02.3> psych phenomena, it has nothing to do with spiritual growth. And then <0:08:18.1> your thought and they say, ‘Oh aunty Matilda is contacting me, and she’s very well and she’s very happy and she sends you all her love.” Meanwhile Aunty Matilda might be <0:08:45.6> you see. So it does not help anyone to go through these mediums or

2. ES 85 - 03 - 26 - 01 - 02 psychics and some of those crystal gazers do this darken up a little, they look into your soul and <0:09:32.8> all sort of things then she will pray that very soon now you’ll be giving away 2000 Pesetas. That is what she wants. So death is something not to be scared, it is a very beautiful experience. Do you know if your heart beats about 10,000 times a day there is always a break between each heartbeat and every break represents death, it is but a continuous <0:10:37.0> so people should never never fear death, because it is just like going from one room into another room. Good. Now people say that when you leave this earth, you don’t take anything with you, but I say you can, if you are very attached to your motor car or your house, and your thoughts are very intent on it, then on the other subtler brain, you will see your car in your house, because it is all mental <0:11:46.7>. Then other people tell you that when you passed over, you will meet your mother, grandmother, father, or whoever, but you don’t meet them, they are too busy trying to work out their next birth. But what can happen is this that your subtle body made up of your mind can project the one that you love very much, and then you see your grandmother and your aunty and whoever. Remember it is your own mental projection and it is not reality. Your question was a very profound one, about love and suffering, and I don’t think I could do justice to it in 10-15 minutes. So remind me tomorrow of your question and we will speak about an hour on it. Let’s see what I got in my money box.


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