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1. ES 87 - 10 Gururaj: The spiritual being. Look I go around the world and as all of you loved me so much, everywhere everyone loves me very much too just as much as you love me. I look at a woman and I've known the most – most – most beautiful women in the world being in the film world, but I do not look at them with lust, I look at them as my sisters and mothers, and by doing that, you develop that spiritual force, that will make everyone love you with purity. Of course you will find some that has lustful feelings, but I know where to draw the curtain. Public: They said they were too tired. Gururaj: Now if you think you are too tired, Ramon, if they think they were too tired who produce that tiredness in you, to take away that lustful feeling, it is your guru. To have purity on the thoughts where your mind is not in your sensual self, but your mind is in your spiritual self. You don’t know how this bastardo works. Yes, many ways that work things, if I want to ask my heart connection to come to bed with me tonight, she will come. If I should ask my Uma to come to bed, she will come, only to sleep, but if you sleep, lot of things can happen (laughs) I'm joking you know that – I'm joking, but I could produce in you, just with a touch so many different kinds of desires, but that is not me, not me. You see, the power of spiritual force is so powerful that power becomes like putty. That you fix windows with, putty – putty. So each and every one of my Gopis here, I can turn them into putty and mould them into any shape I like, but no, no, no, I'm a spiritual master, it is not any – I've gone through it all you know. It’s not right, because I will be unfaithful to my – to my wife, my majesty. It is wrong. So the lesson of tonight is this <0:08:21.2> have one intention, one projection, one object of love, it will benefit you a lot. You see, so this is ethics, it is morality, because if you are like a bee that goes from flower to flower to flower, what are you going to achieve? Nothing. Translator: <0:09:46.5> Gururaj: It’s okay, okay my darling it’s the last night, thank you. Don’t touch my wife, go sit there again. Translator: Someone in audience is asking how do you find and how do you choose the object of your love? Gururaj: How do you choose and how do you find the object of your love? That’s the question? Translator: Yes.

2. ES 87 - 10 Gururaj: Then you're totally off the road, you're lost. You do not choose the object of your love and you do not find the object of your love. When it meets, it just meets. The bee will go to the proper flower automatically, that's how it works. I did not choose my wife, no. I was just there and she was just there and the flower and the bee got together. You see -- Translator: So then when you meet your love, is it in your hand that she becomes your love? Gururaj: It is not in your hands. It is that subtle attraction that requires no choice. It happens automatically where the chosen and the choice just gets together. Because if you start choosing, because if you start choosing, then your mind is involved because choice is the quality of the mind, but that togetherness that comes from heart to heart do not know any choice, and for everyone there is a partner in life and sooner or later you will come together with that partner. I had one Englishman that came to live in Spain, and he was looking for a partner in life. I can’t remember his name but he wrote an article in Spain – Spanish Weekly. I told – what was his name Charles? Yeah, well I can’t remember his name. and I told him that on such and such a day you will meet a lady, and on that very day, he was crossing the traffic lights and this lady was standing there waiting for a green light – was his name Clive? Okay. Right. So while crossing the – the traffic lights, he met her at the traffic lights and – and I think as you said Charles, he gave her a bunch of flowers or some – yeah and then it was a Spanish lady and he was an Englishman, right. And they met each other and became friends and got married. Translator: <0:17:51.3> Gururaj: No, no, no, no, no, no, perhaps – perhaps they copied this advertisement from what I said. So we don’t know about that, but one thing I can tell you that they went out and had lunch and – and they became together, this Englishman and this Spanish lady and they got married, they have three children and they are very happy. And this – this man wrote an article in Spanish Weekly, that’s about three-four years ago. Is it Clive <0:19:32.7> Translator: That was seven years ago. Gururaj: Was it seven years ago? Yeah, well they’ve got three children and they're very happy. Now you -- Translator: He's asking <0:19:59.3>is asking and then if the time comes that we meet with our partner apart from <0:20:13.4>

3. ES 87 - 10 Gururaj: You do fickle Translator: She wants a partner. Gururaj: She wants a? Translator: A partner. Gururaj: Right, marry me, all right. Translator: She wishes that a lot. Gururaj: Good. Translator: That’s -- that's – that thing will happen? Will it happen because of she wishes it with her heart? Gururaj: It must happen, within four weeks you will meet someone, I promise you. And that man, you will recognise him, he will have a blue shirt and a grey pants. Translator: She's asking if he will be <0:21:55.6> Public: What colour hair – what colour hair? Gururaj: Oh brownish, brownish. Brownish hair, he will be very good looking, but he will be 18 years older than you. Public: Oh, pretty specific. Gururaj: But he will be a good man and he will look after you. Translator: She's saying of course she will be nearly my father.

4. ES 87 - 10 Gururaj: All right, I don’t know – I don’t know if you know one thing. I do not know if you know one thing that when age grows older, the age narrows. My wife is 12 years younger than me, but we are together and very deeply in love. So when you are youngsters, then you discriminate between age, but when you reach your age, that 18 years means nothing. Because an 18 year old man can be more younger than you, four weeks he will have a blue shirt and a grey trousers, watch out. I promise you, I promise. Public: <0:25:07.5> Gururaj: would you, no no you don’t get hurt, please give my lady some Coke. Public: Yeah, what do you want? Coke? All right. Gururaj: (Sings in Hindi -- My heart has met with your heart – After meeting your heart to my heart, you have become my heart – remember forever life, my love – remember for life I am your love – night and day, night and day I think of you – night and day your thoughts are with me – even in your dreams you come to me my love – you're the fragrance of my flower – and that fragrance penetrates my heart – I can’t sleep at night – and without and by thinking of you all the time, my sleep disappears – night and day I think of you my friend – at night I can’t sleep and my day does not want to pass away – you're my love come to me – you are my love, you are my friend but I can’t understand – softer – softer – you are my love, you are my friend, you are everything to me, and you are the jewel of my heart. – my love my love my love – come close to my heart my love) Now ladies and gentlemen – ladies and gentlemen, if I might have your attention for one moment, Charles will give us <0:45:31.7> Charles: Singing -- The pale moon was shining above the blue mountain, The sun was declining beneath the blue sea, As I gazed in her eyes through the pale crystal fountain That stands in the beautiful vale of Tralee. She was lovely and fair, like the rose of the summer, But it was not her beauty alone that won me,

5. ES 87 - 10 Oh no, t‘was the smile in her eyes ever dawning, That made me love Mary, the Rose of Tralee! Gururaj: Someone else can do something. Come on give us song – come on give us song. Right, okay. Public: I won’t play, okay don’t play. No, no, -- Gururaj: Okay, you sing. Public: Singing in Spanish. Public: What would you like me to sing? I think I'm having a blackout. Gururaj: Never mind, I’ll fix <0:57:53.4> Public: I'm sorry I don’t know any words. Okay I'm going to sing The Beatles, When I'm Sixty-Four. Oh you have to help me, okay. When I get older losing my hair Many years from now Will you still be sending me a Valentine Birthday greetings bottle of wine If I’d been out till quarter to three Would you lock the door Will you still need me, will you still feed me When I'm sixty-four (Crowd humming along) Public: Singing in Spanish

6. ES 87 - 10 Translator: For the English speaking people, this is the hymn of the Spanish Meditation Society, the later is, you are my life and my death, I can swear that to you my partner, I shouldn’t love you but anyway I love you.


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