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1. ES 88 - 02 -1 Gururaj: You got your sound system fixed? Good. Public: <0:00:06.5> Gururaj: Now this morning tell me, and be very honest, who had a lousy sleep last night? Come here then, sit next to your papa. You see, today I'm not the guru, he is guru. Public: No, you're not. Gururaj: You see, this son of mine went through an experience last night. Do you remember? I wanted him to go through that to get rid of the shit in him and anyone of you who are psychiatrist, psychologists will know the method in which I operate. So tell me son, what's your name? Translator: Paco Gururaj: Paco, okay Paco, Paco in English is making packet. Right Charles? So you have to make a packet of yourself to come to one realisation that I Paco have no problem, I am well and good. Right? Now when one develops, looks this not – does only apply to Paco but to everyone of you, that when you develop an attitude that I have no problem, then you become free of problems. This is an affirmation that you must develop within yourself. I will not point my finger to anyone but many of the ladies here will understand what I'm trying to say. Number one, sexual frustration; number two, mental instability which takes us to number one again, of sexual frustration; I'm a master of psychology. So what must we do about that, how do we get rid of our sexual frustration which is producing our mental instability. We have to do it. So one answer, do more poco-poco and in doing that you are surrendering yourself in totality. When the women will realise that I am not <0:06:45.3> some more names, I'm not – in the arms of my husband, in the arms of my beloved, so what you are doing is surrendering yourself and what does the man do? He also surrenders to the goddess that he is lying next to. So the man will put his arm around her and the woman in reply will put her arm around him. So this is the practicality of physical bodies, but then, one step further is to find the relationship of our mental bodies. Is my mind functioning the way your mind functions? No, that is your obstacle, because the bodies can be close, but the mind is <0:08:41.9> So now what we have to do is this, is to bring the body together and at the same time to bring our minds together. When the mind and body is functioning in one unity, I tell you what will happen then, what will happen is

2. ES 88 - 02 -1 this that you're bringing to yourself your spiritual self and when you add the spiritual quality of yourself, then life is complete, no obstacle, not the body, not the mind because now you are living in the spirit who is our lord. So everyone of you can find this divine happiness. So you're all grownup people, I hope so, get out of your nappy and be happy. You see in spain you don’t have the exact words to interpret – I know – doesn’t matter, get out of your nappy, get away from your little childhood and be happy in your grown self. You're big people now. Right. So my Ramon, the night is over – Koncha prepared beautiful meal and he feels happy, but when Ramon and Koncha go to bed together, she is thinking not of Ramon, she is thinking of Ninyu, she worry,right? How’s my Ninyu, is my Ninyu all right? Okay, so her mind is not with Ramon, her mind is with Ninyu. Now to be able to surrender oneself, not to think of Ninyu but to think of Ramon and so I tell you what you do, you put your leg around his leg, but where’s your mind? Where is your mind? It is with Ninyu, not with Ramon, that is the secret. During the day Ramon and Koncha fight, conflict, but that conflict must not be taken to the bed because the bed resolves all conflicts. What do you say? What? That’s my guru. Public: Very good. Gururaj: Very good, what is very good? I tell you what happened to you. You are sexually frustrated, you better find a good girlfriend that can look after you and get rid of your frustration, because your sexual energies are affecting your mind. Right? True? Good. And when the mind becomes affected, you don’t feel yourself to be normal. So if you make love to a woman, what does it mean? You explain me now. Come on my guru, you tell us. When you make love to your man or woman, same thing, it is just like going to the toilet, the stomach is feeling, then you have to go and have a shit, same thing. In other words it means that you're just releasing yourself of tensions in your body. So we go to toilet and we have a shit, is releasing tension of the stomach. Right, you sleep with your wife and what you're doing? Releasing tension that's built up in you. Now the question I want to ask is this, why must you not release tension, you tell us. All right, you releas e tension because it is a physical need like going to toilet, physical need, but in the tension of your physical self, you're not only releasing physical tension but you are releasing mental tension at the same time. Now, I love Uma, Uma love me, but so pure I would not touch her in any improper way and she will not touch me in any improper way also, because the closeness between me and Uma is not based on the physical body or the mental body, but in total spirituality. So therefore, she and I have no physical desire. We have learnt to elevate or sublimate physical desire into spiritual oneness. She has been so kind to look after me, she iron my shirt and she wash my clothes and everything, it is the meaning of surrender. So if you can learn to surrender to your husband or the husband can learn to

3. ES 88 - 02 -1 surrender to his wife, no conflict. Then Ramon and Koncha don't fight no more, finished -- <0:19:54.5> come here you – you come here – come here, no no, yeah that’s right. Sit. I know what your troubles are all about. We’re going to get rid of that now. You see the energies that flow in her body is centred just around there, and we are going to reduce the tension that is there. This tension is also affecting her menstruation, sorry. You're not going to fall asleep. You're feeling more relaxed now? You must be. The master’s touch is not only meant for your physical self, but also your mental self, that is why you're feeling so comfortable, so easy. Many of you are our teachers of our Spanish Meditation Society, give this to people, make them feel happy, give them encouragement, give love, pure love. Most people here sitting in our lecture room has a need to feel comfortable. Everyone has that need, this need is created because we are not totally stable. Drop your hand, drop, drop down your hand ,drop drop drop, can she understand me? Drop. Release, just try with the other one, drop. I'm gonna tell you something, you need to be loved because the quality in you is love. Yes, but still you feel within yourself that you are not loved as you should be loved. I know, who can hi de anything from guru? Your need for love is a desire. That desire is formulated by the mind. My mind says I want to be loved, your mind is saying that, but at the same time with our spiritual practices we reach our inner self to be able to stan d up and say I am love, I do not need love, don’t need, no because I am love and I can stand on my two feet, I am strong, I am able, I am me. Don’t worry about being loved, because you are loved. <0:27:30.2> come, sit here with us. I'm making her feel shy, come my darling. Morning. You tell me who is the greatest man in this world, not me, no (Laughs) Ramon, he is greatest man in this world for you, I know him so so well, he’s got a lot of girlfriends. You know why? Because he is so lovable and the girls can’t help it, they get attracted to him. You see the bees always get attracted to honey and in turn they produce more honey. You see what a great man you got? He is your god and you are his goddess, true? That is how we must regard ourselves into all our relationships. Worship your man as a god and then he can’t help but worship you as a goddess. Forget the girlfriend. He is psychiatrist so he has to have these connections and treat his patients, okay, right what have you got to say? Come on, you don’t need to be shy, we’re one family okay. What do you have to say? All right, I will ask okay. What is the name of your girlfriend? Translator: I don’t have a girlfriend. Gururaj: You see I'm drawing him out. Okay, all right fine. Now tell me one thing, what is your ideal of a girlfriend? Translator: I don’t know.

4. ES 88 - 02 -1 Gururaj: Can’t you picture in your mind the kind of girlfriend you want? Project your mind. Translator: It’s difficult. Gururaj: No, you better close your eyes. Project in your mind now the ideal that your conception, what you would like in your girlfriend. Do you want her to have black hair – black hair? Translator: No, not black. Gururaj: Do you want her to be blonde? Translator: It’s the same. Gururaj: Do you want her to have red hair? Now you start off from the feet. Do you like your girlfriend to paint her toenails red? Translator: No. Gururaj: No? Now we’re going to go further up. Her legs, tell me about her legs. Shapely -- Translator: It’s the same, similar. Gururaj: He doesn’t care. It can be any kind of legs. But now the legs is to her knees. Now let’s talk about the size. (Laughs) Tell us. Aww – you like the thighs to be thin or fat? Come on, you have some idea at least. How you like thighs? No? look at lovely women, beautiful size. You want to touch thighs? Right – okay now thank you. Now you must tell us your idea of the kind of thighs you would expect in your future girlfriend, you tell us? Translator: I don’t know.

5. ES 88 - 02 -1 Gururaj: I think, professor, I’ll need about half a dozen sessions with him. Now imagine in your mind, close your eyes, can you imagine your own size? What is the difference between your thighs and the girlfriend’s thighs? Tell me the difference. You don't know? Have you ever slept with women? You have? No? Translator: No. Gururaj: Have you not put you thigh over another woman's thighs? No? Yes? Translator: Yes, yes. Gururaj: So why do you tell me lies now that you do not know the shape of a woman's thighs? Come – come -- come you must talk. The last he was with a lady was two years ago. Right? So he has forgotten, two years is long time, I can’t stay without a woman for two days and three times a day. I'm joking, you know that. I've no desire. At least we are seeing my son smiling. (Laughs) Now we have Rosa who is a professional psychologist, we have Ramon, qualified psychiatrist, and they will verify the master psychiatrist of the human mind. Right? So our immediate problem is this that to get rid of the trials and tribulations of our minds, what is your mind doing to you? Can you answer that question? Anyone want to say something about it? The question is, what is your mind doing to you? Anyone can answer. Translator: To molest – disturbing me. Gururaj: She's beautiful! Translator: It disturbs me – it is molesting me, disturbing me. Gururaj: What? Translator: The mind. Gururaj: Oh, the mind is disturbing you, right? So have you ever asked yourself why my mind is disturbing me? Have you asked yourself? You don’t ask and yet you suffer of the disturbance of the mind and you don’t even ask, “Hey Mister Mind, tell me why you disturb?” You don’t ask, if you do not ask, it is natural there is no answer. Now what is the origin of

6. ES 88 - 02 -1 disturbance? A person’s mind, I mean everyone. What is the origin? Where does this disturbance stop? Where is that starting point? Now I could tell Uma where her starting point was. I could go into psychoanalysis with her and tell here right from childhood, ill-treated by parents, okay and she met a <0:43:57.6> fuckup of a man – Om -- and she produce a baby -- Om – we still have to get to the problem of cordiality. What has caused the disturbance of the mind? What has caused the waves in the ocean? There must be some current in the ocean to create the waves. So you were born with inherent currents and they bubble up and down like the waves. Now every caus e – cause must have its effect ---


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