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1. ES 88 - 02 -2 Gururaj: -- and that is why you feel dis-ease of mind. Remember this word, important, not disease, disease is sickness – sickness but dis-ease, you understand it? Dis-ease, which means you are not feeling ease, E-A-S-E, because the dis comes prior, before ease and that dis is producing uneasiness in your mind. So what we have to do is this, my darling Uma, get rid of the dis and be at ease. When you are at ease within yourself, the mind also comes to ease. The disturbance is gone. Now ease, E-A-S-E, we haven’t got a board? Yeah right – yeah right, ease E-A-S-E. There was one time a man that said to me I love you, there was this one time a man who said I love you – I trusted in his love, but to my sorrow because I found out that he did not love me. He wanted me. He wanted my body. He wanted my body, that bastardo – but he did not really want me. That bastardo is going to burn in hell because he disappointed me, I gave my life to him, why was he so unkind to me when I gave my entirety to him? But he had no knowledge, stupid, that he could not recognise the love I had for him. I had the love for him, I had the love for him. Ease – E-A-S-E. Why do you think I sang – compose a song for you? To make you feel at ease, relaxation. Now at the bottom write I-S. Do you see the beauty of this philosophy that ease of the mind and the body will make you realise that ease within ourselves because god lives in our hearts. That is the ease – is to be able to develop a feeling within ourselves, as in the Jewish religion they sa y – Yahweh, I am that I am. So that ease is so important in one’s spiritual self. Now put a hyphen there and write ness, N-E-S-S. Ease is a feeling within yourself but to produce this in practical life is easeness. Yes, so simple. There is no problem, no suffering, nothing, happy, joyful because our practical life is in easeness. At the bottom N-E-S-T. we are little fledglings, little birds but without the nest, we cannot find ourselves. So we go to mother to the nest because she or he is always protecting us and these little birds, we relax in mother's arms in the nest. Do you know how much trouble she took to make that nest? That little bird like me can rest and mother gives me the warmth, universal mother. So what must I do is surrender myself to mama and papa. That is how Uma, you will get rid of the mental tribulations, yes. Because the mind is not troubling you, but you are troubling the mind. You understand this? So why look for trouble when trouble is not there. All troubles you have in your mind is created by imagination. They are not real, you produce reality through your imagination. So why imagine yourself to be troubled and not at ease. So what you're doing is this, I know that people are fucked up -- Translator: Are? Gururaj: Fucked up. But do not fuck up your mind, that is the message. Why must your physical self and your relationships disturb your mind? No, be at ease, calm and say to yourself nothing in this world can disturb me. Disturbance is there like the waves on the ocean, but I'm standing on the beach, the seashore and I'm watching what the

2. ES 88 - 02 -2 ocean is doing, but the waves of that ocean is not going to disturb me. If we develop this attitude, you will be more and more happy within yourself. Where is your mind’s problems now? We throw it out of the window. We throw it away. Even her pulse has gone down. I'm talking to you okay, giving some knowledge, little bit – poco -- little knowledge. But the most important thing I'm doing is giving to all and everybody. What time do you have to go for lunch? Translator: 2:00 o’clock. Gururaj: So we still got a little time. Now relax – relax – light up a cigarette. Ramon this is the best way to get people quiet, you must not tell them to be quiet because then they will become more noisy. You just do this in your next meetings at the centrar, quiet and at peace. Now Uma, so kindly brought this book, I don’t know if any of you got this book. You got one? Translator: Yeah, I got one. Gururaj: From darkness to light. This is my 40 second book, four to 40 second book. You know Vidya and you know Rupa, they worked very hard into piling some satsangs, you must read, it’ll give you some knowledge. You can ask Vidya to -- Translator: Send yeah Gururaj: -- send 50 copies, 100 copies. She’s in charge of that. You have had a cigarette. What did that cigarette mean to you? Tell me. What did that cigarette mean to you? It was a crutch – to support yourself. So in the same way we have so many crutches in our lives where we are dependent on the crutch, walking stick. We are dependent. Now if we can find a way to get rid of dependency, then we become independent. Right. And to find that independency within ourselves, we do not need any support from anyone and no one because being independent, we are steady – sorry – we are standing on our two feet firm and solid. Yet in life we are looking for crutches, why? It’s not necessary you know it. My Koncha, my daughter loves Ramon okay, good. But at the same time Ramon is a crutch and all of you, yeah. So we try and find the support in every aspect of life and therefore you involve yourself in dependency instead of being independent. So Ramon is very handsome boy, okay and I know he’s got too many girlfriends that love him so much, but because Koncha is independent, she will not care of him and his girlfriends, but at the same time in the independence you cut away all the girlfriends. He don’t have any sex for two years, never mind we will fix you up. It is the sense of that independence that

3. ES 88 - 02 -2 will not make you worry of Ramon, what he is doing, all right those girlfriends are – not important. What is important that I am Koncha and my man is my love. So I keep on pouring such love that is, all you ladies must do, just give – give love, do not examine. He has his own life, this Ramon, lot of girlfriends, so what? He can’t help it because he is so handsome. But why must Koncha worry about that? You do what you want to do, but whatever you do, I Koncha still love you so so much. If we develop that attitude, then Koncha can change his lifestyle because love is such a great powerful force that he will forget all the girlfriends and every time he comes in his <0:26:19.6> his thought will be, from the office to the house, I am coming home to my Koncha, to my Ninyu and this is the attitude that everyone of us must develop. I lock my office door, office is gone till tomorrow morning, but what is existing within me now? Ramon will think there's no other existence but my Koncha and he comes home and she gives him a lovely smile – smile – many times she doesn’t smile, sometimes she starts off with complaining and sometimes nice smile, “Oh you have come back home my darling beloved. Mi amor Ramon.” That is the attitude of a successful life. Because he driving from his office to home, his mind is with Koncha, not of his anymore, when he comes home, you know what he does, look I’ll tell you a secret, he takes hold of her in his arms but there’s something he forget, he kiss her on the cheek and not on the lips. It is so important for man and wife to share breath with each other. That is the sharing of the life force which in Sanskrit we call Prana. If I come home after a hard day's work going to the hospitals and treating people, consultations, on and on every day, but when I come home there's only one person I want to have consultation with, ma. So I come home, tired but as soon as I see ma, the tiredness disappears and I put my arms around her and kiss her and make here feel happy. Is that not my duty to make my woman feel happy? Now what is her duty is to make her man feel happy, two way street. So she says you must be hungry now. I say, “Yes, little bit, but you and I go to bedroom first.” Do they catch the joke? Food can come later, but you and I to be together is more important. She makes me feel comfortable, my tiredness is gone, I make her feel comfortable, her tiredness is gone so we both relax and then we go to the dining room for dinner and in that relaxed state we enjoy dinner more. Why can you people not learn to understand the power of communication? Who are you closest to? Ask yourself, you are closest to your man and he is closest to his woman, forget the girlfriends and in that closeness you will find the beauty of life. When any lady has no man or any man has no lady, whose fault is it? Have you provided the condition within yourself to make a woman love you or has the woman created the condition or of love? The trouble is not with the world, the trouble is within ourselves, right? Good. Always remember this, the world is not to blame, my children are not to blame, my husband is not to blame, my wife is not to blame, but I am at fault, I am to blame and

4. ES 88 - 02 -2 when one realises this point to say I am to blame, this process will automatically develop in surrender and true surrender to your beloved is Bhakti yoga, so simple. You see in Bhakti yoga, we give ourselves. We provide a kind of love energy projected to the beloved and why should we not? Because your real essence is love, but because your mind is so clouded you do not realise yourself that you are love. So when I realise myself to be love, I can give that love to all. Is there any person in this room that can truly say that they hate me? Any one? No? They can only say, “I love my guruji.” Why? It is because I am love and you are feeling the love that I'm giving to all of you so there's no place for hate. If you want to be loved, you become lovable. You now as a little demonstration I'm going to put my son into divine ecstasy. Translator: How you want him to be? Gururaj: -- is the trouble with all people because they do not realise how to communicate. If Ramon and Koncha communicate or my big Ramon communicate with <0:42:57.4> or Charles communicate with Linda, life could be so much more happy. Why do we deny ourselves the happiness which is inherent in us? That happiness is there but how minds become clouded and to remove the clouds of your mind, I have given you spiritual practices to remove the clouds. You Fernando, no no that one -- Translator: Which Fernando? Gururaj: You – you, come sit here. (Laughs) My beloved son, why do you make your mother's life unhappy? I know one thing for sure -- Translator: Gururaj: Translator: Gururaj:

5. ES 88 - 02 -2 Translator: Gururaj: Translator: Gururaj: Translator: Gururaj: Translator: Gururaj: Translator: Gururaj: Translator:


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