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2. ES 88 - 03 - 11 - 01 Translator: Has pried? Gururaj: He is no guru, no. True guru must be total humble, I can get up from my chair now and kiss everyone's feet in total humbleness and total humility. I do not pretend to teach you, but I understand so much within myself that you are teaching me, you see the various aspects of humility. Me, no boss, you are the boss. Without you, I will not be able to speak to you, so what you are doing is drawing out of myself some little knowledge or wisdom, you are doing it, not me because I am lost. I don’t know, I know nothing, but I am only a mirror that is reflecting yourself. So you have so many gurus in this world that's saying they know so much, bullshit, rubbish, but when you meet a guru that will tell you that I am your guru, but I know nothing, that is true guru. Whatever energy you provide in this room is your energy. Feel within yourself divinity that is there, and gradually, slowly you try and combine your divine energy with the divine energy in your guru. That is your guru. So simple, so humble, and always and at every moment, with you all the time. You are staying in room 21, 23, 24, -- you think you are in your room, no, no, no, no, no. You're staying with me in my room because you are one with me. We are projecting to each other that divine energy of which we are composed. So you went to dinner tonight, you were having dinner, was the food alright? Translator: Yeah, not bad, not good. Gururaj: They have some mutton -- Translator: Soup. Gururaj: Soup yeah, you started with soup, I know. And then there was little rice, I think so. No? But there was bread? Bun. Translator: And a lot of wine – and a lot of -- Gururaj: I can see that. You were eating what you regard to be food, but in reality you were eating the guru's energy. You must realise this, every time you pick up a piece of bread, that bread did not come there, your wife cooked it or you bought it at the supermarket, but the energy in that piece of bread is given by our father, divinity. So every time you eat this little piece of bread, you can have chicken, mutton, anything with it, but that bread has given you the energy of life. It

1. ES 88 - 03 - 11 - 01 If you understand or if you don't, if you believe or if you doubt, there’s a universe of justice and the eyes of truth are always watching you. Gururaj: Good, we were joking together. The reason is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, your guru was playing the fool, joking with you. He’s a master of knowledge but also the master of bull shit. Good, now what’s tonight's question? Translator: There’s a question from Mario. Gururaj: Yes, please. Translator: The question is, who are you and also there’s another question which is – which I will put it with that question also. What must be your attitude when disturbed during meditation even if it is disturbance from your own family? So, who are you and the matter of disturbances during meditation? Gururaj: Who am I? I am nothing and in my nothingness, I find the universality of everythingness. So, a true guru must develop the ability to say he is nothing, total humility and then in finding the totality of humility, you find yourself and when you find yourself, you become everything. So here, let us get to square one, you tell us what is square one? Translator: I don’t know. Gururaj: Tell us. -- Square one means you got to be yourself and when anyone of you can truly say that you are yourself, then only can you develop the humility and the humbleness of your guru. Now, what are the qualities or the essence of humility? Humility does not mean – humility means to stand tall and yet feel yourself that I am your servant, prepared every moment – un momento – all the time to serve you and when I find the quality of servitude, then I become humble, poquito -- little boy. That is the quality of humility, that is the quality of servitude and that is the quality of surrender. I find myself not important, no, but I find that you are important. I was doing, this afternoon, a healing on one person – one persona – yeah, and in the healing that person felt so close to herself that this person actually sobbed out into tears and the tears running down her face. So what she was doing at that moment is surrendering her heart and soul in the experience. I am no guru. You are all the gurus of me, when I developed that idea that you are the gurus and not me, then I will develop the sense of total humility and the total sense of surrender. That is a right guru. When a guru has pried --

3. ES 88 - 03 - 11 - 01 is his energy, not your energy, no. And that is the meaning of the guru which tries so hard to teach you the meaning of divine energy. You think you are doing things yourself, no you're not. As I said last night, you can't even lift your hand or lift your foot without that energy of our lord, our father. So the principle is this that I am not the doer, he is the doer and that is how, by saying to oneself I am not the doer, but he is the doer, that is how you develop that humility within yourself, which is a great quality to develop. I AM NOTHING, come on, everyone in chorus say, “I AM NOTHING -- I AM NOTHING -- I AM NOTHING -- I AM NOTHING -- I AM NOTHING” Mi señora he is everything. This is the way how one develops humility within oneself and that is your guru. Humble, simple, forever worshipping, chelas must not worship me, because I worship my chelas, yes, I will touch their feet, I will kiss their feet even if they did not have a bath in the morning, so what? But I love and the love within me gives itself of itself to the divinity that is within you all. So what I'm doing, I am not giving myself to <0:24:04.7 Maria, Marito, Sanches , Karbio, Mietie> No, I'm not doing that, I'm giving myself to the divinity that is within you, everyone of you. So by giving myself to that divinity, I feel so simple and humble because divinity is greater than me, so if I give myself to divinity, I am giving myself to a higher power that is beyond me, but at the same time I know that that divine power is not far away, but is within me simultaneously, same time and when I realise that that divine power is within me, I become devoid of all fears. If divine power is with me, inside me, what is there for me to fear? There are no fears. How many of you understand English? Okay, right. I will tell you a little story, if you don’t understand English, you might not be able appreciate. There was this man who was feeling very sick, so he went to Ramon, Psychiatrist and he went to Rose, where – where is she? Psychologist, she went – he went to physician and they tried everything to make the sick man better but it didn’t work. So then one day he decided, let me try something else, let me go to a witch doctor, which doctor I don’t know. So this old lion of a man, he goes to this witch doctor and he told the – the witch doctor that because lion has got a mane and every night the birds make a nest in my hair and they start tweet – tweet – tweet and don’t allow me to sleep. So this old lion was getting tired ---


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