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2. ES 88 - 1b Public: No. Gururaj: Did you marry him because he’s – (Laughs) Translator: She don’t want to marry. She don’t want to marry but I won’t -- Gururaj: Where’s is my glass? Translator: What? Gururaj: My glass. Translator: Glasses? Gururaj: Yeah, thank you. < 0:11:47.0 > we’ll put you all to sleep now. Shut up. (Humming) (Gururaj chants prayer as the crowd claps along)

1. ES 88 - 1b Gururaj: -- And going into the depths up to Shini’s mind that she is stupid. She is stupid because she loves him. (Laughs) My greatest joy in life is to see my children happy, my daughter, my son. Look, in her life there is ups and downs and why not that makes the ocean interesting, no wave, ocean not interesting. So that is what it is. < 0:01:35.9 > Translator: Yeah, I’ll leave you some. The other one that was here < 0:01:43.3 > Gururaj: Yeah, alright. Sleep daughter, my daughter – that’s up to you. God, bless you. And you, daughter, shut up, you make my son unhappy? I’ll kick your bloody arse if I hear any complaint. Careful! Husband is boss, so I will give him the right to kick her arse. (Laughs) Know this, look, we joking here, be happy. Look, you -- you must come to South Africa, I will take the tickets, you must come and meet Ma, goddess. Ramon and Koncha come together, come together. Come to me -- sometimes you get into a mood and you get angry with my daughter and you also, you also guilty, you get this thing here, you get angry <0:04:23.8> why? No reason. Be happy, that’s all I want. That’s all my children must be happy, that’s all. Thank you. Such a joy to be with my children, such a joy to share these moments together. This beautiful home, this beautiful scenery, beautiful people, you all beautiful because god resides within you all, all your troubles come because you defy that <0:05:34.8 > bastard guy upstairs. Why defy? Just be accepting. In simple terms, I accept <0:05:59.0>Is there a problem? You might be wrong, she’s wrong. Okay right, one wrong – one wrong, you add it together, zero. You see, there’s no answer to the tribulations and the trails of life because the life itself is composed of conflicts, without conflict there is no life. <0:07:22.1> God bless you. I don’t know if you remember some years ago I told you, you have to make a move to New York, America, do you remember that? I told you, you have a very rare talent, unique and you sitting here in this lousy shit place <0:08:36.8> If you want to go go, she can come to Ma, Ma will look after her <0:08:58.7> established <0:09:09.5> Ma will look after you in South Africa, <0:09:19.6> but you're wasting your life and <0:09:28.8> because I am your father, I will kick your arse and smack your face. You know what this symbolism means? I want to encourage you. God, handsome woman like Uma, why did you marry him? Translator: For my money. (Laughs) Gururaj: < 0:10:22.0 > pick on you. Get up, why did you marry – I'm gonna pick you now. Translator: She doesn’t who I – what she thought < 0:10:35.5 > Gururaj: Did you marry him because he’s rich?


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