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2. ES 88 - 4a Gururaj: I’ll just give him a start. Dear, what do you call a < 0:06:23.2 > I am a bullshit ter , but the beauty of being a bullshitter is to know that I am a bull shit. Paragraph, knowing this I seek – I seeked and searched to find what my bullshitting was supposed t o happen. Translator: Supposed to happen? Gururaj: Uh - huh. And then one day -- then many years ago , I met a man who just said that I am bullshit. < 0:09:35.5 > So , jumping through – love, darling – so jumping through the mire of my mind, MIRE of my mind, I said to myself and asked ever and ever again what is the meaning of bullshit – paragraph -- I try to analyse the bull, it is so powerful and so strong, but when I go further in the thing that composes the entirety, the strength of the bull only lies in his shit. That is bull - shit. (Laughs) Paragraph – through – paragraph – through the vicissitudes of life I roam – Translator: Of life I? Gururaj: I roam – ROAM – and trying to find what I am – paragraph – this is bullshit. Translator: Paragraph. Gururaj: I say to myself the trees are green and roses are red and violets are blue, how do I know that this is true? Reflections I find within myself, this is bullshit. I analyse and I tried to be wise, no gain have I found within myself. So is not life bullshit? Million miles I travel, million miles I travel to travail the beatitude to fathom man's mind and yet the sorrow I bear comes to north and in the zero – in the zero I find what is and what – after a quote -- the world is a dream, I'm dreaming, I love <0:19:57.4> is still dreaming because of essential things that I believe within myself, that I <0:20:12.4>but that is not the answer. I love you in the physical sense, in the relative sense of you and I being together , but what is the ultimate sense that you and I have never been apart. You and I do each other and together. Right, what I'm trying to say is this <0:21:30.7> closeness only comes by a previous patterning. My Charlie loves my Linda, my daughter, my – I worship her. Right, why has Charlie and Linda come together? Because of patternings of some previous life perhaps. Alright, and you and my daughter Koncha, why have you come together? That is the question <0:22:24.9 > why have you come together? Coming together has one meaning, is to fulfil and live out things, perhaps of a previous life. She and <0:22:55.0> Public: I can remember.

3. ES 88 - 4a Gururaj: This is a very deep psychological < 0:23:12.4 > that you, Uma and I are together, total love which does not mean lust. I have not yet touched you in a lustful way. But < 0:23:50.3 > that brings you and I together. That what is the question. I love you, you love me. Why? Answer. Great answer. Because when you analyse love, there is no love, it is only mind, but when anyone says I don’t love, not knowing is love. My psychologist friend, you see the depth in very simple terms? The beauty of life cannot love. You're alright Charlie? Translator: I’m fine. We’re going to sleep, all of us? Gururaj: Pardon. Translator: I want to sleep now Public: All of us. Gururaj: Yeah Translator: I think we are all very tired, you must be specially tired.

1. ES 88 - 4a Gururaj: Great -- great . You, my darling daughter, you could have never found anything better although my son there is a bastard. (Laughs) <0:00:38.1> Translator: I don’t know – I don’t mind anyway. (Laughs) He knows that we are here of course. Gururaj: No, does he know that you're a bastard? Translator: That I'm a bastard? I don’t know < 0:00:53.0 > Gururaj: Look I am a prince, you know the story. So what a bloody hell! Damn it! Why not! So you sleep with me next to me, you're sleeping with a prince. Th ink! Right, in every -- physically, metaphorically, and in every way, so why not? I'm still a soft human being. That is what you must take into consideration. Even me – and why not? I can sit up on a high stool— what? I want to be with my beloveds and be like them. Do – did not our Lord Jesus do that? He mixed with all the prostitutes and – (laughs) ay – get me a drink. Translator: Fernando is saying that you are leaving as a < 0:02:59.6 > in the – in the very low level because you are sa ying you mixed up with prostitutes , thieves. Public: Criminal, buglers. Gururaj: No, no, no, no. The idea is this, to be able, which is a great sacrifice of a master to come down and be together with the level he is involved in. That’s how he can teach. I sit there – bull shit, no you are my friends, my loves, I want to be close and together. Yes, thank you darling. You must write a book, “The guru in the house.” That will be good. He writes very well. You know his poetry is beautiful. Oh, he writes to me and the poetry – oh, good, very good. Translator: The only problem is that I only write correctly when I write to you so it could only be a -- Gururaj: Right, now let me give you a start. Translator: Wait a minute, I’ll go for my diary.


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