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1. ES Hemisferios.Dios personal-impersonal-02 Gururaj: -- We can never say any rock we see is imperfect, we can never say any plant or blade of grass or leaf is imperfect, but when man started thinking about himself and fellow men, he started finding imperfection. Now can we say god is imperfect when up to the animal kingdom everything is perfect? Why do we call man imperfect? If a person has one shape of nose and another person has another shape of nose, some with a long nose, some with a stubbed nose? Have we got the right to say that one nose is perfect and the other nose is imperfect? We have no right to say that because one person’s preference might be to have a girlfriend with a long nose, to him it is perfect. And another person’s preference might be to have his girlfriend with a short nose. To him that short nose is perfect. So perfection and imperfection is a mental condition, it is the various conditionings of man’s mind, conditions created in this process of evolution. I said in this week sometime that man has a memory of the entire universe and all the happenings of the entire universe and his idea of imperfection is entirely based upon his own personal experience in the process of evolution. And that is how likes and dislikes also develop. One person might have had some nasty experience as a child, nearly drowning in the water. So when he grows up, he does not like water, he does not like to go to the river or the sea. There’s nothing wrong with the river and the sea, it is just our mental conditioning created by thinking processes. Now as every person has an emanation, he emanates a certain energy which the occultist call aura. So li kewise, a village with all the people there all their thought forms creates a emanation of the entire village, and the same principle applies on a larger level to a city and then to the whole world, to the solar system and to the whole universe. And the totality of the emanation of the whole universe is the personal god. So man has created the personal god, the impersonal god is eternal and infinite and in total stillness, but the personal god is forever in activity. That is why scriptures say that if god should sleep, the whole world will be destroyed. So from – to recap, from the impersonal stillness, the impersonal divinity, all this has been manifested and the totality of the universe -- the – not manifestation but the emanation of the universe makes the personal god. Yeah, so now the impersonal god has no qualities because to give qualities to the impersonal god would be limiting him, for in the impersonal god if we give it qualities, say the quality of love, he must also have the quality of hate. Yeah, but the personal god which is the emanation of this entire universe contains everything and all he objects. That is why when theology speaks of god, they give him qualities, but they must remember they are talking of the personal god and not the impersonal god and the qualities attributed to the personal god is attributed through man’s mind, it is attributed by man’s mind because of that expanding unfolding consciousness, he always wants to make himself better. So therefore, we have given the personal god the qualities of goodness, compassion, kindness, forgiveness so that personal god is a projection what man needs for himself and for his peace. And this is as far as all theology goes. This is as far as all theology goes and it is good because we are looking for betterment, we look up.

2. ES Hemisferios.Dios personal-impersonal-02 Now this personal god from age to age, as someone quoted from the Gita yesterday, takes human form. Now, as we have spoken at other times that this universe is composed of nothing but energy. Now this energy being composed of motion, energy cannot exist without motion and what happens in this very motion that the energies become imbalanced, too little here and too much there. Now we are not only talking of material energy, but also of mental energy. So when mental energies get twisted and imbalanced, then the total emanation of the universe condenses itself into this little human form and displays himself as a very ordinary person and the reason why he has to display himself as an ordinary person is because a human being needs a human impulse. Now that personal god in human form, if he should walk on air or do things, people will start just believing, but in that blind belief no great transformation can take place in man’s mind, but if that embodied god like Krishna, Buddha and Christ, if he can identify with the problems of man's mind, then the impulse which he imparts becomes more effective because man still has to evolve by himself, he still has to find the spiritual self which is the primal manifestation within himself, that is why Jesus used to wine and dine with the Pharisees and the tax collectors, very ordinary people. Now if he did not have that communication with them, how could he influence them or change their thinking processes? You have to be able to communicate with the person to transform the person and why does the physician come? The physician does not come for people who are well, but the medicos comes for the sick people. Yeah, whose thinking processes have become slightly imbalanced and this very imbalance is suffering, nothing less and nothing more. So now this process has been going on in a cyclical form. This universe is created by this explosion and drawn back again in what science today called the Black Hole. All this universe is sucked back again in a very condensed form. So as it is all drawn into the Black Hole, the Black Hole becomes more and more condensed like the cloud and when it becomes more and more condensed and very heavy and full, it has to explode again and another universe is created and this goes on and on and on, therefore we call all creation to be eternal and yet the underlying factor, the impersonal god remains the same. It is like the ground remaining the same but all kinds of flowers and plants and foods are growing on it . That is how, from manifestation, creation occurs. Good. Now where is the question of imperfection? There is nothing in this universe which is imperfect. Man must forget the idea of imperfection, as you are you are perfect, for from fullness can only come fullness. From goodness can only come goodness. To use another analogy, the sun with its heat makes water evaporate and when the water in vapour form evaporates, it forms a cloud and this very cloud which is created by the sun obscures the sun, and we find with our perception it’s all gone dark. Yet the sun is untouched. When you fly in an aeroplane above the clouds, the sun is so clear. So through meditation and spiritual practices we go above the clouds. Now the sun created the clouds so the sun created the darkness down here and when as the explosion of the universe, as we said before, the clouds becomes more condensed and heavy and it brings down the rain and the rain is needed to grow food, to keep

3. ES Hemisferios.Dios personal-impersonal-02 animals and plants and human beings alive or to give a life force, to regenerate life force. Good. And yet behind it all is the sun’s energy which is actually giving the life force because the very sun has created the clouds. It is the primal cause. So now when it is dark here with the cloud obscuring the sun, can we call this darkness imperfect? When it is the same energy transforming itself in various ways for the purpose of evolution and the purpose of evolution is to merge back into that primal impersonal energy. We come from there and we go there. And all th is manifestation is a super imposition upon that which is real. Yeah, yet the superimposition also has its own form of reality and I think we spoke about it this week sometime. So from reality comes reality. The two are inseparable. If you do not exist, then god cannot exist. If god does not exist, then you cannot exist. The heat cannot exist without the fire and the fire cannot exist without the heat. Now we always say that god is omnipresent. Now if he is omnipresent and if you regard him to be perfect, then everything must be perfect. So when we see this perfection all around us, then the fullness within you becomes one with the fullness outside you, for if you can perceive the perfection in you through spiritual and meditation al practices, then you will perceive the perfection in the external environment. Outside my house where I used to live at one time, there was a tree but with a very awkward shape. And a very good friend of mine, you could see it from the lounge and a very good friend of mine tells me, “Why don’t you cut off this tree? It’s not a nice shape.” To him the tree was imperfect according to his perception, but when I explained to him from a different angle that that tree which you think is ugly is very beautiful, why don’t you look at it as abstract art? Look at it as one of Picas s o’s paintings , or one of El Greco’s paintings. And then from that eyes, from those eyes you will see how beautiful it is and – and being a very intelligent man, he got the meaning and then we are talking about other things and later on I mentioned to him, I say, “You were right yo u know, I think I must cut down this tree.” So he says, “No, no, no, no, he must live it.” (Laughs) Because he started seeing the beauty of the tree as abstract art. Yeah, so all imperfections that you perceive is because the cunning animal which is called your mind, I have never ever seen since reaching and becoming one with divinity -- I have never ever seen the time I've realised my oneness with divinity, any ugliness. To me every person, everything is absolutely beautiful, but we forget the biblical injunction that man is made in the image of god and I would add on further that everything is made in the image of god. So where is imperfection? The cloud that brings darkness is perfect. The winds that blow, it’s perfect. The coldness that comes is perfect, the sun is perfect, for everything is serving a purpose. A woman's husband might be giving her lot of trouble, it is trouble because the woman in her mind thinks it to be trouble. But if you look at it from another angle that this is sent to me by god as a catalyst to allow me to expand my awareness to see perfection in that which I thought was previously imperfect and when we develop the idea that everything is perfect, then we know what beauty and love is all about. For after all, good and bad and these things are made by man. It is just man's perceptions and laws and rules he has made. 90% of all scriptures of the world of every religion is made by man according to the time when it was given out. 90% is made by man and 10% is revelation given to man, and yet the 10% revelation has also been diminished because it had to be

4. ES Hemisferios.Dios personal-impersonal-02 portrayed to the mind of man. So how much truth do we have in these thick -- thick books? Truth can never be found in books, truth can only be found within yourself. Truth can only be found within yourself and condition your mind or unconditioned your mind to see everything as per --


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