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1. UK 79- 29 Gururaj. Now, normally the last night of the Course we always have a Concert and then there is no Satsang. But tonight we are having a Satsang, the reason being this, that tomorrow morning, very early, I have to go to Ilminster, that area, because we have a very large group of Meditators there and there have been so many requests for me to go and give a talk there. And all arrangements are made, so we are leaving early in the morning and I believe it’s about five hour’s drive to reach there. So instead of having tomorrow morning's Satsang, we are having it tonight. I think that is also the reason why this clock is also going slow, backward. Good. There's another thing I wanted to tell you. It was this, in the Communion Practice yesterday about ninety percent of the people had various kinds of experiences. There were ten percent that experienced nothing. Now the reason for that was this, that it is not even necessary to have any experience and people saw me flooded with light and some saw this and some saw that, some heard that but to that ten percent that never heard or seen anything, it does not mean that an effect has not been created. It's like, we can use the analogy of dreams; every night, as the Psychologists will tell you, every night everyone dreams and they are necessary. It is necessary for a person to dream because it is a release valve which gets rid of Samskaras - I think I spoke about this on the Hayes Course, Nottingham Course, I spoke a whole talk on dreams. Dreams are necessary where there is a release, a samskaric release which would be terrible if one had to relive all that. So a person is even evolving in his sleep. Now that was, of course, besides the point. The ten percent that never experienced anything does not need to worry whatsoever, for the core of the personality has been touched, although it has not come up to the conscious level, which means nothing. It's like meditation. Some people experience nothing in their meditation whatsoever, yet the half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the night changes the rest of the twenty three hours of the day and I can give you many instances. I remember someone coming to see me and he says, ‘Guruji, I meditate regularly but nothing seems to happen in my meditation’. This was in Capetown. So we sat down, we chatted and as usual, when visitors come, a cup of tea if offered and things like that and then we started discussing the various aspects of his life. We started by talking about, very casually, about his work. He said, ‘Oh, you know I had a terrible boss and there was not a single day where I did not feel like telling him off but now he says something or shouts about something, I just don't take notice’. He was a Sales Manager in his company, quite a large company and he says, ‘Before I, too, used to get wild with my sales staff when things were not done as I wanted them to be done and I used to get wild. But nowadays what I do is to call them to the office and have a nice chat with them and say 'Look, try doing it this way and see, you know how it could change.' Like that. And he started talking about his home life and he had some home problems. He says, ‘They are not so severe any more and if my wife says something to me in an angry way, I find humour in the anger and I start laughing and then she starts laughing with me and no problem.

2. UK 79- 29 Things becoming smoother’. When he used to reach home, he has some teenage children who are fond of this wonderful music they have nowadays. What do they call it? Twist? Voice. Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll (General laughter) Gururaj. Rock. I was wondering if we can't turn this Rock and Disco into a spiritual practice. Nevertheless, he said, ‘I couldn't tolerate it but now I just don't take any notice of it. Let them enjoy them-selves, let them play and it doesn't distract me as it used to distract me’. Then I told him afterwards, ‘Does your meditation not benefit you? Those flashy experiences, half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening are not the important thing, that is just the impetus, but how it affects one's daily life, that is important’. So a small percentage of people last night that perhaps expected, whatever they expected or perhaps there are others that never expected anything and had no experiences, do not need to concern themselves at all because a great spiritual force was being emanated and it would enter the very core of everyone's personality if they are conscious of it or not. The intention has been achieved. Okay. Fine. I wanted to clear that because sometimes some people might start worrying, ‘Oh, am I so un-evolved, you know, that other people have these experiences and I don't have them’. Recognition of these experiences through the various senses, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and all that is no sign or no mark of evolution. A person could experience nothing at all and yet be more evolved that the person who experiences things. It only means one thing, that you have better eyesight than what I have, that's all, that's all. Okay. Good. Fine. Now let’s hear questions. Have you any? Questioner. Guruji, in one of the prayers which you often read are these words - 'From the centre which we call the Will of God, let purpose guide the little wills of men, the purpose that the Masters know and serve.' Is there a Divine plan or purpose which the great Masters follow? What is the purpose of Masters such as Buddha, Krishna or Christ incarnating at special times on earth and how does the Divine plan of the evolution of the universe work? And how important is the part which these great Teachers play in this plan? Gururaj. Beautiful. That is very nice. Good. Now the prayer that we have is a universal prayer. The purpose which the Masters have served is a purpose, a purposeful purpose and the purpose in their purposefulness is this, to bring man to a certain realisation. Now in the evolution of the universe, in our case this planet earth, there comes a time because of the general atmosphere created by man, there comes a time which could be a rough patch, where there is a greater

3. UK 79- 29 imbalance than normal. Now to restore this balance, Divinity comes down to earth as an Avatar. Divinity takes human form, for the concept of God is so abstract that man could never conceive of the impersonal God but it is much easier to conceive of the Personal God. And that is why the abstract concretises itself, to bring, - I said 'Itself' - because the impersonal is neither he nor she, it is a neutral force, it concretises itself so that the need of the times could be fulfilled. Now the Masters know the needs of the world. So this great vast consciousness takes human form in the shape of Christ, Krishna or Buddha. It is still the same consciousness. It is no differentiation. To these great Masters, the law of reincarnation does not apply, because in rein¬carnation an evolutionary process is necessary. That means that you keep on reincarnating to lessen the burden, to get rid of samskaric values but the real Masters are born free. They are born by their own will. Ordinary people aspiring to reach Divinity are not in freedom, they are in bondage. They are within the cycle of birth and death. They are pulled into being born. You cannot resist being born again, for these lessons have to be learned. And from the primal atom, the propulsion has been so great that there is no stopping and you get born again and again and again and reach back into that Divine silence, to become silent again. In other words, the propulsion in the process of evolution loses momentum but while the Avatar or the incarnation goes through a two-way process, he is born by will of his own and he exercises this will when he sees a great imbalance anywhere. So as everything emanates a force, a magnetic force, so does the entire world emanate a certain magnetic force on a very subtle level. This chair is emanating something, this mike is emanating something, this floor, this wood, this table, everything emanates, a human being emanates and all these emanations form a collective whole so the world as a whole emanates a certain force, a certain attraction. And so the two-way process begins that the Avatar or the incarnation exercises his will because of this magnetic attraction or we could call it a need. That is why at the most crucial times in history, Divinity itself personifies itself because as we said before, the abstract cannot be approached by the human mind, it is just beyond, beyond, beyond, but through another human, the impulse can be imparted. It is through a human that this Divine impulse can be imparted, so that is why Divinity takes human form. It is said in the Gita that 'When evil rises and injustices are done, I will take birth' - this is Krishna speaking - 'I will take birth from age to age to bring about this balance.' Do you know that a certain imbalance can be created in the negative field by ten million people or four hundred thousand million people on earth and just one being can balance it? The force is so great that he contains, like a scale, he contains that weight within himself that could bring to balance four hundred thousand million people. So when an Avatar is born and people that live in the time when that being personifies himself, what a great privilege, what a joy. If people can only understand and behold. Oh well, let's continue with this question.

4. UK 79- 29 If there is a Divine plan or purpose which the Great Masters follow, what is the purpose of Masters such as Budd ha and Krishna? We have answered that. Their purpose is to bring about the balance. Their purpose is to bring about the age-old teachings of love and devotion, the purpose of showing man the way to Divinity. And that is why Jesus said "I am the Way, I am the Life" and that is the truth. And every great Master has said this. Krishna says in the Gita "Come unto Me", same thing - "Through me, you will find Divinity". The Bible says again "No one goes to the Father except through me” - I do not know the exact words. I have not read the Bible but this is what is implied. So what is implied here is this, that to reach Impersonal, one has to go through the personal aspect of the same Divinity. And this is what the Masters teach. There are many ways where understanding is given to the mind, feeling is given to the heart, a certain motion is created within the mind and heart of man which will perpetuate him to reach home, enough petrol in his car is given to reach home, he won't be stuck on the way. And that is why spiritual practices, as I said this morning, cleans the carburettor. The petrol is there, the tank is full, it is given to you. The tank is full. Keep the carburettor clean and let the petrol flow through. That is the purpose of the Masters and that purpose they serve and their service lies in promoting this message of love, showing the way in life and that way and the life constitutes in the relative field of what we know as Truth. For Truth can be experienced never by the mind, very partially by the mind, but totally within, experiencing truth, until one reaches the stage of the Impersonal. And when one reaches the stage of the Impersonal, then this body is not needed any more. This body is discarded, into the silence again. So this is the purpose of the Masters. This is how they serve humanity. The Masters have greater love and devotion for their chelas but very few chelas realise that. Very few chelas of Buddha, or Krishna or Christ really realised that, even a close one. And Jesus told him "You will deny me before the cock crows, you'll deny me thrice." They do not understand yet the level of the Master's love and devotion. Yet the love and devotion the Master has in his heart, which in other words is but compassion in action, he will leave the ninety-nine sheep and chase after the one that has gone astray. That is love, that is devotion. But why must this one sheep be gone astray? "Let me find it, let me find him, it might be hurt, it might be in pain, for the pain of that one sheep is my pain." And without that love and devotion and compassion, a Master could never be a Master. And yet the Master is always the eternal traveller, the eternal traveller all the time. He' ll leave this planet and in a moment he'll be at another planet where he is needed. From there he will reach another planet and another one and another one. He can merge away and be Himself, the Impersonal Self and not bother. But no, the love and the devotion is so strong, that it brings him again and again and again and I will tell you this one thing which I have mentioned only to a very few close ones that the next Master will incarnate in six thousand years time. So make the best of the present. Make the best of the present. Some of you will understand what I am saying. Some of you will not.

5. UK 79- 29 What else does the question say? How does the Divine plan of the evolution of the universe work and how important is the part, which these Great Teachers play in this plan? We have adequately covered that. They bring this balance, they bring this teaching, they inspire goodness in man, they inspire devotion in man, they inspire an understanding. These teachings are age old. These teachings were even taught in the Atlantean age, when Rama existed as the incarnation. So what we are teaching today is nothing new. It's the same old teaching, perhaps put in a different way to suit the times. For man's spirit is immortal and in the present cycle of the universe, which will last millions and millions and millions of years, millions of years it will last, so in those millions of years to preserve the balance, we have been talking about the Gunas. There comes a time when Tamas rises, and Sattva is covered. Darkness rises and light is being overshadowed. Then the Avatar, the Incarnation is attracted to this planet to bring about a balance, not only by the teachings of love and devotion, but by also bringing with him a spiritual force, for he is, he does not bring spiritua l force, he is the spiritual force. And any of us that could ever be in the presence of such a Master, we are indeed blessed. It is the greatest blessedness that one could ever hope for. So that is the purpose of the Masters coming so that that Kingdom, that will could be done on Heaven, on earth as it is in Heaven, for the earth and Heaven is not apart; they are superimposed but the separation exists in Heaven, being at a subtler level while the earth is at a grosser level. So if on earth we could infuse the subtler levels of reality, if we could infuse the spiritual value that is already within man, we will enliven ourselves and not remain the living dead. That is the purpose which the Masters serve, to bring to life, to bring to life, for most men on earth are none better than Lazarus, they must be brought to life. That is the real raising of the dead, not the physical form but the awakening of the consciousness so that that consciousness merges in that greater consciousness. The beauty is there. The beauty is this, that it is there. Every person contains within himself all that is necessary, but to awaken, enliven, bring life, for that is life and to find the life, there has to be a way. So when these Masters come to earth, they act according to the times. At times just simple teachings were necessary and one would say believe, have faith. People could understand that at those times and they used to believe and they used to have faith. They were accepting. Today in the technological age, where the intellect has developed more to a certain extent, technologically speaking, so the same belief and the same faith can be taught in the way people could understand, so that it does not become contrary of what science or all the 'ologies' would tell them. So when these teachers come, they come for that purpose, to awaken, to give life - to enliven means to give life, to raise from the dead. That is the purpose which the Masters serve. And they do it in so many ways, by teachings of various methods, practices, by the under¬standing, the knowledge that’s imparted and by also imparting or directing a spiritual purifying force. So the

6. UK 79- 29 shower is running, the temperature is just right for you, get under the shower, get clean. That is the purpose which the Masters serve and that is why true Masters are there, born from age to age. But then you have a lot of false prophets that masquerade as Masters and do more harm to the world. Why do they do it? Why do they do it? Brilliant people. Why in the name of God are millions and millions amassed? Why in the name of God? I have studied the workings of many organisations, I have studied the workings. So much harm is done in the name of God, while the message of Divinity is just so simple, to learn how to love, to learn how to be devoted - with that comes everything; compassion comes, kindness comes, sympathy comes, empathy comes. So simple. The message is so simple but we make it complex, unnecessary. So what true Masters do is to bring back the simplicity from the complexities that has been created, bring down, squeeze the complexities and draw out the essence. That is what the Masters do. That is the purpose they serve. Like that, I could give you many instances. This world is not going to end so soon as some say and this world is not going to be enlightened. There is no such thing as the Age of enlightenment where everyone is enlightened. Yes, I know one thing that every corner, every corner of the world will have electricity, that I know. Yes. Yes and as things improve in all the backwoods, say for example, of India or in any of the developing countries, they'll have electricity and they'll have some light. The Age of enlightenment is in you. Yes. Enlightenment cannot come collectively, it comes individually for as I have said before, there is a continuum and we only see a small little perspective of it, a small little section of it. Fine. And in this continuum as the energies pass, as a certain amount of souls, to use that word, as they evolve and pass this phase, there are other souls from a lower dimension coming to this section of ours. So it is a continuous flow, continuous motion, and that very motion is life. The entire world could never become enlightened. But individuals can become enlightened. That is the Age of enlightenment and everyone can celebrate, they have come of age. Yes. Yes. So this will carry on in the world . One lecturer was giving a lecture and he said that the world will come to an end in twenty billion years time. So one woman in the audience got very worried. (General laughter) Yah. So she got up and said, “Excuse me, sir, what did you s ay?" So the lecturer repeated "Twenty billion years”. "Oh" she said, "Thank God, I thought it was two billion years". (General laughter) So that, my beloveds, is what the Masters do. That is the purpose the Masters serve. They have a hard time . Those false prophets amass millions in the bank while true Masters sometimes hardly have food to eat. They live in abject poverty. Sometimes a true Master might have just one table in his house - he has a few children has got to wait

7. UK 79- 29 turns until they finish studying at the table so he could get at the table to do his writing. That is of no consequence whatsoever. That is a purpose that is served, the service that is done, for mundane things come today and they go tomorrow. They are of no importance. And yet He, the Master that could command Kingdoms and have Kingdoms in the palm of his hand desire it not. A little comfort the Master enjoys, he would only accept that little comfort as an offering. Not like the organisations that we have talked about that amass millions. So that is how you recognise true teachers from the false prophets. Okay. Nine o'clock. Is it nine? Yes. So we are having a concert tonight and we have a, don't know what kind of break you want to call it. Coffee break, or leg stretching break or whatever, whatever. Good. And then, where is the concert? Here? Good. Fine. Half past nine, so we have half an hour 'til we meet again. Good. Fine. Thank you. Now I'm faced with the most difficult task of all - they can ask me to speak about anything, I can babble on but how to say goodbye, that I really don't know. But then of course the word goodbye, to go back to its original meaning, it would mean ‘God be with ye’. Okay. So in that sense, I shall say goodbye. It's been very wonderful being in England on this trip. It's been very pleasant, so much love, so much harmony, so much joy. The opening of hearts and melting away. So that's another subject about melting away. Ask me the question next time. Nevertheless, I'm back here in August, so I hope to see most of you on the Course in August. So we shall end the session, the end of my trip and the end of the High Leigh Course with a prayer, the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. Lord make me an instrument of thy Peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow Love Where there is injury, Pardon Where there is doubt, Faith Where there is despair, Hope Where there is darkness, Light And where there is sadness, Joy O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek To be consoled, as to console To be understood, as to understand To be loved, as to love.

8. UK 79- 29 For it is in giving that we receive. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen. Namaste. END


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