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1. UK 79- 33 Gururaj. By being so beautiful, tell me, what is this flower gaining by being so beautiful? It gains nothing. It is an offering. It offers itself to the world its beauty, its fragrance. Yes. So love is a flowering and this is where meditation helps. Y ou can't make yourself love someone or anything for that matter. It has to come from within yourself. Dante has said, Dante has said that "The greater the man, the greater his love". What is meant by that greatness? You don't need to be a great mathematician, that's not being great, or a great architect, or a great artist, that's not the greatness that we are talking about. The greatness in our terminology would be how much of the soul is expressed. Therein lies the greatness. And that is where meditation comes to our assistance, where the mind, body and soul becomes integrated and becomes friction free. Now wherever there is friction, there are problems. And the greatest problem amongst mankind is not being able to love. And yet the greatest gift any man or woman could ever achieve or attain or recognise or realise or accept is the ability to love and be loved. That is the basis of most of the psychological, psychosomatic and physiological problems human beings suffer of today. Good. They feel guilty of things. They feel so alone, when no one is really alone. The force is with you. You are not alone. (General laughter) You see. Now through meditation we gain, (are you still laughing?) - through meditation we find this integration and with this harmony that is created between mind, body and spirit, it has to emanate something. Everything emanates something. People talk of auras and things like that. They are true, they can be seen. They are emanations from a human being. This microphone is emanating something. This table is emanating something. Everything because there is motion in everything, the very emotion stimulates an emanation. The very motion in this flower here emanates its fragrance, emanates itself in the form of fragrance and the fragrance is not apart from the flower, the fragrance is part and parcel of the flower. If that fragrance can be analysed in a test-tube, you will find that it contains minute particles of the flower. Where does the fragrance come from then? It is not giving something other than itself, it is giving of itself because this flower is in total harmony with itself. Good. So through meditation, through meditation - what time did you say we must end? Quarter to ten? It’s that now - I haven't begun yet. Can't we get half an hour extension? Ivor, is it possible? Thank you very much. Good. So the flower gives of itself spontaneously without effort. And that is what love is about. Love is something that wells up, that wells u p within oneself spontaneously. You love or you don't. Now meditation having the quality and the ability of integrating man bring man into a harmony within itself. Harmony can only emanate from itself harmony and that harmony is love. When boy loves a girl, what is happening, what is the chemistry? The chemistry is the harmony that is produced. The harmony, that oneness of mind, body and spirit that is produced. That is love. Yeah. Like this Persian poem which is such a favourite of mine, I've quoted it at least one million times. Perhaps one million and one times I don't know. The lover

2. UK 79- 33 knocked on the door of the beloved and she asked 'Who is it?’ And he said I am so and so. The door was not opened. The next day he went again and knocked on the door and she asked, ‘Who is it?’ And he says ‘I'm Firo’. The door was not opened. And when on the third day he went and knocked on the door and she asks, ‘Who is it?’ and he said, 'I am thee, my beloved'. The door was immediately opened. That oneness develops. That is love. That love comes about when we create harmony within ourselves. Then you don't only love your beloved, but your beloved becomes a symbol of love and you love your neighbour as yourself as well. For the concept of love is abstract. So to approach the abstract, you go via the concrete and as that love emanates from you, devotion develops. All the virtues as self-sacrifice, self- offering, kindness, compassion you name it, develops. So there, the process of meditation helps. So that takes one to what is called Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion. So we have very briefly skimmed over Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga and all this put together in the form of Raja Yoga, with its meditational practices, brings them all together. People with different temperaments start from different directions, but they all merge and meet in that oneness of love. For there's naught else but one. There is that unity in all diversity. And that is why w e say there is only one God. Because within us, we know or perhaps we've been brought up in a way that will tell us that there is only one Divinity and it is true. So even superficial mental analysis can point that unity towards us, can give us some understanding of the unity. That is the process of love. That is how the individual love can be universalised just by loving one person truly, real love. Not as I said before, not as a need, or not as a attachment or not as a dependency. That's the trouble today most people are dependent. There is physical dependencies, emotional dependencies, all kinds of dependencies, but to rise above that by knowing oneself. For the greatest injunction is this, 'Man know Thyself'. The greatest question is this 'Who am I?’ Now with that integration, the injunction is obeyed and the question is answered not there, but there in the heart and you know and you love and you overflow with love. My cup runneth over. That's love. That's love. That is the way one reaches love. That is the way one has reached nearly ten o'clock. Now before we end, may we end off with a prayer? I'm sorry we left certain aspects of other questions out time, I'm a blabber box, I can talk the whole night. From the point of light within the mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men Let light descend on earth. From the point of love within the heart of God

3. UK 79- 33 Let love stream forth into the hearts of men May Divinity return to earth. From the centre where the will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the centre which we call the race of men Let the plan of love and light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let light and love and power restore the plan on earth. Amen. It has been wonderful being with you tonight and I hope to see most of you soon again. I was told that in August many people are turning up and coming especially on this one-week trip in between the American tour that I'm having. There has been a gap in between Courses in America, so I am going to come here and if you could come it would be nice. You know in a hall where a general talk is given one really cannot go very deeply into matters. But on Courses, one can go into greater depth and not only with the mind but also to make a person experience what it is all about. God bless you all and my love to you all. Namaste. END


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