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1. UK 79-7 Questioner. The question concerns the integrity of the soul. In animals and humans, it’s easy to see the separateness of one organism from another, and in plants the distinction is less clear, and in the mineral realm, the dividing line between one object and another is arbitrary. Can soul therefore be individualised at the stage of mineral evolution, or with what does the soul associate, or is the attitude towards the integrity of the soul, as Buddha has implied, too cosy? Gururaj. Beautiful question. Now, soul is a word which has been mis-interpreted, or rather interpreted in so many different ways. What do we mean by soul? That we have to understand first. What is the soul? Does a person possess a soul? And if the person possesses a soul, where does the soul reside? In the head or the heart, or the legs or the limbs, whatever. Man is the soul. The stone is the soul. The plant is the soul. Good. Now, the confusion always arises when the person mixes up the word soul with spirit. The soul is really what we call in Sanskrit the Jivatman. Jiva is the individualised life force. This individualised life force is composed of all the samskaras that one has gathered over millions of years. That constitutes individualised life force. Now, there is a universal life force which is the collective whole, of the individual life force. For example, Jung would talk of the collective unconscious, that is the universal life force. So, the soul has its limitations, being a collection of that life force which contains within itself, all the experiences man has gone through, and thereby it has individualised itself, and separated itself, assumingly so, from the universal life force. But underlying this individual life force or even the universal life force, there is another strata, the strata of the spirit, which empowers or gives life to the life force. So, here a clear distinction has to be made between the Jivatman and the Brahman, or the soul and the spirit. Now when this is clear in our minds we will know the value of soul. Because soul as the Jivatman, is that entity which is contained within the subtle body, empowered by the spirit, through manifesting itself as prana, life force, within the all the varied complexities of the soul. So, say if someone leaves this body, what do we pray? We say ‘May his soul have peace’. We do not say, ‘May his spirit have peace’, for the spirit is forever peaceful. It is the soul that requires peace. Now, as the soul, or the primal atom which is a soul, in itself as it progresses from these various evolutionary stratas, it gathers on to itself so many varied elements. It has within itself the ability to duplicate and replicate itself, and it also has the ability of the force of attraction and repulsion. If it did not have this ability to attract and repel then the soul will be devoid of life force. Because it is this very motion of attraction and repulsion, that it draws unto itself the energies required for its existence from the spiritual self, the pure self, the pure consciousness. So when it comes to the soul we could well say, that the consciousness of the soul is limited within the boundaries of the universal soul, which too is limited within the boundaries of the spiritual self. So, the individual soul, in order to go beyond its limitation and find oneness with

2. UK 79-7 the universal soul, has to go through this whole process of evolution, which would mean mineral, plant, man. And yet there is one thing which many people has not realised. Many people do assume that from animal you come directly to man. That is not true, and that is why the missing link has yet, not been found. The missing link exists on another planet, on another dimension, in another dimension, where that gap, that missing link is fulfilled, and man becomes man from the highest form of animal. Now this does not mean that the animal of this world has to re-incarnate back into this world, that is a fallacy. That is a limitation of one’s own mind, man's own thought because he tries to work things out in a logical manner, in a sequential manner, while in the realms of the soul and the spirit, there is no sequence as such, as we know sequence to be. Fine. So, this primal atom, containing within itself, containing within itself the soul, as the individual soul has com e about into it's individuality through this vast explosion at the start of the present cycle of the universe. Before the explosion things were in Pralay, it’s a Sanskrit word which means in a state of equilibrium. But within the state of equilibrium, there were fine currents, which it carried over from a previous cycle of the universe. And it is these currents that liven themselves into such a state where the explosion becomes inevitable. And when that explosion occurs and all these various particles, these various atomic, subatomic particles fly forth, that is where it gains its individuality. So from the universal self, which compose the entire universe, these little particles become individualised. It's like a spark flying out of the fire, and yet containing, contained within this spark is the entirety of the fire, all the qualities of the fire, all the constituents of the fire. So in the individual soul, lies the potential of the universal soul, or in modern terminology, the collective unconscious. Good. Now, as this individualised soul progresses, it has one aim. It is not a conscious aim, but because of its propulsion, its aim would be to merge again, to its source, to the source of the universal self. But now, this takes a process. This takes a process that it shoots forth, and over a period of time, in our sense of time, would amount to millions and millions and millions of years. Good. And in that process all these beings are created, or find creation, or are manifested. That is what evolution is all about. Speaking in a different dimension, there is no evolution. Speaking in a different dimension there is no re-incarnation, for all just is. What requires re-incarnating? And why? Why should there be evolution? Why should there be this progression, when all that exists is but silence, and within silence we are the silence. Be still, and know that I am God, the Scriptural injunction. But that is of a different dimension, that is one can live beyond the relative. And it is within the relative concept created by man's mind, that these theories of evolution and re-incarnation are necessary. And yet it has its own reality. It is not unreal. It is real within that particular concept. Any concept man forms in his mind is real. Any dream a man has is real in that particular dream dimension, for nothing is really unreal. Good.

3. UK 79-7 So in the progression of the stone, can we ask the question that, does the stone have consciousness? We say yes, the stone has consciousness, but that consciousness in relative terms has not the power to express itself. It has not the power to express itself, but it has within itself the power to change itself, and this change takes place automatically. As those millions of molecules swirling around within the atom, the electrons around the nucleus swirls and swirls and swirls, this very motion in this stone is that life force. The atom is life force, at a much grosser level, and science is battling very hard to go to subatomic matter and still, still further and further and further to find the essence in the test tube, which is not going to be possible. Good, because to find the essence of it we have to find the spiritual value of the soul, the spiritual force that enlivens the soul, and how is that going to be captured in a test tube, so that the five senses of man can see it, hear it, touch it, smell it. And yet funnily enough, paradoxically enough, that essence is in the test tube. The test tube is the essence itself. You capture the essence within the essence, for the test tube is the essence. And that which is contained within the test tube is also the essence, and the man putting the essence in the test tube, is also the essence. Gradations. Gradations. See, so that is the difficulty of science. Where science leaves off the mystic begins. Yes, the my stic begins on the level of experience. Someone was going to ask me a question on experience, it was mentioned to me. It would be a good subject to really go into the mechanics of what experience is. Good. Perhaps tomorrow or the day after. Right. So the stone is also a soul, but this soul is unconscious of itself. Yet it has the elements of change, and because of the element of change contained within the stone, the stone finds a form of expansion, or explosion, for everything is exploding all the time. All the time, everything is exploding, everything is being created, preserved and dissolved all the time, all the time. And because of this process of motion, the stone finds evolution. Now, if it was not a soul in the relative sense, that stone will not evolve. So the stone too changes, and in its change, evolution is found where it becomes a better and better stone (Gururaj laughs) until that stone dissolves itself, here is the point, until that stone dissolves itself into to finer mineral matter. And that very mineral matter forms the basis of the plant, for what is the plant? Is the plant not but a stone in a different form, containing the same soul? But having gone through this process and reaching the plant kingdom, it becomes, it gains a certain level of consciousness. The stone does not possess consciousness, but the plant does. I know we spoke about this, during this week, last week, how the plant too has feelings, and how you can speak to a plant, and how the plant can respond in better growth. I mean we have discussed this. So if there is response in the plant, then it would mean that the plant has consciousness. So that very mineral has transformed itself into a plant, and we call the plant a higher form of life, because it has now a little consciousness. Good.

4. UK 79-7 What is man for example, what is this body? This body is nothing else but food. It is composed of food, that's all what it is, that's not taking into consideration consciousness and the spirit. The entire body is composed of food. So this very plant transfers itself, or transforms rather, transforms itself through various processes into an insect form, an animal form, and the animal has a far greater consciousness. Its consciousness is interpreted through instinct, and yet if you study animals, you'd feel that there instinctive value is far greater than ours. Their instincts are even greater in use, in practical use than man's conscious mind. A dog knows that his master is coming home, even while the master is three blocks away. It knows. How does it know? How does it know? Has the dog got powers of telepathy? Has the dog got some mechanism within him that senses the boss coming home? Look at that consciousness, look at that consciousness, and that consciousness is there because it is not befuddled and trampled upon by the workings of the mind. An animal just is, although it is of a lower form. But within its dimension, the animal just is. How faithful the do g can be? Therefore we call it man's best friend. How many men has found another person to be his best friend, really his best friend? Those instances are rare. You have a friend, he gives his life for you, what are the motivations? People go to war, people commit hara-kiri, or whatever it is called. Why? Why? It is because of a certain kind of indoctrination. Is it not that you are a patriot and that you must do this for your country? Indoctrination, thoughts are planted. I come from a place where from childhood children are indoctrinated that of a different colour are lower than you. I know the value of indoctrination. I know the value of brainwashing. And we all know what happened in the last war, how people were brainwashed, and we know how people are still being brainwashed today, into various ideologies. Instead of giving man freedom, they're giving; they're putting men in greater and greater bondage within certain ideologies. The workings of the mind. Fine, so here the animal senses things, but behind him sensing something, that spiritual force is working at its purest level. It’s working at its purest level according to that state of evolution. And then when development occurs and the animal reaches higher, man starts thinking. He is on a different plane of existence, a different dimension where he starts thinking. And that is what is most abused, that is where all indoctrinations come from. And we are trying to undo that with our spiritual and meditation practices. We are trying to get rid of pre-conceived ideas, indoctrinations, just blind beliefs, that we know nothing about, and we try to aim at real experiential value of life, where the purest of the purest, th e spiritual self is experienced in it's total innocence. And when that exists then all indoctrinations, all ideologies, all are thrown aside.

5. UK 79-7 That is what all the greatest Masters taught. And I say that in modern terms that our minds are patterned and what we are trying to do is un-pattern the mind. So that individual soul has to go through all this, all this, all the time. It comes from un-patterning, and because of it combining with all the various elements in the universe, it becomes patterned. And for it to find total peace, it has to be un-patterned. We use common words like have an open mind. Now these common sayings have great truth, but we fail to understand the deeper meaning of it. And I've been demonstrating this all along in this Course, how very simple home truths which our forefathers talked about and which we fail to understand today. So in the progression of the soul, we reach the stage of man, and for man to un-pattern all the patternings, he has to use the power of discrimination. And that is why he has been given the gift of reasoning, reasoning. But how reasoning is used, there lies the problem. How do people reason? Because of past associations, because of past experiences, our reasoning become warped. A man feels insecure within himself, inadequate within himself, so he would develop within himself unfounded jealousies, because of his own patterning. He would be jealous of his wife, for example, or the wife would be jealous of the husband without any rhyme or reason. Why? Patterning. Patterning. Now all this has to be overcome. The mind has to be re-patterned for the body itself, containing the mind is the totality of the soul, mixed with that spiritual value that is forever there. Now we use methods to try and un-pattern, but what happens is this, that by trying to un-pattern the mind by the mind, we are re-patterning it into a different mould. So it is not un-patterning. It is not going to innocence, and in the brilliantness of the spirit within is lost. The diamond is shining but covered with dust. So we create, we have this lump of clay, in the shape of Kummel. Right. So we take this clump of clay in the shape of Kummel, and we through mental processes, we re-mould this piece of clay, we re-mould it, and re-mould it in the shape of Ushwin. What have we really done? Nothing. We just changed one shape into another shape, and that is what patterning is all about. We change one pattern into another pattern. Well what we are really tying to do, is get away from patterning, and that is what our spiritual practices do, where we bring us closer, where it by-passes the patterning of the soul, and goes deep within to the basis of that pure innocence. That is the purpose of meditation, that is the purpose of life, for within this lump of clay, lies this life-force. As I've s aid before, the stone too has life-force. We are nothing else but stones, with thinking ability. Yes. Yes we are, we are, and some of us are even more deader than stones. (General laughter) See how beautiful it is really. Yes, and then we use all these various mixtures of thought, all these various theories, and take that piece of clay and add other constituents to it, and create it into various kinds of things. One we call a mountain, one we call a building, one we call this, and one we call that. And yet within everything, right from the stone to the stage of man, the five relative elements are existing,

6. UK 79-7 earth, water, fire, ether, what's the fifth one, Kummel - air, they are existing. There's earth in the stone, there's fire in the stone, there's air in the stone, there's ether in the stone, and that what exists in the stone. And science is beginning to prove this now that there is fire in the stone, or else rubbing two flints together will not cause a spark. Science is proving this now, although the ancients have said it in ancient times. So the constituent of the stone is the same, that is within us, with the addition of the power of reason. But now this reason has to be seasoned, ah, brought to ripeness, and its ripeness can only be brought about by the energies that are drawn from within. The tree or the plant will only grow if it can draw the energies from the soil, all the minerals. And wh en it draws that, the sun and the air are there too, and the plant thrives. Likewise man needs the environment. He can't be devoid of the environment. He needs the sun and the air as well as food. Yet mixed with all that is that other quality, tha t spiritual quality is brought into play, then all the external environment is enlivened for the soul. And the soul which becomes now, consciousness, for the entire body is nothing else but consciousness. It is like a holograph. Is it hologram or holograph? Holograph? Hologram. This new process of photography, where the entire negative can be destroyed, and just a little piece of it would reflect the whole picture. So, man in that way reflects within himself the entire universe, being an individual soul, its still is part and parcel of the universal soul. Now, that individual soul which is consciousness itself, has mixed itself, in regarding itself as the entirety of his own existence, meaning he assumes that ‘I’, and that is what ego is all about. Ego is the misuse of pure consciousness, and limiting it to a small little consciousness. Yet that small consciousness, like the hologram, can experience the entire picture. Now when we ask these questions, who am I, where am I going to, how do I reach there, I would recommend a lovely little booklet written by Norman Snell. It's very beautifully written. Please read it, it's nice, it's nice. I read it, I loved it. Have you got copies here of it? Yah, good, yah. In the shop, you see business. (Gururaj laughs) Yes, it's even good, it's even good. I don’t know, it might be too late to send to some friends, who are non- meditators as a belated Easter gift. Lovely little booklet. I'm sure Norman will expand it into a really thick volume. Yes , I pray for that, because it contains the essence of many truths, that can really be appreciated. Good. Fine. So that is the soul. The stone is a soul, the plant is a soul, the animal is a soul. Man is a soul, and he calls himself the soul, because he has limited himself by thinking that he is the entirety of all that exists. He knows his surroundings, he knows his environment, he knows that things around me are greater than me, even if I can perceive it or not. He knows that. His mind tells him that to a certain extent. That spirit filters through little bit, little bit, little bit, but he rejects it, because he is the centre of the universe. ‘The whole universe revolves around me’, and that very idea, false conception

7. UK 79-7 is the cause of all the troubles, and it is the cause, to use Scriptural language, the soul burns in hell, instead of experiencing the joys of heaven. It's all here and now, it's here in this very room. For all those hells and heavens are within ourselves. And yet there are planes of existences where things could be very pleasant. Yes, and there are planes and existences where things are not really pleasant. There are such planes of existences, and depending upon our evolution, and our state of mind, and how much un-doctrinised we have become, un-patterned we have become, how much joy we can experience here, so much more can we experience that joy, or the sorrow in a different dimension. And in that dimension, which is our subtle nature, that joy we experience would become ten-fold. You see, anything which is subtler becomes more powerful. I said the other day that if you drop a, it could destroy the, I don't know what - we know about Hiroshima. So when in the subtle body we reach, now the subtle body is still the soul, let us remember that, from the grosser to the subtler, it is still the same, just a different dimension - so the joy we bring in our lives, here and now, in the physical body, carries on. There's no full stop, there are no comma's there are no semi-colons. That sentence is continuous, and makes a lot of sense, without the full stops too. So, in the subtle state of existence, if you are joyous here now, in the subtle state of existence, you will be joyous more, ten-fold. That is the heaven that the Scriptures talk about. You create your heaven, what you create here, is there. Therefore the old saying, ‘So above, so below’. A Persian poet wrote a lovely poem, and it's no sense in me quoting it to you in Persian, because I don't know Persian, (Gururaj laughs) but the meaning, the translation, the translation I read was this: 'The man left his body, and he went into a different dimension - and then you have been reading in the Observer this after-life experiences, so something similar, I must get these articles, I haven't read them - so he comes back, and they asked him the question, ‘What did you see on the other side?’ He said ‘Oh, the very same things. The women I saw there were ten times more beautiful, the wine I drank there was then times more sweeter, the waters I saw there were ten times more clearer, the mountains I saw there were ten times more beautiful. And everything I did with that subtle body, - I don't know if that is possible - was ten times more delightful.' What he was trying to say was this, that because I have such a good life here, my life there was ten times better, and I'm dammed sorry to have come back. (Gururaj laughs) So, that is the journey of the soul. Once it becomes individualised by the forces of nature, by the forces of the in- equilibrium created in the Gunas, all this has come about and it will go on and on and on. One cycle ends another cycle begins. That cycle ends and then another cycle begins, and that is what eternity is all about. That is why I always say, it is not only the spirit which is immortal, but all matter too being indestructible is also eternal, changing shape and form, a ll

8. UK 79-7 the time. And we that go through sufferings and turmoils, we are just watching or experiencing perhaps the change in the shapes and forms. Now that is what we want to get away from, through our spiritual practices, to be established within the self, of the spirit and still watching the names and the forms changing all the time, and not be affected, because we have risen above it. Then we have become the proper observer. Then we can say, the small self can say, ‘I am not the doer, the doer is the spirit. It is that energy, it is that force, it is that Divinity, that manipulates all this, all this, all this, and I'm just an instrument, this little piece of dust, this little atom that has expanded and developed and evolved. And in reality of that dimension of the absolute, nothing re-incarnates, nothing develops. In its primal level of pure spirit, nothing happens, it just is. It goes nowhere, comes from nowhere, it is just there. But in the relative level, there is this coming and going, and we have to somewhat understand these comings and goings. We have to understand somewhat the turmoils and the turbulences that are created. And the best way to understand is not applying the mind to it, applying a bit of understanding, yes, why not? Yes, but that is not the solution. The solution is to by-pass it and stand apart. If you feel angry today and within that anger, you can not analyse your anger, but tomorrow when you’ve passed the anger, and you become quiet, then you say, ‘Oh, what a bloody fool I was’. Yes, see, you can do it after you by- passed it, but while your still whirling around in the mind, the mind can only shift from one place to the other. So the pai n is in the left knee and you manipulate it, and shift the pain to the right knee. Now you think the pain is gone from the left knee, something has been accomplished. Nothing has been accomplished because travelling from there to there it might take you a week, or a month or two, but that pain is not gone, because we've been using the wrong instrument. The right instrument would be that Divine force within, the kingdom of heaven which is within, the kingdom of heaven which is within, that is the only force, that could get rid of all our ills. And we would not even know how or why, there's no explanation, no logic to it. It's like my wife - illogical logic. There's no logic to it, but there's a beauty to it. There's a beauty that surpasses. The peace that passeth all understanding. The mind understands, but peace is felt, peace is ex perienced. That is the whole secret of it. That is the purpose of the soul becoming relative, and in its relativity it tries to find where it comes from, and where it is going, and it’s a valid search. For the mind too, being part and parcel of the soul, tries to know itself, but it can know itself very limitedly by itself. It needs that outer force, outer strength or rather; the proper word would be the inner strength. It needs that other help, the help of grace. Nothing happens without grace. Nothing, nothing, nothing. And having this mind, rather let us use that mind to invoke that grace, and not reject the grace by playing around in the whirlpool of the mind. There's a nice song about it, you must sing it to us, Kummel. Windmills? Is it windmills? I thought it was whirlpools. (Gururaj laughs)

9. UK 79-7 Hey that was a whole hour on that question. Good, shall we carry on more? It’s up to you. Next question. Questioner............... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Yeah. There is a link outside the two dimensions of animal and man. There is that special existence which bring together the qualities of, draws up the qualities from below of the animal and draws down the qualities of God into a union to make man. So that is why we have to go through the stage of man to reach God, because animal, man, man- God and then God alone. You see? It’s very beautiful, Vincent, very beautiful. And you’re going to reach there. Yes. It’s guaranteed. Everyone will. (Gururaj laughs) Sorry, say that again. Now, yes, yes this when and why in that dimension does not exist, does not exist. Any moment, just what we have to do is this we must just get the candle ready and matches ready. That’s all that we are doing preparing and lighting is just like that. Yes. Illumination, light. But we can’t expect the light if the candle and match is not ready. Yeah. So that’s what we are doing really, preparing, preparing, preparing. Fine. Do you think we should call it a day or should we carry on? Questioner. Please Guruji, please forgive me but how Gururaj. Why must I forgive you, there’s nothing to forgive. Questioner. (Cont’d)................ (Inaudible) (General laughter & Applause) Gururaj. You see? END


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