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2. UK 80-1 condenses itself through various stages, like water vapour becoming liquid water and liquid water becoming a solid block of ice, and yet it remains the same. The H2O in the water vapour is the same in the block of ice. So therefore the neutral force remains eternal. The neutral force remains eternal. Now when we say 'God is love', are we referring to the neutral force or are we referring to the primal manifestation? Good. Now the neutral force would naturally solidify itself, express itself, as a flower without will expresses its fragrance or the fire expresses heat. So, this very neutral force by its own nature, solidifies itself into sound form. Therefore in the Scriptures it is said, ‘First was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word is God’. So when it comes to the stage of sound which is vibration, the neutral force now condensing itself into the form of vibration. Now this vibration, has the nature of motion and wherever there is motion then the motion must assume other forms because what does not assume any form would be very static. And the nature of motion or vibration is or cannot be static. So from this very sound, the word, through further interactions, vibrations interacting with all the other vibrations that have emanated with the interaction combination, it assumes a still grosser form. And the totality of this grosser form is love. And that we know as the Personal God. The Personal God can be conceived, it can be experienced rather, but the impersonal God is beyond the experience of man. So that is why it is necessary to have this God and He is Love. So the word has now become Love. Now this love requires expression too, because love could never be static. Everything is motion, motion, motion, motion, all the time and not being able to remain static, it has to find further forms of expression. And what happens with this intense motion created by love? Say, for example, you love your wife or your husband, you do not stand still, yo u demonstrate that love. You demonstrate it. If you can't demonstrate that love, you are dead, while we are talking of life. And that is what we have chosen. Not death. Life. So, in its demonstration, in its expression, that very force called love , the personalised God assumes various forms throughout the universe, not only on this little planet, earth. So therefore the Scriptures would say and all theologies would say, ‘You don't go to the Father but you go to the Father through me’. Or Krishna would say, 'You come to me.' Now when that force of love through various stages of evolution, and that evolution is also required for the personalised God, for the Personal God, the impersonal energy does not require to go through evolutionary processes but the manifestation, the primal manifestation which we know as the Personal God also goes through various processes of evolution. Yet when it goes through the various processes of evolution, it is conscious of itself, while the other manifestations in the scheme of things are unconscious. So this very love goes through the process of evolution, through

3. UK 80-1 the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and then to man. Now, do you know that a stone loves? Do you think that love is only a human emotion? No, the stone too loves because the entire molecular structure of that stone, that which keeps it together, is that manifested force or energy which is love. So, next time you see a stone, just say 'I love you’. We do say that. We do say that if that piece of stone is moulded into a nice sculpture .... by the sculptor. 'I love this piece of art. I love this piece of art’. But, take a little stone lying around and see the art in that stone. See the great art of creation, the great art of manifestation. You see? You love that stone, it will love you back. Oh yes! Because you will be taking on certain vibratory factors of the stone and the vibratory factors in that stone is love. So there is an interaction . When you see a beautiful sculpture and you love that sculpture, you're not taking the purity of the quality of the stone because it is intermixed by the vibrations of the artist. Good. So the stone is also love. And then plants, you know, you can converse with them - a little smile with your talk or a joke with you. For aren't we all plants, growing, growing in the process of evolution. We're plants too. We're vegetables. We are the stone. We are the animals. And also we are human because we have reached the stage of a certain consciousness, which makes us cognize the stone, the plant and the animal. And when we see that love, that all this, all this is love, love, love, love, love then we find the oneness of the universe. Then we find the totality of love. And that is why we our meditation and spiritual practices, is to find that love, that love which is God, manifested God. The Son of God, that is what we find. So, the goal and purpose of human life is to find the Son, yes, is to find the Son. I'm not referring to any personage. I'm referring to that vibration where you will find all the vibration to be one without any form of differentiation. And the n you feel that ‘I am composed of the same vibration as the stone’, but man has the advantage of cognising and recognising what he really is. And when he finds that oneness of vibration between the stone and the plant and the animal and himself then he has found the Personal God or the Son. Now, that is why they say in the Scriptures that, ‘You come t o me. Through Me, you go there to the Impersonal'. Because when you reach the Impersonal, you, as the air in a balloon becomes like the air outside, that oneness is there. Then you have totally lost your individuality and assumed that which is even beyond universality. So, universality is to be found in that love, in that God which we know as love. And then when you go beyond the universe, then you don't need the universe any more. You don't need the manifestation. You don't need the staff, the clerks and all that. You've got the Boss. That's how it works. So therefore it is a great truth that God is love and it is also a great truth that it is neutral. Now, love is a thing or rather, the Personal God, the Son, has to have certain qualities while the neutral force has no qualities. It is neutral. The

4. UK 80-1 word explains itself. And the qualities of the Personal God is eternal existence, eternal knowledge and eternal bliss or eternal love, because love and bliss and existence are synonymous. All these attributes of the Personal God, are synonymous with love. So, now, the manifestation of the manifestor, from that which comes from the neutral force, the neutral force being eternal, the manifestation, too, has to be eternal. Good. And eternity itself is existence. You have forever existed. There was not a time when you were not there. You assume different forms and shapes. In one lifetime you're a man, another lifetime a woman, another lifetime an 'it', or yeah, you have been a plant. You have been a stone. You have been an animal. You've been everything, to reach the stage of man. Now, when you became man, the various - being a plant in its initial stages or a stone, you have to keep on growing, growing, growing and you grow. As the plant grows with its various leaves and flowers, so you have grown into a flower. Now with all the other attributes, all the leaves the dressing, you have grown into that flower and that flower that composes this lovely bouquet there, is consciousness. Now the flower was in the seed all the time. The consciousness was there all the time but the plant is now expressing it and expresses itself as consciousness. Now, why do you need this consciousness? You need this consciousness to recognise your primal self again, that you are love, that you are word, that you are one with the Divine. Then when you reach that stage, then you can jump off into that nothingness, that neutral force, into Sunita. And yet that Sunita, which the Buddhists talk of, is the force that brings all this about. How do we use it? What do we do as teachers, what do we do? We try to lead a person on the path towards Divinity by making the person realise that there is a power greater than you. You have assumed an ego through various combinations of factors, through various experiences. You've assumed an ego and you think, 'I', so what do we do? We lead the person to the greater 'I'. And where is the greater ‘I’? Inside. Deep inside lies the greater 'I', the Kingdom within. But I tell you one thing as an extension to this, that the Kingdom lies without as well. It is not only within. It is outside as well. But to recognise the Kingdom outside you have to find it first inside. That's the process. For once you have fond the Kingdom inside then everything outside is Divine too. Everyone is Divine. How can you but help loving? So that is the living God. That is how you live God. And this is what you teachers are doing, to lead the people on the path towards inside, so that once they experienced the innerness, they could experience the outerness of Divinity, the living God. You see how simple it is? I don't know why I should talk about these things. You can think for it yourselves. Now, that, that is why we say, ‘God is love’. Where do we start? We start with ourselves. I was meditating in a garden about a week ago. Beautiful garden, beautiful garden, beautiful flowers and I looked around and I saw such

5. UK 80-1 beautiful butterflies. And then the thought struck me, that beautiful butterflies only come where there are beautiful flowers. You see? So let the garden of our lives have the flowers and the butterflies come automatically. They come automatically. That means we attract all the goodness, all the beauty, that loving God in the form of butterflies too. You attract it automatically. You don't need to try. So, when you teach, what happens? What happens? You are combining your inner self, your spirit, with that of another. As the combination grows, you become strengthened and strengthened and strengthened. So, look at all the things that happen in there, to know that God is love. You develop that sense of service. You develop care, the love for one person that you are teaching there. Oh, how blessed are we to be able to teach. The God- given privilege to demonstrate his love which is our love and the love of the person that you are initiating. Now many of you sit on your fannies, I know. Wake up. Stand up. Yeah. It is for the good more for yourself than the other because you are serving and service is also an expression of God. To serve humanity is to serve God and when you serve God, you learn to know God. You see how important it is. Therefore when I started, I said that the first thing I look at is the name who initiated and my heart wells up and I feel so close to the teacher. I see the teacher's with me and I’m with the teacher. The teacher has penetrated my heart and I’ve penetrated the heart of the teacher and that experience of a beautiful oneness and I know. Ah! God is love. I remind myself over and over and over again, every second of the day, that God is love. Because mankind, every person has the potential to reach the subtlest vibration, word, the subtlest vibration and that is all man is capable of doing. For, to merge away, to merge away in that neutral force, is for one in four thousand million people because that one represents that neutral force. Just reach Him. Just reach Him. Then if you want to become neutral, you can. But reach that first. That is love. Ah! That is love. Talking about love, you can only talk about it. Experience it and experience it in teaching. Express it, because when you are teaching you, you are expressing, expressing something. How much can we learn of our past selves, like the flowers, the birds and the bees and all that? How much we can learn? They 'express.' Look at the bee going, flitting around, such joy, being with the flowers. How beautiful, to be with the flower all the time. So nice. Such fragrance. Such togetherness with the flower and sharing of the flower, partaking of the flower. And doesn’t the flower serve us well in the pollen and all that? I don't know how it works - nevertheless sharing and taking from the flower, why? To make honey and does the bee use the honey itself? No. The honey is for others to enjoy. And is life. Otherwise what are we? Just bloomin' animals, if we can't serve, if we can't do anything for our fellow man. Good. Yeah. So that's why we teach. That's why to teach, yes to share.

1. UK 80-1 Gururaj. Whenever I get your Forms, the first thing I look at is, 'Who is the teacher?' And when I see the name of the teacher, my heart wells up in ecstasy and I feel such a oneness with the teacher. And a thought automatically rises that here, this teacher has now brought a person or persons to find the glory of Divinity. When one thinks of the glory of Divinity, one feels that how much the heart of the teacher bleeds, for in that blood, the life-force, lies the life-force which you are imparting to the initiate. So, therefore, to repeat again, whenever I get a Form, I well up in ecstasy and the ecstasy of God, that another person is now starting on the path to the truth, for the truth. So therefore it is so beautiful that though being one in spirit, to be here to meet you in the physical is so nice. Good. Questions? Has anyone, has anyone found a profound question? Is there too much bass on here? Questioner. Can someone at the back tell me? I'm too near the speaker. Questioner. Guruji, on the Nottingham Course, you told us that to say God is love is not the whole truth, is not strictly true, that God was a neutral force and that love was one of the manifestations of that force. Could you expand on that? Gururaj. Which God are you talking about? Questioner. I'm talking about the neutral force. Gururaj. Good. Lovely. There was the Zen Master and a person goes to the Zen Master and says 'What is God? By the way, where is he?' And so the Master replied, 'He is everywhere.' And then the chap asks, 'Oh, please be specific.' (Gururaj laughs) Now to find where God is in his specific-ness or where He’s located is a good question. It's a true question. And yet that being one truth, the Master's reply that He is everywhere is also the truth. But now, when we talk of the neutral force, like electricity being neutral, as we always say, it could be used in so many different ways. Now this very neutrality of that Divine force has to manifest itself. Now therefore we have the concept of God, the Father and the Son. Now when we talk of 'God is love,' we talk about the manifestation of that neutral force. Now how does it manifest? That is the question. Why should it manifest? That’s another question for the neutral force is neutral. It's everywhere, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. Good. Now is God having a game? Why should he create all this or manifest all this? Now we know for sure, as discussed many times before that this neutral force has to express itself and its expression is not by will, for it is the nature of any force to take some form or else the force would be of no use. So from that neutrality, it condenses itself. It

6. UK 80-1 Sometimes things are difficult. Yes, we know that. You get so enwrapped in your own problems. Now, the more you get enwrapped in your problems, the more would you become enwrapped because your mind will be on your problem and that problem will magnify itself. So, substitute it, by serving, by going out of yourself, by taking your mind away from yourself. And how beautifully can it not be done by teaching, teaching, teaching, leading a person on the path of Divinity. For is there ever any word spoken in all our Satsangs or Courses or that, that is not of Divinity? Do you see? Now, when you go through difficulties that stops you from teaching, remember one thing. Now let us take a pound in weight of steel, a pound in weight of steel. Now with that pound of steel if we make kitchen cutlery, it will be worth tw o hundred pounds in money. If we make surgical instruments with that pound of steel, it will be worth two thousand pounds. But with the same pound of steel, if we make those delicate watch springs, it will be worth twenty thousand pounds. Yet it is still the same pound of steel. But that pound of steel has been worked to a finer and finer and finer level. So that is how your worth grows by being tempered by refinement. And what's the best way to refine yourself? By doing your practices and by teaching. You see. So there are so many benefits attached, so many benefits attached. Oh yes. Those that don't teach, I love them just as much. Oh yes, I love them. Those that don't teach, I love them just as much. But I'm talking of your benefit, not mine. Okay, I love and I love. So what? A man comes and slaps me or does anything, I say, ‘Okay, bless you. I love you.' But I am talking of your benefit, not mine. Right. And that is how we express love. And love is God. God is love. You see? Good. Twenty past nine. Do you want to carry on more or are you tired after travelling? END


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