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1. UK 80- 36 Voice. Why? What? Gururaj. I, what? Voice.(Cont’d) You said why at the very end when you came out of Samadhi. Gururaj. I'm not aware of it. Did I? Aide. Anyone else? Any other experiences anyone had? Yah, Yvonne? Voice. Changing and differing all the time, going off .. (Inaudible) ...very brilliant white light and the whole audience seemed to be covered in gold. It was rather like being on an aeroplane, a flickering all the time. And at one point it got stronger and stronger. Gururaj. Good. Beautiful. Peter? Peter. .......... (Inaudible) Voice. I saw ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Do you know what that really means? That the universal spirit is but one. You saw your brother, you saw your father. You interpreted it in physical sight when in reality but one universal spirit is pervading. Everything, even those that are not in this body, the spirit is still there, alive, for that one spirit is infinite, it's eternal. No one goes, no one comes. These bodies change, these bubbles burst. That's all. Voice. I felt an energy flow, a flow of energy, a very, very smooth flow of energy. Gururaj. Good. Good. Anybody felt a deep sense of peace within? Good. Fine. Good. Anybody saw my face changing all the time? Young boy, old man? That is also the universality of the spirit. Young and old and you can assume various forms, that universal spirit assumes various forms to find its own expression.

2. UK 80- 36 Voice ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Perhaps you were concentrating. You don't concentrate. You just sit simply relaxed innocently and just focus your attention, that's all. Who saw purple colour, lilac colour? Ah hah. Very Good. Very good. I'm asking all the questions. Well most of these are very common experiences and most have them. Good. Good. It's not even necessary to experience anything but the heart is touched by the power that's generated in the communion. Everyone's heart is touched. It's not necessary for it to be brought to the conscious level, but every heart is touched by the glory of God. For He sends His impulses through the mediums that He chooses. Only thing to know this is to become His channels in total humbleness and humility and then we can truly say His Kingdom has come. You don't need to ask anymore, Thy Kingdom come. Yes. Tea break. (Restart) Gururaj. When we have our regular Satsangs what happens is this that one question is asked and of course the whole morning goes on the one question. Now there are many people that would have philosophical questions which they would like to ask but don't get a chance to put it in. So, on every Course we have a sort of a rapid-fire question and answer session. So any philosophical question you would like to ask, we could do it quickly. Questioner. Guruji, going back to this morning talking about mantras, are there any universal mantras, are there any mantras which would be beneficial to anybody? Gururaj. No. No, there are no universal mantras. Questioner.(Cont’d) I'm thinking of one organisation I know for example ..... Gururaj. That just uses the word Aum. Questioner.(Cont’d) Well they use the

3. UK 80- 36 Gururaj. or Sotham, Aum. Namashayvai. You have these organisations that use these mantras I could name you so many more and that is why they are not really successful. I know one organisation in America, Swami Muktananda for example, he has a whole stack of cards with three or four mantras printed and someone says ‘Give me a mantra’, he hands a card. While he is bopping people on the head with feathers, oh God feathers, he is having a conversation with someone else - “It’s been a nice day today” - card - bop. (General laughter) does not lead you to your inner self. Your inner self is something unique and very, very personal, very deep and it has to be approached in a totally systematic and proper manner to reach oneself. Like this if you talk of universal mantras, you can use one so-called universal mantra today and tomorrow another one, the next day another one. Where is that real force that's involved? When one mantra is used by millions of people, the value of that is diffused and it does not have the required effect. Our system is a very, very unique system the one, the only one in the world and this has come about through very, very deep study not only by me, but by my guru and in consultations with various Master Yogis that don't even show their faces outside in the world. They stay in their caves. That's all. We are very fortunate, I am very fortunate to have been given this privilege to be able to dive deeply intuitively into the inner being of a person and come up with the sound that is appropriate, the essence of the sound that is totally appropriate for the person. Yeah. See? Next. Questioner. Beloved Guruji, leading on from what was going on this morning, a question that has been asked in the States and I think it’s of interest to a number of people here. The instances where there have been occasions where people have the same mantra. And the way I've explained it I, I wish you would comment as far as the .......... (inaudible) ...experience, the way I've explained is seemingly there is an individuality at the subtle level that when the same mantra is taken individuality to each is achieved using the same sound in the gross level. Is that accurate? Gururaj. That's accurate. Yes. That's accurate. Yes. And after all the tool is only thirty percent but the spiritual force behind it forms the bulk of the seventy percent of it. You see. You have organisations that practically run a mantra market. I know one organisation, a young lady went to visit Washington and she came in by the one door. At the desk she paid one hundred and ninety dollars or something, got shoved into a cubicle, got given the mantra and out by the other door. Mantra market. I want people to reach a stage, those that could persevere, where even your mantra won't be required. Once that impulse becomes such an integral part of yourself that you become the mantra. And when you become the mantra, you know your real self, and in that knowingness of your real self, you are a living mantra. You don't even need to repeat it. The mantra repeats itself. Your whole being, every cell of your body repeats and echoes that impulse twenty-four hours of the day. That is the goal. This is starting, A, B, C, - far to go with me.

4. UK 80- 36 Questioner. Guruji, people are writing saying that they no longer need the outer guru that the inner guru is sufficient. How do they know it? I mean are they right to say this? Gururaj. How do they know it? How do they know they are not bluffing themselves? I gave a lovely talk on the outer guru and the inner guru at Glastonbury. It’ll be nice if you people, those that were not there could listen to that tape and the relationship. Because it’s very easy to bluff yourself and say ‘Oh I've found my inner guru’. Show me any tangible proof of it that you've found your inner guru. Show me the integration in your life. Are you totally, totally happy? Are y ou totally in bliss? Because the day when you find your inner guru, you've found God. Who has found God? So use God's instruments. If you are lame, use a crutch - why struggle and stumble through the streets, use a crutch. And when your leg is healed and strong, throw the crutch away somebody else might make better use of the crutch, but become strong first. Find the inner guru. Its no use bluffing yourself, ‘Oh, I'm going on my way to find my inner guru’. Oh my God what the devil do they know about gurus, they don't even know themselves. So the day when they know themselves, will they k now the value of the inner guru? And what proof have you got that you have an inner guru firstly? What proof have you that you have an inner guru? Your inner guru is God. Can you prove the God within you? That is the question. So many people for their own personal motivations or reasons, bluff themselves. As I always say the mind is a very cunning animal, very cunning. They can always find reasons and excuses and justifications and all kinds of things. There is one phrase that has been repeated over thousands and thousands of years even before writing was invented, its a Sanskrit phrase which you will understand, ‘Guru Benaag Jnana Nahee’. Come on. Voice. Say it more slowly. Gururaj. Guru Benaag Jnana Nahee. Without the guru there is no wisdom. Because it is not only what the guru says, that is fine, it leads you on to Jnana Yoga that sharpens your intellect, that sharpens your analytical powers. But that is just a small section. It is what the guru imparts, not only by words but just by his presence. To bathe in that shower that light of a true guru is a greatest blessing any man could ever have. I've gone through it so I know. Guru Benaag, Jnana Nahee. Without guru there's no wisdom of Divinity. Because the true guru represents in tangible form that which is intangible. Because the real guru is not the outward personality you know but the inner self which is so powerful, forever scintillating and bright. Next. Voice. Peter?

5. UK 80- 36 Gururaj. Tai Chi is the best guru. He's going to give us a demonstration tomorrow really. Questioner. In the Bible it says that "It should be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If a person strikes you on o ne cheek, turn the other". To what extent should we resist against the will of another person? Gururaj. Against the? Questioner. Against the will of another person? Gururaj. But where is this 'the eye for an eye' come from? Questioner(Cont’d). I don't know. Gururaj. Now how do you relate the two concepts? I don't get it. Questioner.(Cont’d) For whatever is done against you, you should do equal back. If someone is unkind, so you should be unkind back. Gururaj. Now but then don't you see that's a contradictory statement where the Bible goes on saying that ‘Forgive thine enemy, love thine enemy’, so where Voice ...... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Well that was Moses, this is Gururaj. I say forgive. I say forgive, love. If they slap you on one cheek, not onl y give the other cheek, but give your backside as well to be kicked. So, they are historical factors. Moses went through a period where this was required, where people had become defenceless and with certain teachings they became totally impotent. So for that particular time Moses said ‘Stand up, be brave’. This happened in India with the policies of non- violence which is totally and wrongly interpreted. There are times when you have to stand up against aggression. You have to, for the defence. If someone comes in your home with an axe and wants to chop up your wife and children and

6. UK 80- 36 family and this that, you’re not going to stand aside and say ‘Forgive him. Oh let him do what he wants to’. You can't do that. You see? So circumstances alter cases. But the basic principle should always be love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion. But when it comes to the push, you stand up with your stick. Yeah. Or you do Tai Chi, Kung Fu. So all these things are true. To me the opposites are also true. For I do not, although in the relative world there are polarities but even within the polarities, one could find the centre. We look at the ends of a stick, but we forget that it is one stick. And when we remember that, that all both ends are part of one stick and the one end its red and the other end is green. But turn the stick around, then this end becomes green and that end becomes red. So where is the difference? It is one stick. So when we come to the realisation of that unity, that does the ends really matter. The centre matters because it’s the centre that's keeping the ends together. And then when one realises this the centre and both ends become in the one stick. So, therefore, all the opposites become true. If a person tells me, is this right, I say yes. Is the opposite of it right? I say yes. Everything is right. It's all in God's law, all in the workings of the expression of Divine nature. Yes. The bee sucks the honey from the flowers. If you look at in one angle, it is robbery. The bee is robbing the flower, but producing such lovely honey. Let's look at it from a different way, you have half a glass of water. Good. This is half. How would you like to describe it? Would you like to describe it to be half full or half empty? How would you like to describe this, half full or half empty? Both are true. Do you see? It depends what angle you look at it. If you say it’s half empty, it is true, but it is a viewpoint of emptiness. But say if it’s half full, there's some fullness there. I must have some water. Half empty, half full. Now I'm just wondering which side to take, shall I take the empty half or the full half? Next. Keith. Questioner. Guruji could you briefly explain, when we see pictures of Saints they always have a halo, is that in any way related to a person’s aura? Gururaj. Yes it is. It is definitely related to a person’s aura and a Saint being of powerful spirit, everyone has an aura. Everyone reflects an aura to a greater or lesser degree. Everyone has an aura. I can see them. They have. But you know some that are more highly developed the auras are brighter and greater in extent. Some people who are no so highly developed also have an aura, but it’s very weak. While a Saint being so spiritually powerful that his aura is bright and luminous. But then it is not given to all to see that. You have to have a certain kind of sensitivity to be able to see the aura. But then that means nothing either. If you have the sensitivity or not it makes no difference to the Saint. You see. And that being able to see the aura, does not add to your spiritual stature at all. You don't need to see the aura and yet you could be a highly spiritual person.

7. UK 80- 36 So these are relative manifestations. An aura is nothing else but like the fragrance of a flower. If you have a bad cold you might not smell it but the fragrance is there. Even if you don't smell at all, something wrong with the nose that has nothing to do with your spiritual self. You can be a highly spiritualised person and yet for example Raman Maharshi, he had cancer in his throat and there was some other discrepancy and he couldn't taste food. You could give him anything and he just doesn't taste. But yet he was a spiritual giant, a God-realised man. So these relative manifestations have nothing to do with the spiritual stature of a person. Nothing to do whatsoever. You can be a highly spiritual being with a very, very rough exterior. We can study St. Augustine and all these Saints can't remember names at the moment, but there's a lovely book it’s published by the Catholic organisation, it's called ‘What are Saints’. It’s a small little book. I can't remember the author but if you should ask any Catholic bookshop or any bookshop they will tell you. It gives you the life history of so many of those saints and when you read them you would get really shocked with some of the things they have done. It’s a lovely book to get ‘What are Saints’. So these auras are portrayed not that people saw them, but they are portrayed in picture form so that from the distance a Saint. And of course they get canonised, but most of them only after they're dead. They get canonised. Because if they should get canonised while they are alive, you know a cannon is a powerful gun, (General laughter) they'll be blown to smithereens. But apart from all jokes these are just portrayed. I've seen modern pictures, for example of Gandhi and there's a beautiful halo around him. And I've seen others, contemporaries of mine who has pictures with and you can ask Ted, where is he - you can ask Ted, it's very easy to put a halo round someone's head. You just have that light and photograph it. As a matter of fact the light that Ted might use has more value than the man in the picture. Yes. It means nothing. What is of importance is what we can do for the upliftment of our fellowmen. There lies the Sainthood of a person. There lies the goodness of a person. Every night before we go to bed let the last question be, what have I done today? What good have I done today? What bit of self have I given to make me less selfish? Because the more you give of self, the more unselfish you become, ‘til you reach a stage where you become selfless. And that does not mean loss of identity. Identity is preserved but on a higher level where you are selfless. So whatever little service in whatever form is always a giving and any giving is a blessing. Always. It could be a good word, it could be some comfort given. It could be a piece of bread or whatever way, whatever way. But it is always the giving which is the blessing. And you’d be surprised how much more it will be returned to you. You go on the r oad someone is stuck with his car, you stop and you help the person. It is also giving. And if you do remember one day when you get stuck, some good person will come along and help you out. He will. Or else perhaps if not in the same way, in

8. UK 80- 36 some other way. You might be going out, if you’re a salesman to get an order. So that very act of helping that person is going to give you such a beautiful feeling within you, that when you go for that order you will go with that beautiful feelin g and that very beautiful feeling will radiate, so that the person instead of ordering five hundred pounds worth of goods from you will give you an order for seven hundred pounds. You won't even realise it, you think ah you've made a good sale, you’re a brilliant salesman. Not a damn. It is that deed, that merit that you have earned by helping, that you have been helped. See how practical it is, practical? Some people are even to give a smile, they're even afraid to give a smile. It’s a pity this human face is made in this way. You know if it was elongated, muzzles could be had, dog muzzles. A smile, a laugh, that bit of love, that bit of kindness does one very wonderful thing. It brings a twinkle to the eye and that twinkle is far brighter than the twinkle of the brightest star that is so far away, it’s of no use. But this twinkle here is of greater use. You see how beautiful it is? You see all these little things add up to make life so, so happy. For if you are seeking joy, this is the way to find joy, to dive within through our spiritual practices and expressing it outwardly. It’s an inner outward reaction, an interaction all the time. So whatever is gained inside by diving inside must be expressed outside. If a person eats and he has not the facilities of chucking off the waste matter, his whole body will be poisoned. Like that in everything, all inward things must be expressed outwardly for it to gain value, for it to gain value. Take breathing, do you know that exhalation is more important than inhalation. People think of it the other way round, that you inhale you know and get in oxygen and that's why you live. That is only partly true. But if you’re unable to exhale and throw out the carbon dioxide, - dioxide or monoxide - dioxide, yah, then you won’t be able to take in oxygen. So a person that can exhale well will inhale well. If you inhale well does not mean you will exhale well, but if you exhale well means that you will inhale well. You see. So the outer expression in the mode of life and living will help you inwardly as well. Next. Questioner. Guruji, I just wonder what is it that Kirlian photography picks up? Is it the aura - it’s claimed it is the aura, and I'm wondering if it is. Gururaj. Everything has a radiation and it is supposed to be that Kirlian photography picks up the radiation of every object. Everything is radiating in its own way and that radiation the occultist calls an aura. We call it radiation. So everything having a radiation and having this sensitive system of Kirlian photography, it could pick it up on a very, very sensitive plate. But then some people deny that. They say it is the moisture that is produced around an object that is photographed. I rather prefer to agree with the former that the radiation of everything can be photographed on a very sensitive plate. So there is radiation. It can be felt. It can be seen with the, not the naked eye but the inner eye rather. It

9. UK 80- 36 can be seen that, ah these machines, but I feel that they have added too much importance to this. It’s serving no purpose. What purpose is it serving? If you can see the aura of a flower or not. What purpose does it serve? What good is it doing humanity? Nothing at all. Nothing at all. If I can capture the fragrance of this flower or aura of this flower and make it into beautiful perfume, some purpose is served. What is that photograph going to serve? Voice. Heap of money. Gururaj. Heap. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It reminds me of someone telling me that there's a book published 'How to make money'. Good. So this chap asked that ‘Look if this chap writes a book on How to make Money, why doesn't he make it himself?’ Well this was his way of making it by publishing the book. Yeah. Science today is in such an experimental stage especially as these things are concerned and so far yet, perhaps, but so far yet, perhaps in future it might become useful but so far yet it has not been of any use at all. They have discovered that it has a radiation. Perhaps in future they might find some use for the radiation. They might find some use. I would rather wish instead of finding the radiation or aura of flowers, they'll do something about the radiation of nuclear energy and fallouts and things like that. That would be better. Questioner. Where would be reborn ......? (Inaudible) (General laughter) Gururaj. I didn't get that. Where will? Questioner.(Cont’d) Where will we be reborn when this life is destroyed? Gururaj. Well it’s not necessary to answer this question now because this planet will be destroyed in another two to three hundred thousand years time. Ask me then. (Gururaj laughs) It will not be destroyed. It will not be destroyed. A lot of changes will take place but this planet is not going to be destroyed. It will last for another two to three hundred thousand years. And then in any case, if you leave this earth today, that does not mean that you’re going to come back and be reborn on this same planet earth. No. Questioner.(Cont’d) I want to be reborn in the past.

10. UK 80- 36 Gururaj. You want to be reborn in the past. Questioner.(Cont’d) Is it possible? Gururaj. No, no it is not possible because you are governed by the laws of evolution and evolutionary laws are forever progressive. But you can be reborn onto another planet. And I've said this many times before that this world is replicated and you know there are thousands of worlds like these existing with the same set of circumstances and there are other worlds that are of a much higher level. So if a person reaches a very high stage of evolution, that has gone beyond the evolutionary status of this world, he will be born onto another planet where his evolutionary status would be at par with that planet. Oh yes. But as far as the destruction of the world is concerned, don't worry about doomsday. There's no doom. Questioner. Guruji, it’s said that during the physical death, the initiated Chela is usually (inaudible)...is met by the Master or the guru. Gururaj. Satsangis Questioner. Is that Satsang? .... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Sit down. (General laughter) I like to speak of the truth of here and now. If I tell you after you die, I will meet you on the other side and hold your hand, what proof have I got of that? I want to hold your hand here and now. If the stairway is steep and you are weak, I will hold your hand and help you up. That is the real meeting. The love I have for you and the love you have for me, that is the real meeting. On the other side, if he's a true Master, why the devil is he hovering round on the other side? Why doesn't he just merge away into infinity? So, many systems have many beliefs, but I can tell you one thing that if you firmly have faith in a certain idea, that is exactly that will materialise because, not because of that Master but because of your own thought forces and your own mental projections. Now the Moslems believe, the Mohammedan people bless their souls, Allah be praised, yes, they would deny you all kinds of things here. You’re not supposed to drink and you’re not supposed to, you know women and everything is out of the question here. But they tell you if you live a good life, totally dedicated to the principles of Mohammed because you can't divide your attention with your folk, and your girls and all kinds of pleasures kind of thing, you can't divide it. You must be solely dedicated to Mohammed; you know to expand the Islamic Empire. At that time fourteen hundred years ago, when

11. UK 80- 36 Mohammed existed but a promise was made to you that when you die you will have rivers of wine flowing and the most beautiful sumptuous gardens and the haris or hooris, however you pronounce it, beautiful damsels that are never in distress, (General laughter) yeah they are there to relieve your distress. Yes, they are there in abundance to look after you. That's the reward you will get for serving Mohammed here faithfully. Right. Now, if you have firm faith in that and if you totally believe that, that is exactly what you are going to find because the world on the other side is nothing but a projection of your own mind. You know, a few books have been written, ‘Life after Life’ and another one of a similar title have been written where people have been on the verge, you know have sort of passed over and come back and these are clinical reports, doctors’ studies I don’t remember the doctors but I'm sure I think there was some reviews in your paper here, The Observer, a few Sunday issues during the beginning of this year I think it was, and each and every one of them reported, those that came back from the dead, each and everyone reported that as they passed over, a bright light came forth to meet them. Now there is no bright light. These people felt that, that there was a bright light that came to meet them. No it is only the projection of your spiritual self, the light of yourself which you, having discarded the physical encumbrance and being in the subtle body, were in a better position to observe and see that bright light of your own spirit. That is what happens. There's nothing there, nothing, nothing, nothing on the other side. The only thing that is there is what you believe in and what you have projected. So your mental projection is always a few steps ahead of you, to meet you. You see. So therefore, we are always advised by all wise men that have the thoughts straight, sort them out while your still alive. It's later than you think. Sort them out, do meditations, clarify the mind, cleanse as much as you can and then the other side is so, so beautiful. Most people die unconsciously, but to die consciously is the greatest experience, the most intensest experience you can ever have. I have died many, many times, I know. That would be a good subject for a talk tomorrow. What happens after death? And how to die? Would you like that? How to die? Remind me tomorrow mornings Satsang and I will talk on that. I'll show you how to die. Voice. Not literally, I hope. Gururaj. There's nothing literal about at all. It is literal really. Because that's exactly what can happen. That would be a nice subject tomorrow, I think. Gururaj. What’s your trouble?

12. UK 80- 36 Aide. It's late. Gururaj. Oh, we've got a meeting have we? Aide.(Cont’d) We‘ve got a meeting. Gururaj. Let's just have one more question? Aide.(Cont’d) One more question. Gururaj. One seller. Aide.(Cont’d) Someone who hasn’t asked one before. Gururaj. This lady has had her hand up for a long time. Aide.(Cont’d) Okay. Elsa Gururaj. Elsa. Yah. Elsa. Elsa. Guruji, I think you would agree that we are all in this group all on the path of enlightenment trying to .... Gururaj. All on the path of unfoldment. Elsa. Unfoldment, yes. Is it possible for one of us to reach enlightenment in this lifetime? Gururaj. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh yes, definitely. Well I can tell you one thing for sure in Jesus’ time only one person reached enlightenment and that was Lazarus. Only one. But many were well advanced on the path. Yes. And there are many in this world today at the moment, not many, yeah, that are just about working out some bit of left-overs. There are two kinds of people that take a very long time to be reborn, one is the very evil man and one is the very saintly man. Others,

13. UK 80- 36 fifty years, hundred years, they get reborn again. The very evil - no, that's tomorrow's subject. That is the trailer before the film. (General laughter). Good. We have a Teachers’ meeting tonight and Preparatory Teachers, Full Teachers, whoever, we are meeting in the cloakroom, sorry. (Gururaj laughs) What did I say? Cloakroom? No, it's Oak Room. And so see you in the morning. Fine. END


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