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1. UK 81- 12 Gururaj. I've been given to understand that there are quite a number of people here that have not attended a Communion practice. Now for them I'd like to say, just sit back, relax and just focus your attention to me. Don't stare, just gentle gazing and enjoy. What happens to me is this, that I leave myself entirely. This little shell remains and I go away to where everyone really belongs, transcending the entire universe and merging away in that Divinity. So, relax, just gaze and enjoy. Don't go through, don’t go through any analysis about what's happening, we’ll analyse later. Fine. (After Communion) Some of you don't belong here. Some of you should be on a different plane altogether. There is some purpose in your choosing. Good, good. So even some Gods come down to Earth, don't they? What a beautiful journey, but how could it ever be explained in words? Going through the vast cosmos, transcending all the different forms of life, pulsating in its vibrancy, subtler and subtler as you reach closer and closer to that light. Then you merge away in that light, where there is nothing but indescribable peace and joy. And, the awe, and the majesty. Take my hand, let me take you there. I feel so ashamed of myself sometimes, that I can't take you with me, not really sharing. These bodily limitations, all so bound. If I could only take you with me, to show you once that glory, that majesty, that - no words. No words at all. To be merged away in that Divinity, that we know as God. Finer than the finest, finest atom which man could ever think of, and more powerful and powerful and - can you describe its power? The very source, the very source from which all this has come about. Just imagine that source. Then you come down, you come back, you are tempted not to come back, you want to stay away. You come back, you open your eyes, you look around and you see the suffering in the minds and hearts of my loved ones. That is painful. Now look at the contradiction, one moment in the absolute glory and the next, you see the suffering, the pain. Ah, it makes me feel so torn between this glory and the suffering. When I am within with it, I am so overwhelmed, that there are no questions in the mind. I come back, the questions arise, the mind starts working, and I ask, ‘Wherefore art thou, God? So aren't we all part and parcel of you? And, if we are part and parcel of you, why do people have to suffer?’ This is how the eyes, physical eyes, observe and this little mind analyses, but then deep down, after a journey like this, something wells up and says 'there is no suffering'. How am I to reconcile myself with this, that inside something says there is no suffering and outside you see the suffering and the pains? And the suffering in the faces and hearts of people, is it an illusion? Is it an illusion? And if everything is Divine, where does this illusion come from. If the mind, too is divine, then where is there the place for illusion? Do not cry my child, because I feel the same as you do. Have hope, have courage. For, that's what we are mixed up in, aren't we? Yeh. There must be, there is a way out for each and every one of us. There is.

3. UK 81- 12 Voice.(Cont’d) All over. Gururaj. Good. Fine. Voice. ........... (Inaudible) .........to a sound. Gururaj. Ah, beautiful. Now, most of you might not know this, but there is no difference between sight and sound. They are just the two sides of two aspects of the one thing, two sides of the one coin. And, those are the two most sensitive organs a person has, is sight and sound. Some people perceive, some people perceive, and some people hear. Sorry I didn't get that last Voice.(Cont’d) It used to come from here and now it comes from here Gururaj. Ah, I see, before it used to come from Denmark to England (Genera laughter). And now it goes from the heart to your heart. Something like Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Good Voice. Guruji, I felt like ... (inaudible)......especially when you put your hand .... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Aha, yes, good. Voice. I've been to Communion four or five times and I've not seen anything before. I thought I might never, but after about five minutes, the whole of the room was covered in a deeply golden colour, especially the whole of the back wall. And I definitely saw two different Oriental characters. When you raised your hand up, I didn't look at it, it seemed to be, seemed is the wrong word really, it seemed to be all energy really. Gururaj. Yes, ah, beautiful, beautiful. Voice. (Inaudible)............saw Chinese and African..... (Inaudible).....and I just realised that you are him. Gururaj. Brilliant

4. UK 81- 12 Voice. I saw the white light first and then the back wall everywhere was gold.......... (Inaudible)......going with you. I started to cry ... (inaudible).. talked to me ... (inaudible) .. gold ... it seemed to go into my clothes, up into my body. Gururaj. Beautiful. Well, the body are the clothes of the soul. Voice. ...... (Inaudible)...one of them wasn't at all like the rest....covered in gold. Gururaj. Tears. Did I have tears? Voice. ............ (Inaudible)... light and the faces and feelings. When you put your hand up I heard the words ‘This is my beloved....... in him’. Voice. Guruji, apart from all the other things like the changing faces but there was one point when you had disappeared off, and then there was like a star of gold with a lilac ..(Inaudible) Gururaj. Oh, lovely. Wendy, you have a lot of work ahead of you. How are you feeling, son? Voice. ... (Inaudible) .... light all around you....... (Inaudible). Gururaj. Believe in God, trust in him. Surrender to Him, lay all your troubles at His feet, and you shall be well. You sha ll be well. Make that resolve now, and if you sincerely make that resolve now, you will walk out of this door totally whole. Yes. I tell you this. Voice. ........some trouble over here, we were all crying our eyes out...... (General laughter)........ Gururaj. So we could really carry on talking. Do you want a Satsang tonight? I am a bit tired. Voice. ........... (Inaudible)

2. UK 81- 12 We normally, you know the Satsangs, we discuss peoples experiences and see how valid they are. So if anyone would like to say anything, please do. Don't be shy, we are just all one family together, that's all. Voice. ................................ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Peter, would you, because there will be a lot of hands shooting up, and would you guide that please. There'll be a lot of hands going up, so would you guide it, yah? So, I don't think they need to come to the mike, if they stand up their voice could be well heard, yah. Thank you, it's all right - or do you want to come to the mike. It's up to you entirely. Because many times people are a bit shy, they don't want to walk up to the mike and you must never be shy, I am your friend and father, brother, lover. Voice .. (Inaudible)... You kept changing....there were rays of light coming from you ............brilliant white, gold'. Gururaj. What a lovely release. Voice.(Cont’d). ......(Inaudible) ....... Gururaj. Brilliant white. Now, where did you see the light? Voice.(Cont’d) All over there and including (Inaudible).............. Gururaj. Yes, beautiful experience. Valid. Voice. The same light, from the centre, a blue light........ Gur uraj. Blue? Voice. ...........................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Was it up to here or the whole?

5. UK 81- 12 Gururaj. I am the servant. Oh yes. Oh yes. It is not necessary at all to have any experience. Some might not have it. I t means nothing. But be assured of one thing and it is this, that during the time of communion a great force, a great power of Divinity flows through this channel, this instrument, and it touches every heart. You shall not be the same again. No, you shall not be the same again. Some change comes about. Something is changed in you, for you have been touched. Divinity is so abstract that it needs a concrete vehicle to give forth its power. I am fortunate to be an instrument, that’s all. I can do nothing, I am an ordinary human being like all of us and He flows and we are grateful to Him for that Divinity. So those of you that have experienced something or not experienced something, it’s all the same. For all has been touched by His force. Make my daughter there behind you laugh, Ricky. Good. Always be of good cheer. Okay then, see you in the morning. END


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