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2. UK 82-1 England and find your weather so overcast and dull, half past three, four o'clock it gets dark, while in South Africa the sun shines until late, seven, eight, nine, even in winter. Do you see? So it is 'I' that interprets things. The man is in business trouble, for example, he has a load of creditors knocking on his door, this, that, the other and it worries him, naturally it would. But how much do we allow circumstances to affect us, there lies the secret of a good, happy life. Now, interpretation of a situation is normally guided by one's previous experiences. In the subconscious mind we have these cubby holes of stored information, so if any situation comes up, immediately and automatically the conscious mind transmit the present situation to the subconscious and draws out from there, from those cubby holes things that have happened before, things that were distasteful. So the distastefulness of the present situation is amplified, it is strengthened. Now, for us human beings, what is the answer? What can be done about it? There is only one way and that is to go beyond the mind, for then only can the peace be found that goes beyond understanding. Understanding is of the mind. Now through meditational and spiritual practices, as greater and greater awareness is gained, as more and more of the brain cells, twelve billion of them, in this little box up here, as more and more of them are awakened, more and more of the Inner Self can filter through. Greater awareness develops. What do we mean by greater awareness? Greater awareness means not to look at anything from a narrow point of view. Not to stand down here and view an object, it would look small but to reach to greater heights of the mind, to stand on the hill where a greater, panoramic view would be seen. And this comes about by meditational practices. So, when this comes about by meditational practices and greater and greater awareness develops, then all happenings assume a different proportion. A greater understanding filters through into the conscious, evaluating mind where things will be seen more in a positive light. There is nothing in this world that is bad, nothing in this world that is bad. I was telling someone the other day, that even human excrement is not bad. Without that ability, that biological function you will die, so is it not good? Then, used as fertiliser grows the food we eat. The energy is given to the ground by various kinds of manures are recycled into the food and that food you eat. So what are you eating and what's so bad about it? So, everything goes in cycles, everything goes in cycles. This entire universe exists in its cyclical form, so that which might seem to be misery today, after a few years, looking back at it in retrospect, you'll find it was not really misery, it was such a wonderful lesson to me. Why did I not have the sense at that time to recognise the lesson that's contained therein? Why did I look upon it as misery? So, my wife divorces me. Fine. Naturally, being human, it will be a jar, she runs off with another man. But in that, that temporary hurt because of lack of understanding and looking back at that, you will find that because of that hammering you received, you have opened yourself more and more. Examining the hatred that was poured upon you, you will

3. UK 82-1 discover the meaning of love. Sometimes the opposite is needed to bring out certain truths that lies within you and the knowledge of truth, the knowing of truth brings you happiness. Someone - I give you my example - I was in a very big business and my partners did me down with nearly two million Rand, leaving me totally broke. Ah, but what an opportunity in that adversity. I might have still been wallowing in that mire of wealth and not doing what I'm doing today, serving humanity. Do you see, do you see the great advantage in everything? I felt very miserable. They were thieves. We find thieves like that in this world. One day a woman was in church and she forgot her handbag. She got into her car and suddenly remembered her handbag and came back to the church and when she looked where she was sitting, the handbag was gone. While she was wondering what to do, the Minister came along and so the Minister tells her, ‘I know you are looking for your handbag, aren't you? Well I have taken it for safe keeping.’ So this lady says that ‘I'm sure nobody would steal in Church’. So the Minister says ‘Eh, you might b e right, I suppose so, but someone might have seen it and would have said this is an answer to my prayer.’ (Gururaj laughs) Yes. You know becoming broke, reminds me of two young ladies discussing a friend of theirs a third friend and the one says to the other, ‘I believe Joyce is not marrying her boyfriend’. So Joyce says, this other girl says ‘Because it’s certain of Joyce's beliefs. That is why, it’s a matter of religion, religious belief. That is why she is not marrying her boyfriend’. So this girl asked ‘But what kind of belief? So the friend replies, ‘Well, the boyfriend is broke and she worships money’. (Gururaj laughs) Nevertheless, so we believe that we are miserable. Belief in a good, positive way is very helpful but belief in a negative way can be detrimental in the sense of lowering your understanding of circumstances. So the trouble is this, that we have wrong beliefs. We have wrong beliefs because we do not have the proper type of faith. How about having this assumption that whatever unhappiness I am going through, it is because of my own personal doings. Divinity is not unjust, and whatever is happening to me is according to the Law of Karma. Whatever I have sown, I am reaping now. And yet the secret lies that in whatever I reap now, let me see the silver lining in this dark cloud, let me see the opportunity in this adversity. So then that belief becomes faith. So one should not believe wrongly. Like this one chap, a prisoner was taken to jail and he was barely a month out of jail, so the warder spoke to him and says, ‘Look, you were here just a month ago and I helped so much to get you on parole, and here in a month's time you are back. Why did you do it? What did you do?’ So the prisoner says ‘Oh, it was because of my belief’. He said ‘What do you mean, belief"? He said, ‘Well, I believed that the alarm system at the jewellery store was disconnected’. Yes. So, if I believe to myself, if I believe to myself that I am unhappy, I am going to be unhappy. Why must I blame outward circumstances? Why? It is me, and no one else but me that is making me unhappy.

4. UK 82-1 So the secret of happiness lies in the factor of going beyond the mind through meditation, thereby developing a greater awareness and by developing a greater awareness, a greater understanding dawns upon you. You don't need to find it, that understanding just dawns. You know that very, very favourite stanza of mine which I've repeated a million times, 'Two men behind prison bars, one saw mud the other saw stars'. It's very beautiful, I love it so much. They’re both in the same, same circumstances, one is happy, the other's unhappy, one sees gloom, the other sees glory. So, there is no such thing as unhappiness, that is to be remembered. Unhappiness is a creation of a very limited mind and many times a perverted mind. Human beings do not know the perversions of their minds. They think they are normal, they think they're sane, but I can tell you one thing, that there are more insane people outside an asylum than in it. At least those people are so far gone, they are okay, in good hands. So, we produce the insanity of misery, we produce it in ourselves. I speak of hope, I speak of courage, I speak of strength. I speak of developing the ability through spiritual practices, to be able to view any situation objectively. For know one thing for sure, that you are Divine. Divinity permeates every cell of your blood. Every cell of your body is Divin e and Divine. A woman wanted a child so much and because of her health or whatever circumstances, she loses the child at childbirth. Now, it is a great hurt, we know, but how about thinking of it in this way. Is that child or was that child mine? Does the child belong to me or was I just the instrument through which it was to be brought into this world? That child does not belong to you. You do not belong to yourself. Everything belongs to Divinity. Perhaps the child needed just that experience of birth to give it a push on its path of evolution. Its previous, the karmic values of its previous life were such that the child just had to, had needed that experience. So you have actually been working for nature. Thanks to God that He has given her the opportunity of helping this little soul advance. For remember the soul is immortal, it is indestructible, it is eternal. The soul is never destroyed, it cannot be. Neither is the human body ever destroyed at death, it just reverts back into its original elements. Nothing's lost. So, do you see? Now by looking at it from that angle the pain, the misery, the unhappiness will be reduced and gradually it will go away. For nothing is lost. The musician plays a Divine melody through his flute. It is heard now at this moment and then the sound vanishes to your ears. But it has not vanished, it is still there in the cosmos. It is floating around so one day that very composition of yours, that very thought of yours will be picked up by a person of a similar mind. That is what all music, and poetry and art is made of. Your mind is tuned to all the thought waves floating around in the universe. So that child's soul is also immortal, eternal, waiting perhaps to take birth again and you have helped it in its path of evolution.

5. UK 82-1 To say again, by developing these understandings, by coming to the realisation that nothing is destroyed, everything is eternal and everything in this world and this universe is in its proper place. Every happening that happens must happen, it’s unavoidable, for it is all in the flow of divine grace. It is all in the flow of evolution and whatever happens will always lead you to Divinity. There is nowhere else to go. It all goes there. It's rediscovery, an unfoldment. Circumstances might seem adverse to you now but remember in the whole scheme of things, in the scheme of the immortal spirit, this very life is nothing but a flicker of a second and even less. Do you see? So, come what may, I accept it and having found the sense of acceptance, I surrender it to whom it belongs. Nothing belongs to you, nothing belongs to me. We are little waves on this eternal ocean. The wave cannot claim individuality for itself, there is just but a rising in this vast ocean of the universe. So, what is there to despair? Where is unhappiness? When the wave smashes itself because of the currents against the rocks, it does not feel unhappy. No, it is the ocean smashing itself against the rocks, not the wave. So when you think of yourself as an individual wave, naturally you feel hurt. But when you think of yourself as that eternal entity, indestructible, then where is the question of unhappiness? There is no unhappiness existent, none. It is an interpretation and many times an aberration of the mind. It is a severe limitation not to look at anything in its proper context. We look upon situations with blinkers. We can't see this way nor that, like a horse, he only sees in front. Remove the blinkers. Through spiritual practices, they are dissolved, removed. Limitations of the mind disappear. And for this you do not need to be an intellectual, you do not need to analyse. It is just to take the conscious energies which you are now aware of to the deeper layers of yourself, to the finer and finer and more subtler energies which are far more powerful and allowing those subtle energies to permeate the conscious thinking mind. The conscious thinking mind is necessary, it is necessary otherwise you would not be what you are. It is necessary but why must we attach so much importance to it? After all, wh at is your conscious mind, nothing but a whole lot of thoughts gathered together and filtered through the brain cells. For the brain cannot think, it's only an instrument. It's just a whole lot of thoughts got together and filtered itself. So in the mixture of those thoughts, various elements are existent. Those elements are made up of past experiences. Now, when these past experiences can be clarified through meditation, can be smoothened out like a housewife ironing the bed-sheet, all the wrinkles are removed. It requires a hot iron. And the heat we require is the determination, the heat of determination, the heat of perseverance, to iron out those wrinkles in what we know as the mind. For so little is known of the mind. The mind that people normally talk of, the conscious mind, is just a very, very small part of a vast continuum, going to the subconscious and the superconscious levels which are so vast. The conscious mind is just a small little bucket standing on the shore of a vast ocean. That's all that it is. So what do we do?

6. UK 82-1 Instead of swimming and enjoying ourselves in a vast ocean, we are drowning ourselves in the bucket. That's what we’re doing. Whenever any unhappy thought arises and remember the unhappy thought is not of the present, an unhappy thought is felt now because of the past or of the future. You feel unhappy, 'Oh, my girlfriend might not love me in the future or I might lose my business in the future'. Those fears, fears produce anxieties, anxieties produce all kinds of organic diseases. It's the mind, just our thoughts, not necessarily of this life but of previous lives, they translate themselves into their physical equivalent. Do you see how it works? What a cycle it is? So whenever a painful thought wells up within us, try and objectify that thought. Look at it unemotionally. That's very difficult but when strength is gained through meditation, it becomes easier and easier and see the truth behind it. How long will it last? How long is it going to last? And you will find by analysing it in that way, you will surely know tomorrow it disappears and I am ruining a perfect present. I cannot alter the past but I am ruining a perfect present which will affect the future. See the chain of events? So, why worry about things you cannot alter and who knows about the future? Enjoy now the present, here and now. For all these miseries are intrusions upon your Real Self. They are intrusions. They are to be kicked in the backside. Yes. They can be discarded. It is not difficult but then of course, if you can discard them yourself, what about the poor Psychiatrists and Psychologists, they will starve. So a little help is needed and that is why Teachers like me are there, to inspire, give hope, strength, impart some spiritual force. And therefore I always start with a prayer of St. Francis, 'Lord, make me an instrument of Thy Peace.' Fo r peace is forever there and instruments only help. So many thousands of broadcasts from various radio stations are in this room here and now but the instrument, the radio is required to receive it, that's all. Very, very simple. So no one, no one is essentially unhappy. Your birthright is eternal happiness because you are the eternal spirit. All that which you find to be miserable are but interpretations of the mind and they are non-eternal and superficial and false, because it is a trick of the cunning animal which I call the mind, always I call it a cunning animal. It is a trick of the mind to make you unhappy. Now, when the mind plays these tricks, who is it making unhappy? The mind is making itself unhappy because unhappiness is only felt by the mind. So within the workings and the conflicts of the various elements of gathered thoughts over so many, many lifetimes, they clash within each other and a turmoil is created. But look at it another way too, this turmoil is necessary or how else are you going to evolve? How else are you going to find your Real Self without this turmoil? The finest steel is made in the greatest heat, so we need this, we need it. But bravely we face it with the knowledge that this too must pass. This too must pass.

1. UK 82-1 Gururaj. I'm glad to be here. It's like coming home and seeing all these familiar lovely faces. It really gladdens my hear t because one could very easily see the spiritual progress of a person. Look at a person, try this sometimes, look at a person closely, look direct into his eyes and you'll find a certain flicker. Shakespeare was not wrong when he said that 'The eyes are the windows of the soul'. And I am glad to be back. A lot of progress can be seen. God bless you all. Good. What shall we talk about tonight? Now you can bombard me with the lights. Questioner. Guruji, on a recent car journey, I asked you a question and you said that you felt that this question would be better dealt with in a Satsang. So if I may, I would like to re-present the question to you. The question was how can one find happiness? Gururaj. A tall order. How can one find happiness? Is this okay, because I am not getting the feel of the Mike. Bring it closer. Ah, that's better. How can one find happiness? Now, we have to know what finding is all about and what happiness is all about. Does man really need to find happiness? Is man essentially happy? One could perhaps discover the happiness that is latent in him, but he cannot find it. Happiness is synonymous with Divinity. Happiness is joy and if that joy, that Divine something is omnipresent, then what is there to find? It is there, here and now. But why do we feel sad, why do we have suffering? That is the question. Where does that suffering come from? The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. The peace is always there within you, yet that peace is so clouded over, coloured over, that we don't seem to see it. What comes in the way? Most people think that the suffering they have is always external - the mother- in -law is terrible, the boss is terrible, you want to punch him on the nose. The wife sometimes gets cross and gives you a sour face and the husbands are not too perfect either. Good. So we blame all our suffering and misery on the environment. Now, in the environment there is no suffering and misery. If someone swears at you, you would feel hurt, hurt is done, you are unhappy. But if you were deaf and you don't hear him swearing, will you be unhappy? No, you have not heard it. So, the point is this, that the unhappiness is in your mind. Happiness is not in the mind, but unhappiness, so called, is in the mind because it is only the mind that interprets, that evaluates a situation. Now what are the qualities of the mind to be capable of evaluating a situation? Can the mind really evaluate a situation? No, because every situation is evaluated differently by different people. Something which might be joyful to one might be painful to another, and yet it is still the same situation, the same environment. You go and live in the Himalayas you'd find it so cold, unbearably cold, while the people living there would find it very pleasant. I might come to

7. UK 82-1 I could carry on this but I have to run to London now. Charles is taking me. I have a little problem with the Danish Visa and tomorrow morning when the Consulate doors open, Robert will be there to fix it up for me. Because I cannot, - it’s very difficult to get the Visa from South Africa, it’s easier in London - and I can't disappoint all those people in Denmark. They've got Courses organised and the Visa is necessary to gain entry. And then from Denmark, I'll be going to Spain - I've got the Spanish Visa, that was okay, because the Spanish Consul is one of our meditators in Capetown, so that was easy. Yeah. So we're going to leave right away now. And I told Janet "Don't worry about supper really." "No" she said "You must at least have a bowl of soup before you go." And I said "Okay Janet, your love is good enough." So, then tomorrow, get the Visa and immediately we're going to come back. Charles is taking me and of course he has been an ex racing driver so. (Laughter) Yeah. Let's end off with this little joke I had - it was here. Yeah. This Minister got married and he married his choir director and she was very beautiful. And while they were on honeymoon, the Minister says "You know we will have to find a replacement for you as a choir director and that is my biggest problem now". So the wife, the bride says "Oh I've got someone in mind. There's nothing really to worry about. My cousin is qualifying at the conservatory of music next week and should be okay". So the husband asks "What is her name"? So she says, "His name", the clever bride says, "is Bill Wilson". (Laughter) If she could marry, he could marry her, then! END


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