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1. UK 82- 15 Gururaj. There is a force which controls the entire universe and we little beings on this planet earth, have the ability to bring that force to us. Why do we fail to bring that force to us? It is not the failure of the force but it is the failing of our selves for the mind is so mixed up and so confused with the problems of daily living, we do not know and yet denying the knowingness that is there, forever there within us. I do not speak to you of God, I speak to you of yourself, for within yourself, is the entire force of the universe. Grasp, grasp, grasp it. Don't rasp it, like sandpaper, for it is that sandpaper that you are creating within yourselves. It is creating the conflicts in ourselves but add on the ‘G’, with rasp, it becomes grasp, and grasp that Divinity that is within you. Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Peace be upon you, all my beloveds, for you are forever at peace within yourself and misconstruing, misinterpreting that peace with disease. Ease, ease, ease, that is peace. Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. And now listen to my breathing and try and breathe in the same rhythm with me. Relax and enjoy. (Gururaj breathing slowly) Know this, that the one spirit of life is but the breath you breathe. (Breathing continues) Relax within yourselves. Merge the conscious mind into the subconscious, merge the subconscious into the superconscious. There is the answer. The rhythm will forever develop, the rhythm that is within you, but you refuse to recognise it, refuse, refuse. Why, why? Refuse means dirt. We get rid of the dirt and go deep within ourselves. Slowly you will find your breath will slow down, down, down. Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Open your eyes slowly, slowly, very slowly. For those of you who have not been on a Course before, let me tell you that in this Communion Practice, I’ll be going away from the body and merging with that which we know to be Divine. There will be a terrific energy generated in this Hall. Do not be disturbed feeling this energy. You might not be used to it. If any experiences you feel, do not try and analyse it. Just focus your attention upon me. Do not concentrate. Just as an innocent child, focus your attention and experience the joy that I experience with God in me. There is only one secret in life and the secret lies in how to merge with that which you regard to be Divine. Now Divinity could be conceptual. Divinity could be manufactured by the mind. Some will believe in Krishna and some in Buddha and some in Christ and some in Mahavir and, it’s your mind. There is only one Divinity. Call it by any name. And don't you ever sit in front of me ever again with shorts on because you do have beautiful legs. You see, from the sublime to the ridiculous. (Gururaj laughs).

2. UK 82- 15 There is only one Divinity, by whatever name you wish to call it and that Divinity is within you. When I go away from you in the Communion Practice, where do I go to? I go to that which is within and the entirety of the universe is within. And when you realise that the entirety of the universe is within you and that you are Divine, why do you separate yourself from that Divinity which is you? Because you think, you think ‘I'm this and that and that, that, that, that, that’. No. No. The whole process is to activate the Divinity within you and you are doing your best to prevent the activation of the Divinit y that is within you. Now, is that the best? Is it really the best, or is it the worst? To activate the Divinity within you is inherent within you, that is your inheritance, that is your life. You are Divine. You are Divinity incarnate. So my children, why the suffering? This has been the theme of this Course, because I have seen on faces the sufferings. I can't stand it. I cry and cry and cry and nights and nights I don't sleep, thinking of each and every one of you and saying ‘Oh my beloveds, why the tears. Let there be tears okay, but of joy, not of unhappiness. Let there be tears and do you know tears have ears. Did you know that? Did you know that you could listen to your tears with your ears? Because when your tears are heard by you then you will know the discrimination between crying and frying in your own fat, and that's what you are doing. You see? So when you go on this long journey, which is so near and yet so long and you merge away in the essence of what you are, you merge away into the Divine. You transverse the entire universe and see all these galaxies and beautiful stars and the luminescence and the joy of creation and when you become one with that and you have to come back to this stupid body, damn it, shit. That is the suffering, yes. That is the suffering. Why can't man realise that he is Divin e and that he is potent enough to create anything he wants to create, for he is the Creator. There is no Creator apart from yourself, for you are the creator of your life and what is life? Life is creation. What is creation? Creation is God. What is God? God is you. So march on Christian soldiers, march on, march on. How does it go? Let’s sing it together. Come on, let’s have some fun. (Singing) ‘Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before’. Ah you guys have gone quiet now, have you? (Singing continues) Christian soldiers. What does the word Christian mean? That he who is in Christ consciousness. You can be Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, anything but the consciousness. So march on with your spiritual practices to find that consciousness whereby you become one within yourself, to know that He and I are not separate from each other. ‘I and my Father are one’. Man know thyself is the first injunction. No one has ever said ‘No God’, for who is God? And even

3. UK 82- 15 when I talk this whole bloody thing shivers here, in front of me, this mike. (General laughter) We can make God shiver, for he is forever shivering in us to find him. You see the beauty of life. You see the beauty that is existent here and now and I repeat this again and again, again and always again, the beauty is here and now! God is not up there or down there north, south, east, west, blah, blah, blah. He is here and now. So have the faith - you pour me some water, you shorty legs, short trousers, sorry. Oh I believe in life, love and laughter. Questioner. ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Why not? And nothing wrong with lovemaking either, for then you are normal, otherwise you are abnormal. Right. So these teachers come and go and teach you of things and so you don't do that and you don't do this and you don't do that and this and don't, don't don't and don't and do and do and do and do. Why? You must do what you have to do for then you are human. And my message is this ‘Be yourself’. For as I've said many times, I don’t know somewhere around the world ‘Be yourself’, and not, what the teachers tell you to be. Do not be like Krishna or Christ or Buddha or whoever. But remember this, not ‘whoever’ but ‘I am ever’. Remember that in your heart that I am ever, I am the mortal spirit, with whom I could make contact at any time, by yourself. The guru's only a guide. He only shows you the path. He can't take you there. You've got to go there yourself. I can show you the road to London but I can't take you there. You go yourself, damn it. I'm only the guide. So what is the purpose of life? Now you could make life a beloved wife or you could make life very rife. I am a lover of the language. I wrote the dictionary, you know that. (Gururaj laughs) So why make it rife, make your life your wife, your beloved that is so close and one with you. Why forget this? Why forget this? But you are Divine within yourself and you only need to repeat a million times again to recognise yourself. Recognition is there, that you are Divinity incarnate but forgetting that, we have to re-, recognise that Divinity that is us. Bring me any person here and now whose deaf, whose dumb, who has no feet to walk, he has no limbs to move and I will show you, here and now how Divinity can work. Not I. I am sorry to use the personal pronoun but that’s the only way that I could express myself. I am talking of that great force, that great power, that universal power which is yours, just to bring to you, that's all. Now if I can do it, each and everyone of you can do it too, for I am no speciality. I'm not special. I'm a very ordinary human person, a human being. Right. I have a cigarette, I have my scotch at night as a night-cap, so what. I eat, I go to um, never mind. (General laughter) Okay. So remember this for always, that Divinity resides not beyond you. Divinity resides in you, and Divinity is very ordinary. And when we recognise that we are more ordinary than ordinary, we become extraordinary, I've said this before to you. You see the beauty of life?

4. UK 82- 15 (Gururaj starts singing in Sanskrit) Om nahmo bagvaday vassu dayvai....... Would you say grace? Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Christ, the great Masters, they do the work for you. You see how simple? So who are you? He, not I. Is someone still going to serve supper tonight? Peter is there a meeting tonight? Peter. .......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Right okay. Good then until tomorrow morning, sleep well. And you don't sit with short pants in front of me. END


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