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1. UK 82- 16 Gururaj. To capture this consciousness that is, - yeah look, look, look at this flower, look at this flower, how beautiful it is. My hands shake holding the beauty of God manifested. So, why can't that beauty be there within you also, you that are conscious of life and living? This flower has its own little form of consciousness because nothing could exist without consciousness. Aren't you greater than this flower? Aren't you as a human being the greatest flower created in creation on this earth, on this planet of ours? Why do you fail to see it? You observe it outside yourself that this flower is beautiful. But why can't you observe it within you, that there's a greater beauty within me because I am conscious of that beauty. Why do we fail? Why do we fail? Is this flower separate from its petals? Is this flower separate from its stem? Is this flower separate from this beautiful greenery around it? No. It is not. Here is the stem of life. Here is the manifestation of life and from that arises this beauty of this flower. Why don't you do it? Why suffer my children? Give your suffering to me. I will take it on any time. Just offer it, finish and forget it. Okay. Fine. Now, let's see, oops. What's here? ‘Dearest Guruji, thank you, thank you, thank you. It took a little while before I realised what you were doing yesterday but now I feel such happiness and release. No, more than happiness, real joy. I discovered how to love last night, to give and discover myself through giving. I think you knew that's how it had to be and thank you or rather Divinity, for making it possible. Life, Love and Laughter. And now I am living it. The unfolding of the heart is like a flower, opening in me and it is very, very beautiful with love and more love’. We won't mention names. But here in front it says, take seeds of the spirit, let the fruit grow. Take seeds of the spirit of Divinity and let the fruit grow. The fruit will grow. It has to grow. Once the seed explodes in the ground it has to grow. But what I want is this, that be conscious of the growth, be conscious of the growing. And when you become conscious of the growing within yourself then you will know the joy of life. That's the difference. The grass grows, the tree grows, the wind blows, everything goes and comes but the consciousness of it is what is important. To be conscious of your growth. To be conscious of the Divinity within you is what man needs today. Not just an unconsciousness where you are just sleeping, sleeping away. Be awake. That's all. And to be awake is to be conscious. You see. So simple. So beautiful. So beautiful in its pristine simplicity. That's what we teach. Be conscious of your growth. Observe, become the observer. Through spiritual practices we develop the awareness of what we are. It is awareness which we need of what we are and that could never be brought about by the thinking mind. For the mind is never aware. The mind is always mixed up in itself, running in circles and circles and circles, patterns upon patterns, upon patterns, upon patterns. But the awareness comes from here, from the heart. That is where true awareness lies and to be aware of the Divinity that you are. That is awareness. Until then everything else is just but a preparation to that awareness. Fine.

2. UK 82- 16 Gururaj. Yes, another letter somewhere. Have you got it? Good. Fine. You don't need to read the whole letter but there are some pertinent questions. Don't mention names - I could say yes or no to. Aide. The letter begins, ‘Dear Gururaj in light, having a problem which you are probably are aware of, I dare try to write a letter to you hoping that you might throw light on it. I am a Yoga teacher whom you know, through an invitation to dinner some years ago. The letter goes on; I am consciously using psychic powers - sorry - a certain person is unconsciously using psychic powers that has a bad influence on me’. Gururaj. Ah. Stop. There are no psychic powers at all in this world that could have a bad influence on you. This is a great misunderstanding that has to be corrected. For no one's psychic powers, no one's thoughts can ever affect you, if you are strengthened within yourself. You won't feel the cold outside, if you put on your overcoat, would you, and that overcoat is your spiritual practices, that gives you the strength so that no one could ever have any influence over you and you are not to be influenced by anyone except by yourself. Use the analytical process of the mind, use the energies of the core of your personality and be strong. Why should you be weak when you are born strong? You have every ability within yourself and yet you subject yourself, which is a damn pity really, you subject yourself to outer influences when it is totally unnecessary. Realise that Divinity within yourself to repeat over and over and over again. Because this is a message that is so hard to understand. Don't use your mind to understand me. Use your heart to feel me. You see. And that feeling is not emotion. It is not emotion because emotion is a mixture of thought and feeling. But when it comes to pure feeling for which I have no other word to describe it with, it becomes a knowingness, to know that which is Divine. Carry on. So forget the psychics, that's rubbish. Right. Aide. The paragraph continues - it’s a friend that's told her that this person is unconsciously trying to use her - and it says ‘Is the friend right and if she is why should I follow her advice since I feel very good when I come together with the person who only wants to help people and does. Also the friend says that it will give me bad karma if I continue to spread photocopy material received from someone in New Zealand about space people about what different mediums have received such as Tuella Artikgarsaid, Sister Phaedra, Sheila Cruz (Names?) and many other sources. Lately’ Gururaj. If you feel very good with a person, continue that feeling of very goodness but ask yourself one question, what is the motivation that feeling of very goodness? If the motivation is pure, there is nothing wrong. If the motivation has certain connotations which are not pure, then discard. Fine. These mediums, it’s a whole load of rubbish. Who can be the medium between you and God? There is no medium. There is no medium at all. You might have great teachers

3. UK 82- 16 coming to teach you the truths of life, but that is all, remember that. That is all. And these mediums, how do they operate. It’s so simple, I could teach it to you all in months, two months, three months time. Just to spend some time with me and I could teach you all these tricks. I could teach you the tricks of psychometry, of clairvoyance, of mind reading, of, you name it. Right. So the medium functions - when they say that they are getting messages from some other source. Look that source is too damn busy to contact you. What, (General laughter) Yes, yeah. Beloved sons. That medium has found the little ability which is infinitesimal to go to the deeper recesses of the mind and at that time, that person might have been possessed with great knowledge or have learned and pours it through, thinking its another being like Seth or Beth or - Shit (General laughter) - Shit Ananda (Gururaj laughs). You see how we get deluded by all this rubbish in the world. The medium has just developed the ability to go to the deeper recesses of the mind, reaching another period of existence within themselves and pouring out what they had learnt there. You see. I would never advise anyone to go to a medium or a psychic. They could do you more harm than good. Go to God. Because God does not require someone to give you messages through some little evolving soul, existing somewhere in some other dimension and who is not fully developed or else he will not or cannot make any contact, for if you are still in the process of development, how can you make contact. It is a logical, physiological, biological, psychological impossibility. Don't go to mediums and don't waste your money. Rather give it to your church or to some orphanage or some something which is good that could help people. Right. Then the other trick a medium would use is mind reading, which I could teach you in a couple of weeks how to read minds. These things are so simple. They are of no importance whatever in one's person’s life. They are of no importance whatsoever. How is it going to help you going to a fortune teller, or to a psychic or to a mind reader? Yes. So, the mind reader your thinking of Auntie Mary and the mind reader picks it up and tells you about Auntie Mary, to make you feel happy. Right. And after you finish, bucks. You see the damn racket which I am trying to destroy in this world, rackets in the name of psychics, rackets in the name of religions, rackets in the name of cults. God, aren't people so damn gullible, aren't they. So gullible. They get taken in by anything. Why? It is because of a lack within themselves. They feel something is lacking. They feel something is missing. They feel a gap and they want to fill the gap. And that is why they go around to the psychics and mediums and bullshitters and cultists and all these damn money-making false gurus around the world. You see. But let us fill the gap in the right way and that gap can only be filled by God and his grace. That is what I am trying to say. You go to a psychic, Madam Gypsy, what does she do. Firstly she has to be a shrewd psychologist. Right. She looks at you, she sums you up and first thing she will say 'Oh you gotta cross my palm',

4. UK 82- 16 which means putting money in the hand. Right. Then she starts telling you of yourself. Right. We could with any person of any bit of perception, could tell anything of any other. You ask me, anyone of you here and I'll read your whole life for you without even looking at your hand. So, these guys develop this little ability and use it to make money for themselves and it has become a racket and these rackets must be destroyed to repeat again to you. All these cults, all these damn gurus, money-making gurus, all these religions that are not religions. And by doing that we will find the truth within ourselves. That's what we want to do, is to find the truth within ourselves, by ourselves, with ourselves. Okay, you need a teacher, so what, he's a teacher that guides you along the line and says 'This is the way to Chelsea and this is the way to Birmingham'. That's all. You see. Ooops, my beautiful flower. I do sincerely hope that our family do not get mixed up in this cultishness, in these ways of thinking that might sound so plausible but does not show you your inner self. If you feel troubled, you can take a Valium, okay, or Librium, any doctors around or any of these things that would calm you. But how long is it going to last, that is the question. So two hours later you're feeling lousy again. No. We want permanency and that permanency can only be brought about by infusing the Divinity within us into the subconscious, then to the conscious and then to the physical life that we are expressing as action of the superconscious. Do you see? We want that permanency, for we are permanent. We are immortal. But by dwelling just on the mind alone, or the body alone, you feel troubled and then you take Valliums and all those other tranquillisers. What I am trying to tell you is this and it is so simple. The greatest tranquilliser is that Divine force and through your spiritual practices infuse it into the subconscious, the conscious and the body. And then you will need nothing else. And then what happens is this that by that infusion you are so aware. And when you become aware of that Divinity, you become alive. You become alive, instead of being dead. Can you tell me you are really alive? No. Half - half perhaps, seventy percent, sixty per cent, forty percent, fifty per cent. But to be one hundred percent alive, that is what we aim at. And that aliveness comes from awareness. You see. And what are you to be aware of? What is there that you have to be aware of? Simple. It's a four letter word. Life. (Gururaj laughs) To be aware of life instead of being asleep to life, to be aware of life. For life contains that joy that beauty unlimited, requires no control. It becomes spontaneous, joyful, so blissful where your entire day although you are performing all the actions that you are doing in your work or home or whatever, you know the beauty of Divinity because you are alive. So, why tranquillise yourself? Why? Is there any good reason? Okay problems come and go, so what. Once we have this aliveness within us then problems do not become problematic. Problem, problem, probe, and once you can learn to probe by the totality of yourself then the solution is automatic and nothing becomes problematic. You see. So beautiful, so beautiful. Good.

5. UK 82- 16 Aide. (Cont'd) The letter continues ‘Guruji, lately from Metascience where Mr.’ Gururaj. Wait just a minute let me blow my nose, because I can't hear with my nose blocked (General laughter) Aide. You're letting the secrets out now, Guruji. 'Lately from Metascience where Mr Meek has invented a machine by which you can communicate with people on higher dimensions. This information has been in several newspapers, so why should I get bad karma telling people that we now have a scientifical proof of the existence of life after death? This shouldn't prevent people from meditating but rather make them more interested in meditation if they start believing in an intelligent force behind everything which they can contact by help of meditation.' Gururaj. Good. I would like to see that machine. (General laughter) Really I would love to see that machine because how could a mechanical device capture a dimension which is beyond the dimensions of mechanism? So that is rubbish. Tell that person. And this Mr Eek or Meek, or Seek or Jeek or Jerk (General laughter) I would challenge him anywhere on any platform because that is total rubbish. The higher dimension of life can only be contacted when you reach the deeper levels of yourself and reach those dimensions. And no machine can capture it. They even haven't found the substance of atoms, they haven't even found the substance of sub-atomic matter and that as soon as they search deeper and deeper, science, as science does the sub, sub, sub, sub, sub atomic matter to which they have found no answers. And this man says he can contact through a machine something existent in a different dimension. Now isn't that pure rubbish? You can't. You can't. You can't. You just can not. Aide. (Cont'd). This might sound a little bit disjointed because there are certain parts of the letter that have been deleted because they are not really relevant, Guruji. But we're back to the friend now that's tipped her off as to the problems. An d it says 'She seems to know better than I according to her own opinion - I don't know from where she gets her information. She says that I am under the influence of psychic energies. Is it so that it is the lower entities who have taken over me? It finishes Jai Gurudev, from a child of God with love’ and a signature. Gururaj. Right. Questioner. (Cont'd). There's a P.S. also.

6. UK 82- 16 Gururaj. Okay, we'll get on to the P.S. later. P.S. Questioner. (Cont'd). Postscript, Guruji. You sign a letter and Gururaj. Oh I thought you put an i and ss to it. (Gururaj laughs) Oh we got to have some laughs to relieve the tension. No lower entities can possess you. And this person putting these thoughts in the mind of the person that wrote this letter is trying to create certain influences in that little mind. It's a sin. Who are you to judge what your karma is all about? Ar e you a self realised being? Have you achieved God realisation to be able to know? And then the beauty is this that when you know, you become totally non-judgemental. So whoever this letter is written to and whoever is trying to influence this person, get it away from your mind. Because there are no lower entities that could influence you. Never. And who is this person trying to tell you of your karma? Is this person totally karma free? Ask that question to her. Is this person totally out of bondage and enjoying the freedom of Divinity? Ask her that question. Is this person totally realised? Ask her that question. And if she cannot answer these questions, forget what she says because she's trying to control you in some way for her own purposes and her own devices. Through all these years travelling round the world - and as you know me, and many of you have been on so many Courses here - this is my twenty sixth trip to England, not necessarily on our BMS work but before in business da ys too - but in your experience of me up to now, have I ever passed a judgement upon anyone? So, who is this little bitch or bastard or whoever it is, trying to pass judgement and say that you are being possessed by lower entities. For there is no possession. Do never be influenced by these people that try to possess you and they are the lower entities. Do you see? Be you not possessed and possess not. I think that was in one of the poems the other night, something like that. I could never remember my stuff. Right. So, the answer is this, be rid of the fear you have in your mind. No lower entity can possess you but these worlds' lower entities try to make a racket of it and try to possess you. See. That's what it is. So, discard these people. It’s always good to stay away from people that are influencing you in the wrong direction. Be away from them. The way for spiritual progress has many aspects. Firstly, to be in the company of the holy and holy does not mean this outside blood y appearance. It's inside. To be in the company of the holy because you will feel something emanating from that realised soul. Number two, try and gain as much knowledge as you can. Read everything, read all the philosophies and metaphysics and all. And from there pick out, pick out that which you are capable of picking out. You do not need to tax yourself but grasp as much as you can grasp from all the teachers of the world. Yes, in the company of holy people,

7. UK 82- 16 studying and finding knowledge and then what's the third step, what is after that? Doing your spiritual practices regularly. And what is after that which will come automatically and which would be love and devotion even just to one person that's enough, that's all I ask, one person, your wife, your boyfriend, your husband, your girlfriend, your beloved, your guru, whatever. From there will come and devotion. So, what is happening here now? Being in holy company, you are imparted a spark in your hearts, an awakening. Right, to sustain the awakening you do your spiritual practices. And with that automatically there will come love and devotion. And when you can be successful in directing it to one person whoever it is, then it will spread all around you in the atmosphere. So through the concrete, we reach the abstract. And after doing that what happens, do you know? The abstract comes back into the concrete, aaah, and then the concrete becomes not a conception, but the living God. Do you want an abstract God? Go and find him, leave me alone. What I teach of is to find the living God and how to bring the living God into life. Do you see? It’s so simple. So simple. People will talk from knowledge of books. People will talk from knowledge of study and what have you, there are a million professors in the world. I speak to you from inside here. And as you know, I'm not very much aware of what I speak about because I know, but I do know there's a slight awareness that whatever flows out comes not from me, comes from Him. Now I was warned - let's finish that P.S. Yeah, yeah, okay, right. Aide. (Cont'd) The letter goes on Guruji, 'It comes to my mind that you may want me to feel how a person born under a certain astrological sign acts on me, who also is born in that sign so it might change my attitude towards others, stopping giving them instructions of what to do or not. I don't have much time for meditation, so could you please tell me what I at least should practise every day. I don't like my mantra. Again and again I read and hear that love is the most important. How can I give love when I don't know what love is? I don't feel love for anyone. I try to do what I think my duty is'. That is all, the letter ends, Guruji. Gururaj. How can you give love, if you don't know love? And the only way of knowing love is opening yourself, unfolding yourself through the practices given by your father-friend, your guru. That's how you unfold. And when you unfold, automatically you do not give love, that’s a fallacy. You cannot give love. It’s a spontaneous welling up that just flows. Does the running brook give water to the ocean? Does the river willingly flow to the ocean and merge with it? No. It is the nature of the river just to flow to the ocean. So likewise love is not a giving. Love is a spontaneous flow like the river going to the ocean. This business that so many people are involved in, and let me tell you this as a finality, do not indulg e

8. UK 82- 16 - this question is very much related to the psychics - do not indulge yourself with Astrologists. It is all rubbish. There are certain laws, but the astrologer is only good as he is intuitive. I don't need to work out your chart for example to tell yo u about yourself. No. I look at your face and I've got it all, its read in a flash. So another racket. Another racket. You know I think I've told you this story before. I might as well repeat it because there are new people here. There was a man in Capetown his name was Fisk, Fisk, something like that and he used to head the TM Movement in South Africa. Is it John Fisk? I can't remember. Right. Nevertheless it was many years ago. He was in Johannesburg which is a thousand miles away from Capetown and he phones me and he says 'Guruji, can I come down and see you I have something very urgent to discuss with you.' So I looked through my diary and I said 'Yes, sure I've got this time available and please do come down'. Now, his problem was this. He went to an astrologer whose supposed to be very well known and famous not only in South Africa but throughout the world and she wrote out his horoscope. And in the horoscope was written that he should not marry because if he should get married, the life would be so painful and all the things that go with it. So he came down. And I went through his horoscope with him. I explained him certain things. Meanwhile, while he was in Johannesburg he fell in love with a girl called Ingrid. Oh they are a beautiful couple, lovely people. So I took his horoscope and tore it into a million pieces, practically and threw it into the wastepaper basket. I say 'You go back now today to Ingrid, propose to her and get married'. They got married, they have about two babies I think now and they are so, so happy. They're so happy. So if you rely on horoscopes and astrology, you are damaging yourself because you are being guided by what someone has to say. And in the Zodiac system, there are twelve signs. Now can you tell me out of four thousand million people in this world there are just twelve categories? Are there not four thousand million categories for every human being is unique in himself. I know people that buy the newspaper every morning and the first thing they open up is the horoscope page. 'What's in store for me today’? Ah come on, get off it, would you. I could write out a whole year’s horoscopes in the twelve categories now and dictate it on our machine. Have no faith in that. Have faith in yourself. Why do you want to read a horoscope? Why do you want to go to an astrologer? Because you're feeling insecure and inadequate and unsure and fearful what is going to happen today. That's why you read the horoscope. Am I right? But why not have this attitude that what is going to happen today will happen and I cannot prevent it. What is His will is His will - finish, period, full stop. You see. So, these horoscopes are of no use whatsoever. A true Astrologer does not need to draw up a chart. A true Astrologer can just look at your face and know. Because that knowingness does not come from the mind. The charts that

9. UK 82- 16 are drawn comes from the mind and from certain guidelines written in books. And who are they that wrote the books? Other bull-shitters. You see? The best way is to accept the day and Lord bless us that this day may be pleasant and peaceful, for it is in Thy mercy and Thy grace that I live this day. Thank you Lord for it all. Simple. END


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