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1. UK 82-2 Gururaj. Because the love that flows and how it goes I do not know but in the flowing of the love of our sister and brother knows that it just flows. To compose poetry, okay, it's just a, is respected as a goddess, there the god will dwell. Isn't it a blessing having these damn stupid women around, but at the same time they're a blessing too. So of course all our ladies and women we respect them as Goddesses, thank God for them to be around us. Where are you, damned woman? Thank God for our ladies to be around us and looking after us, making our lives happy. I hope so. Nevertheless, why are you so damned far away, this wife of mine. You sit here. That's where you belong. You see, a woman, you have to put her right. I am a bloody idiot! I only kissed her twenty times this morning. I forgot. Questioner. Beloved Guruji, Meister Eckhart, the mystic and philosopher said 'God can no more do without us than we can do without him'. Would you explain that, particularly the first part? Gururaj. There is no God. God is a creation of our own imagination and what we as we grew up as children, in our adulthood was the thoughts and the training that was implanted in us and that formulated the belief of a God. Right. This is good. I mean it is required but what was the whole psychological idea behind it? The psychological idea was to implant in ourselves that, look there is something far, far greater than you. That was the idea that our parents and forefathers and our churches and temples, okay, right, try to implant in us. But slowly we will come definitely to a realisation that what we have been taught of a God sitting up there in the clouds is not existence. And as we grow up and analyse ourselves and go through various life experiences and whatever, we will gradually find that the one we sought outside of me is really within me. So when we can understand this concept of that Divinity or love or whatever you want to, these are labels, okay, of that Divinity that is within us. Then how far do we have to go to find the true meaning or the originality of our concept of Divinity? If you study Sanskrit literature, - I mean I have done all that - they say the formation of Divinity is just as big as your thumb. Now of course this is symbology and Why must you be late for Guruji's Satsangs? You must be on time. I'll kick your bloody arse out now. To get back to the question of Divinity, so what people do is to try and search for Him outside, really. When we come to the realisation, my beloveds, He is there all the time. 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within'. The old saying from our Scriptures, we know its value, we know the truth, we know its power, we know its force. It is there all the time, the Kingdom of Heaven within. Right now the question was this, basically, where do we find God? Not there, thank you very much (points away from himself) I see this building there, that garden and those flowers, I look at it and enjoy it .

2. UK 82-2 Of course I appreciate the beauty of it, but yet I still got to realise the Kingdom of Heaven within myself. Now I tell you what happens in the process. Look I am a master psychologist, psychiatrist and the greatest bull-shitter too. So what? But when we find ourselves within ourselves, we surely can find the truth, the wisdom, that genuine quality within ourselves and then we could gather courage and energy and the strength and whatever you want to call it, we gather all that within ourselves and we feel strong. We get rid of the disappointments and frustrations and illusions and inhibitions and all that. We get rid of that. Then we can stand up and say like Anton, well, he knows more about Shakespeare than I do - this is from Julius Caesar - I can really stand up and say "I am a man". I can't quote the exact words at this moment. It’s something like that. You can really stand up and say "I am a man" - can you remember? Or perhaps it's this Shakespeare. So what, but you get the message that you truly stand up and say I am a man. And then if we should go back into Judaism and all that, then we say, "I am that I am". And if we should go back into Eastern literatures, they would say “Brahmas mee. Tat vam asi. Brahmas mee." It all means the same actually. If you go into deep studies of these things, you find the converging point where all these great truths just merge into each other. But let us follow the idea of what we can really understand and that idea is this, when our Lord Jesus said "I and my Father are one". If we can understand that concept, then the problem of God is no more there because He is in us, within us all the time and He does not become a problem. He's our salvation, not a problem. Now this might in today's bloody world, it could just be a concept, but now just listen to this and Peter always says why did you have to be a guru, you should have been a Professor of Philology. You've said this so many times my darling. Right now, how to conceptualise. Listen very carefully, how to conceptualise your concept. Come on you guys, explain this to me. I am stupid really. To be able to conceptualise the concept which means the thought forces that are working in our minds and how to put that into conceptualisation, means you are putting it in a systematic order. Jesus, I teach around the world at various Universities, blah, blah. It's not important - but to be able to conceptualise one's own concept, what one thinks is right, that is a great quality because it would make you think, because you are conceptualising your concept. And by doing that you're analysing the purpose and the meaning of your concept. Jesus, nevertheless, you guys, relax. I don't want to stretch your minds too much, give you a little break. Come on cuckoo, must it take two hours to bring a cigarette? You see, that's how people live their lives, when the meaning of life is within a moment and not tomorrow or next week or the year after. No, we live in this present, that is really something to understand, because that's the way really can find joy within ourselves. Yes, we can really know. If you can really understand the value and the meaning of the

3. UK 82-2 moment, then you will learn to exist in the moment not in the past or the future. It is in this very moment that can provide a lot of joy to yourselves because we get rid of past projections and future projections, yesterdays and tomorrows that might not exist anyway, but now, now, now. This moment is to be enjoyed, the fullness of ourselves. And this is where, Peter my beloved, the question would come in again of the realisation of God, Divine force or energy or whatever, these are labels. And that is where it plays such a great part, that this moment of now is infiltrated or consumed by that energy and that is how we can really appreciate the moment. We can appreciate that Divinity, we can appreciate That. I'm trying to put it all very simply, okay, but if you think back, there are very deep meanings to it. Have you shown these guys the cover of the book? You do what you feel is right. Another principle of life when you surrender yourself to your beloved, man or woman, whatever and just say 'You do what you think is right', it can be bloody wrong, but nevertheless we create within ourselves the idea of acceptance and trust and faith and we say 'Okay, you do what you think is right'. You see how these things are so beautifully combined - so much to learn my beloveds. Then we create within ourselves that faith and that love and the surrender and whatever goes with that. It all goes in the same category. I'll have to start writing a dictionary of these various terms and terminologies. No problem. I only need about twenty more wives like her to help me. I'm joking, you know that. Nevertheless, so we revert back to the terminology. Do you know the true meaning of - look, as a bloomin' Professor of Philology, I should know my subject, about 'shitology', that's for sure. So we go into etymology and words and formations, instructions and all these things that are involved. So what do we find as the end result. Terminology comes from a derivation of Greek and Latin - not important - but terminology means to terminate yourself, to terminate the feeling that you are you and to find the ideology in the terminology - oh Jesus - of your true self, not that little ego self of yours but your true self that is Divinity. Look, how can anyone describe it? You can only experience it, yes, of course. S o we get away from doctrinology, from ideology, from mythology, from 'shitology'. Yes, any more words to add on - of course we could have a little fun together. So we get away from all that and find our real selves. And when we find our real selves, all the problems of the little self evaporates and disappears. Try it, okay. Give it a chance, would you please. And you'll feel so much happier within yourself and that is what everyone is seeking for, to find their own personal happiness within themselves - because, look, going back to the dictionary, within, within yourself - Jesus, if you guys can only realise the meaning of this. It would be wonderful within yourself. Who is the your and what is the self? And to come to these realisations. Okay. We give it a little chance. But you remember your Guruji's words because these things are not formulated by any scriptural

4. UK 82-2 instructions or teachings of philosophers or what have you, Kant and Shopenhauer and all these bloody idiots. Our philosophy is the philosophy of the heart and to find that heart within ourselves. It's very important, that's the meaning. Look, you know in my travels throughout the world, we meet all these Professors of philosophy and psychology and whatever but Jesus, they do not know anything at all. Yet they study these volumes of books and they lecture on that, good Lord. They do not understand themselves, these stupid bastardos, that call themselves Professors. They are more mixed up within themselves and in that mixed- upnes s as Professors, they are mixing up the students. No, my darlings, no. To realise oneself, to find that Inner Being within oneself, that is important because that is what will give you peace in yourself. END


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