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1. UK 82-3 Questioner. Guruji, certain areas in the world such as Lourdes, Chartres, Glastonbury, Iona seem to be power points for spiritual energies. If Divinity is omnipresent what significance do these vortices have for individual pilgrims and in particular is there a special connection between our Meditators and Glastonbury as a number of us seem to be inexplicably drawn to the place? Gururaj. Could you say that in English? Just let me see that I didn't get your accent too well. Thank you. Oh Lord, so it is Glastonbury, I see. Yes. Beautiful. Now, I have spoken on this before that there are certain power points in this world. Now we do know that Divinity is omnipresent so that energy, His energy is everywhere, but when we talk of these power points, we are talking about physical power points. Now at the explosion of Atlantis, Atlantis only exploded because a crystal was discovered which was more powerful than the nuclear energy we have today, and when Atlantis went down, this crystal also crashed. And of course there because of human nature there were fights between people and then as wars arise today, we know the story of Falkland Islands etc with the power struggle, this crystal of energy was destroyed and when Atlantis went down fragments of it landed up throughout the world. For example India in the world of those days was situated at the bottom of Africa but because of this powerful explosion, that whole piece of land shot up and India is where it is today. But not only that, the great impact of that explosion pushed up the Himalayas. So part of that crystal is under the Himalayas floating from the top end. There are some parts of that crystal in Capetown under Table Mountain. That's why I like to live there. Parts of it are in the Andes region and parts at the Yangtse River in China and there are parts in Glastonbury. Actually this little island which we call England is part of Atlantis. Little pieces broke off that formed islands round the world and there is fragments of that crystal here in England. Can you imagine a small little country like England, a very small place eight hundred miles in height and about three hundred miles broad, could create a world Empire? What force is there? There is an energy here in England that expresses itself in human beings. How else such a nation to become conquerors of the world, that were once the greatest naval power in the world. So there's a lot to say for English people. They are not just a nation of shopkeepers, as some people believe. Right. Now, the energy that we talk about is this physical energy deep down in the crust of the earth that is radiating all the time. And that very radiation, as any physiologist or biologist will tell, you would affect human beings a nd it would energise them. For example myself when I come to England, I feel so much better. There is this energy. When I come from America to England, I feel much better here than I do in America. Now, these energy resources could be tapped. We have some Americans there. (Laughter) Now these energy sources could be tapped and it could be done by

2. UK 82-3 bringing the body to a very, very quiet state, because this radiation is there all the time. It is because we are not able t o bring the body to a quite state we do not benefit from these energies. And meditation does as you would know bring the body to a quite state because the mind comes first and then the body. Now people are attracted to Glastonbury. The question is why are our Meditators attracted so much to Glastonbury, it is because a regular Meditator does find quietude of the body and because of the quietude, he would be more sensitive to the energies of Glastonbury. So, I remember being taken to Glastonbury about for or five years ago, we had a Course down there, in the West country I think it's called and I meditated in Glastonbury, especially at Stonehenge, that is in the Glastonbury area, isn't it? Well it’s near there; more or less the same area and I had some fantastic experiences. So, the point which I'm trying to make is that this earth is filled with certain energy radiations. Up to now modern technology has not been able to measure it. But definitely through meditation and bringing the body to a quiet state, one could experience those energies. If you meditate there and you’re an experienced Meditator that has reached a certain stage, you'd practically feel yourself lifted up; you'd practically feel yourself floating. I don't mean levitation, but you get that feeling of as if you’re so light, as if you’re floating. Has anybody experienced that there? Right. There you are. I suppose that is why the question was prompted. Yes. So that is why our Meditators are attracted there. It would be nice to have an open air Course, but then the weather is not always so nice here, but to have an open air Course near Stonehenge would be very beautiful. And for us all to sit there and meditate together it would be a lovely exhilarating experience. So, that's about all I could say on that, why the attraction is there and the reason for the attraction. Good. Next question. Questioner. In the book ‘Beyond the Veil’ a spirit world is said to be continually watching and guiding us. It states that in the future, clairvoyance and clairaudience will become every day events as the veils are lifted and that more people are receiving spirit messages to help prepare for the new era. Gururaj. Rubbish. Questioner. How true is this? (General laughter) And as a little end point, are there such things as Guardian Angels? Gururaj. We are on psychic subjects today, are we? There is no spirit world watching us. When the subtle body leaves the grosser body, because we are composed of three bodies, we have the physical body, the subtle body and the spiritual

3. UK 82-3 body. The spiritual body is universal. The subtle body has its own particular individuality containing all our Samskaras, a ll our Karmas are contained therein and the subtle body has its existence after leaving the gross physical body. And the reason for its existence, is to work out its karma. In that phase of existence, it is too busy evaluating itself and preparing itself to take another birth. So it has no time at all to contact you. Mediums talk about this, that they are contacting another dimension of existence. It is not so. It is not so. Because the medium would only have the ability to reach his or her subconscious mind. And reaching the subconscious mind, it could bring forth certain thoughts that are contained in the subconscious mind. Remember the subconscious mind is vast. The subconscious mind contains all the experiences of this present cycle of the universe, since the Big Bang, since the big explosion when this universe came into being. From that time the subconscious mind or what we call the subconscious mind contains all those experiences. And the medium only draws upon that area of its own mind. Then you have other mediums that have developed psychic abilities to be able to read thoughts. So you are thinking of Aunt Matilda and your very thoughts can be picked up. And then the medium would talk to you about Aunt Matilda. Meanwhile, Aunt Matilda is busy waltzing away somewhere. There's no time to send messages to you that ‘I am well and okay or Uncle Jack I'm all right Jack’, type of thing. No. That is a total fallacy perpetrated upon gullible people . Now why do people accept these thoughts? Why? Because of personal insecurity. They want to contact the beyond. They want to contact, which the conscious mind cannot understand and thereby try and find some satisfaction for themselves. If a person wants to contact someone who has passed over, why? Why does a person want to contact or make contact rather? It is because of an attachment. Now remember the attachment was with the physical body in the first place. You do not know your wife’s or husband’s or mother's or father's subconscious mind. You do not know the subtle body of your beloved one. And not knowing the subtle body of the beloved one, what right have you to try and contact the subtle body of that person. Your contact had only been on the physical and superficial level and that is gone, cremated or buried. So, all these thoughts of contacting beings are not true. Now then again you find certain authors like the Seth books and the Montgomery books and all that and they become best sellers. The reason is this people want to know wh at happens. What happens to life after death? Firstly, there is no death. Nothing dies. As I said so many times that even when this physical body is discarded, it disintegrates and goes back to its original elements. Science proves today that not even the smallest atom can be destroyed. Even the smallest atom is eternal. There is no destruction at all on this entire planet. But what does happen, that things change form. You can take a piece of raw gold and you could make it into a bracelet or a necklace or a ring but it still remains gold. So, it is just a question of changing form. And when form

4. UK 82-3 is changed we give names to different forms, but the essence remains the same. It remains eternal. So there is no death, there is only life. Now we do believe in Divinity which is omnipresent and eternal and if everything is Divine then where is the question of death. For Divinity itself is life. People grieve when a loved one passes away, but there’s not a single religion on earth that tells you to grieve. Not a single religion that tells you to grieve. For everything must pass on from one sphere to another. When we are finished in this room we will go into the main building. You’re passing on all the time continuously from one point to the other. And yet we remain at the same point. It is all there. All here. No one goes nowhere. No one come from anywhere. Bodies are assumed, taken on for practical purposes of working out the impressions that have been gained through millions and millions and millions of years. Dirt and dross that has gathered, has to be shed. And coming back to its primal purity, tha t is the end and aim of this existence. And yet I might have said sometime that everything happens in a cycle. There does come a time when the world finds a certain equilibrium between the Gunas that I've talked about many times. That in Sanskrit is called Pralaya or the night of Brahman where everything attains, the entire universe goes back to a state of equilibrium it gets swallowed in. And science agrees with that today. Therefore the theory of the Black Hole where the entire universe is sucked into this Black Hole where not even light could escape. But then as it goes through from one end, it shoots out at the other end in an explosion and another universe is created. Now, when we say universe we mean the totality of it all. But we could also speak of so many different universes that make up all these various billions and billions of solar systems and galaxies. They all work in groups. So there comes a time when a group of them just explode and fade away but to reformulate itself, get sucked into the Black Hole and then to explode out again and other universes are formed. So nothing is destroyed. Things change because nothing can remain static. We think we are sitting still. We really are not, billions and billions of cells are doing their work, a nd what is contained in the microcosm is contained in the macrocosm. So, as in one's own body an entire universe exists, so it exists outside of us in the observable universe. So when we come to this Pralaya, there still remains certain currents of movement, very fine currents of movements. And when these currents gain greater and greater momentum or when they be come more and more grosser, another explosion occurs. But within the currents where are you? You are there. Because at the end of a cycle, one could never say that everyone has become enlightened and become one with the spirit. No. They're still many millions, and not only on this planet but on other planets too that still has to work out their karma and that necessity of working out the karma is the basis of the subtle currents when the elements come to a certain equilibrium.

5. UK 82-3 So when this universe ends, it will still take billions and billions of years, you don't need to worry about now, you will be again in the next universe. So like that, you will continue. Which you? That is the question. Not this physical frame which is worth nothing in any case. But that you, the core of your personality that makes the real you, your real self, your real individual self, continues on and on, until one day it merges away into the spirit, the one endless, beginless spirit which we call Divinity. And merging in that Divinity there is no you or I, it is just a oneness. Some describe it the none- ness, which is the everything-ness, the basis of all life. And there is the real peace. Peace of the conscious mind or some piece of the subconscious mind is not the totality of peace. One has to proceed from a dualistic concept of I and thou, I and my God. It is necessary but then that is not the end. The end comes only where I do not exist anymore and I become one in that Divinity. So this brings us to the thought that they’re two Gods, two Gods, the Personalised God of our conception and the Universal God that is beyond conception. For reaching that Impersonal State, all conceptions would cease because the body is shed, the mind is shed and you merge in that Impersonal God that does not think. It is only the Personal God that thinks. Now where does the Personal God come from? Did man create the Personal God or did the Personal God create man? Sixty-four thousand-dollar question. Yes. Did we with our minds create the conception of God? An atheist can have an equally valid argument as well as a theist. But we that meditate know, have some glimpses of the Impersonal, and therefore we do not know with the mind, but we experience something inside that just makes us know that there is something really beyond. But then that which is really beyond, who tells us this? Our mind is analysing, our mind is accepting the fact that there is something beyond. The Buddhist would say there's nothing beyond. Sunita that’s the word they use. So why does the mind want to recognise this? What compels the mind to recognise this? Because of man's insecurity, his inadequacy, he tries to find something higher than himself upon whom he can depend. And that is very, very necessary and that has been proven to be the greatest therapy on earth, where you just surrender yourself. You give yourself entirely to a concept. Now that Personal God is created by man and paradoxically enough the Personal God creates man. Both are true. Right. Now how does God create man? The Impersonal energy through the various elements of the universe condenses itself, condenses itself into very fine energy, but less finer than the Impersonal. Now when this fine energy is created or emanated rather - there's no creation, emanation, - when this fine energy is emanated, it would contain various currents within itself because of its own emanation. Now these currents start congealing and as Scientists would tell you, you have the gaseous forms and that condenses further and further and further until it reaches the rock, and then the plant and the animal and then man. Now, that very fine energy, the first emanation of the Impersonal which we call the Personal God

6. UK 82-3 has not created you, not created you in the sense that used a mind. The mind only came later. The mind only came later. We do say that ‘First was the word and the word was God and with God’. That is very true, because that very first emanation which we call the Personal God was none else but sound. Word means here, sound. Now sound necessarily has to have vibrations. Our meditations lead us to the Personal God. We reach the finest level of the word. Now with the vibrations contained in sound and sound that could never remain static, it has to interact and within that inter action everything has come about. But that did not come about by will. It has been a natural process, natural process. Those very interactions created one substance, then another, then another until man has come about. So we have travelled a very, very long journey. Therefore we could rightfully say ‘We come from God and we go back to God’. In other words we come from that sound or the word and we go back to the word vibrations, which is nothing else but energy. That is not where it stops, that's not home entirely. From there the leap is to the Impersonal into that nothingness which is everything. And yet the Impersonal energy does not remain aloof. It is forever intertwined in every atom in this universe. Therefore, I've said before nothing is separable, everything is inseparable. Nothing can be separated. So do you see how vast you are, right from that finest Impersonal to the Personal God to you now with the physical body and the mind, one vast continuum. So, therefore within each one is contained the entire universe and that controlling Impersonal energy that is beyond. All that is contained within us. Therefore I always say man is Divine. He defines that Divinity. So, vibrations were there, the word, the word which we call God is there. And through the various manipulations of its natural self and which is the basic factor of all formulations, has brought out all the various kingdoms that we know of. And yet there are many other kingdoms beyond that. We talk of the mineral kingdom, the plant, the animal kingdom, but there are other kingdoms much finer than that. What about the gaseous kingdom that we know of? What about the etheric kingdom that we know of? So, we have to go beyond all that to reach home. We have to go beyond all that. Now when we say that man created God, what we mean here that he created a concept. Now this concept is not necessarily false. It is true. Because we have the thinking ability. Man is the highest living entity on this planet. And he's the highest living entity because he has been given the ability to analyse, rationalise. And when he started thinking, since primitive man he started, he knew within himself that there is something higher. He could not put his finger on it but he just knew there is something higher than myself. So primitive man started inventing Gods, the River God, the Sun God, the Tree God, all kinds of Gods because he needed that support. But man has gone now today still further. He has gone beyond the stage of River Gods, and Ocean Gods and Tree Gods and Mountain Gods with his analytical brain he's still

7. UK 82-3 gone further and he's thinking of a certain energy on a deeper level which he has termed God. The concept of someone sitting up there on a throne with a long beard that is not held anymore. Some people do believe in that. But the thinking man today gives that theory no credence. So, then what is the Personal God? The Personal God is that concretised energy which emanated from the Impersonal. The idea of a man sitting up there with a stick and a couple of thousand bookkeepers writing down what everyone does. Someone was telling me that if that was the case, heaven would be too small to contain all those books. You see. So the concept of someone sitting up there punishing you or rewarding you is not held any longer by the thinking man. In the modern world in this technological age, people try to reconcile religious concepts with scientific discoveries. They try to reconcile it and great strides have been made. Fine. So, this concretised energy which we know as the Personal God is neither a rewarder nor a punisher. The person that rewards or punishes is you yourself. Yeah. It's you yourself, no one else. You gather all the experiences which is termed in mundane terms as good or bad and that will be your result. I always say if you sow potatoes, you can't expect onions to grow. Who’s the sower you? No one else. Now, when we say, when we say that God punishes, what we mean by that is this that there is a controlling energy, everything in this universe functions in precision. And that energy sets the reaction to every action. So for want of a better word to put it in theological word, we say God punishes or he rewards. What we mean that we have set a certain chain to motion, a certain action to motion and every action will have its reaction. And we experience this in daily life. If we show real love to someone, inevitably that person will love you in return as long as it is unmotivated love, just pure love, love for the sake of loving. You'd find the reward. It can conque r the heart that is totally closed up you can say. Love conquers everything. If you start hating someone, even in your mind without even expressing the hate, that person is bound to feel it. Because everyone is connected by the subtle energy. There are variations of energy from the grossest to the subtler and the subtler and the subtler and the subtlest of the s ubtlest. And everything is connected. So if you start hating someone even without expressing it, that person is bound to feel that hate. Experiment with your animals for example. If you love your dog or cat, it will behave much, much differently. Even science has proved plants can feel any cruelty to it. You know of the experiments that have been done not so long ago how plants can feel. You see. So the concept of God is because we find it is a controlling factor of all our actions in life, the controlling underlying factor that does not judge, that does not punish, that does not reward. It is all created by ourselves. Now if a person has a lot of bad karma which no one really has? No person has a lot of bad karma. They have also got good karma. We are

8. UK 82-3 always hanging in a sort of balance like a seesaw sometimes up and sometimes down. Many people get frightened by the word karma. ‘Oh this happened to me it must be my karma’, partly true. Partly true. But what are we going to do about it? What are we going to do about it? Do not think that what you regard to be suffering is really suffering. It is the workings of that eternal law, of that Divine energy that helps you eradicate that karma. It is not a punishment for that Divine energy is fair, it’s fair. It will not give one happiness and another one sadness. It has no reason to do that. It’s totally fair. Now if we have these miseries coming from this long way over billions and billions of years timeless, timeless , timeless and if we have gathered certain negative elements within us, how do we get rid of these negative elements? By performing positive elements and accepting that which seems negative to us. There was this one lecturer, he says 'Think positively, do not have a negative thought'. Use the word is and do not use the word not. So one lady in the audience thought to herself when questioned she says ‘Well from today I'm not going to use the word not. I'm always going to use the word is’. And she was asked ‘How you going to do that?’ ‘Well before I used to say’ she replies, ‘Before I used to say that my husband was not fit to live with the hogs, but now I will say, my husband is fit to live with the hogs’. (Laughter) You see. So we, we all have to be good sports and accept these things and just take away the negative part of it. You don't really need to dwell on it. We got to be good sports. This teacher was giving a test to his class on ancient history. So the teacher asked the students, ‘Name two ancient sports’. So the student replies ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’. (Laughter) Quite sports. Yes. So, in order to judge life, we do not need to know the totality of life. One step at a time is enough for me goes that beautiful hymn. Lead thou me on one step at a time. What am I doing today lying down in the evening and looking back at the day in retrospect. Have I been thinking some good thoughts? Not all, we don't want all good thoughts it’s impossible. But if you think a bad thought for five seconds try and make the next one good for six second and like that if the days go on you'll have a credit balance. So, we don't need to know the entirety of life. But this action of ours the thoughts of our and thought is also an action, more powerful than physical action. If it can just be regulated slightly consciously with our practices of Gurushakti, remembrance. You'll find that spontaneously the actions just become right. At first you got to do it consciously. After that, it becomes spontaneous. You do not even need to think. Everything just comes right. When you come to a fork in the road, you'll just take the right path. So you do not need to know the entirety of life. There was this woman who thought she wrote a great book. She sends it to a publisher and the publisher sends it back with the rejection slip. So this woman got very angry and she got on to the phone and she says ‘Yes, you

9. UK 82-3 Publishers, you did not do me right, and did not give me a good deal’. The Publisher says, ‘Why?’ She said ‘Well, from pages one hundred and fifty to one hundred and sixty I pasted them together and they were not unpasted. So that proves to me you never read my book’. So the Publisher on the phone tried to get a word in. So at last he managed to get a word in, he says ‘Madam, a manuscript is like a soft boiled egg, you do not need to eat the whole egg to know that it is bad’. (General laughter) You do not need to know the whole of life. Know one day at a time. One day at a time. How was my day today, that's the only question to ask. To hell with tomorrow, it will take care of itself. Why do people want to meditate? Why d o people want to go to church? Why do people want to read Scriptures? Why? Why? Only one reason. Only one reason, and the reason is to seek happiness. Only for happiness. But what method do we adopt? I've explained you how this entire existence has come about and we do not need to blame Divinity. It is only a law for all that happens to us. We do not need to blame. Prayer is good, it's a wonderful therapy. It quietens the mind. And who answers the prayer after all? You yourself. When the mind is quietened and you have problems, the solutions come. Through prayer, meditation when the mind becomes quiet you'll find the solution dawning upon you. And prayers are definitely answered. Because by prayer and meditation more importantly so, by meditation you are shifting energies around in your mind. You are shifting energies round in your mind and by shifting energies, you are quietening them. And that is what is required. The mind is troubled only when it is turbulent. A quiet mind can never be turbulent. Quietness is opposite to turbulence. So, when through meditation the mind is quietened, you feel a peace. And with the greater and greater quietening you reach the deepest level of the mind, the superconscious level and that is the level where the concretised Personal God functions. So, the super conscious level of the mind which can be reached through meditation, is the level where resides that fine energy which was the first manifestation of the Impersonal God. So, when we say ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within’, that is what it means. There's no place there with big mansions and cities and Kingdoms. No. That Kingdom is that quietude, the finest level of the finest relative and that is the Personal God. And that is only as far as where man can reach. Man cannot reach further than the Personal God. To reach the Impersonal God is an automatic step. It just happens. But man can consciously reach the Personal God, which in other words mean the finest relative, which in other words mean the level of the superconscious mind. So that is how the Kingdom of Heaven is reached. And when you find the peace there at the superconscious level, it has to come through the grosser levels of the subconscious and the conscious mind. And then the conscious mind feels the effect of that superconscious level, feels the peace of God in other words in theological terms, feels the peace of God

10. UK 82-3 and then he can evaluate all situations at its true worth and nothing hurts him. Then he realises all this is that energy in its various gradations, in its various forms of manifestations. So you see this long journey we have made, long, long journey, billions of years in our terms because we calculate time in a linear fashion. But when we reach that dimension of the superconscious, linear calculation disappears and the entire universe is but one flicker of a moment. It is only after you come back from there to the conscious level and look at your watch and say ‘Oh, I was gone for two hours’, then you think of time. But there it was just one second into that Kingdom of Heaven that is within. You see. Now this Kingdom of Heaven that is within is not an individualised things. The superconscious level of the mind is connected to everything in the universe. So through meditation when you reach that level, you are actually tapping the entire universe. You’re tapping the entire universe. Individuality only begins with the subconscious mind which contains all your Karmas and experiences and Samskaras and impressions which we allow to filter through the conscious mind and then we feel all the hurts and all the pains and most of them, you would say are imaginary. What does the word imaginary mean? Image making. How can you make an image without anything to make an image from? So when we use the word imagination very loosely we are making a mistake. There is no such thing as imagination. It is remaking of images that are existing in the subconscious mind. We are remoulding, remaking them bringing them to the fore. Yeah. So when we say that a person has a vivid imagination, it means that he has the energies or the power to draw forth the images that are existing in the subconscious level of the mind. So we must never tell someone, ‘Oh you’re just imagining things’. It is truth. Because they do exist. It is not a fixture of the mind imagination. So imagination is true. This entire universe as we know it is imagination. Have you ever thought of it in that light? It is imagination. It is a remaking of images and that is why we say ‘Man is made in God's image’. See how Divine you are? So all this exists in imagination and imagination is truth. It is not false. There's no falsity. There's no falsity. Many Eastern teachers come along and talk to you about Maya. All this is unreal. Partly true, partly true. Nothing is unreal. Everything is reality. But what could be unreal is your analysis of it. You pay too much attention to the analytical mind and add up your figures, two and two makes five and five and five makes eleven. That is unreal. Your attachment to things are unreal because your real self your inner self will not attach itself to things. Your real self does not feel the pain of a departed one. Your real self does not feel the pain of a loss of any kind. Your real self does not feel the pleasure of any gain. It is beyond pain and pleasure. So this little conscious mind, the left hemisphere of the brain which it all pushes out. I'd rather be brainless, true. (General laughter) That starts his calculations and anything which is calculating produces pain or pleasure. And we're calculating all the time throughout the day by our own little understanding. So if we can let go of that left hemisphere of the brain, of the little conscious mind then you will recognise how happy life really is.

11. UK 82-3 For the real self within us is beyond pain and pleasure. It dwells in the land of joy. That is our message to the world ‘Be in the land of joy’. You are there but unfortunately like a fish in the vast ocean and yet dying of thirst. You see. So it is only this recognition required. It is only this understanding that is required and to back up the understanding one needs experience and that experience is gained through spiritual practices. And when gain this experience and gain the understanding, so therefore these Courses are so, so necessary for people to attend or if they can't listen to tapes, at least there is a different angle given to things. Some things, which people are normally used to thinking. We are not going to be little frogs of the well who thought ah the well is everything, until the frog met a frog from the ocean took him along he says oh my God. You see. Do you see? So, we're going to cease to be well frogs, become ocean frogs and see the vastness that there really is and that is really what is within us. We are so interconnected with everything. And with this recognition comes the realisation that there is a God. At first man started with concepts of a God and then he starts experiencing God and then he starts living God. You see? You’re all living Gods, walking Gods, eating Gods, sleeping Gods. You see? The only thing is to realise it. Not with the mind only. Food is not only to be eaten, it has to be digested and after digestion it has to be assimilated so it forms the very marrow of your bones and the blood in your body. That's assimilation. And when these realisations dawn then life is nothing but a joy. Joy, joy, joy. You just see joy welling up everywhere. You see joy in laughter. You'll see joy in tears. You'll see joy in pain and in pleasure. For you have now risen above it. Now you’ve started operating from a deeper level within yourself. Now you have gone deeper into the ocean and not just playing about on the surface turbulent waves, but have found the calmness deep down in the ocean. You see how beautiful it is. These are the realisations that man requires. Oh yes. Because - I think yeah. This little boy, eight-year-old boy from a country town went to visit his grandparents in the city, and they discussed with him about their church. And this church, the congregation was so big that on Sunday's the Minister had to have three services, at nine thirty, at ten thirty and at eleven thirty. So they decided they'll go to the ten thirty service. So this eight- year-old boy goes with Grandpapa to the service and as they entered this vast church, there's a bronze plaque on the wall with a whole list of names in alphabetical order. So the boy asks his Grandfather, ‘What is that?’ He says 'Oh, that is a memorial to men who died in the service'. So the boy asks 'Which service? Nine thirty, ten thirty, or eleven thirty?’ (General laughter). Oh well, thank you very much. END


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