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1. UK 83-7 Gururaj. There might be some of you here, who are going to experience the Communion Practice for the first time, so just a few words. What you have to do is just sit still, be comfortable and just gaze at me. Don't stare, just a simple gaze. Some of you might have some experiences. Do not analyse them. Just experience them as if it’s floating, a screen in front of you and do not try and analyse them. Because by analysing, you’ll start your mind working which might block off other things. So, I will go into meditation. What you have to do is just relax and sit still and just gently gaze at me, your attention towards me. Good. Good-bye, I go. (After Communion) So, so long. So, so long. How many times have we not been together on this earth, or existed together on another planet. I wish I could take you on this lovely long journey. You hurtle through space and you go and you see the beauty of this wonderful creation, all working in such beautiful precision. It’s so glorious. There, there above, beyond the world, beyond the solar system, beyond the moon or the sun. You go beyond every known galaxy and unknown ones to man. You travel on and you go, and you admire all this, and as you are passing there, you feel that it is all a part of you. It is all within you and you are within them. What a beautiful journey. I wish I could take you with me and show you what's there. And everything there is here, and man not being able to realise this, the vastness, indescribable beauty. The colours are so luminescent that it blinds your eyes and you travel through all that seed and you are in it and it is all in you, until going right trough the universe, every corner of it, even its limitlessness that is, you become so limitless too, so you and the universe just become one. And the, in that oneness, you feel the entirety of the emanation and then it closes in and you just become one with that emanation of the entire universe. Then after that, everything disappears and you are nowhere. You are in the land of peace, so to say, for not having better words, you become the peace. You're not conscious of the peace, the bliss, the joy, but you are it all, and nothing exists. No worlds, no galaxies, no universes, nothing, just that stillness that you are, Param Brahma. Ah. It is very beautiful. Everyone here is capable to go on that journey. Everyone. And when you come back, then you look around you, you look at faces and you see right through them. You see right through their hearts and minds and what can you do when you see all the sufferings and the turmoil and the turbulence going on, raging in people’s hearts and minds like fiery volcanoes. I wish all humanity's suffering was like a

3. UK 83-7 Voice. I saw you bathed in a golden light............. (Inaudible). before that, in a female form ......... (Inaudible) ... pulsating energy vibrant. Gururaj. Beautiful, beautiful. You saw me in a female form. That is very true, because Divinity resides as male and female. Yes, so therefore all religions have the concept of the Holy Mother, or the Goddess. It is the same thing. There is no difference between male and female in the realm of the spirit. But, of course the outer grosser physical expression is that of male or female. So that is why you find people worshipping the Goddess, the Holy Mother, the Holy Father. It is very good, very good. And the golden light that you saw me bathed in, is the emanation of the spirit that surrounds you. It's like we see in some of the pictures of holy people surrounded by a halo. That halo, of course it's pictures that we have, artists’ pictures, but the significance is this, that a person that is one with God always emanates a radiance around him. And when for example I would go into that state of Samadhi, it becomes more stronger and more apparent. Voice. Guruji, first, you started to pulsate and then you stood out very sharply, very clearly and there was a tremendous white light. I felt tremendous heat. I was hot and perspiring. I thought my head was going to burst. Then the golden ligh t came. ... (Inaudible) side of your face there was a female and also an elderly man with rather a curved nose with a walrus moustache. Gururaj. Ah, you're going into my past lives, aren't you? Voice. The gold was pulsating and I felt my heart going quite quickly. Tremendous heat. Gururaj. Beautiful. Now, this energy which, that emanates through me through the grace of Divinity, I am just an instrument, the energy that emanates from me is felt by people in different ways. See because with the human body, you are governed with the five senses and heat that you felt that is related to the sense of touch. And, the energy being so powerful that it does, you know, bring about that heat and the pulsation, of course, of golden light, which is a very high spiritual colour. Very valid, very good, very good. Voice. And the old man Gururaj. I won't tell you but I know, I know. It was in China.

4. UK 83-7 Voice. I had the same sort of experience. In fact the old man was Oriental. He even had a long beard. I also recognised some animal forms, I’m not sure, it looked like 'ET’. (General laughter) Gururaj. Ah, beautiful. Very valid indeed. Very good. And, Peter, when you saw me half male, half female that explains a very similar thing to our friend over there, that God is both, Divinity is both. Yes, mind you in India we have, I can't remember what part of India it is, there's a beautiful statue, nearly life size, half female, half male and they call it Ardenarishvara. Arde means half, Nari woman, Ishvara male. So the Ishvara, the God is composed of the male and female. So we have certain sects in India that believe in that; that the holy mother and the holy father is one. There cannot just be a father but there has to be a mother with the father so that this world can be created. There's a lot of mythology in it but scientifically speaking or metaphysically speaking, there's a lot of great, deep meaning to it as well. Good. Voice. I saw very many different faces, some superimposed. Several times your body almost disappeared..... (Inaudible). Not really you there......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Good, beautiful, very good. Voice. ..................... (Inaudible) ......... lots of pulsating. I felt very heavy ..... felt as if I was not breathing through my lungs, but in my heart... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Good, wonderful. The energy that's emanated, as with Jean there in her experiences, too, it does cleanse one and opens, unfolds the heart. Yes, it is very good. Next. Voice. Guruji, I felt absolutely nothing at all until at the end you put your hand up.. (Inaudible) ... energy. Gururaj. Did you see a light coming from the palm? No? Did anyone? You did, good, fine, John as well. The hand shoots up automatically, one down and one up. It's just automatic. And of course I interpret it as this, that the absolute and the relative is but one. There is also a blessing to all, not from me, that which flows from within me. Because it's an automatic action, that I'm not even aware of really.

5. UK 83-7 Voice. Guruji, ............. (Inaudible) .... some of the faces, some of them seemed very cruel as well as kind. ....................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Very valid. It signifies that Divinity is in everyone. Do you see everyone? And with me going into that state of Samadhi would portray that. Do you see? Voice. Guruji, I think I have been present at every Communion Practice since the first one. I have never seen anything, heard anything, felt anything or experienced anything, and I feel very deprived. (General laughter). Gururaj. Beloved Sid. (Gururaj laughs) It is not necessary to have any experience at all. It's not necessary, but be sure to know, you see you might have experience on a subconscious level which does not come to the fore of the conscious level to be able to interpret it. But in every one of you, something has taken place. You could never be the same again, for the energy of the Divine has touched everyone. So, if no experience comes to the conscious level of the mind, it doesn't matter. It means nothing, you see? But everyone has been touched by the hand of God, so to say. Voice. Guruji, I felt very frightened.... (Inaudible).... Gururaj. Beautiful. You must not be afraid. You must not be afraid. That the heat you felt is the flow of the vital force , which of course people term as the Kundalini thing. The Chakras open up and with that Divine energy flowing to you, naturally you would feel it as heat. Yes. Voice. ........ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Open up the heart. Yes. Yes. White light. How many of you saw me disappearing altogether? Ah, very good, very good. Did any one of you see me rising up? Ah, yes, quite a number, good, very good. Voice......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. That is levitation. Voice. I saw just your head levitate, not the rest of you (General laughter).

2. UK 83-7 boulder on the chest so I could just lift it off and throw it away. Where to throw it to I don't know? Where can you throw it to? I think we should all talk a bit more later. If any of you would like to describe any experiences you might have had, please do so. You don't need to come to the mike. Speak from where you are. If you could just stand so that your voice could travel better in the room. Voice. ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Sorry, I didn’t hear you. Voice.(Cont’d) .......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. You saw something of the spirit and because of association that invisible spirit portrayed itself through your eyes as the figure of, Gandhi perhaps. Beautiful. Next. Voice.(Cont’d) Guruji, your face changed many times. Sometimes it was grotesque, sometimes it was very beautiful. ... half a head .... (Inaudible). I saw a violet colour, around you, the chair, the table around you. At other times I could see people in the room giving off a golden light. Gururaj. Very valid, yes. Voice ..........gold .....(Inaudible) Gururaj. That is how when the energy flows through you or when you are totally one with Divinity, then naturally you would emanate an energy which, not only in this room but it would go far, far afield, that energy. So when you saw th e gold round everyone, you saw the energy. There are two that are with me now are bathed in that energy. When you saw a beautiful face, that means the preserver. Everything that is beautiful is always preserved, speaking of course as far as Divine energies are concerned. When you saw the grotesque face, in Sanskrit we call it Kali. Kali stands for the destruction, the slayer, the destroyer of people’s sins. So your experience is very valid. The purple colour you saw, that is a very high spiritual colour. Very good, very good. Next.

6. UK 83-7 Gururaj. Was it levitation or decapitation? (Gururaj laughs). Beautiful. Voice. ...... (Inaudible)...... no head......... Gururaj. No head. I’m off my head. And you Breda, I don't know if you remember the joke from yesterday or this morning. You said you felt frightened. You know this joke went we're afraid to meet God. It says 'No, I was afraid to meet the other guy’, (Gururaj laughs). For your information that other guy does not exist. You know with that red, woolly jumpsuit and horns and tail. (Gururaj laughs). Good, any more? Now, put up your hands for this question. Even though you may not have had a visual or auditory experience or taste experience, many people at many places they say that they feel a sweetness in the mouth. Did anyone have that perhaps? Ah, you did. Voice. Well, I choked after about ten minutes from when you started..(Inaudible)...choking .... Gururaj. Ah, because between the Ajna Chakra and the Visuddha Chakra, right at the back of the mouth there is another Chakra. Right, and when a person is vibrating at a certain level - this is an experience with me all the time. There is this Chakra there, that when all the Chakras are vibrating in total harmony at a heightened state, then this little Chakra there, lets off little drips which is like nectar, sweeter than honey. You can't describe tastes really. And sometimes some people experience that as well. Good. How many of you felt a beautiful peace inside? Practically everyone, yes. The energy of the Divine always brings peace, it always does. Good. Peter, what do we have time for now? It's half past nine, I don't think we've got time for a Satsang now. Is it? Kirsten, will you come up with us? I've got all your Forms and there are certain things. Kirsten's from Denmark, I'm sure you've all met her. So I've got all your Danish Forms and there are a few things that I want to explain you, if you could spend half an hour with me. And then of course I'll have to go for supper after that. Okay, thank you very much. END


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