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2. UK 84-1 You know this one guy, he wrote to Charles Atlas - you must have heard of him, the body building guy you know that teaches you how to build muscles - so this fellow replies, he says ‘Dear Sir’, he writes to Charles Atlas that 'I have gone through your Course thoroughly, now please send me the muscles'. (General laughter) We call it the three L's Life, Love and Laughter. So, with the wisdom we have a few jokes in between and relieves the mind of tension. So now how to find the strength to become humble. Strength is in you all the time, not to be discovered but to be uncovered because it is veiled. Like an electric bulb, you know you wrap a lot of cloth around it and the light does not come through. So the process that people on the spiritual path go through, is unwrapping the veils so that the light, the bulb could shine in its full brightness. And that brings strength and therefore and that is why we teach meditation and spiritual practices to unveil the veils. Where do the veils come from? Divinity is a neutral energy. It favours no one and neither does it favour another one. So all those veils that blocks off the light that is within you, is created by yourself and no one else. (Gururaj coughs) I beg your pardon change of weather, climate. What are these veils? These veils are composed of ignorance or nescience, where you are not aware of your true self that you are Divine. And it is only the awareness of your true self that you are intrinsically Divine that you will find the strength. People go through life in all kinds of miseries. There is no misery in this world at all except that which you create for yourself. Yes. There's no misery. You create it. So the Creator has not created misery for you, you have created it. Why should one child be born in happy prosperous healthy circumstances and another child born in poverty and illness and suffering? Why? Look, that Guy up there, which I know so well and I live with Him twenty four hours of the day, I know He does not create misery. It’s a neutral force, given to you to use in whichever way you want to use it. Use it negatively, then you have the negativity. Use it positively, you have the positivity. You don't expect to plant Dahlias; you don't plant Dahlias and expect Roses to grow, do you? No, you don't. You don't. Now, this goes further back than the time that you're born. You are a sum total of all the lifetimes if you do believe in that, from the very first primal atom or the amoebic stage up to now, you are the sum totality of it all because of the experiences that you have gone through. And that is conditioning your present lives at the moment. Why am I so happy and joyful all the time? And why do I see X, Y and Z there outside the window full of misery? He has brought misery upon himself. He is standing in the damn rain, while I'm sitting here so comfortably. Who says he must stand in the rain? Walk in, for the kingdom of heaven within, those doors are never closed, they're open. And that is why Spiritual Masters are there to lead you to the door and as the old Biblical injunction says, 'Knock and it shall be opened', but we are too lazy

3. UK 84-1 to lift up our hands to knock. Actually it’s not even a physical act. You don't need to knock with the knuckles, you just need to think and the doors are opened there for you. So, the closest thing to you is Divinity and yet we are so blind not to see it, not to hear it, not to feel it and it there a ll the time. Divinity is closer to you than your very breath. And once that is realised, you become meek and you become humble. And when you become meek and when you become humble then you know the true value of love because a person in his haughtiness, that is haughty will never realise that love. They're too so much in that ego self of their's, 'I'm Mr. So and So, and I'm this, I'm that, I'm this, I'm that'. You are nothing. Your ego self is nothing, created only by your thoughts and you know how thoughts work. Today you'll think one thing and tomorrow you'll think the opposite thing and the next day, something more opposite to that. So your ego self is the cause of all the trouble the ‘Me and the Mine’, ‘Me and Mine’, ah but what about changing ‘Me and Mine’ to ‘Thee and Thine’. Can anyone truthfully say that this is my body? Can anyone truthfully say this is my brain? Nothing belongs to you, not even your mind and not even your body. The only thing that you're incapsuled in are the thought forms that you have created. And those thought forms in the Sanskrit word is called samskaras or impressions that have been deeply planted into the mind and that rules and governs your life. It governs every action you do because the mind is patterned and you don't go beyond the patternings. You just revolve around in the patternings that you yourself have created and it’s like a maze. You go this way and you get caught and then you turn the other way, you get caught, you turn the other way you get caught, and you do not know the way out. You have created the maze. That's why Spiritual Masters come along to show you the path out of the maze that you have created yourself. Maze is spelt 'M a z e' and I don't mean ‘maize’. That's food, cereal, corn. And most people are corny, you know that. Right, Charles? So to find that meekness, that mildness, that gentleness is totally dependent upon ourselves. Now the question is how do we find it? How do we get it within ourselves? Someone was telling me that I'm lower than a serpent's, a snake's belly. I said ‘I'm very sorry, you’re still lower than that, the ground is lower than that’. How to find the meekness and the mildness and the gentleness of which you are really born, is to find that which is within yourself and it can only be found through meditation and spiritual practices. For when the conscious mind is brought to a calmer state, you go to the deeper layers of the sub-conscious mind in which all these impressions are captured, incapsuled. But then you still go further, further to the superconscious level of the mind, where there's real peace, joy, tranquillity, meekness, mildness, gentleness. And then reaching there you do not come back empty-handed. You bring that energy with you and it penetrates the subconscious samskaras, impressions. And it comes through into your conscious mind and then when the conscious mind starts acting, performing then every action you do becomes a true action, a good action. You just need to

4. UK 84-1 think a thought and it comes to maturity. Yes. Just need to think it, that's all and it matures. I give you one example now that happened now. Charles came with me to Spain and on London Airport, we saw an old man much older than me of course, Voice. Madrid Airport Gururaj. Was it Madrid Airport? Something like that, wherever. Right. And you know those long, today the airports are so big, I don't know why they need to build hangers, they could push the planes right into the airports. You got to walk miles. And here I saw this old man, he had this little trolley, - is that what you call it, that you fold up, - trolley, trolley, is that what you call it in England? Fine. Good. So, I was telling Charles, I say 'You know walking all this distance in thes e airports and my holdall you know it becomes heavier'. I'm not a healthy man physically. So I says 'You know Charlie, I must really make a plan to get one of these things.' They cost about seven, eight pounds, I don't know what. Right. And would you believe it when we arrived at Madrid Airport and we're waiting at the roundabout to collect our baggage, there was this trolley strapped onto my bag. I was just telling Charles about it. I said 'Look, I must get one'. And there it was. Where it came from, who sent it, I don't know. Another little example, when I came to England here, Charles was there at the airport to fetch me and I had to go to the Canadian Embassy. And it is a rule with the Canadian Embassy that every person that wants a visa, has to be personally interviewed. They take you into one of the offices and some interviewer interviews you and asks you a whole of questions and things. Well I had filled out my form and I gave it to a clerk. I said ‘Will you send this in’. So there, they didn't even call my name. They give you a number. Then I heard other's names were called, Dr. Mason, this one, Mr So and So, Sir Lord Charles, there - I tease him a lot you know. Good. And so, my number came up and this young lady, she was not too young or else I would have invited her to dinner you know, so she comes there and she shows, you know she says, 'There's your visa, Sir, in your passport. Thank you very much'. No interview, nothing. And like this, things go happening all the time, all the time. So, with that meekness, and gentleness there's a great purification of the mind and the heart and when you approach life with a pure mind that does not mean, a pure mind does not mean that you must not you know have your biological functions like going to the toilet or doing whatever you do, I don't know what. But the purity of mind and the purity of the heart gives strength to everything you do. And this is brought about by meditation and spiritual practices prescribed by someone who has travelled the path, someone who knows, someone who could with a touch, transform

5. UK 84-1 your lives if you are ready for it. The ground has to be tilled for the seed to grow. So, these things you learn in meditation and spiritual practices which I personally prescribe to you and which are just taught over by teachers that are trained by me. They are preparing the path for you, cleansing, cleansing, cleansing. And I am the world's number one street sweeper - the street of your mind and heart. Do you see? So, you become so gentle. Now with meekness, gentleness and when you are gentle, you become so kind, you become compassionate. You develop that sympathy, that even sometimes when I get the message through, I might be thousands of miles away and tears just start pouring from my eyes. And my wife Lata, she asks me 'Are you not well? Have you got a pain?' I say 'No, no, no. I'm well'. Someone at this moment is in some trouble and it pains me. And then I send spiritual energies, we call it Gurushakti to those of you that don't know about it and it works. It does, because of the gentleness, because of that meekness, because of that compassion, because of that deep love you have for all even the meanest worm that crawls on the floor. You have that love even for that. Because even that worm crawling on the floor, has the same life in it that you have, the only difference is that the worm cannot think. Man can think and that thinking ability wrongly used is the fal l from grace. Rightly used it’s uplifting, it takes you to joy the beauty of life. Do you see? Now, the second part of the question was aggression. It is such a pain, it’s a pain. I know last year I was invited to Boston, America, to the, what was that Conference, - World Peace? Voice. The Parliament of Religions? Gururaj. No, no, no that was something else. This Conference on World Peace for International Business Leaders on how to by-pass or overcome the Nuclear threat. Yeah. So of course they had you know, people round the world, it was like a think-tank. They invited people from all over the world and I was one of the persons that was invited to participate in this Conference. The World Parliament of Religions was something different. That was where people of all religions gathered and I was the main speaker at the Conference. That was in Chicago, while this World Peace thing was in Boston. Good. Fine. Now, what shall we do about aggression? Simple, become non-aggressive yourself. You cannot change this world. Rama tried nine thousand years ago. Buddha tried two and a half thousand years ago. Jesus tried two thousand years ago and yet the same form of aggression remains. Even in Jesus’ time, the aggression was so much that he was hanged on a cross. Do you see? Look at that aggression against such a God on earth. So aggression will be there all

6. UK 84-1 the time, but we as meditators or some of you that are not yet, would become so, we take away the aggression away from ourselves through meditation and spiritual practices. Now, when you are freed from aggression then remember the people that you encounter will feel that non-aggressiveness in yourself. In Sanskrit it’s called Ahimsa, non-aggression. You'll feel it within yourself and when you feel it within yourself and live it then whoever's path you cross, they too will become non-aggressive because everything emanates a certain force, a certain energy. Each and every one of you are emanating a certain force, a certain energy. Even this flower is emanating its fragrance or whatever. There's an em anation all the time and if you emanate peace because you are peaceful inside, then others around you will feel that peace too. I have never known anyone in this world, and I don't speak from books, I only speak from personal experiences, I do n't know anyone in this world that hates me. No one. Why? Answer is simple, because I love everyone. So how can they hate me if I love everyone? Do you see? You radiate that peace, you radiate that power, you radiate that force of Divinity. So how can you hate? And hatred is behind all aggression. Fine. And aggression is also backed up by an imbalance, you can call it psychosis, neurosis or whatever terminology you want to use. But that too is created by oneself. Anything that you create, you can uncreate always. There's no such thing as impossible. If I have a quarrel with my wife for example, it must have happened about thirty odd years ago, but by the time I get to bed, there's no quarrel. Oh no. And therefore any of you that sleep in twin beds, chuck them out, buy a double bed. Do you know a human being has an aura - I'm talking of the average person. It radiates to the extent of six feet around him. A Spiritual Master, his aura extends your whole city. But we're not talking of Spiritual Masters, we're talking of us here now, extends an aura or an emanation - aura is a word used in occultism and we're not interested in occultism - extends this emanation for six feet. And husband and wife sleeping together bathe each other in each other's emanations and so greater and greater closeness forms. You’re imbibing from your partner and your partner is imbibing from you. And those very energies that you are exuding, becomes one energy between the two. And then there are no two left anymore. There's only one left. And what is that one? The emanation. Where are you when you’re fast asleep? Do you know? You don't. But that emanation even during your sleep is there all the time intermingling with your beloved. I'll sti ll like to find a person that has slept in the same room with me and not felt better for it the next day. They definitely would and that is true. By the way, I'm not inviting anyone. (General laughter). Are you coughing, Douchant? A little bit. I had a mint somewhere - I don't know what I did with it. Ah it was just one mint someone gave me, a child gave me. It must be in my other coat or something. I can't find it. No. No, I haven't

7. UK 84-1 got it with me. Right. That's besides the point. There have been - for Douchant. That's it and someone over there was coughing. Pass him a mint. Pass him a mint. Pass him a mint. Ah thank you my beloved, ta, I shall have it later. Ah hah, thank you. Good girl. She's lovely, Helen is, isn't she? Yeah. So, the secret is there have been many reformers that came upon this mother earth and yet people that lived during the time of Jesus are non better than the people that are living today. The teachings I give are the same as all the great Masters have taught. Only one difference that I teach according to the times. I teach according to the times where people can understand. In Jesus’ time he had to teach in a different way for those fishermen and peasants. Right. Buddha's time, he had to teach in his way, Krishna's time in his way, Mahavir's time in his way, to suit the times of the people. The same very talk I'm giving you now, now if there was a group of University Professors here to whom I've lectured to many times, I would make it according to their needs, you know technically right, which they would appreciate more. But that kind of talk won't help here. You want to drive a message home into the human heart and not talk above their heads. And yet when you know what you're talking about, you could talk of the most profoundest truths in the most simplest terms. And that's what I learned at Santiniketan, the Institution which Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Prize winner founded, Santiniketan, Douchant. Good. He won the Nobel Prize in nineteen thirteen for his book Gitanjali. It’s a very beautiful book. You must read it, a small little volume just try and get it. And I remember there's one poem in there which is so beautiful and I've quoted it so often, not only quoting it but I live it, even before I read Gitanjali that 'I am nothing else but an instrument a piece of wood and he blows his Divine melodies through this little piece of wood so that the world could enjoy the beautiful symphony'. He is the blower. He is the doer. Not I. If you ask me a half an hour later what I spoke about, I wouldn't remember. Do you see? Back to aggression, - how aggressive do you feel as you're sitting there? After speaking for about forty five minutes now, do you feel less aggressive within yourself, yes or no? Put up your hands. Nearly everyone. Now what caused this, ask yourself what caused this? I'll tell you what caused it. He is blowing the tune and you are listening to what He's blowing through this little piece of wood. Do you see? All your troubles and problems get forgotten immediately. And that is what is called Dharshan, Sanskrit word, it means to be in the presence of a man of God. That's what it means, Dharshan. And I think I must have said on some English Course before, I do not remember because I go round the world lecturing all over, I think I've done more than three thousand talks up to now, and I've always said that the day will come one day, where I will just sit here with my eyes closed and just quiet and you will sit there just quiet and all the mental turmoils and aggressions and what have you that are in the mind will resolve themselves immediately. And it will require preparation, you understand. Regular meditation, regular spiritual practices that's important. Did - have you sent me a

8. UK 84-1 cigar? Right, I don't want it now, after dinner perhaps. Do you see? Life is so, so simple, so, so, simple. We fools, make it complicated, absolutely. It gets timed without timing it. I'm looking forward to playing tomorrow, ah yes, sleeping. Good. So, the aggression must be taken out of us firstly and foremostly through our meditation and spiritual practices. And you will find for yourself that a meditator, a true meditator, a regular meditator you can spot a mile away, a mile away. And just to be in the presence of a true meditator is a blessing in itself. Forget the guru; he only comes round once or twice a year. It’s a blessing in itself because as I said before and to repeat again, that you’re forever emanating something and the other person can feel it. So become non-aggressive yourself and you will help the people around you. You definitely will. If you're living with your mother and father or husband and children or whatever, they'll feel it in some way or the other. If someone says a nasty word to me and there's not any tort to which I cannot retort, I'm a master of repartee, yes, but I won't, I will just keep quiet. I made a mistake once but that's before I started this International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment and I was in show business, films and stage shows, directing, producing, importing, distributing, the works, and I was on stage one day introducing one of your English guys, Maxwell, I had him down four times, Voice. Bygraves? Gururaj. Bygraves, Bygraves. Max Bygraves, that's it, right. So of course I was introducing him on the stage you know and there was some drunken fellow there in the audience you know and he was heckling - some people can be stupid - he was heckling. So I said 'My dear sir, the more I look at you, the more do I seem to believe in birth control'. (General laughter) And he kept quiet after that because I didn't want him to spoil Max's show, Max Bygraves, the chap that wrote the 'Tulips from Amsterdam', Voice. 'You need Hands' - 'You need Hands'. He used to sing 'You need Hands'. Gururaj. Of course you do, Helen, that's true, yes. You can massage my back but I need twenty witnesses there. Because who knows, you know from the back she might start rubbing the front, my chest I mean. (General laughter) So beautiful to be back in England, so lovely. I know most of you here so, so well. There are some new faces and I love you, believe you me. Now let's see what we've got.

9. UK 84-1 Twenty past - I think I've spoken about an hour, is it, more or less, yah, about an hour. We don't want to tax their brains too much. So this Englishman went into an Irish restaurant and he asked for asparagus, 'asparag-gus'. Fine. So this Irish waitress says 'Sir, we don't serve sparrows, but how did you know my name was Gus? (General laughter) And then passing through one of the villages, passing through one of the villages in Ireland, we passed a town hall. Good and there were two clocks on the tower and both of these clocks showed a different time. So I asked this fellow, I said, 'Man, you got two clocks there and they're both showing a different time. What's it all about?' He says 'Well, if both of the clocks showed the same time then we would only have one'. (General laughter). This one chap was brought up before a Judge for something he did, so the Judge says 'Were you ever up before me?' So this fellow replies 'Sir, I don't know what time you get up?' And the crowd was bursting out in laughter so the Judge you know bangs his hammer, is that what you call it, Voice. Gavel Gururaj. Gavel, gavel, right, so he bangs his gavel, 'Order, order, order'. So this fellow says 'One pint please'. (General laughter). Now this young couple they went for a picnic. They parked their car and took a walk into the woods. So after a while this girl asks her boyfriend, 'Did you put the keys away safely?' - they're Irish you know, - 'Did you put the keys away safely?' So he says 'Yes, I did, I locked it up in the boot'. Can I find another one? Oh yes. So this chap you know went to the Irish Symphonic Director - symphonic concerts, - I didn't even know they had symphonic concerts there, you know they only do that jig, - but I was surprised to find that they do have symphony there. Nevertheless, this chap went to apply to be in the orchestra. So the Conductor asks 'Do you play the violin?' So this Irishman replies 'I don't know Sir, because I've never tried'. (Gururaj laughs) Why the devil he went in the first place fo r the interview, I don't know. But that's the Irish brain!

1. UK 84-1 Gururaj. To the new people who have come for the first time on the Course, when I greet you this way it means that with thought, word and deed I salute the Divinity within you. Because you are not only permeated by Divinity, but every cell of you in your body, billions of them is Divine. For if Divinity is omnipresent then He must be in every cell of you and He must be composing every cell. Oh come in my love, we've just been waiting for you. Voice. How kind of you, Guruji. Gururaj. That's fine. There's a seat right reserved for you in front. Voice. Right up there. Gururaj. Yes. There you are. You know I just finished a tour of Spain - keeping well? Voice. Very well. Gururaj. Good, love. I just finished a tour of Spain and from there I did a tour of Ireland. But I had one difficulty in Ireland and that difficulty was this, how to explain English jokes to the Irish people. (General laughter) Good. Right. What would you like me to talk about tonight? Question? Oh there comes my beloved. Questioner. Guruji, it says in the Bible that 'The meek shall inherit the earth'. Can you please explain this statement and also tell us if aggression can ever be justified and explain why it seems to be a predominantly male characteristic? Gu ruraj. Male chauvinistic something? Yes. The meek shall inherit the earth, not only the earth but the heavens as well. For what do we mean by meekness? Meekness is not cowardice. Meekness comes of strength and a better word for meekness is humility. And you have to be strong to be humble. If you are weak, you could never be humble. So, humility requires strength. Now the question that could arise from that, - what's happening here? I think those are the Irish guys - Yes. So the question would arise, how do we find the strength to find humility? How do we find that strength? Do we find it through thought processes? No. Do we find it through physical processes? No. You can only build muscles that way.

10. UK 84-1 Now here was this other Irish guy, he was wracking his brains - you know the thermos flask, thermos flask, where you keep the tea warm, is that what you call it here? - thermos flask and he was racking his brains, he says, 'This is definitely a miracle because if you put in hot tea, the tea remains hot and if you put in cold orange juice, it remains cool, what a miracle'. What a wonderful Irish brain. Voice. You missed out, Guruji! (Laughter) Gururaj. Remind me where, where did I miss out? I'll repeat it again. (General laughter) You see you can make people laugh even by saying a joke wrong. A thermos flask keeps tea warm and if you put something cool in it, it keeps it cool. You see now that's why I said that for these Irish people to - it’s a hard job, the world's hardest job to explain them English jokes. Are there any Irish people around here? (Gururaj laughs). Let's have another one. This guy stole a motor car and he was hauled up in Court for stealing the car. So the Judge asks 'What have you to say in defence?' So he says 'Me Lord' - now that's the way the Judge speaks - so he says 'Me Lord, this car was parked outside a cemetery, so I thought the man was dead, so I took the car'. (Gururaj laughs) Well folks, see you tomorrow, in the morning. END


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