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1. UK 84- 10 Gururaj. Well the last Satsang of the week is normally to say ‘Au Revoir’, God's Blessings and may we always be together. That is normally the subject. I might not see you again. You might not see me again. Who knows but who the hell would want to know? I have come to you in this life to give whatever I could give, give you a message that surpasses all the teachings of Krishna and Christ and Buddha and the whole lot put together. Yet, I have made my message to you so, so simple that every man, every woman could understand what I am talking about. I give you spiritual food and you look after my phy sical sustenance. I thank you for that, I appreciate that so much. And not only for me alone but also for my wife, my children who are going to - one is becoming a specialist in Microbiology and Pharmacology and another one that's married with a little grandchild. Oh he's so lovely, eighteen, nineteen months old, so beautiful. I just can't keep away from him and I chase him around the whole house, all the time. That is me, so simple, so pure. I'll join in your parties, have a drink with you, have a cigarette with you, because the true messenger of God should never stay aloof from the people that he loves. He identifies himself with the people, for how can you express your love to your beloveds if you stay apart, be away? No. That's the wrong way. Jesus taught the right way. So did Krishna, so did Buddha. He was so closely in touch with his folk. He did not regard Himself to be superior. That was something that came into the Scriptures later. But while he was living, he was so much at-one-ment, atonement, with all the people that he loved, so so much. His life was made of love. Thanks to the Grace that be the Almighty that he has helped me to love. To me there is no one small or big. You could be a multi-millionaire, you could be a street sweeper, but to me you are all the same, all the same, all the time. I would never say I love Hans more, and I would love Beata or I would love this girl sitting there. What's your name by the way? Voice. Ellen. Gururaj. Ellen. I forget names. There's one reason for it. Because when I remember names I would typify them, put them in a mould, and with me it's no good. It is just us. It's you, me and God, the trinity. The trinity will forever, forever, forever remain. And yet the concept of the trinity is a concept so misunderstood because once you find the oneness, how can there be three? This is verbalisation. This is dividing things into different dimensions. The Man the Father and the God, the Ghost whatever. I've come to teach you, to bring that Trinity into the Oneness, and there is only Oneness in the eyes of Divinity. You think last day Course you've been with me, you think you're apart from me? Oh no. No, no. The

2. UK 84- 10 memory of this togetherness will forever linger in your heart, even if you do your practices or not. It will forever linger. There will be an impulse within you that we have seen that guy in the flesh, so normal, like me, like us. So normal. I'll sit down, I'll sing, I'll compose a poem, I'll have a drink with you, and why not? What the hell must I be away from you sitting on a high pedestal and creating pretences? It's not necessary. May I have your beads? A hundred and eight. A hundred and eight. Let's have a little chant before I go on talking further, because I know you guys have got to pack and get ready to leave home, for home. You have to get ready to leave for home. Actually you have come home. Your home is where I am. And I am in your home all the time. Do not believe it? You feel it, experience it. (Gururaj leads the Chant) Thank you Rajesh. Don't run away. Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. Your life after this Course will be totally changed. You will feel within yourself a certain change. It might not come to your cognition immediately but later it will dawn upon you. It is so great and beautiful to be on a Course and my Father told me in so many words, 'Go my son and where ever you go, I am with you'. I'm no special person. I'm an ordinary human being like all of you. But do remember one thing, in spite of the ordinariness, there is something through the mercy of God, not through me, I am just a pauper, a little piece of flesh and blood. When I go to the toilet, it also stinks like yours. (General laughter). Sorry, I caught a bit of chill here in this climate, excuse me for that. Quite human. Remember those of you that are Teachers, you can only be a teacher if you teach. Don't have a title. Title is not important. If you can lead any person to the path of Divinity, to bring them joy and peace within their hearts, to make them settle themselves down, here, what a great service you will be performing. And the rewards to you will be tenfold. Yes, it will be, that I promise you. I'll write it down as a guarantee, and signed by me. So my children, go out in the world, my children, my brothers, my sisters - to me it means the same. We are all children of the one Almighty. I wonder why He made me so small, really? He should have made me taller. Go out in the world, Teachers or not, but spread the word of love and peace. You meet someone who is troubled, give that person comfort. Understand his troubles. Understand that. As Jesus said, 'When two people gather in my Name, I am there'. He said that, which is very true. Where if you cannot accomplish things on your own, why not ask the Lord to intervene and make things possible for you, so that you too could live in joy and peace. If I could do it, I am sure, very sure, everyone else can do it. Always bear in mind throughout all the novels out of a house, they're only sensation provoking. There's some good literature of course, but try

3. UK 84- 10 and read good books. I'd advise you to get the set of Vivekananda, his Jnana Yoga, Raj Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, all there, a set of four little books. Right. Read that. Read good books. If you read the Bible, don't read the stories of the sodomy, the incest, the beheading. Don't. Read the stuff that teaches you. Voice. ... (Inaudible) Gururaj. I get carried away, and if I don't have people like Rajesh and Charles and him and John, I just float away. Do you think I'm here? Ask yourself that question. You see me here, now, with your physical eyes, but when your inner eye is opened, you'll see I'm everywhere. I say this in all humility. At this very same moment, in another sphere of the universe, on another planet I'm teaching and talking all the time. Now John told, John is here is he, good - now John told me that we are having a Course here in England from the twelfth to the sixteenth. Please join me, because you will leave with something. I leave with nothing except your love. That's what I leave with, your love. On these Courses, they barely manage to cover my air fares, and there's something, a little over which they give me as a gift. That's all. What more do I need? I do need some of these things, to provide fo r my wife and children. We live in a world that is necessary, where you got to go and buy bread and milk and sometimes we have bread, dry bread, sometimes a bit of butter, sometimes a little bit of jam also. That's nice. After all, what is it all worth? What am I going to take with me when I leave this body, which is not going to last too long? Heart operation, open heart operation, severe diabetic, cancer, all that. So how long can I pull it out? But the spiritual strength and the will is so strong, that I'll live out much longer than what you would expect. There's one favour I would like to ask you ladies, if you could do it. I've done about, over three thousand talks around the world. If they could all be transcribed onto paper - Tapes disappear - if they all could be transcribed onto paper and compiled into books, then that message will carry on and on and on. I give you the example of the Ramakrishna Mission. The entire mission, the Ramakrishna Mission depends entirely upon their publications. So we'll have an International Trust after I leave this body to supervise that, and there' ll be so much coming to you. Even in terms of money, it'll go on and on and on, editions and editions and editions and editions all the time. So you ladies could spend an hour a day or two hours a week, get all this rubbish I'm talking about on paper. Do that if you can. Get hold of you or whoever you think that you want to get hold of. You can have the tape free of charge, it's yours. Transcribe it. Send it off to me. I will edit it, because the spoken word is far different from the written word.

4. UK 84- 10 Is Sujay here? No he's busy with something else, he's doing some things for me. His wife Vidya has prepared two books and she's busy on the third one. She took excerpts from various talks and the title she wants to give it - look I leave it to them. I do my work, my chelas must do the rest. So she's got one book completed which is ‘The Master Speaks’, Voice. 'Master Reflects'. Gururaj. 'Master Reflects'. And then there's another one she's finished now, gathering together Satsangs in chronological order, that one is finished. And while she was visiting in Cape Town - and oh by the way it's an open invitation to all of you to visit me. Come and live with me to everyone of you, you'll love it. You'll love Lata, she's a goddess on earth. And you'll never eat, seeing that Westerners are very stomach orientated, they'll eat the best food they've ever eaten in their lives. Good. They'll be shown every part of the country. So come. Tell me first when you are coming. I'll arrange a car to pick you up at the airport and blah, blah, blah. Right, so now back to the subject that if some of you who that can do typing, ask my beloved here to send you a tape, you keep the tape as a gift. Transcribe them. Don't let my work be lost. It's an appeal from the bottom of my heart. It's an appeal. I've given talks that you know surpasses all the Vedantas, all the Bibles, all the Korans, all the Upanishads, the Vedas, the works. I have given you the core of human understanding, human love, humanity and godliness. Do that. Some of you ladies, I'd be very, very grateful if you would volunteer. Speak to him or write to him if you don't have a chance 'Send me a tape and I'm prepared to'. And keep a note of the tapes and let’s get things together. I'm not going to be with you for too long. Let's get things together, so that your children and their children, and their children, and their children will know what Guruji has spoken about. And if I should leave this body, I won't come back too soon. It will take me six thousand years to come back, when the time is right, when the time is ready. So if you boys and girls can do that, please do it. Ah there's my baby. Ah. A little water. END


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