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1. UK 84-3 Gururaj. You know we English, we English has the finest sense of humour in the world and we don't mind if a joke is cracked against us. After all we have years of culture. Fine. Do you know why Englishmen wear bowler hats? To protect their heads from woodpeckers. (General laughter). Firstly, congratulations to the people that were initiated today. You've started off on a very, very beautiful journey. It will be very rewarding. Good. What shall we talk about today? Questioner. Guruji, please, affective childhood, - sorry I can't read my writing - affective childhood demonstrations, remonstrations need replacing with emotional behaviour relevant to contemporary environments. Can therapy supplement our practices, please? Gururaj. Yes. We'll wait for him to sit down. The most important years in a person's life is the first three years of childhood. Whatever impressions the child gains within those three years, seems to govern their future life. A child you think, that he does not think and that is very true, because it is only with age that you would develop the power of analysis. But there's one thing a child can do better than an adult, the child can feel. And its feelings are not combined with the emotions. Adults also feel, but their feelings are combined with emotions and therefore emotions can be wrong, so that invalidates the feelings. But the child who is so innocent, his feelings would be totally true. A husband and wife for example would be having a quarrel, the child does not understand it what the quarrel is all about, but the child will feel that there is something wrong. You shower a child with deep love and the child feels it. And today even in modern systems, well, they have developed other techniques now where a child is born and is immediately taken away from the mother and put into a room with a hundred other yelling kids. That is very wrong. Here the child has lived with the heartbeat of the mother, in other words, the child’s heartbeat is linked to the rhythm of the mother's heartbeat. The child through the naval is fed by the food the mother eats. Close link, close connection and then after birth which could be traumatic to some children, they get yanked away into some other room and put in a cot. It should not be so. After the child is born the child should be allowed to lay on its mother's breasts and feel that rhythm of the heartbeat to which the child had become used to in those nine months, in the embryo. Now, when you speak to a child, the child might not understand you but your very voice and your very feeling will be felt by the child. Definitely so. And therefore to repeat again the most important years in a person's life are the first three years. Now, when a child is born, remember it is not unconscious, it has a consciousness just as vast as yours which would as it grows up, develop, becomes more and more aware. Fine. But there's one thing a child brings with him even although the child is not conscious of it, is the samskaras, the impressions of past lifetimes. What we are today and I

2. UK 84-3 might have said this before, is the sum totality of all the lives we have lived, sum totality. So, every mother I feel shoul d know or study how to bring up a child. It is very, very important. If the child, because of the squabbles at home and lack of love for the child at home will produce in him so many negative qualities. Firstly, the child would not be born if it had no samskaras. If it did not have the mental impressions, it would not require to take birth. It would merge away into Divinity. But because he has not evolved highly enough, he has to take birth. And three score years and ten is too little to teach you everything you should know. So, therefore these lives are necessary. When a person passes away, it goes into a sphere or a dimension and in that dimension, whatever you think of in life, will happen to you and that you will see. If you firmly believe in your mind that when you pass over, you'll meet your beloved, you will. Right. There are some religions that teach, they deny you all of this on earth. They tell you, you must not have a woman, you mustn’t drink and things like that. They forbid that to you while you're living, but they promise you one thing that after you are dead you'll have rivers of wine flowing, and houris, you know pretty damsels will be there in abundance to look after you. Now, if you are of that faith and if you have firm belief in that, that's exactly what you will fi nd. If you believe that after you are dead you will be burning in the fires of hell, that is exactly what you will find. So the point is this that after this body is left, you will find exactly what you have believed in. Therefore, meditational and spiritual practices are so important to make you aware and develop a greater awareness, develop a greater joy and peace within yourself, so that when you pass over, you will enjoy that peace and you will enjoy the joy. And in that dimension there is no evolution. You do not evolve in the other dimension. There are some fallacies for example, in every religion, including the Hindu religion. I was born from a Hindu family but I do not call myself a Hindu. If someone asks me 'Are you a Christian?' I say ‘Yes’. 'Are you a Muslim?' I say ‘Yes’. 'Are you Buddhist?' I say ‘Yes’. 'Are you Hindu? I say, ‘Yes’. Because I am a universalist, that for a lifetime seeking for truth and having found it and that truth is universal. There can be no denial. Religions of the world they disagree on things and really speaking the disagreement is just because of tradition. Eighty to ninety percent of all religions are formed of tradition. There might be ten per cent truth in it. Do you see? What we do is go beyond tradition and find the truth. You see? And then finding the truth you can find some value even in the stupidest tradition because man's mind is such, everyone's mind is not the same. Some believe in one thing and some believes in another but yet both want to achieve the same goal. Both want to cut down the tree, but one wants to use an axe and the other one wants to use a saw. But the aim is to cut down the tree.

3. UK 84-3 Now, in the other dimension you evaluate your entire process of evolution since the sub primal atomic stage. You evaluate it all, and then that makes you take rebirth because you have to learn more. You have not reached the goal yet. And that is why people take birth. It is only the Incarnations, the Avatars, the really true great Masters that take birth by will, not they have to. They sit on the fence. They can merge away into Divinity or else they can come back to earth. And they come back to earth by their own will and also because of the things that are happening in this world. In other words you are inviting him. So, when evil rises as the Gita says, that 'As evil rises and injustices are done, I take birth from age to age'. Do you see? So, in that dimension, you evaluate and after your evaluation is done, you choose your parents. Your parents don't choose you. You wait - this is something totally revolutionary for most of you - you wait until you find the proper chromosonic and genetic combination and then only will you take birth. Why is say little John not born to that set of parents over there, or James born to that set of parents? No. It has to be perfect. There has to be the proper chromosonic and genetic combination for that child to be born. And as I said a moment ago, it comes with a burden, the burden of samskaras, past impressions. And that is why the Christians and others say 'We are born in sin'. That's what is meant actually. You're born in sin because you have brought with you the impressions, good and bad, from previous lives. That is what is actually meant. Many of our Theologies have been so misinterpreted to suit the needs of the organisations. I was telling some group not so long ago, I don't know where, I never remember, that the two richest organisations in the world are the Churches and the Insurance Companies. The Church promises you heaven after you are dead and the Insurance Company promises you a bundle of money after you are dead. Do you see? There's more money in the Vatican than there is in the whole of Italy. The Catholic Church for example, is the world's biggest landowner. Nothing wrong, nothing wrong with that as long as something good is done. As long as something good is done. Papal dues, there's a wonderful psychology behind it. Number one of course to fill the coffers to support the church, right, and number two is to make you feel devoted and committed. That is your benefits. Because that is not going to reach there. Your meditation can reach there inside the Kingdom of Heaven within. Someone's Form I was checking this afternoon, Progress Form, and the person says to me that 'I want to go to India to an Ashram' - he's retired - 'I want to go and live in an Ashram'. So I wrote a big 'No' in red in front of that sentence. And then I added on, 'The Ashram, the true Ashram is within you and any geographical change is not going to change you'. Let's take an example of a drug addict or even an alcoholic, right. He, because being an alcoholic or a drug addict, he can move from here to Timbuktu and he will still be taking drugs or smoking. So geography has nothing to do with it. The greatest map of the universe lies within.

4. UK 84-3 So now let’s get back that in that state in the other dimension, there is no evolution because to evolve three things are necessary, the body, the mind and the spirit. Now there's no difference at all between the body and the mind. The mind exists in a subtler form and the body exists in a grosser form. And the purpose of having the mind and the body is to express the spirit that is forever eternally within you. So, when you discard this body, what goes beyond, is the mind and the spirit to energise the mind. And to allow with that energy, to allow the mind to evaluate itself. And in that dimension you cannot bluff yourself. You are totally truthful to yourself. It’s a must, because it’s a finer dimension, so you're truthful. Good. Now, do you know they call it souls - mind and the spirit mixed together is called Jivatman in Sanskrit, the soul. There's difference between spirit and soul. Soul is a mixture of the mind and the spirit, while the spirit is purity itself. Fine. Now would you believe this, that there are millions of these souls in this very room, millions of those souls. You can't see them, I mean with these physical eyes. You can with the inner eye. Oh yes, you can see them. People ask me about conception, we'll come to your therapies later, I've got to build it up towards that, so you'd understand. If you examine your body, you'll find it totally porous. You think it’s solid. It’s not. It’s totally porous. And I remember a lovely experience when I was doing a series of talks in Los Angeles and especially at the University of Los Angeles, call it UCLA, something like that, University, Voice. UCLA. Gururaj. UCLA. Thank you. They call it UCLA, and there I was taken to visit Disneyland. Now they have all these various rides there and some of you must have been there. Right. They have these various rides and one ride is they take you through a snowflake in the ride. You're sitting still of course and the thing that goes and you'd find how porous that snowflake is that you can penetrate it and go through it. Do you see? I mean this is done mechanically and electronically and what have you. It’s very exciting but it makes you think how porous you are not. So, those souls that are floating around here, millions of them are floating around here are inter-penetrating you all the time, in and out, and in and out, and in and out. And that's another reason when you feel negative, you'll find your negativity increasing because you'd have those lower evolved souls floating in and out of you. And when you're thinking of positivity, you'll find the positive souls, you know going in and out of you. There's another great fallacy which is also would sound revolutionary to you. They say that after conception the spirit enters the body. Wrong. Some say just

5. UK 84-3 before, a few months after or a few months before birth, the spirit enters the body. No. That one spirit or that soul is in your very sperm. It is inter-penetrating you. Yeah. So the spirit is in you and at the time of copulation, it is there alive and eternal. Do you see? And this is what science will find out. They will in time to come, as they progress more in technological researches. There's one advantage we mystics have, is to go into meditation and find out anything about anything. That's one advantage. Although many things being mystical cannot be proven in a test tube. And someone asked me can you, you talk of God and you have experienced God and you live God, can you put God in a test tube. I said no. Because the test-tube itself is God. So how can you put God into God when He is only one? You see? Now, here the child is conceived. Now when a woman is about six or seven months pregnant, that's the time she has to be very, very careful. Not only physically careful, but careful with the mind, because every thought that the woman thinks at that stage of pregnancy is impregnated in the child's mind. Yes. So, woman at that stage must have total peace and be given peace by her husband which helps, which helps. She must listen to good holy talks, her reading matter must not be novels and things, you know, boy meets girls, and do this and do that. Oh some of those novels are so terrible. I'm a member of the Censor Board of South Africa for the past twenty three years and some of the books that are sent to me to go through, utter, utter filth. Nothing is left to the imagination. Utter filth and I ban them. We have Committees that go through things and we ban them, do you see? So, at that stage of pregnancy, one must really, the woman specially must entertain good thoughts, loving thoughts, caring thoughts. And even if the loving and caring is externalised towards the husband it is still loving and caring thoughts. And all these thoughts create impressions upon the child's mind. Because it is life and all life is consciousness and especially when it comes to an innocent child whose mind to say is so susceptible. Every thought will affect the child. I had one son, I got three sons, but the eldest one, he would have been about thirty now, thirty, thirty two, he was born a spastic child. Lata and I looked after him for five years, but nothing helped. And those years I was in business and I could afford you know the finest and the best specialists and you name it, but nothing could be done, and he passed over. He passed over. And then I thought to myself, all my other three children after that, Jai, Praneet and Biren, those are their names, they are geniuses. They have over, above, their IQ's are high, and they are classified as geniuses, brilliant boys. And that one of mine at the age of eleven, he started teaching, Biren, the small one. He's fifteen now, sixteen, yeh, and you must see the talks he gives. There's a temple there in Capetown and he goes every Sunday morning, you know, a group of fifty, sixty, seventy children and grown ups and he gives them talks. I says to myself, 'Where the devil does all this come from?' Yeah. Do you see?

6. UK 84-3 Now, the spastic child and why the others are geniuses? Why was he born mentally retarded? Then I went into deep meditation, deep, deep meditation and tried to find the answer. Why? And the answer was this, that he was merging into Divinity, Nirvana you can call it, and he just needed that last bit of experience. And he passed over and he's merged into Divinity. That little drop has merged into the ocean of Divinity. Good. So anything that happens to us - I have some very, very dear friends that are sitting here that I love very, very much, I love all - and these dear friends lost a baby and they felt very, very hurt about it. As a matter of fact still, the thoughts well up in their mind but one thing must be realised that it is for a purpose and no one in this world can stop anyone's evolution. Everything is a lesson. Everything is a purpose. Right. So, a woman, when she reaches the seventh month of pregnancy, her thoughts must be pure. She must always read good books, listen to holy men, listen to good talks and things like that and they are impressed upon the child's mind. And do you know what great favour you can do to that little child in the embryonic state, that by thinking good thoughts, you are helping that child to eliminate a lot of his samskaras. What a great service you are doing? And husband and wife are happy and they express their love to each other, that, the child feels. So by doing that, you are giving the child a very, very good start. Right. Now, here the child gets born. From the very first moment, it must be shown the utmost amount of love by the mother and by the father, the mother more so. A woman is world's greatest creation. I might have said this before, the world's greatest creation. She's so finely made that no man would have the patience a woman has. No man would have the tolerance a woman has. No man would have compassion or sympathy a woman has. Why? Because she is made to bear children, to bring children forth into the world and to care for the children. Therefore, she is given all these qualities. Man, he's the bread winner, he's the hunter, he goes out hunting to bring in the bread and beans. Fine. But it’s the mother that really trains up a child. You see? And whatever impressions are implanted in the child in those three years, to repeat again, would be lasting for life. Those are the formative years. Not after he starts understanding and when it starts understanding and analysing things, that makes him lose his innocence. Doesn't the Bible say 'Be ye innocent as a child'. Now this is the meaning of it. You see? Our Scriptures have been so misunderstood. This is the meaning of it. That innocence. It’s only when we start analysing and gaining so called knowledge really speaking, we think that we think, but we don't think. So, loving treatment of the child is important. Do you know in India they have a custom that when a woman reaches the seventh month of pregnancy, they have a big Puja ceremony. You all know what Puja is, a prayer ceremony. Fine. The priest would come and what have you. And in this, after the ceremony especially for the first child not every child, the first child, after the ceremony is over, the daughter- in -law that's living at the in-laws house and that's the system

7. UK 84-3 there. The man never goes and live at his wife's house but the wife is always brought home to his house, as he would give his sisters to another house. You see? So after that ceremony, which is a very big religious ceremony, she goes to her parent's home. And I can promise you one thing that there would be very few mothers- in -law that could look after a young woman better than her own mother. Her own mother would have greater consideration. She won't need to work hard. She'd be encouraged to read good books, go and listen to holy lectures and things like that. And that's how the formation begins from the seventh month of pregnancy. Now, when the child starts thinking, he starts observing the environment around him and believe you me we do have a rotten environment, absolutely. I came to England now on this trip and I had one day before going to do a Course in Spain. So in that day we took a walk around London and Charles was there to meet me and we walked around. We walked round Soho area and the nudity and the pictures, the pornography there, oh God, it’s just too terrible. Nothing wrong with a man and woman copulating, making love but that is something very private. It’s not something that you exhibit. And then these shows with these pictures up there, women displaying their fannies and what have you, terrible. And then we talk of so much delinquency and violence and drug-taking and all these things that come about. By the way many of you people might have not attended a Course but I made a faux pas once on an English Course, it was actually a Teachers' meeting. You remember that? It was a Teachers' meeting and I was inspiring Teachers, you know giving them a pep talk you know to initiate, to do work because you'd be benefiting more by teaching than the person who is taught. It always works that way because that energy flows through you, then to the person. So by teaching, its like an old analogy of mine, when you water the garden, the water cleans the hose pipe even before it reaches the flowers. Right. So what I meant was, as we say in South Africa and in America, get off your backsides, that's what I meant, and fanny in South Africa and America means backside. Like, get off your backsides and do something. After the talk was over, a few of my close friends that were looking after me ran up, he said 'Guruji, do you know what I said?' I said 'What did I say?' So he says, 'Well fanny does not mean the backside, it means the frontside or something'. (General laughter) I was so embarrassed. I was so embarrassed because different countries have different meanings for different terms. I was very embarrassed. So the next morning at Satsang, I apologised. I says 'Look this is what I understood by it, as it is spoken in America and in South Africa. So that's what I meant’. So everyone had a laugh again. I made a faux pas in America once. I said 'Look, if any of you need any help at any time on this Course you can come and knock me up two o'clock in the morning, I wouldn't mind'. So a few of the people came up to me afterwards, close ones like John and Tony and what have you. He said 'Do you know what that means Guruji when you said come and knock me up any time. It means to get knocked up means to become pregnant'. (Gururaj laughs) Oh what a faux pas? Well here in England we

8. UK 84-3 would say ‘Oh come and knock me up’ - it means come and visit me. Right. That's what we would say in England 'Come and knock me up'. Come and visit me. Right. That's what we would say in England. Come and knock me up, come and visit me. Right. So now here the child gets involved in this environment. In America I've seen magazines on these corner stands, you know that sell books, you have it here in England as well, Pre-teen Porn, can you imagine, Pre-teen Porn. I've seen those magazines and I lifted one and went through a few pages and I said thank you. I just wanted to see what it was all about. That's the kind of society we are in. So therefore the Teachers that are here, teach, try and help humanity because your whole attitude to life will change and you will help others on the path to develop a better attitudes, a different perspective, the path towards Divinity and find peace and joy within. So now the child is mixed up in all this environment. They mix up with friends and they learn all kinds of things. Like smoking for example, they learn that with their peer group, if they don't then they're odd man out. You know how I learnt smoking, I don't know if I told you this, that in the Ashram that I used to live in, it was my job to light the Hookahs for all those retired Swami's. And do you know what a Hookah is, its something about this size you can get bigger too and in there you put in the tobacco on top and then you have molasses and then you have water in a bowl that's built in, into the Hookah. And there's a pipe leading from it, you know that you smoke. Right. And this water and the molasses makes the tobacco sweet, gives it a flavour and the water acts as a filter for the nicotine in the tobacco. Fine. And that was my job to light the Hookahs in the morning. And I used do it but when I used to deliver them to those old retired Swamis, I had a few puffs of each and every one of them. That's how I learnt smoking. Fine. Good. Now the child is mixed up in all kinds of environment. They got to follow the peer group or else they are odd men out. I've read in papers where in the Western world, teachers, children, youngsters, ten, eleven, twelve beating up their teachers. I've read not so long ago in Los Angeles, where a few youngsters got hold of some guns and went driving down the road and just shooting, just shooting away innocent people. Do you see? So, it starts actually from the womb, firstly samskaras of course, then from the womb and then that first initial thee years of the child's upbringing, that's important and that formulates the child. So now in that period of formulation - a child only gets spoiled after he starts really thinking - but if enough love is put into the child in those three years while he's still not a thinking being in the terms of an adult, then his life could become much, much better. It won't be perfect of course because if it was perfect in the first place he wouldn't take birth. You take birth to learn, life is a school. And then after that when the child is all muddled up, starting with the parents and then teachers who are just interested, I mean I wouldn't say all but most of them they're just

9. UK 84-3 interested in the pay cheque end of the month. They do not take a real interest in the child. They just become teachers, a way to earn money. That's all. Fine So the teachers fail, parents fail, they get mixed up with friends who exert a wrong influence upon them. When they grow up, because of the past their association will also be according to their calibre which is not going to help them. Do you see? And then they get so mixed up and muddled up that they got to go to psychologists and psychiatrists. Yes. That's the reason. They create a mental imbalance. And what is actually mental imbalance is that too much energy in certain areas of the brain operating and a non-operation in other areas. That's imbalance. Do you see? Psychiatrists and psychologists do help a lot. In Washington I did a lecture to what do you call that, the Humanistic Psychology, yes at the American University was that, Voice. The American Association of Humanistic Psychology. Gururaj. Ah, The American Association of Humanistic Psychology at the American University, that's right, yes. And I've spoken to many groups of psychiatrists and psychologists, because they go with the traditional method, what they learn from books. And we are busy at the moment, Rajesh is actually to try and get me to address the BMA, the British Medical Association on alternate methods of healing and not just aleopathy but there are other methods of healing and not only heal but I want to give them a demonstration how those spiritual energies could be imparted to another bringing about a balance. What Psychologists and Psychiatrists do, is just shift around your energies but they don't get rid of, you know those things that are thorny. So they cure a t oe -ache and give you a headache. It's not curing, it's just shifting of energies. Do you see? But they do some good work, they do some good work, you got to give them their due. And when they can't do anything to a patient, you know what they do, they give you shock treatment and blow your brains out. That's the worst thing anyone can have done for themselves, because those very psychiatrists and I've got a lot of friends who are psychiatrists. In Capetown, Professor Lynn Gillis we've done a lot of research together and I know all, so many, many, I mix a lot with the academic crowd and plus everyone else. There's no differentiation. And Lynn as Professor Gillis tells me, that this we take as a last resort and when we give shock treatments, we do not know what we are doing. We do not know what we are doing. So, we had to do five hundred researches on five hundred patients at a mental Institution in Capetown. The name of the Institution is called Falkenberg, Falkenberg Mental Institution. We did about one hundred and fifty cases but five hundred has to be done for documentation and for publishing. And the people that you know, he was with me all the time,

10. UK 84-3 because I'm not a licensed doctor, I'm a mystic, I'm a spiritual man, a man of God, so he had to be around all the time with his assistants. And the people were wired up, you know about sixteen of those things that they pluck onto your head. And when, and then they have a graph you know that sort of draw these squiggles, you might have seen them and when I touch the heads, these people, these patients there's a marked difference in the squiggles, marked difference to the betterment in those squiggles. So, what I was demonstrating to Lynn was this, that we have that spiritual force, we ca n make ourselves an instrument through which those universal healing spiritual forces can flow through us. By the way Rajesh and Jasmini has written a little booklet on Inner Healing. It is very good. I recommend you to read it. It won't be expensive, it’s a little booklet of fifteen pages or something? Twenty. I don't know how many copies you brought with you, oh didn't you. No, you didn't. But it would be wise if you could make a few hundred copies of them and bring it to the next Course. You have plenty of time and people will gladly buy it. It won't be very expensive a pound or two perhaps to cover charges or what have you. I don't know the prices in England, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Right. Fine. So, now psychologists and psychiatrists, all the work they do are experimental. You go to a psychiatrist and he makes you talk, talk, talk, talk, and he takes notes. That's all. And afterwards he tries to analyse your problem from what you have told him. But there's no spiritual force imparted there. They will explain you the problem and say look, this is so and that is so and thinking this way and thinking that way. And you go to him for eight or ten consultations or twenty consultations for a particular problem of which I could answer you in five minutes instead of twenty consultations. But they got to lengthen it out or otherwise you know, - it’s the root of all evil, money. Do you see? So, when people get mixed up, it starts to repeat again from the embryonic stage to the childhood stage and then the child mixes with people and gets all muddled and mixed up. And then they go to people who are more muddled and mixed up meaning the psychiatrists. It has been proven statistically that the highest amount of suicides in the world are of psychiatrists, statistically proven, one hundred percent, that the highest rate of suicides are among psychiatrists. Why? The answer is very simple. Because they listen to people's problems all day long, fine, and they have no spiritual strength to bear it. I can sit and listen to people's problems from morning till night, - (Gururaj coughs) I beg your pardon - but I would not allow that to affect me, because the mind is strong and the spirit is there. You see? So, that is the reason, Mr. Graham Parr, that people get muddled up because of what has happened, the environment, the upbringing and previous samskaras all put together and therefore they have to go for treatment. Let's see what we got in this box?

11. UK 84-3 You know Scotsmen hired a taxi to go to the Bankruptcy Court, he was bankrupt, he hired a taxi to go to the Bankruptcy Court. So when the taxi driver took him to the Bankruptcy Court, the Scotsman said 'Why don't you come in?’ And he invited him in. ‘Come in and you can be another creditor'. Do you know I believe you've had a lot of strikes here, especially among the coalminers and they have developed a new signature tune and the signature tune says 'We are busy doing nothing.' (Gururaj laughs) And then there was this other Scotsman who had a shop and on his counter he put a box, a box where you drop in coins and he wrote 'For the Blind'. So customers went in there and people are sometimes generous by nature and put in a few coppers or a few shillings or what have you. And when the box was full, the Scotsman opened it, the box that had 'For the Blind', he opened it and bought a blind for his shop window. (General laughter) You might have heard of this other Scotsman, you know what's harder than a diamond. A diamond is supposed to be the hardest thing in the world. But do you know what's still harder than a diamond is to take out a punt, a pound note from a Scotsman’s fist. (Gururaj laughs) END


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