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1. UK 84-4 Gururaj. You know Lord Battersby - while you're preparing questions - Lord Battersby went for a driver's test, so the examiner at this test, the examiner asked him, 'What is red and orange and green and red and red and orange and orange and green and red and this that.' So Lord Battersby replies 'Oh I know, that's a tube of fruit gums.' (Gururaj laughs). Your questions can be of any nature, anything you want to ask about. They do not even need to be philosophical, whatever you want to ask about, even about how to bake a cake, or how to make ‘cully and lice’, that's what the Chinaman said. Surprising they can't pronounce the r's. Questioner. Dear Guruji, I have a friend who says that in a dream they dreamt they were in Atlantis and it was a very vivid dream. And also in this dream, they mentioned that there was no moon. Now I've heard this discussed two or three times but she's sure it was more than just a casual normal dream. I just wanted your opinion on it, please. Gururaj. Good. Good. Good. Good. Some dreams are light dreams. Every person dreams, every one, except the enlightened man because he's got no samskaras. Now people don't remember their dreams is when, because they were so light that they don't remember them the next morning. But everyone be sure to know, and we have done tests on that, we call it REM, many of you might know that, Rapid Eye Movement, and by measuring that, we know that this person at this moment is dreaming. If you have a person and connect him up to this REM machine, and not allow him to dream and wake him up as soon as he starts dreaming, you do that for one week and he will become totally insane. He will become totally insane. Dreaming is a wonderful release valve, that one needs to exist. Fine. Everyone has samskaras, so they must dream. Now what makes our friend's friend seem the dream to be very vivid. It happens this way, that just when you are in a - you know sleep also takes patterns - when you go to sleep, there's a time when you go into a deep sleep, then you surface again to a lighter sleep, then you go into a deep sleep. And then in the morning you surface to a lighter sleep again. Right, now in the lighter sleep it is just a dream, but because the sleep at that moment was light, it seemed very, very vivid to him. Definitely there's a moon and it's been there for millions of years. And there's not only one moon, there are millions of moons in different solar systems and throughout the galaxies, and there are millions of galaxies. So you can keep on calculating all the time. Do you see? So, because of that sleep state being very light at that moment, the dr eam seemed very vivid to this person. And there's another part to your question apart from the vividness and the moon?

2. UK 84-4 Questioner. She seems fascinated with Atlantis. She feels that she's lived there in previous lives. Gururaj. Oh, she believes that. She believes that. People imagine lots of kinds of things. The other day I was telling some people, I think it was over lunch or supper, that people always like to dream that they were a great King, or they were Cleopatra or they were this or they were that. Meanwhile, they could have been murderers and rapists and thieves and you know, the whole bang works put together. The greatest gift God has given man at this stage of evolution is the ability to forget. Oh yes. So people must not try and dive into things which could unbalance them. Do you see? They should not. And tell your friend that regard it to be a dream. Add no importance to it at all. I've made a tape, I think a year or two ago here in England on Atlantis, and it would be nice if you could borrow it or buy it or whatever and give it to this friend, where I spoke about how Atlantis was sunk through this crystal that they invented, which was a thousand times more powerful than the Hydrogen Bomb. And because of man's lust and greed for power, they warred against each other and this crystal exploded. And it is so powerful that there are still splinters of it at nine points in this world, at the foothills of the Himalayas, in Glastonbury, you have a bit. After all England, I might have told you this before, is part of Atlantis. When Atlantis sank, this little piece just broke off and floated up. Do you see? You're Atlanteans. Yes. Why do you think a small little Island like this, that you can ti e up in a handkerchief, could have the greatest Empire in the world, that created the greatest Empire? There's some force, there's some power, that's for sure. If it wasn't because of your climate, I would come and live in England. (General laughter) And then in Capetown there is a splinter of this crystal there. Along the Yangtse River in China, a part of this crystal is there. Alongside the Andes, a part of the crystal is there. Do you know India was right next to South Africa? But because of this vast sinking, this vast explosion, that portion shot up, and this was an article in the Readers Digest, you know being well researched. This portion called India shot right up with such a force that it pushed up the Himalayan range of mountains. You can imagine the impact. Try and get that tape on which I spoke at length on this subject. Right. Next question? You know this English person went to Scottish doctor and he asks the doctor, 'What shall I do about my liver?' So the Scottish doctor sold him a pound of onions. (General laughter). Questioner. Thank you Guruji, that was lovely. Now could you speak to us about the destructive and healing power of the written and spoken word? And of the two, which is the more powerful, and do they help us to evolve spiritually?

3. UK 84-4 Gururaj. Yes. The spoken word as you would know is just a vocal verbalisation of a thought. So there is no difference between a thought and the spoken word. But people not having at this stage of evolution the perception, that they cannot interrelate or know the thought of another person. So I know what you are referring to there, about absent healing for example, where as I've told you before, you picture your friend that is not well. But you don't picture him as not well, the n you'd be sending negative thoughts. Say for example if he's lame, you picture him as walking around and trotting around and running around and jogging around like Mary does every morning. Yeah. You picture him in a healthy state, and with those thoughts send forth a blue colour, it can be any blue, powder blue, dark blue, navy blue, any blue. A colour and sound are very much related. Colour and sound are related. Now thought is a sound, really speaking. People can't hear a thought but it is definitely a sound. And many of you must have had a glimpse of this. You say, you're just thinking while you're washing your dishes, you say, 'Oh, Mom's going to come and visit me today.' How did you pick that up? Because Mom on her way to you was thinking about you. And you just at that proper balance, that moment that you caught her thought. And then in a few minutes Mom knocks on the door. Do you see? So thoughts can be received, but people not being at that evolutionary stage yet, they can't receive them constantly. But these little glimpses one has is proof enough that thoughts are things. Spoken words are needed now very much so because they could be soothing. Never speak harshly, never speak harshly. Speak soothingly, nicely, softly with a well modulated voice, comfortingly. And you can tell a person, hell, and yet in such a nice beautiful way. Do you see? So there is an interrelationship between sound and colour. And thought is a thing which can be sent to people. Now if that thought is done with touch, it has a greater effect because thought too is a vibration and your body is vibrating all the time. You might not notice it, but there's a very fine vibration and we have centres of vibration in our system. Ou r brain is just not limited to the head. Our brain goes right down the spinal cord, through the vertebrae, so our brain's from the head right down to the backside. That's how far the brain goes. And there are certain what they call Chakras and they you know made a whole big theory about it you know, on nothing else but vortexes of energy. And when these various vortexes of energy don't function harmoniously and don't synchronise with each other in our subtle body, then it expresses itself in the physical body. And everything requires expression, as I've said the other day. Even the flower requires expression, giving of its fragrance. Everything, everything, everything requires expression. So because of the imbalance in the vortexes of energy not functioning in harmony, it expresses itself in organic, in an organic way, in the physical body. And then people suffer of certain kinds of illnesses, ailments. And before, doctors used to say that sixty percent of all disease is caused by the mind. But now they've started agreeing that a hundred percent of all diseases is of mental origin. So thoughts are very important. And the more pleasant, nicer, kindlier the thoughts are, the more benefit one could do to others, always. Next question?

4. UK 84-4 This Dubliner was drowning, this Irishman was drowning in the Thames. So he meets a Welshman there on the bank, so he asks the Welshman, 'Look, this Irishman is drowning and what are you going to do?' So the Welshman says, 'Nothing'. So the Englishman says, 'Good'. Yes. Questioner. One can sometimes feel sad, looking back, when thinking of an opportunity that has been lost and this affects one's progress afterwards. And this may relate to one's way along the spiritual path, or pursuing human activities, business and so on. Now, obviously there's no benefit gained from any sense of self-condemnation Gururaj. True, and neither self pity. Questioner. (Cont'd). But can this sense of loss be related to anything like goods or other valuables? Gururaj. Good, lovely question. I've said many times that people never live in the present. They either live in the past, and that very past they project into the future, but never in the moment. And eternity is in the moment, where you are thrown to yourself, you become centred. By living in the past and projecting it into the future, you are living in the periphery and not in your centre. All the spiritual practices that are given and that are all linked to each other, its primary purpose is to centre you, to bring you to the centre which is your real self, and your real self is Divine. In the past, say a person has had a business and he lost it all. I had a business, I was in the film world as many of you would know, and my shares in the company was just fifty thousand less than two million. And when I had a heart operation, my partners thought I was going to die, so they started fiddling, fiddling, fiddling, and I never got a penny from it. Now I never think of it. Gone is gone. Let it go. Why moan and worry and just get your mind in greater and greater turmoil because you are not going to get it back? That's in business. Say a close one passes over - I never use the word die because there's no death - so he passes over into another dimension. You will remember the person, for a while. But time is a great healer. Oh yes. And there's no sense in you crying your eyes out because of the person that's gone. You can't get him back or you can't get her back. Fine. You're only doing harm to yourself. You're only doing harm to yourself by putting yourself into a very morose, sad mood, and that is not helping you. So the best thing with the past, even if you have lost close ones, or if you have lost fortunes, it's nothing to fall, but it requires a man to get up again. There was a great Stage Producer in America, I think his name was Fowler, if I'm not mistaken, and he became a millionaire thirty times over. Now show business is a funny business. You

5. UK 84-4 would stake half a million pounds in putting up a show and the next week it might fail. While another smaller show, in which you have not invested much, you know could run for months and months and months. Like here in England you have plays running for five, six years at a time. Look at Agatha Christie's play 'Mousetrap', its running for about twenty eight years now I think. And you know the little story behind that? It was her nephew's birthday and she gave the royalty rights to that play to the nephew as a birthday present. What royalty rights do you want from me Jamie, it's your birthday? Right. And the play just went on and on, it started off at the Ambassador, I don't know at which theatre it's playing now. But nevertheless the nephew never had to work a single day. Do you see? It just goes on and on and on. So like this millionaire, I was talking about show business, many of his shows flopped, and some he made money. Many times he got totally broke and then put up another show, and he made. Then he got broke again and he made, became a millionaire thirty times over. But he never regretted anyone. Never mind how many times you fall, that's not important, but how many times you can get up, that's important. You know, talking of plays, I don't know if you've heard this one. George Bernard Shaw sends two tickets, complimentaries to Churchill. And he writes a note with the two tickets, 'Dear Mr. Churchill, I am sending you two complimentary tickets for the opening night of my play, and the reason I am sending you two tickets is, use one for a friend, if you have a friend'. Right. Now Churchill, he was clever, he was a very witty guy, Churchill. A great man, although you know he was such a drunkard, they used to carry him out of bars; he used to drink like a fish. But yet he led our country, you know, through the war to victory. Right. So Churchill replies back, 'I am very sorry GBS that I can't come to the opening night because I am occupied, but I will come to the second night, if you have one.' (General laughter). There's another very famous one about Churchill, seeing that we were talking about his drinking. He was sitting in the bar getting boozed up and there's a lady next to him and the lady says, 'You know Mr Churchill, you are drunk.' So Churchill replies, 'I know madam I am drunk, but one thing I can tell you, you are ugly. Yeah. Now tomorrow morning when I wake up I will be sober but you will still be ugly.' (General laughter) Churchill was a very great writer. You must read some of his books, especially the war memoirs. He had a wonderful command of English. Very good, yes. He was a great man. So the greatness of a person must not be judged by his habits. He used to booze and used to make everyone's life around him a misery like Gandhi did, and I stayed with Gandhi for quite a few months. As a matter of fact when they had the premiere in Washington of the film Gandhi, you know, I was invited through the Indian Embassy, and myself, Vidya and Baldev was with me, we went to see the film. And the next day I had some newspapers there, wanting my opinion.

6. UK 84-4 And of course I told them the true story. Fine. They had it on the front page, and then they did some TV thing as well, Baldev. Oh you're gone into meditation. Right, that's beside the point. Next question? The trouble with these guys, sometimes they just doze off and when you ask them, 'Are you sleeping?' They say, 'Oh no, I'm meditating'. (General laughter) Meanwhile the previous night they've gone to bed four o'clock in the morning, so if they doze off, you can't blame them. Poor guys. Right. Next. Yes? Questioner. Can I ask how to treat life in a cheerful way well when the Buddhists would say that existence is suffering? Gururaj. Now that's a total fallacy. Existence is not suffering. Existence is an offering. And when you start to learn to offer of yourself in every way, then suffering ceases, and it becomes an offering. And what is more beautiful in the world than an offering? It's like taking flowers to the altar of God, or lighting a candle at his altar. It is beautiful. So this is a misconception, that life is a suffering. And this was propagated by the church, and not by Jesus, that I promise you. There are a lot of things in all the Scriptures of the world, the Koran, the Bhagvad Gita, the, you know, Bhagvad Puranas, there's the Upanishads and the Bible, of things that were never said by Jesus. The entire thing was manipulated. I explained you yesterday I think why we say 'A person is born in sin'. Yeah. Sin does not mean suffering. Sin means that burden I talked about. You come with a burden and it could be a pleasant burden, it could be an unpleasant one, depending of the things you have done in other lives. So once we change that attitude Mr Parr, Graham, is it right, once we change that attitude and get off that thought that we are born in suffering, how can we find joy? Forget it. There's no suffering, and the best way to come to that realisation is through meditation. When you come to that realisation, that life after all is not suffering. Look at everything around you, it's celebrating. Life is not suffering, life is a celebration. Every breath you take is a celebration. You are celebrating Divinity through each and every breath, and you're celebrating Divinity twenty four hours of the day, because even while in sleep you are still breathing. Funny, isn't it? (General laughter). Yeah. So develop that attitude. After all our lives are governed by our attitudes. If we have the right attitude towards life, you'll find things just coming to you. You'll find all the things just happening for you. All the things come to those that, you know, think good and act good. Do good, be good. Simple. And you'd be surprised how your wishes, your desires would be fulfilled. I mean don't let the desires be ridiculous, such as 'Oh, let a million pounds fall in my lap now'. That will not happen. But if you have the proper kind of planning, you have the proper kind of planning, a burning desire to achieve something, right, perseverance, hard work. Yes, nothing comes without work, hard work. And then with all that, you'll find, the plans will just dawn upon you. The plans will just come, and with proper planning and carrying them out and

7. UK 84-4 setting a goal, that in five years' time, I will have a million pounds and you will have it! Just tune your mind to it, the radio of your mind. Millions of broadcasts round here but if your radio's faulty, you can't pick up any broadcast, or if you do pick up a bit, it'll be distorted and you'll have a lot of crackling sound. And that's what happens in people's minds, crackling sounds. Do you see? So life is a matter of attitude. Good attitude, things come to pass. Questioner. ............. (Inaudible)....... relate directly to those, 'Seek Ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and then all else shal l be added unto you.' Gururaj. Yes, that's it. 'Seek Ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within and all else shall be added unto thee'. So therefore meditate, get the mind in a good way, calmness perhaps, good thoughts, and everything else gets added unto you. And after all, what's the most important thing you want in life? It's not suffering, you want happiness. And you can, happiness means contentment within one's self. And you show me one multi-millionaire, and I've hob-nobbed with many, many millionaires during business days, and I haven't found one that is happy. Not a single happy millionaire. No. But I've found poor people that just shines with happiness, they overflow, 'My cup runneth over', yeah, you have that. But, you can be a millionaire and still be happy, if you have the right attitude towards your millions. You make it, but use it for a good purpose, and regard yourself to be an agent. Because economics is also an energy. Economics is an energy and you are the agent there, to shift around those energies. You don't allow money to lie in your vaults, you know. It must circulate. You shift around those energies and when you shift around those energies, do it for good purposes. After all you only need one bed to sleep on, even if you are a millionaire, right. You can't sleep on two beds at the same time. And even if you've got a dozen motor cars, you can only drive one at a time. And if you've got, like the Sheikhs, a harem, you can only be with one woman at a time, unless you're an abnormality. (General laughter) Dear me. Does anyone here know what a Scot sounds like when he's sober? Nobody knows. He's never sober, so how can they know? Good. Next question. I think - any of you. Questioner. How can we know when, if a situation that we are in at a particular time is meant to be for our spiritual growth? Do we just go with the situation? Gururaj. Ah, you've answered it. You just go with the situation. Because when you say that 'How do we know if the situation is right', then you are applying analysis to it, you are applying the mind to it. And as I've pointed out many times, that the mind is so limited that they do not know, the mind does not know why that situation was created. But there's a

8. UK 84-4 purpose for it. And everything that happens in our lives remember is evolutionary, takes you always forward. It could be a good experience or a bad experience. Evolution is always progressive. The Hindus believe that if you live a bad life in this lifetime, then in the next lifetime you might be born as a cat or an ant or a cow or a dog. That's rubbish. Once you have reached the level of the human kingdom, you will reach higher and higher and higher, not lower. The one thing can happen is this; that if you divide up these various kingdoms, like the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and the human kingdom. So now, say the human kingdom is so wide, say a foot wide, that's about a foot, yah, a foot wide, you can fluctuate from the lower point to the higher point, but you'll never go down to become an animal. You see? So by our deeds, you know we can surpass the outer limits and enter the higher phase of evolution or else we can still struggle around in this phase of the human kingdom. Questioner. Can we be incarnated into a different planet? Gururaj. If you can, incarnate into a carrot? (General laughter) Sorry, I didn't hear you too well. (General laughter) Your Guruji's in form on this trip. Questioner.(Cont’d) If we can incarnate into a different planet? Gururaj. Oh yes, oh a different planet. I thought it was carrot. Oh yes. Do you know that there are thousands and thousands of worlds like ours, with the exact same kind of people that we have here on this earth. And you could and would incarnate into a different planet if it is necessary for you to do so for your evolution. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. I've been around. I've been around, I know. Yes you can, you can. You see this evolution is a vast continuum, and ours is just this small little section that we see according to our perspective and, you know, insight. But, as you know, beings from the lower kingdoms enter into our little sphere, the higher evolved beings float out from this sphere. That is why we say, 'Do good, for we may not pass this way again'. You might be on another planet. Fine. But even then, if you're on another planet, you just call for me and I'll be there. Oh gee, time flies, doesn't it? Two minutes to one. Are they very hard here in - the gong, for eating, - do they mind if we're late? No, I suppose. Oh five minutes, okay. Fine. You know this Scotsman was in a hurry to raise five hundred pounds and the bank wouldn't give it to him, so what he did, he took all his empties and sold it. (Gururaj laughs) Next question? Yes, Baldev?

9. UK 84-4 Baldev. Beloved Guruji, since you brought me back from my rest, there's a word that keeps going over and over in my mind. The word is Gururaj. I hope it's your mantra. Baldev. (Cont'd). Maybe that, never mind. The word is 'surrender', and I was thinking, I was in a prayer group and we were studying these Christian Scriptures and I went through the Concordance, we were going to discuss the word 'surrender' and the manifestations of that, like the song that I was taught when I was a child, 'I Surrender All'. And there was no, nothing in the Concordance on 'surrender' and there are a lot of misunderstandings about surrender as involved with teachers, could you comment briefly on the word 'surrender'? Gururaj. Oh yes. There are some organisations, I'll give you the names, I'm afraid of no-one, in any case the chap is dead. (General laughter). He died last year. Swami Muktananda, he invited me to his Ashram and I went there for two days. And what is required of people that go and visit him, that they must prostrate themselves totally on the ground in front of him and make some offerings of fruit and this and that and what have you. Right. That is totally wrong. Surrender is the culmination of your practices and not the start of your practices. I will never ask any chela, 'Surrender to me'. Who the hell am I? No. But as your practices develop, as you become more established, you'd find deeper and deeper love within you. With the deeper and deeper love, you will have devotion within you. And that depth of devotion develops so many other virtues within you, like kindness, compassion, the sense of self-sacrifice, of giving, and you automatically surrender to your beloved. It's not something that you do wilfully or with a forethought because that becomes a mental concept that 'I surrender to such-and-such, I surrender to my girl friend, my beloved', things like that. No, it is something that just develops spontaneously. The other things, like love and devotion and practices, those things are preparations. And then, surrender comes spontaneously as I said and not with the mind. Surrender comes from the heart, where you feel that my heart is yours and your heart is mine. You feel that oneness, and that oneness is surrender. Do you see what surrender means? Many of the words in all languages are so distorted, you know, that the true meaning of the words are lost. You can never surrender yourself to anyone, never. It would be a sham. It would be an act, a wilful act. Surrender is something that always comes spontaneously, when the other virtues are heightened. You see? It's like love. There's no difference. You can't by thought love a woman. No it is something spontaneous which wells up in you. Right and when you love this

10. UK 84-4 woman really and truly you can say that you're surrendered to her, or to him. Yes. And that is what is meant in the biblical injunction, 'Thy will be done', the will of Divinity be done, not my will, because my will now, my will now has become so one with your will. When we say, 'Thy will be done, and not my will', we are bluffing ourselves really. It's just lip service. It's just lip service. But you got to feel it, that it's His will that is acting through everything. I'm not the doer, He is the Doer. Surrender. Do you see? That's surrender when we regard Him to be the Doer. And as I said before in some talk that Divinity being abstract cannot be comprehended, the Infinite can never be comprehended by the finite little mind. So therefore spiritual forces come into the world to guide. And loving the truly realised person is the same as loving God. Therefore it is said in the Bible, 'I sent my only begotten Son'. That's what was meant. Do you see? It's not the son in the physical sense. No, no, no. There's a deeper metaphysical meaning to it. Because I'm abstract, how am I going to make people understand? You need that human impulse. Therefore these great Incarnations, Avatars, come to impart that human impulse. For example if you have a headache, right, you can't say to God, 'Come and rub my head'. He won't. But you can tell your beloved, your wife, 'Oh darling my head is sore, would you rub something, whatever'. Like that, the human impulse has to be there. John, am I over? Yeah, it's five past one. Okay. END


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