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1. UK 84-7 Gururaj. Now just few words of explanation to people that have been here for the first time in the Communion Practice. The Communion Practice is where I go into a very deep state of meditation, that even transcends the entirety of the universe, and become one, with that infinite energy or the Impersonal God. What you have to do, is nothing at all, I do the meditation. A terrific amount of energy is generated in the room. Good, and most of you will go through various kinds of experiences. I will not explain you the experiences, because I would be influencing you. But when you have any experiences, do not analyse it, just go with it, because once you start analysing the experience, you will stop the experience, because the mind will come in-between. So, what you do is just sit back, relax, loosen your collars if you want, throw off your shoes. Just be relaxed. Do not concentrate on me, just focus your attention towards me, that's all that's required. And whatever experiences you have we'll analyse it later and I'll explain to you, what those experiences mean. Okay. I shall go into the meditation now, go away. Bye-bye. It is a wonderful journey, we go through all the millions and billions of worlds of the universe, you transverse them, and then you transcend them. And as you go into this, journey into the beyond, you find everything so, so beautiful, glittering golden, shining like diamonds, and everything in such beautiful precision. You see all the solar systems all the galaxies, the entire manifestation, how the Impersonal God becomes the Personal God. And then you go beyond, and as you go on and on away from the conscious mind, through the subconscious, so the super-conscious, you still go beyond that, and you merge away in that Divine energy. You become one with that Divinity. And you feel yourself permeating everything that is existent in the universe. And from that vantage point you look down, and being one with that Divinity, you ask ‘Why did I create all this’? But then there's no answer required, because Divinity did not create this universe. Divinity is just a manifestation of the universe. It is the nature itself of Divinity, expressing itself in various forms. So on, and on you go, through billions and billions and billions and billions of miles. I'll have a few moments. So beautiful there, so peaceful, the joy is ineffable, inexplicable, you can not explain it. And then you don't want to come back. You feel like staying away, but I have to come back, so much work to be done, in this world, whose minds are so attuned to suffering. You have to come back, and from that vastness of the universe and that which is even beyond the universe, you come back again, in this little body, made of flesh and blood. It’s all worth it. It is entirely worth it. That's what happens you go through the suffering of coming back, that is what happens to the greatest Masters that have ever lived, is to take on form, a human form for the benefit of humanity, going away from all that bliss that joy, that state of existence, which is in reality a non-existent, in relative terms. And coming from there, you’re here back. And then you look around, when you see the suffering on people’s faces, you see their sorrows, you see the turbulence, you see the turmoil. And then you feel as if all the world's

2. UK 84-7 troubles would be like a big boulder, that I could just pick up and throw away. You feel that, because you love, you love humanity, of course it’s impossible. Everyone has to travel this path, the evolutionary path to reach that Divinity, yes. That's what it’s all about, and when you come back from that source, you come back with an energy which is indefinable but it would touch each and everyone’s hearts. In other words, we bring Divinity in this room, we bring It here. Everyone of you can go and fetch Him, bring Him here, everyone has that capacity. When they reach a certain stage, we can do it. Good. Now would anyone like to speak of their experiences? Then I can explain you what those experiences mean. Don't be shy, I'm a father, a friend. Yes. Voice. Shall I stand up there? Gururaj. Yes, if you stand and speak that everyone could hear you. It’s not necessary to come up in front, not necessary. Because many people do feel shy coming up in front. Voice.(Cont’d) I began to learn meditation last October, and on the second day, I learnt to meditate, I saw a hand stretched out towards me with a tiny white vase in the centre. And today while you were meditating, I find myself closing my eyes and meditating as well. And then I opened my eyes, and then you put up your right hand, and as soon as the palm of your hand reached me, I felt blood, the power going into me, and your hand was above the white flower. Gururaj. Beautiful, beautiful. When you first got initiated, even on the very second day, and this is not something which everyone experiences, and we must not attach to much importance to it. But there is great significance in your experience. It means that you could go to the deeper layers of the mind, and just not see this little body sitting here, but see something deeper than this little body, and the white flower is a symbol of purity. So, it would mean, that lead me to greater and greater purity. Do you see? That's very beautiful, very nice. Yes. Come on. Voice. I didn't see anything but I felt myself vibrating all over, and tremendous energy, and my mantra was in every cell of the body, vibrating. Gururaj. Ah, beautiful, beautiful, because your mantra is you, and I did mention on this Course, or some other Course that if we could put you into a machine and boil you down to sound, your mind body and spirit, and boil you down to the original source, the sound, then your mantra would be the sound that you would hear. And what is the mantra? The

3. UK 84-7 mantra is you. I've explained many times before, how a mantra is given. And I go into a similar state of meditation, and feel the person’s vibrations, hear them at the superconscious level, and bring it down into speakable and audible terms. So, when a person feels that the mantra is permeating every cell of one's body, then you can have an idea that you are the mantra. First was the word, and the word was with God, and the word is God. So you have that word, penetrating you and experiencing it in every cell of the body. Now the energy you felt so much, is the energy that was brought into this room from somewhere far, far away, and yet so, so close. And see then, that is why you felt the energy. Beautiful experience, very, very beautiful. Voice. I saw the gold light fill the room. Gururaj. Fill the room? Voice. Yes. Gururaj. Hah, hah. Right. Voice. I also saw a face .............(inaudible).............. one face that I recognised from before was the Chinese man. Gururaj. Ah, you've gone and got that again. He, he, - this fellow, you know he always sees - he was living at that time, he always sees me, when I lived in the body of Lao Tzu. He always sees that. (Gururaj laughs) Voice. (Cont'd). I felt as though I knew this person. Gururaj. Yes, that's right, you lived at that time. That's me, you lived with me. I know. In the Gita, Krishna, on the battle on of Krewshatra - it's a worth while book reading the Bhagavad Gita, I'm sure many of you have read it, - where Krishna tells Arjuna that there is only one difference between you and me. We have been together many, many times, the only difference is, that you don't know what I know. Very good experience. And you see perception are of two kinds, so many kinds, some are more developed on the auditory level. Some are more developed in the sense of smell. Some are more developed in the feeling level, Iike, you felt the energy, and some on the seeing, and some on the feeling level. So, with all our senses, everyone has one sense which is more developed than the other. So therefore some would have visual perception, some will have a sound perception, some will have a feeling perception. Like that it goes. There was a hand somewhere there.

4. UK 84-7 Voice. Guruji,................(Inaudible) and seeing some faces I had seen before many times and then as you were coming out of it and raised your hand, the energy that was pouring into my body and every cell was ..... (inaudible) right into my body and touched my heart Gururaj. Good, it’s a beautiful experience, yes. Very beautiful experience. How many of you felt a deep peace quiet in the heart area, or a warmth? Nearly everyone, nearly everyone, yes. It is that energy. So do you see, the teachings we give to the world are not something based on mental conceptions, or intellectualisations. It’s a practical experience which a true Master can bring to the chela. Only one thing is required, is the love that must flow, it's a two way stream, the love that must flow between the chela and the guru. And that aids, it expedites those experiences. Good, next. Voice. Since you started to meditate, Guruji, I felt a tremendous energy, a bit like an aeroplane taking off. Gururaj. Zoom. Voice. I need a box of oxygen to cope with it. ...... (inaudible)..........and later on, I heard a sound, it started off like a sort of low rumbling, and then it got higher and became louder, and then it went back down to the low rumble again. Gururaj. Like the rumbling of an ocean. Very good. Voice. (Cont'd) ............ and then it stopped. Gururaj. You see, your auditory sense is more developed, and your feeling sense is equally developed, therefore you felt that tremendous energy which has permeated to you. There is not a single person in this room, who has not this evening been touched by the hand of God, not a single one. And not only in this room, it extends far and wide. At some place, a husband and wife might have of been quarrelling, and the quarrel just stopped, and then they embraced and kissed each other. There might have been someone on the verge of an accident, a car accident perhaps, and that has been averted, because this energy is so powerful, it just has to be brought down to our level of existence. And everyone can experience the benefit of it. The lady in the black dress there. Do, do stand, so that everyone can hear. Voice. I found a very oppressive .....

5. UK 84-7 Gururaj. You found a very, ......... you felt oppressed. Ha, ha. Very good, good for you. Good for you. It is pushing ou t some of the negativities that are in you. Because of this pure energy, it is pushing out some of the things, some of the samskaras that has to be eliminated. Voice. It has quite a physical affect Gururaj. Yes. Oh, yes, it would have a mental and physical effect naturally, because the mind has to express itself through the body, but in spite of that oppressive force, which you analysed it to be, did you feel a calmness inside? Voice. Yes. Gururaj. Yes, you see that's how it should be. So you let off a lot of samskaras, and you've avoided five more life-times. (General laughter) Voice. Guruji, like Christine, I experienced the sound, but it was like changing gear, it went up, and the silence that went beyond that, seemed like a waving, seemed like I've been there before. Gururaj. Ha, ha, very good. Very good, what this represents that is within yourself, you combined the relative with the absolute. That is the experience, the silence of the absolute, and yet observing the sound. Good, good. Voice. Guruji, the energy coming from you, the energy, vibrating energy from you and, I was like watching people ............ (inaudible)......... I saw a flash, like a camera flash....... Gururaj. How many of you saw that flash? That flash occurred when I transcended the universe, and wham into the unknown Impersonal God. Very good experience. Very good. Voice. I saw the golden light ....... Gururaj. A golden light around me, a very brilliant light yes.

6. UK 84-7 Voice. ................. (Inaudible).................. Gururaj. Several times yes. You see when one goes beyond, one goes into this Nirvikalpa Samadhi, as it is called, Nirvikalpa, that means Samadhi without form, in other words you merge away in the formless. But to be able to merge away into the formless, you first have to go through Cervikalpa Samadhi, to reach Nirvikalpa Samadhi. And it is through the Cervikalpa Samadhi stage that all these forms occur, and what one has to do, and what happens, that you have to go through all the life-times that you have lived since you were a primal atom. And therefore you find people seeing my face changing all the time. Those are the various lifetimes that I had gone through before. That's what you see. Very good, very good. Voice. I saw your left hand ............... (Inaudible) Gururaj. You saw my left hand, this one, yes, right, yes. Voice. ........ green light. Gururaj. That green light, which you saw and felt was a light of healing. So, you picked up healing forces to you. Very good. When I had, and this just happens automatically, and I'm not even aware of it, but they told me afterwards, that one hand goes down, and the other goes up. Right, symbolically, it means that the relative and the absolute are one. Did anyone of you perhaps see a beam of light from the palm of this hand, when I moved it? Voice. A great heat...... Gururaj. The heat, ha ha right, you felt just heat. Some people see it as light. It's a blessing, a benediction. Voice. Guruji, this is the first time I have seen anything. You were all gold, all gold but not the photographic negative. Everybody in my life I’m sure is the same and there were great crowds of (inaudible)......... my hands were almost unbearable with such heat.........

7. UK 84-7 Gururaj. Beautiful, yes that is the energy, the heat is the energy that you felt, yes, yes. And when you saw the faces and things changing, you were partly following me. (Gururaj laughs) I wish I could take all your hands and take you with me. Oh yes, beautiful. Jean? Voice. I saw your face change....... Gururaj. That’s true. Voice. I'm still vibrating. Gururaj. Good, good, keep it there. (Gururaj laughs) Feel the vibration. When you go to your room, have a cup of tea, strong tea or a scotch, it will lower, it will lower the vibration. (General laughing) Lovely, Jean, beautiful. Voice. Guruji, ............ (Inaudible) .....you were gone and that there was only one energy in the room and I kept hearing all the time “Be still and know that I am God”.......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. You disappeared, you merged into me, that's what it means. And merging into me in that state when I am one with God, then you know what stillness is, and that is why you felt in your mind all the time, be still and know that I am God. You are God. Everyone is, it's just to experience it. That’s important. Very, good. That's mergence, to be able to merge away into Divinity. What more can you want? This is a glimpse. It has to be constant minute to minute experience like I experience it, minute to minute. There is a promoter in England that does shows, and he attended one of the Courses, and he saw me doing Gurushakti practice. You know what he tells me, he said ‘Look, I'll promote your show, show, at the Royal Albert Hall. I'll fill up those seven thousand seats at twenty pounds a ticket.’ So I told him ‘Go to hell’. These experiences I give to those that love me, my beloveds, those that are sincere, that are seekers for that inner peace, tranquillity, which is nothing else but Divinity. Anymore? Any of the new people that got initiated, now that got into the Prep Technique today, yesterday, I think Jean? Yesterday was it? Voice. Day before yesterday.

8. UK 84-7 Gururaj. Day before yesterday. Yeh, any of the new people. Don't be shy please, we are one family. Voice. Sorry, I saw nothing at all. Gururaj. Good, that’s also good, that’s also so good, as long as you get into meditation, deeper and deeper. You will, because you've just got into the Prep Technique day before yesterday, so it's natural, I mean. Voice. I've just had a very rapid heart beat, very powerful. And it was almost as though my heart was going to fly through my chest. Gururaj. Yes, that is the energy, that makes it palpitating. Are you pregnant? No. Anyone else? Voice. .. ......................... (Inaudible)...... Gururaj. Ha ha, good, that is the universal sound, and that universal sound goes - Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sometimes it rises, sometimes it lowers, depending which level you are, but that is universal sound. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Therefore that is why I was reminded, why I explained to you that every mantra ends with an M. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Eemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That is the mother sound of the universe, and once one becomes one with that sound, your mantra, you become one with the universe. Good, really good, very good. Anyone else? Voice. Why did it stop then?......... Gururaj. Why did I? Voice. (Cont'd). Why did the sound stop so suddenly.......? Gururaj. Why did what stop suddenly? Voice. (Cont'd). The sound.

9. UK 84-7 Gururaj. Did you have the sound experience? Voice. It stopped so definitely, I realised.... Gururaj. Yah, because I came back from that level. Yah. I came back from that level, because you are, you, you become totally unaware of your body altogether, you've left your body, really speaking. Sujay, will tell you, from America, - you've all met Sujay haven't you? Stand up and show yourself to the people. Right. Sujay is the husband of Vidya, and you've heard her name a lot. She looks after, she's the co-ordinator of America, and also of the Midwest, and she also organises Courses and this and that. Right. Now Sujay was on one Course, he and his wife, and in this room was a lot of flies, and they told me afterwards that ‘Guruji, there were flies sitting on your’ - were you on that Course, were you there too, Bill, Baldev, were you there? - the flies were sitting on the face, but not being in the body, being else where, away, I didn't feel the flies, normally you would know, do that, something like that, whatever. So, you see, you are beyond the conscious mind, it is only the conscious mind that would make you realise that there was a fly sitting on your face, and a fly sitting on your face can be irritating. But if you’re beyond the conscious mind, then you don't feel it or know it. It was only after that they told me that I, I said ‘Oh, yes, well that's nice’. And there was a similar thing - where was that Course, can you remember? Voice. Swanlake. Gururaj. It was in Swanlake? Voice. ........... (Inaudible)....... Gururaj. South Dakota, is that where it was? And of course afterwards, I made a joke of it, because in Baltimore, Windsor, near Windsor, where a Course, there was one fly there just buzzing around me all the time. So it must have been that Mary that followed me up to Swanlake. Questioner. May I ask you a question, it may be a very stupid question? Gururaj. Nothing is stupid.

10. UK 84-7 Questioner. When you go into Samadhi and leave, who does the breathing, and who does the heart beating, does it continue on its own? Gururaj. It continues, it continues on its own. The bodily functions continue on their own, energised by this energy, but you are in an altered state of consciousness. Because if the entire body stops, you know the breathing goes down, the heart rate goes down, and if that is not there, then you'd have to carry me out in a coffin. (Gururaj laughs). Questioner.(Cont’d) At one stage I was afraid you might not come back. Gururaj. No, after I leave you, my darling. (General laughter) Questioner. (Cont'd) I thought to myself I mustn’t be selfish. Thank you. (Gururaj laughs) Gururaj. It’s a pleasure, it’s a pleasure. No, the breathing and the heart, it will go on of its own accord, because this is condition, consciousness, an altered state of consciousness to its purest level you see, where the other consciousnesses are still functioning, but you become unaware of the lower levels, because you are at the higher level, you see? Voice. When I closed my eyes....... I felt as if I sort of slipped away. And as I slipped away I heard this sort of, this sort of and my eyes were closed, it seemed like this side, it was like a streak of orange, with this Om. Gururaj. Ah, Voice. I was travelling, but then when I seemed to view it, it seemed like I was viewing a galaxy. At the same time I could here this kind of Omness, so I could hear a rolling on this side as well. Gururaj. Right. Voice. (Cont'd). ............... (Inaudible)........dark, and I was travelling. Gururaj. From darkness to light. Tamas om ritam gamaya - 'Lead me from darkness to light’. Yes, and I think it must have been on this Course or where ever, I said that sound and sight are closely allied, there's just a different aspect, two sides of the same coin. Some people can interrupt it by sight, which means colour, and some by sound, some by hearing. They're all allied, they're all together actually.

11. UK 84-7 Voice. Gururaj, one guru I think has said, that ‘He who knows, does not tell, and he who tells does not know’, have you any comment to make on that? Gururaj. Oh yes, that is very true. ‘He who knows, does not tell’. That is very true. You know why he does not tell, because that experience is not explicable in words. That's why he does not tell. I could never, even if I tried for a million years, to explain you that level of experience, I will not be able to tell you. But what I tell about, is how you too can reach that experience. I am talking of the path, and not light. I'm talking of the sugar, and not the taste of sugar. That you must eat yourself to know how sweet the sugar is. But I can show you the sugar, ah there's sugar, taste it. I can’t explain you the sweetness, you've got to eat it, that is right. And then, if there were not people like Buddha, and Krishna and Christ, to tell the world of the glory of Divinity, would people not be left in ignorance? Yes, they can talk about it, but they can never explain it. They help you, by showing you the path so that you could realise that ‘It’. That is the difference, that's what it means actually. Anymore? Good. Did any of you, I mean someone mentioned this seeing me disappear completely. Yes, did any of you others see that as well, me disappearing completely? Voice. ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah, yah right. Did any of you see me rising up? Ha ah there you are, beautiful, beautiful. Good. Voice. I've seen you, but it’s not been here, it’s been at home. It’s taken from the heart chakra, all I can describe as a lance of gold. The same thing happened here but not today, but as you came into the room, it took the whole of the room. Also at home you had on the top of the head immense circles of light, starting large and then going into infinity. Gururaj. Oh yes, that is very true. People have had so, many, many different experiences. For example she's not on this Course now, she's quite elderly now, Majorie Chambers, I remember her very well. She was initiating someone, - she has a little meditation room - and she was initiating someone, and she says ’Guruji, you walked into the room’ - and this was a little meditation room, and she had a single bed there in case a guest comes, so while she was initiating, now she'd been qualified, established, not qualified really, an established meditator, she could, I would not be surprised if she saw me coming there. But a totally new person, who had just been taught the Prep, also saw me. I came in, and I went to sit on

12. UK 84-7 the bed. So what Majorie tells me, Majorie Chambers, is ‘The very next day I went to buy an armchair to put in that room, so when you want to pop in again, there's a chair for you. (Gururaj laughs) This is very common it happens a lot, it happens a lot. Questioner. Guruji, you saying about the innocence of a young child. About four years ago, when we just had a meditation centre set up in Burnham- on -Sea, I had some friends of mine who had no where to go, so they stayed with me for a month or two. Their young child was three year old. ... (Inaudible) ........ new situation, and she came up the stairs and said, ‘These photographs of this man you've got all over the place. I said yes, she said ‘He just walked up stairs’. Gururaj. (Gururaj laughs) And he just walked up-stairs, oh lovely yes, a lot of these things happen. Katherine. Katherine. I was giving full techniques to someone, not one of my students and it was a time when I was some what distressed, and she was not to know this, and next day, true to form a bunch of flowers came ........... and when I rang her up to thank her, she said ‘Gururaj was in the room when you were giving me my Full Techniques’. Gururaj. Bless her, thank you, thank you very much. A lot of these things have been happening, and as a matter of fact, Carl Walters in Canada, I call him Chetan, and he's busy compiling a book of unusual experiences which people have had. So it would be very nice if you would just pen out a letter, and of course the condition is this, that if you state there, that please do not use my name, just initials, that will be okay and if you want your name to be used, that's also okay. In America, St. Louis, Professor Harmin, Professor Merrill Harmin, they initiated - he and his wife are both teachers of ours - and he initiated a woman. She was busy washing at the kitchen sink, and at the kitchen sink there's always a window. And she phones Tamaji, that's Professor Harmin's wife's name, she's also a Lecturer, isn't she, a councillor in Gerontology, or something like that, and this woman phones, and said ‘Guruji was sitting in my garden’. I was sitting in South Africa. ‘Sitting in my garden, I saw him, and he looked at me, he smiled - and this and that and the other, and afterwards he just disappeared.’ Another little example for example, you know in Spain we have a meditator, Noramand Korabadgo, he is a Psychiatrist by profession. Once he was placed in such circumstances where he was in a field, where there was vicious dogs, and these dogs were trained to kill. Well I didn't ask him how he landed up there. (Laughter) But nevertheless he was in these fields and these dogs started charging him, and there was nothing he could do. He was cornered as the word goes, and he just shouted ‘Gururaj, Gururaj, Gururaj’, that's all he could do. He shouted ‘Gururaj, Gururaj, Gururaj’,

13. UK 84-7 and the dogs just slowed down, turned back and went away. A lot of these things happen. Any of you people that would have any experience of this nature, send it to Carl Walters, the address will be available from John. You've got his address haven't you? It could even be written down on a board somewhere, if we have one, and you could copy it down. A lot of these things, a lot of these things happen all the time. And we've had through the grace of God wonderful cures, like terminal cases of cancer, you know cancerous breasts, people suffering from migraine for twenty odd years, and all kinds of things. That's happened and it’s all the grace of God, it’s not me. I'm just an instrument. It is Him, that's all. Good, I think - what's the time? Half past, twenty five to ten. END


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