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1. UK 85- 10 Gururaj. Well that’s done and of course you know. Sorry love, just a note here - how lovely Christine. Where’s she? Christine, where are you sitting? Oh over there. To my guru who knows what I need, when I need to laugh and when I need to suffer, better than I do. No. I know you need to laugh all the time and never to suffer. Those are my sincerest blessings to you as well as to everyone else. Thank you. You’ve all met Vidya, eh, hold my hand, come on, hold my hand, I won’t eat it up. You’ve all met Vidya and of course she runs the entire American show for us there. She’s got so many centres running and so many teachers that are teaching and she’s doing a wonderful job. She’s been sending the American Newsletters which are absolutely beautiful, but of course she can’t send to everyone here. So there is one suggestion if I could really make it is this, that of course she sends the Newsletter to the Council, members of the Council and of course to you know really hard workers, like Peter and Jean, well there are too many names to mention really and I’m afraid I might just miss some name and - Oh my darling, morning, hey Namaste, Namaste, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, - and it would be a good idea, if I might suggest this, that when a Newsletter is received, put one person in charge and they can you know sort of photostat it and send it out you know to other meditators. I know postage and things are expensive, but there’s one way out of it, just write where the postage stamp has to go on, just write ‘Gururaj Special’ (General laughter) and you won’t have to pay any postage. Good. Now Shakespeare was totally mad, did you know that? No. Shakespeare said ‘The sweet sorrow of parting’. He didn’t know what he was talking about. He was a good old pal of mine in those days you know, nevertheless he learnt so little from me. Sweet sorrow of parting - we have never parted my beloveds. Many of you, most of you, I’ve known for many, many lifetimes past. We have never really parted and physical parting really means nothing. When the spirit which is one spirit only and that is always one, where you can say linked, how can there be any parting. So we do as mortal beings with emotions and feelings, as you do feel a little twinge in the heart, a little sorrow of spending a week together and then leaving and saying goodbye. And I think I must have told you before the word goodbye came from the word, the phrase ‘God be with you’ and that was abbreviated to goodbye. So may God always be with you but realise one thing, not God be with you, He is always with you, that is the realisation man must come to. And then there’s no bitter sorrows or sweet sorrows - poor Shakespeare - and there are no partings because He is always with you. And this is the realisation and the recognition one has to come to know that He is always with me and that would give you so much strength in your daily lives. It would take away, just that thought, just that thought will take away all the miseries in your lives. You’ll feel more strengthened, like that Star Wars picture whatever it was, ‘The Force is with you’. Sorry, is it Star Wars? Oh yah, or whatever, you know I don’t know anything about films you know, only been in the game for about thirty years twenty five, thirty years and I forget most times. The

2. UK 85- 10 Force is always with you and then there was a sequel to that film - there was one phrase there what was it darling that phrase? After Star Wars. The Force is always with you, that was in Star Wars, then there was another film made after that that had also very catchy phrase. Now look I can’t remember now but when I see you on the next Course, I’ll tell yo u about it. Voice. Coming attraction. Gururaj. Coming attraction, I’m playing the trailer now. (General laughter) And do you know which is the best film in the world, that which the trailer says is playing next week. (Gururaj laughs) Nevertheless it’s been so, so beautiful being wit h you all and I have very genuinely and gently felt your warmth, your love, your hospitality and everything else so deeply and so, so profoundly and I return that to you with my heart and all that which I stand for. So, God be with you. God is with you and let him always be there. So I’ve been warned by that fellow with the blue jersey, what’s that stupid guy’s name? Charlie, Charlie, that’s it. I don’t know why stupid guys always get the name Charlie. (General laughter) That is quite a joke in the English language, you know ‘that Charlie’, ‘that Charlie’. Nevertheless he is Sir Charles. He used to be a Charlie, Sir Charles and he’s going to be knighted next year as Sir Charles. Now I don’t know if they’re going to do this during the day or the night. (General laughter) Good. My beloveds, what more can I say to you, I love you, I love you, I love you. Thank you very much and of course you’ll be getting your Newsletters, you’ll be getting your Newsletters with the dates of the next Course. And Vidya please do not forget to get down from John the dates, have you got them? Have you given the dates to Jyotima? Have you got them? So compile all that for me. Right. And then I’ve got to do Canada Vidya. In June, you will be doing. You won’t be doing it in November, just in June. Gururaj. I won’t be doing Canada in this June? Vidya. This June you will do Canada, yes. Gururaj. This June I’ll do Canada and the whole of America. Right. Good. Fine. That’s okay and of Course Denmark I’ll be doing and perhaps, Charlie, Charlie are we doing Spain as usual this year? Too much, too much unfortunately, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, everywhere. (General laughter) Look they are waiting for us and we’ve been asked to finish off. Sorry we started a bit late today but instead of going into a long Satsang, just a few words of my gratitude towards you all and to say again, and again, and again, thank you, thank you, thank you. So please, November, the

3. UK 85- 10 Course, come along and even if you have friends who are not meditators, bring them along with you. What is this sixty, seventy quid? You have a whole week’s holiday, rest, beautiful surroundings. You have some wit wisdom and what goes with wit? Voice. Wine (General laughter) Gururaj. No. Wit, wisdom and the wit I sit. I see how your minds are working. Nevertheless I love you all so much and thank you. And then of course on the next Course, I wish it would be double the size. Because the more the people are, the more they inspire me. So even if they are not meditators, bring them along. Look you can’t even go to a restaurant today, you know to buy an ordinary meal under ten pounds and here you have three meals a day, I don’t know what quality they are but I believe they’ve improved a lot. So what you pay for one meal, you get bed, breakfast, supper, lunch whatever, all services and I think it’s very, very reasonable. And thanks to the High Leigh and the Hayes organisation that their prices are reasonable or otherwise it would be very difficult for many people to really afford it. So one young man went to, spoke to Sir Charles and said ‘When is the next Course, April, May, June, July, August, September, six months?’ So a young student, he’s here on the Course, I don’t want to mention names. Sir Charles tells him ‘Look, if you put two or three pounds away a week look you’d have more than sufficient’. So this boy starts thinking, he says ‘No Mr. Shaw, I am very sure that I can put five pounds away a week to come to the next Course’. Look at the feeling, look at the love, and look at the understanding that this young man might have gained by attending the Course. So please bring your friends along, the more the merrier as the old saying goes and it’ll be great fun and I’m a funster, I love fun, you know. I like to laugh and make others laugh. I like to delve deep within myself and at the same time make you delve deep within yourselves, different perspectives. Thank you very much. (General laughter). Oh yo u know the Easter flower, I’ve told you what to do about it. Okay. Fine. Thank you my darling. I read that. Well it’s just au revoir. November is not too far away really and we’ll all be together again, it’ll be great fun. Thank you for bringing you r large Irish contingent. Good. Good. Absolutely, I’m checking. END


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