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1. UK 85- 13 Gururaj. Love, there could only be beauty, because love is beauty and that beauty is God. So if we could incorporate that Godliness within us, we will find our lives to be very beautiful. Is that not what you seek? Because beauty is allied to happiness. Because beauty can only be the fulfilment of happiness. Now, how many of you would like to be unhappy? No one. Everyone is seeking for happiness and this happiness can be found by diving within yourself to the Kingdom of Heaven within and there lies all the beauty that could ever be found because Divinity is omnipresent. Divinity is everywhere. Divinity flows in every cell of your blood. And then people indulge themselves in tears. And what are tears necessary for? If you could only realise that tears are also an expression of joy and these very tears form a release valve from your minds that seem so much to be befuddled. Now the question would be, how do we unbefuddle the fuddleness? Good. I'm sure whoever announced this evening, welcomes all our people from various parts of England and then we have visitors from Canada and Ireland and Spain and Italy. Have I forgotten anything? Voice. Denmark. Gururaj. Denmark, yes, of course. Right. So, so, we are, we are an International family, getting together for one purpose to find that unified self which is your true nature. And your true nature is that to be in unity with Divinity. Because people miss this principle, they find disunity and disunity creates disharmony. Now who does not want to be harmonious? Everyone wants to be harmonious within themselves and in their environment. Oh, you'll have to give me a little trim, Ann. Everyone wants to find this unified oneness with oneself and by finding that unified oneness with oneself, we find the unity of Divinity which is what we call God. Now, when we gather together on these Courses, we seek for that. Now why do you want to seek for that unity? Seeking is not required at all. For you are sought after for. Do not try to seek Divinity. Just open yourself and Divinity seeks you. You do not need to call on God. But if you open yourself to Him, He calls on you and your life becomes joyous, filled with splendour, filled with beauty, filled with the real quality that is within you. You are missing the real quality within you because you disqualify yourself to that quality. Now through our spiritual practices, you qualify yourself, then naturally that quality dawns on you. It is so simple. It is so beautiful. Man does not need to suffer at all. For suffering can, as I've said sometime before, somewhere in the world, suffering can become an offering. So what do you offer? You offer yourself in total surrender. Now if you look at the word surrender, it means you render to the 'Sir', that makes surrender. How do you render yourself is by losing yourself that I'm not Jack or Jean or James or John or Mary. I am a creature of the Creator. And what right have I to claim the

2. UK 85- 13 importance of my creation when I could not create myself. So when you render yourself to the 'Sir' in surrender then you become unified with the Divine forces, with Divinity and all your suffering disappears. It becomes, to say again an offering. Now, how it is to be able to offer yourself. Take the example of a husband and wife, or say two lovers, they could never find joy if they do not offer themselves. When you offer yourself to your beloved, then be sure to know that your beloved will offer himself or herself to you. Now the same principle applies when it comes to our relationship with Divinity. You offer yourself to Him and He offers you ten times back to you. So you see how much you gain. You invest a penny and get ten pence in return. You could become a millionaire. Yes. So that is what life is about. Life is not, life is not composed of selfishness but life must be composed of selflessness. So, if you take self and take away the less, then where do you land up? You land up in that Divine form which is the real self of what you are - Self with a capital 'S', not the small self. So what do we do, where do we go on and where do we start? We start with our meditational practices, spiritual practices and reach the inner core of our being. To give you an example of selflessness. Most of you people must have seen the film of Gandhi. Right. So, that morning, he was going to his prayer meeting and so the police inspector says to him 'Oh Gandhiji, we have heard of a plot that you are going to be assassinated, so please do not go to the prayer meeting'. Then he says 'No, no, my son. No. No, no. I must go to the prayer meeting'. So the Inspector insisted, the police inspector insisted that 'Please Gandhiji, do not go'. So Gandhiji replies he says 'Oh my son, what do you know of this body. This body is so temporary. It is so temporary. It will come and go and am I not like a cabbage, a vegetable that perishes, but I must go. I must do my duty. Hee hee hee hee. (Gururaj laughs) I must do my duty, for I know one thing so very, very well that this body can go but my soul is immortal. My soul is immortal, my soul can never die. So if I go to the prayer grounds and if they shoot me, so what, this body will be gone, but my soul will always be there'. My soul will always be there because I and all of you are immortal, the children of God. And if you are the product of the Creator, is the creation not immortal. That is the principle that has to be understood. All your fears are based upo n the sense of destruction. And your destruction is limited just to your little body. And what is your little body? Flesh, blood, bones, that's here today and gone tomorrow. So why the importance on this little body, on the selfishness, the self possession, the entire mind revolving round the sense of this little body. Examine yourself. Out of your sixteen hours of waking, what are you thinking about? Tell me that. You're thinking about your lovely dress, and suit, clothes. Right. You're thinking of how much 'Badoodles' that's going to come in that day. You're thinking of your bills that has to be paid

3. UK 85- 13 at the end of the month. You're thinking of your house rents right and electricity and blah, blah, blah - you know all the things. Right. Your mind is revolved around that, all the time. But if you could spare a few moments, twenty minutes in the morning, twenty minutes at night, something like that, right, and get the mind away from the body, from the bodily needs, from your clothes, from your meals that you're going to have. You wake up in the morning and you're thinking of what you're going to have for dinner tonight. That's what you do. But if you can just get away for a little while throughou t the day and just get your mind away from all this, get your mind away from it and dive deep within yourself - pardon, (Gururaj coughs) change of climate, you know, pardon - and just dive deep within and seek something there and then slowly you will find that you are not the seeker anymore but you are the sought. For the peace that comes there, is priceless. You could never put a price on it. For what price can you really put on peace? So, we are not at peace and that is a dis-ease. So be healthy and strong in the thoughts of your mind and there you will find that which you had hankered for. But it just came automatically. Because hankering is from the mind. It’s the mind that goes round and round and round, causing the disturbance and the disease. So twice a day, just get away from it. Just get away from it. Those new friends of ours that are not meditators yet, who have just started on the Preparatory Practice, try and sit in your garden, if you could or go to a park, perhaps and listen to the music that flows through the trees. What a symphony? Watch the dance of the grass swaying in the wind. Become aware of your heartbeat and know and realise that this beat of my heart is not my beat. I've no control over it. Has anyone got any control over your heartbeat or your breathing? No. You don't. No. Listen to it and just think, take the thoughts above and say, think that this is not my beat, this is your beat. And you'll find such beautiful peace dawning upon you. For is that not what you really seek? Why bluff ourselves? Why live in a fool's paradise? Yet in Milton's words, 'The Paradise might be lost but it can still be found'. So there is no hope lost. It is all there. There's nothing to discover. There's only something to unfold, for you are Divine, the children of Divinity. How could you exist if Divinity does not exist within you? But it’s up to you to recognise and bring to your personal cognition the value of that Divinity. And you surely, I promise you, I promise you, you will be very happy. On this Course we will be talking of different subjects. I know you're all tired travelling from all over England and of course all our foreign visitors and things. So from tomorrow we'll go into greater depth of the workings of your mind, of your soul, of your physiology, biology, psychology, ah, you name it. Right. And the whole idea of these Courses, - why is this thing shaking? I suppose it’s my voice - and of course the purpose of our Courses we have throughout the world, is to inform, educate, entertain and uplift. And that you will have, it’s a guaranteed promise. Have you got a document for

4. UK 85- 13 me to sign? So this togetherness of our International Family brings along with it the depth of love and when love wells up in the togetherness, you will find peace. And when you find peace, there's no disease but you will be at ease. This forty five minutes, I can notice the tensions drawing away from your face. Do you see that, Charlie? Good. Why? Ask the question, why? It is not only the words, or the wit or wisdom that's involved, but it’s also love, our Lord's love being poured to you through this little instrument. It’s nothing. But the Lord's love means everything. So you see to live life in its fullest value, you must become fulfilled because fulfilment find fullness. Linda told me, where are you? Ah you told me something very beautiful. The present something? Linda. Oh that was Charles, Guruji. Can you remember, Charles? Gururaj. Oh where is he? Oh there he is. Come on Charlie, tell us that one. Charles. The greatest present you can receive is to live in the present. Gururaj. Ah beautiful. The greatest present you could receive is to live in the present. People don't live in the present. They live in the past or the future and the present is missed. I want you all to be present here and now. That's an order. Where's my stick? (General laughter) Yeah. Do you see? To be in the present, where the past does not bother you and neither the future. Because people normally, as I've said before I think, that we you know are troubled with the past and we project ourselves into the future of what's going to happen. The past is gone and the future might not be there. But to be in the present. Now I ask you to ask yourself, in what presence are yo u? Did Jesus not say 'When two people gather in my name, I am there?' And he's here in his presence. Now when I say Jesus, I talk of that Divine consciousness which is the inherent right of each and everyone of you because you are born of that Divine consciousness. You are created by that Divine consciousness. You are a creature of that Divine consciousness. And therefore you possess all the powers the universe could hold. Good. That's about an hour I think. Are you going to do the stress release? Voice. ................... (Inaudible)

5. UK 85- 13 Gururaj. Please do, if you can get a chair up here so that they can see you. Oh, thank you, Charles. Show them the technique. Now the greatest trouble in the world today is stress and strain. Now there's a very simple technique, five, seven, ten thousand years old, which will release you of stress and strain. Now in all our Courses, as many of these people have been on and of course our new visitors too are here, they know that it’s not only the wit and wisdom or the philosophy, metaphysics, psychology that I impart but also I try to make things very practical because that's what you need. The philosophies, and metaphysics, psychology that's all working up there and turning and turmoiling and you know 'B-Ssing' us around. Right. But a practical aspect is more important. So please Rajoo, would you give them a demonstration. Look, chuck off your shoes and your socks. Come on, come on, come on. You won't catch a cold. Yah. I've got a built-in heater. Yeah. Come on. He'll show you what to do. That's it. That's it. That's it. Now don't you see it’s a wonderful exercise, chucking off your shoes and things, making you feel free. Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. You'll have to take your socks off as well. Now please have we got a fumigator? (General laughter) Right. Now I taught this to him yesterday, was it? He'll give you a demonstration on what you have to do. Right. You lie down on a bed or you can sit up if you like, I mean whichever is comfortable. Right. Now this will help you to release the stresses in your body, because a circuit is formed where energies are gathered which throws off the stress and the strain in your bodies. Because I know in today's modern world, you go to the office or the factory, you know wherever and you're tensed up and you know and then you get migraines, ah June and all that business, we don't need it anymore. Right. Fine. We get rid of it. You try it tonight, okay and you'll have such a beautiful sleep. You will. Now Rajoo, would you demonstrate? Would you like Jasmini to help you or something? I taught this to them last night. You won't tip over, would you? Oh, you can only tip over if you're tipply. (Gururaj laughs) Now watch how. Yah. Okay. Jasmini. You cross the two big toes, the two great toes, and you just take the second toe and push it in. Rajesh. In other words you intertwine the toes, the big toes. Gururaj. Right. You can walk around by the way and see how. Come along. Rajesh. You have to add a bit of pressure to the toes to begin with and then when you relax, they'll just stay tied. Gururaj. Have a look.

6. UK 85- 13 Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram. Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram. (Repeated) Ishvara, Allah, Christus, De Ran Nah, Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram. (Repeated several times). Oh while you feel relaxed and your breathing slows down. Now what happens in this practice is that you create an energetic circuit within yourself. Now this circuit comprise of your physiology, biology, psychology, bull-shitology. (Gururaj laughs) Right and it sort of combines all your energies together. Now with the combination of the energies we have described, it throws off the stress because stress is anti- energy. Here, we have a qualified psychologist there, she would be able to tell you more about it. Nevertheless, so by the combination of these various energies within your system, does not allow stress and strain to overtake you. Right. Now there's no time limit really. You know you lie down comfortably and get that and you do your mantra in your mind or you can do Gurushakti or people that are on the Prep Technique still, they could just take their attention slowly to their breathing. And you'll find that your breathing, even through Gurushakti or mantra or your breathing, you'll find your metabolic rate dropping. Now when the metabolic rate drops, then stresses disappear. Right. So you don't attack stress with stress. You take the opposite of stress to get rid of stress. You see? And try it out tonight and you'll have the most beautiful sleep that you've ever had for a long time. It calms the mind and when the mind is calmed, naturally stresses disappear because it’s the mind that is stressful. It’s the mind that produces stress and strains. So once that is got rid of then automatically you become more relaxed and more calm and you feel more energetic and you know, you really start enjoying what you really are. Do you see? So one of the main problems in the world today is stress and strain because of our modern living, you know high pressure living and things like that. And when we can get rid of these things, life could become and would become much more smoother. You get it? Any questions on this? Come on. Questioner. If you only had one leg, how would you do it? (General laughter) Gururaj. Beautiful. If you had only one leg then you exercise the one leg and press it up your - ah - your ear. Good. Now, half past nine, of course we've got to go to supper. Right. Let me compose a poem for you on any subject you like. Just name it. Questioner. Cheerfulness

7. UK 85- 13 Gururaj. Cheerfulness. Good. Another one? Questioner. Fatherhood. Gururaj. Fatherhood. Good. Good. If I have to be cheerful then where does the cheer come from only from my fullness. Because I have fathered the fears that become obstacle and brings tears to my cheers. So I put on the hood of a father. Should I not rather to find the cheer in its total fullness in which I could dwell and there my heart will swell as a protector, like a father to love all the children that are there. And they are there because I am the father. Gururaj. Okay. (Laughter and applause) Where are you going to get a guru like me? END


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