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1. UK 85- 15 Gururaj. The power of our Lord flowed through you, not me, I'm just nothing. Questioner. Guruji, could you use that during Meditation? Gururaj. You could if you wish to relax yourself and then go into meditation. It will be helpful to you. Good. Fine. Now Voice. Guruji, could you mention the painting technique we are doing tonight? Gururaj. Yes, I will I've got this note here. Thank you very much we'll do that. Right. What shall we talk about tonight? Is the voice going through at the back? Yah. Good. Good. It has to, it flows through the universe. Why not and so would yours. If there is that focal focusness of mind then your thoughts will never be lost. It will reverberate itself throughout the universe. And even after you leave your body, it will still be going on and on and some other embodied being will pick it up. And that is how poetry is composed, music is composed and paintings are done. Good. Now let me listen to your most profound philosophical question. Questioner Beloved Guruji, you have often talked about love and you said to us many, many times that if you ask this question many times, I'll always say the same thing but in a different way. Now Guruji, could you please analyse love so that we could profit from the experience of love, to utilise it and use love for the benefit of others in our daily life? Gururaj. Chapter one, Chapter two? Thank you dear. When you talk of the analysis of love it is a total fallacy, for love knows no analysis. For once you start analysing love, it becomes a mental quality while true love is a welling up of the heart. And what is the welling up of the heart? That should be the question and at the same time a non-question because when the heart wells up, how can it be questioned. For questioning, to repeat again, comes from the mind. You say 'I love' because Jamie is so handsome you know and Peter is so brilliant and Bavna is so pretty. That's analysis. But when love wells up in itself without quantification or quality or questioning, then that is love. (Gururaj coughs) How about you all coughing with me? (General laughter). You see, so in love, you are in love and out of love. When you're out of love, it destroys questioning, but when you're in love, you are involved in love that defies all question. How could one ever say 'I love you, my beloved?' and yet question the love and the beloved. How could that be possible? You love because you can't help it. The girl can't help it. Yes. And when you can't just help it then it comes to your consciousness that you are in love. And the consciousness then would not question the why and the wherefore.

2. UK 85- 15 Because where is love? Wherefore, where is love and what is it for? Wherefore? It is just there. It exists and the more you try to love the less you get out of love. So love needs no trying. Love needs just being. Charles loves Linda, but he never would question why he loves Linda. Because the very moment he would ask the question 'Why I love Linda?' - because she's got beautiful hair or a lovely nose, lovely ears and all the blah, blahs, - then love ceases and the cessation through questioning, loses the value of love. I love you not because you are you. I love you because you are me. So when I combine the 'you-ness' with the 'me-ness' that exists between the two a rapport forms where there is no differentiation. I love you. I would love my beloved and she could be pretty today and beautiful, but even if she's shrivelled and burnt, that love will still always remain because it is not the outer appearance, the physical appearance or the mental thought that is created by love, but love exists within oneself as its own creation. Now when you talk of the existence of its own creation, remember that that comes from the Creator. And the Creator does not know of any differentiation. Who would say that this woman is such and that man is such and this one is such and that one is such? Who can say that? Only your mind. But if you rely upon the Creator, naturally the creation of loves comes about. Now we do not try to define the aspects of love. There is no definition, for anything that is defined will have a boundary. For all definitions must contain a boundary, while love is boundless. And to go beyond the boundaries into the boundlessness, you find the freedom and that very freedom is love. Do you understand it? And when the epitome, the pinnacle of love is reached, you don't say you are James or Jean or Jack or Joan. You don't say that anymore, because they all coalesce into oneness. So it’s no separation because there is no definition. People in the world try to define love and that is the greatest mistake. That creates all the conflicts i n your mind. That does not generate love but disintegrate love. So let's ask the Divine powers that be, let me love for the sake of love, not because I want to define love. For the very definition to repeat again, forms boundaries when love is totally boundless. Now when you find this boundlessness, you will not see the limitations of your beloved. You'll see the beauty and the purity that lies therein. When a man, with his own definitions try to love someone, and his limitations of course will always find faults. 'Oh she has a stupid jacket on, or she has burnt the toast or my shirt is not clean'. Yeah. He will start finding all those faults. But if he really loves her for the sake of loving her, he will not find any faults. So what if my shirt has a spot on it, okay. Right. The spot could be here on my heart. Is that not your heart that you have implanted on my shirt? If my shoes are dirty and my woman has not polished it, let me be happy about it, that it is your dirt that I am carrying with me to cleanse it.

3. UK 85- 15 So love is to be found in only one way. There are no variations. And if there are variations, it should be made into a symphony that creates harmony and that harmony is love itself. So when, I might have said this before, man says to a woman or woman to man either way 'I love you' and if the question is asked 'Why do you love me?' And if the man or woman answers 'Oh, because of your cute stinking feet' (General laughter) 'or your lovely hair or your stupid crooked nose or what have you', he is trying to qualify love. But the true answer should be 'I love you because of what you are'. That is the first step in love. I love you for what you are. And then as you progress further, you would start saying 'I love you not for what you are. I love you because I am love myself, and that love I find in you'. And then if we go to the third step and the third step is this, that 'I love you and you are together with me in your love'. So we have formed this beautiful oneness in love. Because love, to say again knows no differentiation. Love can only be love and it exists not in apartness but it exists in togetherness. So what is the difference between your love her love, your love, our love? What is the difference? No difference at all. It is one love because love cannot be differentiated. And when one reaches that stage of the unity of love, know for sure it is God that loves. He permeates you and her in that eternity of what love is all abou t. You see? So separations bring conflicts. Unity brings oneness. And finding that oneness, you automatically become one with Divinity who is love itself. So when you can truly love, you become one with the Divine. And who does not want to become one with the Divine? For that is where all joy, all happiness lies, to be in that unity consciousness of the Divine. So, as we progress through life, going from step to step through our spiritual practices, you find firstly a disunity and the n because of the craving of the heart, you try to find a unity in the disunity. Now, how do you try to find that? You try to find that in an object to which you project the supposed love in you. Now in trying to find the fulfilment of yourself, you need the object. Right. So here the object and the subject are two different entities. But as you move closer and come to a greater realisations, you will find that the object and the subject become one. They are not apart. But that is not the end . Because there still remains a consciousness that I, the subject, have merged with the object. That is not the end. But when the realisation disappears that I am not the object anymore and he or she is not the subject anymore, then the subject and the object combines, knowing no differentiation. For you are me and I am you. And there is no difference at all. I told the story I don't know if in England or America or somewhere around the world, where this man knocked at the door of his beloved. It’s a Persian poem but of course I'll give it to you, I mean specially to our new people that are here. And he knocked on the door and she asked 'Who is it?' And he said 'I am Peter Moore'. The door was not opened. And then the next night Peter Moore went again and he knocked on the door. And she asked 'Who is it?' and he said 'I am

4. UK 85- 15 Peter Moore from Chard'. The door was not opened. Jean is quite sensible. (Laughter) And then the third night he went again and he knocked on the door and she asked 'Who is it?' And he replied 'I am Thee my Beloved'. And the door was immediately opened. This illustrates the oneness of two hearts. Actually speaking there are no two hearts at all. There's only one heart throbbing in two different bodies. Do you see the point? So to find the truth of love is to find the truth itself. For truth is ever existent and truth is non else but love itself. As soon as there is any discrimination then truth will be gone. Because truth knows of no discrimination because discrimination means separateness or apartheid. Truth means the oneness. I feel so much at one with you. Why? Because I have the realisation that the very heart that throbs in me, the very spirit that inspires me, the very spirit that makes my arms and legs move, is the same spirit that is within thee. So love knows of no discrimination, no apartheid - we call that in South Africa. Right. Love knows of no separation but love knows only of the oneness between human and human, of every creation of the Creator and that is how you become one with the Creator and the Creator is nothing else but love. Look into my eyes. What do you see? The physical body disappears at will, but the love always remains. And as Shakespeare has said, 'The eyes are the windows of the soul'. So you see the soul and the soul itself or the spirit is composed of nothing else but love. So that is why all of you love me. Because I give off the love. So there is a reciprocation of love. Now if people could live in that way and just love for the sake of love and you'd be surprised I promise you, I promise you, I promise you, that you'd be loved ten times in return. Give off love, for when you have through your meditational practices, when you develop the ability to give off love, there would be no place for hatred. If the sky is filled with sunshine, where would the place be for clouds? Do you see? Do that, do that. Be happy. Give love and as Jesus has said 'If someone smacks you on one cheek offer the other'. And I tried it once. Somebody gave me a slap on one cheek and following his teachings, I offered the other and that slap was harder. (General laughter) And being on a bridge, I said 'What do I do now?' I picked him up and threw him into the river. (General laughter) Yes. So that, Helen, is the meaning of love. That's the meaning of love, is forever to be giving of yourself in kindness, sympathy, compassion, not ever caring for yourself. No. No. Because if you care for yourself, you become selfish. But when you care for others, you're expressing love and that love becomes totally uncaring because you are not concerned of what you are doing. You're just giving naturally, spontaneously, all the time. That will make you happy. Good.

5. UK 85- 15 Shall I - I had some consultations this evening, so I couldn't work out any jokes and I don't like to Gururaj. Awwhhaa (General laughter). Right. But these consultations were important. It was to help, you know, my children. Fine. So I never had a chance to sit down and think up any jokes. Nevertheless I could compose a poem for you. You just name any subject you like. Oops. Voice. Where? Gururaj. Thank you darling. Ah ta. Any subject, any subject. Questioner. Could we have one about work? Gururaj. Work? Another one? Questioner. Illusion, illusion. Gururaj. Work, illusion Questioner. Understanding. Gururaj. Okay, I'll just have a sip of water. Just ends at the right time. Work, understanding and Voice. Illusion. Gururaj. Illusion. Ah. Good. When I develop an understanding I lose the illusion of work. For work itself is an illusion because I try hard and make effort where effort is not required.

6. UK 85- 15 And that is the illusion. Now if I could develop the understanding of the very illusion I go through about work and take away the erk from the work then it will be not only an understanding but a wonder-standing. I'm going to compose my own dictionary one day. (Clapping) Illusions are created by the mind and what is my mind involved in? It is involved in work and when I said before we take the erk out of work then work becomes no more and then you develop the understanding. What understanding is required? The understanding that is required is that life is made for living. And when life is regarded through understanding for proper living then all illusions disappear, because illusions have no appearance at all, being illusions. So we march on we do our work with pleasure, with joy, with understanding. That is how we lose

7. UK 85- 15 the illusions and all our delusions. Gururaj. Okay. (General Clapping) Where you going to get a guru like me? I was a poet, a musician, a composer, a bullshitter, sorry. Peter, there was some announcements to be made. Just let's see. Ah, okay. Thank you very much. They type these notes for me. Two o'clock rest. That sounds good. (Gururaj laughs) Arise, work on papers, Mandalas, Forms, energise Mandala Discs. Right. That's four o'clock. Five o'clock, tea. What colour is that going to be? I prefer it black. So it looks similar to Scotch. Oh I'm a funster. Eight thirty Satsang. Ah, mention painting technique and how it is to be done. We are asking that they return the paintings by lunchtime tomorrow, so we can begin to work on them. Right. Now, I think we have done this in England before? Voice. No. Never. Gururaj. The paintings. No. We did it in America. Right. Now a very brief explanation on this that the mind, the mind can function in words, forms, shapes and colours. So I think you've been asked to bring a little box of - else you could always borrow each others', whatever you want to do. And we do have paper, John? Yah. We have paper, that'll be provided and you do not need to be an artist. So don't try and do fancy things. Just let the mind flow and draw whatever you wish. Fine. Now as soon as these are returned to me, I'll get some of these girls around here to type out my analysis of it, to show you how your mind is working. Right. Now most times it happens that a person cannot express oneself adequately in words, but they can express themselves more adequately in shape, form and colour. Now I don't expect any of you to be professional artists. Just do your little scribbles, you know, because I would get the meaning of it and you'd have a typed analysis of the condition of your mind and how your mind is functioning at that moment. Right. So this would be very exciting and it will give you something to do. I like to keep you guys occupied. Well, we did that in America. June? Was it June? And it was very successful. We did it on all the Courses and things. And so we're to do it here. Fine. Now on my trip to America now, we're going to work with sand. As a matter of fact, I spoke to Vidya - you know Vidya, she's been to England, yes - and we're going to do some sand things on a plate. Right. Good. So that will be

8. UK 85- 15 done there. And then of course on the next Course, we can do the sand things here, where different colours of sands are given and you do what you like with it and I interpret it for you. The other notes here. We're asking that they return their paintings by lunchtime tomorrow, so we can begin to work on them. Ah I think that's a bit early, John to give them time, rather give them the afternoon after Satsang and lunch, so they can spend the afternoon together and mess around and things. Voice. .... Yoga Nidra, Guruji Gururaj. Pardon. Questioner. What about following Yoga Nidra tomorrow afternoon. Gururaj. Yah, that would be good. Yes. Fine. Okay. Right, then where is my rest going to go to? Voice. Before that. Gururaj. Right. Now of course - what's this? Nine thirty, healing for Fernando from Spain - lung case. Right. We'll do that. Then we're going out for dinner, is it Peter? Today or tomorrow? Yeah. So it'll just be the Council Group that's going out. And well look, I am a guest, you are the hosts, you organise all those things. Right. So try and hand out - perhaps some people want to work on their little paintings tonight and if those if the art papers could be handed out to them tonight, I think it'll be convenient. Because you might just not feel like sleeping and want to do you know something. Yah. It's better, it's better to do - if you don't feel like sleeping its better to do paintings than other things. Questioner. Guruji, what happens ... (inaudible)................got no brains? Gururaj. Oh you brainless idiot. I think that sums it up, doesn't it? I think we're both ....... Right. What is this? Voice. The question.

9. UK 85- 15 Gururaj. 'Oh yes, could you analyse love so that we could profit from the experience of how to utilise and use love for the benefit of others?' Why do you want to profit from love? To benefit others is good. Very good. Don't try and profit from it. Give it. Giving requires no profit. Okay. I think. Yeah. It’s half past nine, eh. END


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