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1. UK 85- 19 Gururaj. Charles, his room is right next door to mine, so he popped in to say ‘How are you, Guruji, are you feeling well?’ So I said ’Oh, I’m first class’. So he was walking out so I said ‘Where are you going to?’ He says he was going for sexuality. I said ‘Whaatt?’ So he tells me that ‘A slip of the tongue is not fault of the mind, I’m going for sociability’. Good. It’s always good to start with a laugh on the face. Yeah. It has many values. It relaxes you, takes away the tensions and turmoils or whatever of the mind – a little louder, please - yeah. So now tonight we are going to do the Communion Practice. Now many, many of you have been with me for the past ten, twelve years, attending two Courses a year, but for the new people that are here, just a word of explanation. I’ll make it very brief. The Communion Practice involves that to be in the world and yet not of the world. So when I go into Communion with Divinity, I totally disappear and merge away in Divinity. What you have to do is nothing. You just sit still, relax, loosen your ties, chuck off your shoes or whatever you want to do. Just relax and do not concentrate on me but just focus on me. And most of you, perhaps all of you, as we have experienced over the past ten twelve years, go through certain experiences. Now, when you go through any experience, please do not analyse the experience, because the very process of analysis stops the experience. So just float, go along with it. Now in the Communion Practice, a great energy is radiated into the room and you are touched by the hand of our Lord. So just flow away with it, float away with it. No analysis is required and after that I wouldn’t like to tell you what experiences you will have because I do not want to influence your minds, because human minds are susceptible, right and they are very suggestible. So after the Communion experience, you can describe your experiences and I will explain you what they mean. Okay. The universe, and as you go from galaxy to galaxy, and make the entire universe your own, you feel such a joy. And then to come back and see the sadness of people’s faces and you want to wonder was this really meant by God. It was not. It’s a matter of your own doings, your own karmas, your samskaras, your impressions. All that creates the sadnesses and the miseries but Divinity has not meant this for you. Everything in the universe, as you travel through it, works in such beautiful precision. Why do you not work in that precision too, because your minds, your thoughts, interfere with it. Now, through your spiritual and meditation practices; if you disallow the interference then you too will operate with the precision of the universe. For out there it is so glorious, so beautiful. And, when you reach the vastness of the universe, you merge away into that energy which is Divinity. For it is that energising factor that energises the universe, for

2. UK 85- 19 without that energising factor, this universe could not exist. All atoms will disintegrate and there would be no existence at all. Now to find the true meaning of existence is not to be found outside. You can go to London, New York, Paris, Rome, anywhere, Madrid, but that is not going to change you. The only thing that could change you is you yourself because geography has nothing to do with your existence, for true existence lies within oneself. For there is a truth, there is the core of your personality and the core of your personality is Divinity itself and if it was not Divinity, you will not even be able to lift a hand. So then through this Samadhi, this meditation, you reach the area called Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Now there are two kinds of Samadhis, meditations, the one is Sarvakalpa Samadhi, which means meditation with form. And then you proceed further than that and you reach Nirvikalpa Samadhi which is without form. For who says energy, true energy, has form? It is formless, shapeless, but exists as an energy, that revitalises you, that brings you into being without you even being conscious of it. So, lose that consciousness of yourself. Reach the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi and reach the area of super-consciousness and there you will find yourself. There you will not recognise if you are Jack or Jean or James of Gita or anyone. You will recognise yourself as the truth, which is Divinity. Now Divinity does not need any name. It does not need any form. For as soon as you put Divinity in name and form you are limiting Divinity by giving it a shape and form and name. But to reach the area, as in this Communion Practice, where you become formless and nameless. The identity of the ego is lost and you merge in infinity. And that is Divinity. And that is eternity. So you are born to be your universal self. It is only the cognition or recognition of your eternity that has to be realised. And when that realisation dawns upon you, you become self-realised, for the small self is gone and you have merged into the bigger self. And this mergence is an area of total bliss, where you go beyond the pain and pleasure and you become merged into joy. Joy, joy, joy. I had a girlfriend once called Joy, but she failing to realise her own joyousness, so I had to find joy within myself. So this is an area that everyone has to reach, consciously or unconsciously. It might take a year, two years, two lifetimes, ten lifetimes, but you being born of that Divinity, you will have to reach home. But don’t wait for two hundred lifetimes, two hundred thousand lifetimes, two hundred million lifetimes, you can do it here and now, in this lifetime. If you are sincere with yourself and if you do your practices as prescribed to you, it will expedite the journey. Your car is made of six cylinders and you have six spark plugs, is that what you call it? Spark plugs? Right. Now if out of the six spark plugs, if three are faulty, your car is not going to run well. So change those three spark plugs. And why not? And your

3. UK 85- 19 car will give you better service. It will run more smoothly and you will save a lot on petrol, gas, petrol. Gas. Do you see? That is the secret of life. Analyse yourself and look at the faults within yourself. Many people and most people are afraid to look at their faults. They don’t want to face them. They don’t want to look into the mirror, to really see themselves. For when you look in the mirror, what do you want to see? ‘Oh how beautiful am I today?’ ‘What shade of lipstick am I going to use today?’ ‘What kind of make-up am I going to use today?’ ‘Or am I cleanly shaven today?’ So what this means is that you are looking at surface value. But look into your eyes in the mirror and face yourself and ask, ‘Who am I? What am I worth as this little body? Is there not a bigger ‘I’ existing within me?’ Find that ‘I’. And you could. Through your spiritual practices, you could find it. And then life will assume a totally different quality. Life is based, as far as the world goes, on quantity and not on quality. Quantity would mean, ‘How many rooms have I in my home? What is my bank balance? What kind of clothes do I have?’ ‘Is this red dress going to suit me?’ ‘Or is Charlie’s jersey going to suit him?’ That’s quantity. You are quantifying yourself according to the law of mathematics. You’re quantifying yourself within certain limitations, without ever seeking for the quality that is within you, residing there. It is there that quality that produces love, compassion, kindness, sympathy, call it what you want to. And that is quality and not quantity. Now, I see a note for me here. Good. Right. There’s a young lady here from Denmark, Ann, where is she? Ann Meehan Voice. From Ireland. Gururaj. Oh from Ireland, is it from Ireland? Where are you? Oh come, come my darling. Thank you for the lovely flowers that were sent by you and from Bavna. Where is Bavna? Oh there you are. Kneel. Your Spiritual Name from today is Anurada, but Anu for short. Anu means the atom, that constitutes this entire universe, because if that primal atom was not there this universe will not be created. Bless you my daughter. Bless you. God bless you. I could never find my watch I suppose because I’m timeless. Ah, dear me. There it is. Running short of handkerchiefs.

4. UK 85- 19 Now, tonight I have a special appointment with all of you. At twenty to - I mean many of the old meditators know about it but I mean to remind the new ones. Right. At twenty to twelve, you start meditating in your own – you start meditating in your own rooms, twenty to quarter to twelve, right, and I will be meditating in my room. We’ve done this so many times before and it has been very successful. Right. So you start meditating in your rooms, twenty to, quarter to twelve and I’ll be meditating in my room. And you will gain certain experiences. I am far away from you as your own heart. How near could I be? So do that tonight. It’s a pity the Course is only four or five days, is it, five days, so there are so many things we wanted to do and I’m sorry that we have to rush things in. Good. Now, with the Communion Practice, if there is anyone that would like to say a few words of their experiences afterwards, you are most welcome. You have another mike there? You know Charlie, I forgot my teeth behind in my room. (General laughter) I need to have half a dozen Secretaries around me to look after me because my mind is so involved in Divinity that I even forget my teeth. Ah dear me. Right, who wants to come up first? There’s a mike over there and you can describe your experiences and I will explain you what they mean. Voice. Beloved Guruji, quite a number of things occurred. First of all I couldn’t see very well and (inaudible)........the faces begun to disappear and I begun to feel very, very heavy and tired and I closed my eyes, I saw the most beautiful blue flames and as the blue flames parted I saw churches .......... (inaudible) passed, from the flame came this beautifu l lotus. I was not aware of where I was. Gururaj. Good. Now would you like to go and sit down so that we don’t disturb the other people? The blue flames and the rubble are things which are happening in your mind. And, they are blossoming into that beautiful lotus. So God bless you my daughter. And that lotus being very beautiful, and you’ll find that lotus later, not very far away, in a lovely beautiful pink colour. Oh you did. There you are, I read your mind. Good. Next. Don’t be shy. I’m like a brother, father, friend. Namaste. Voice. I will speak about this experience because I never had one alike. I have had the faces experience and the light experience before, but this time I just felt myself to close my eyes .............. (Inaudible)......... I was somewhere away from here in a very calm place. And I started to hear a hum

5. UK 85- 19 Gururaj. Ahh right, right, right. Didn’t you feel me holding your hand and taking me with you? Voice. And then I saw like a mandala, but not a mandala, like a rosette. Like this, turning round in front of my eyes, very, very quickly in a light very brilliant blue colour. I was feeling a strong pressure, not exactly here, but just here. Gururaj. The Sahasrara Chakra. Voice. (Cont'd). Then after all this, this went on for quite a long time then suddenly it was like a profound meditation. I felt all myself vibrating in a very smooth manner and at the same time in a solid way and then the meditation finished. Gururaj. Beautiful. Beautiful. Now I’ll tell you - okay, sit down - I’ll tell you what happened there was because of the Divine energies generated into this hall, because of me becoming one with Divinity, the vibrational self of you were expedited to bring about a greater balance. Right. The feelings you had here, just up here, right, would mean that you have transcended and gone beyond the third eye, you know which we call the Ajna Chakra, and you had a glimpse of the Sahasrara or the thousand petalled lotus, as it is symbolically described. So that was very good, very good. You see the power of Divinity is there all the time and that Divinity is forever flowing and that Divinity only needs a channel to bring it to you. Good. God bless you. Voice. ................................. (Comments inaudible) Your head disappeared. Gururaj. Yes, my head disappeared because I am mindless. (Gururaj laughs) Voice. (Cont'd). ............ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Were you doing the disco? Voice. (Cont'd). ............... (Inaudible) Gururaj. You swallowed the whole Universe. Was your mouth opening up? (General laughter) Voice. (Cont'd). ........... (Inaudible)

6. UK 85- 19 Gururaj. Good. Very beautiful experience. You felt the life-force of the universe that was brought to you by the Divine energy that descended in this hall. And I wish more and more people would experience that life force or Divine force or whatever you want to call it because it’s a beautiful experience. Yes. Good. Right. I don’t think we have much time left bec ause we’ve got to do the Midnight Practice tonight. Right, but I think we have still more time for one or two comments. You know we could go on the whole night. Right whoever wants to? Voice. Guruji, I watched your physical body diminish and become a light. And my eyes closed and there was nothing and yet everything. And when I opened my eyes again, the physical body was back. There was a different face than one I would recognise. Gururaj. You’re going back into my past lives. Voice. (Cont'd). The first face was an oriental gentleman, with a short beard Gururaj. And the moustache was drooping. Right, that was when I lived in the body of Lao Tzu. Voice. (Cont'd). The second face, I did what you told me not to do I, analysed............. (Inaudible). So immediately I thought that was another face and I recognised that Gururaj. As? Voice. (Cont'd). It was the representation we’ve all got of the young Jesus Christ. And then you were back with us. Gururaj. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Now, how many of you - you just need to put up your hand – how many of you saw a golden aura around me? Good. Practically everyone. Yeah, yeah. That is the emanation of the Divine force that flows through me. That’s what you saw. How many of you saw me as a very young boy? Ah, right a lot. How many of you saw me as a very old man? Ah. I told you I’ve been living for ten thousand years. Ha, ha. How many of you felt a deep calm and peace within you, warmth as well? Beautiful.

7. UK 85- 19 This is to demonstrate the power of God to you, so you could practically realise how wonderful that Guy is. And that Guy is not sitting upstairs somewhere, He is sitting in your heart. Always remember that. He is sitting in your heart as well as in the universe, so He is individual as well as universal. So try and be in contact with the individual and the universal will come of its own. Gururaj. Good. I received all your paintings (General laughter) and Ann Stockdale and Rajesh and Jasmini were taking down dictation as I was analysing them. And we managed to get through about fifty this afternoon and we’ll have to work the whole night through, apart from the Midnight Special, right, after that we’ll have to work through it, to show you how a person’s mind works. A person’s mind – I don’t know if I mentioned this to you – can work by words, it can work by shape, form and colour. So in your innocence, without trying to be an artist, you do a couple of squiggles, squiggles, right. It would tell me a lot about how your mind is working and what energies I have got to send to you. Right. There was another announcement or something Voice. About helpers, Guruji. Gururaj. There was a letter also – or so far has been very successful and a lot of you has taken so much trouble - I don’t want to mention names because I might just forget one or two names, and then the person would feel slighted, so I would really like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all the effort you have put in and we don’t want a hundred and twenty people on the next Course in March, we want two hundred and twenty. So work, that’s an order. Good. You were going to read that out for me. There’s no name on the letter but whoever it is from Voice. My voice is a bit croaky Gururaj. Oh, why not croak? Voice. The beauty in my mind’s eye, it shines like bright satin sunbeam ... (inaudible) it is clear like the sound of trickling water in the stream. It sparkles like a profusion of air on a wintry mountain top, majestic blue... (Inaudible). It transcends the beaten heart in a.... (Inaudible)......linking together like precious stones in a circular unity. Gururaj. So what I did, there’s no name here is there? No. Well whoever wrote it, it’s immaterial because do I not flow through you whoever the writer is, so what I did I ordered some paper and some paints and brushes to do a painting on

8. UK 85- 19 this poem which I’m sure one of our helpers will hand over to the person who wrote this. I do not need to know the identity of the person but I could capture these beautiful thoughts in colour, shape, plus, plus, plus and of course gurushakti as well. Well I think it’s time for me. END


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