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1. UK 85- 22 Gururaj. Into ten thousand years, the son of Krishna called Abimannu - I might have told the story here or some other country - and he only had one night to live, so they were married. And Abimannu, the son of Krishna, asked that ‘Can't I spend a longer life with my wife, we’re only married one day and you say I have to die’. So during the one night of life, they experienced twelve years. How is this possible? This is possible if you do not have the cognition of time, for when through your spiritual practices, you become timeless, then where is time. So you can live for eternity in one moment. And to live in that moment, as I have said many times I suppose somewhere, is to know the eternity of life, because you measure your life in time and space. Tell me about space? Where is space, space, space, and where is t-t-t-time? There, in reality, there is no time and neither space, for space is imaginary. Space is only as far as only your eyes could see and you are dwelling in sensual consciousness of seeing. Where is time? It is only a fixture of the mind. And you think you live for fifty, sixty, seventy years. I die every moment of the day. There is no time for me because I am timeless. So you measure your life in space and time and that brings you the misery that should never be there. For if, if it is not there, then naturally according to the law of logic and mathematics, if it is not there, you are nowhere. And if you are nowhere, you could only be ‘now here’. You just need to shift the syllables; ‘Nowhere’, take the ‘w’ to that side, the left side, ‘Now Here’. So to be living in the 'Hereness' of life, is to find the total enjoyment of life. And when you find the totality, the total enjoyment of life then that which you are striving for, that which you are trying to get rid of, the misery, will never be there because you are not here. Eh! There was a man who was in a jam and the traffic was moving so fast and he had to reach his office and his job. So he stops me on the way and says, ‘I'm in a jam and I've got to move to my job’. And I asked him, I asked, - oh, excuse my poor English, I speak better English than the English people. So he asked me, ‘Being in this jam, what am I do?’ And I told him, ‘Just repeat to yourself, ‘I am’. So what if you reach ten minutes late for work, you could always explain your boss that I was in a jam and I try to say to myself, ‘I am’. Now if you would understand the import of this philosophy that to get away from any jam, you just say to yourself, I am, so to hell with the jam. You might prefer strawberry or mulberry. Ah, its fun, it's been so loving this Course, it was nice. We had so many things to do, unfortunately we could not finish all the things which we wanted to do. And of course we have done a number of interpretations of paintings with Raju and all those guys that were helping me. Yeah, yeah good. We’ve done more than half of them and the other half as was promised to me by the organisers, that they will be posted on to you. But those half that are done could be given out. Have they been - yeah, you could give them out, yeah or send them with your next newsletter, John and Raju and all these other guys.

2. UK 85- 22 There are many other things I wanted to do on this Course, especially, you know the intercourse between us - you didn't get that - (General laughter) Oh, I'm a funny old fellow. But there is always a method in my madness. I'm totally mad. But madness - the 'ness' negates the mad - and that makes you sane, remember that, forever. Even if I should discard this stupid body of mine, be mad, ah, where the hell is this thing - be mad but be in the 'ness' of madness and you become sane. For sanity is brought about by a balance of mind and that sanity which the world regards is mad. For what does the world know about sanity? They do not, they only know of how to be mad. Now, I give you the permission today, be mad, but joyfully mad, for joy itself is a madness created by yourself. So, why try to find sanity, because sanity is jus t opposite to insanity and when you are in-sanity, you are insane and you are in the ‘presumptuous’ sanity. So be mad. Who the hell stops you? But remember one thing in this word - Peter Moore always called me a Philologist. He says what the hell are you striving and struggling to be a guru and you could hardly make a living rather become a Professor of Philology. Peter Moore says that always, I mean, being a very highly educated person, right. Mad, what does it mean really? The ‘M’ would be for me and then you add, so you're mad. But the proper addition will not take you to subtraction, it will take you to multiplication. And when you multiply yourself with the ‘M’ which is Me to the ‘ad’, which is addition, you become multiplied in the beauty of the rendition to Divinity. My dear beloveds, my sisters, my brothers, my wife, so my dear brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, I bid you adieu. I said it even before Shakespeare did. Thank you very much for having me. It's been so lovely being with you all and sharing some wit, some wisdom and so much fun, a joy, a joy, a joy. Is there anyone here called Joy? I love you. Good. It's been a joy and sorry the Course was so short. If it was longer of course, I could have added many more things into it and onto it. Don't you lean on her shoulder, it's a mark of disrespect. So I will have to say with the greatest love in my heart, although I've teased people and joked people, like I did now, I've teased and joked and we had some wisdom imparted I hopefully hope so. Write that in your dictionary, Peter Moore, I hopefully hope so. And it's been so pleasant being together. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, forever more. I just can't help it but to love because I am love. So from here I'll be going to Lapland - where - oh Denmark - Denmark, sorry, and then from Denmark, of course I'll be going to do America, you know all the various centres there and we have tons of centres there. And I've got to cover them all. And please do one thing for me, would you, pray for me that my health will be well. Do that, do that because I

3. UK 85- 22 am not very well in health, this heart trouble and diabetes and cancer, bullshititis and well. Well so all I could say now seeing that time is so limited, I was told, I will say Namaste, my beloveds. Namaste Come wife, why do you think you got married to me? Aide. Guruji, we all thank you for coming and sharing everything with us and we wish you speed and health on your journeys. Gur uraj. Thank you. Namaste. God bless you. God bless you. Those things that we have missed out, of course will be on the post to you. Oh, that's lovely, beautiful. Namaste. Namaste. END


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