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1. UK 85-6 Gururaj. Seventeen at University and I used to compose songs and produce plays. There's one song that sold about, I should say about eight hundred thousand records, perhaps over a million, pinched by somebody called C.H. Atman and it became very, very famous. But let's meditate a moment first before I give you the song. I'll explain you the meaning. I speak over a dozen languages and this is composed in Hindi which is the national language of India. (Gururaj sings in Hindi Am mee lo ........) (Clapping) Since very early childhood, I had the yearning for God. Preatam means Beloved. Oh Beloved, please come to me. The night is so dark and I feel so afraid. I feel so lonely without you my Lord, come to me. Like a little bird perched on the tree top, I keep on shouting for you. Am mee lo, Preatam, am mee lo ........ (Gururaj sings in Hindi)... My eyes get filled with tears yearning for you, my beloved. But now you're coming to me, my Lord. Okay. Fine. Now I think it was suggested to me, I'm not getting the sound of this, ah that is better. And of course I used to tell some radio stories and one of my favourite one's which I did a whole series of, 'The creaking door'. Good. It was suggested to me that if anybody would like to discuss their experiences of the Midnight Special. Do come over, it would be nice so that they can be heard by all. Namaste. Questioner. Guruji, I don't know quite what happened. I was meditating as we were told. I started my meditation and then it was like a complete black board. Gururaj. Black, blackness Questioner. (Cont'd). black board with facets or stars in all different colours. From there I don't remember very much at all until I woke up. And then I snuggled down into bed and that was just finished completely. Gururaj. Good. What you saw there, that you went into a state where the mind was devoid of thoughts and all the stars, the various colours you saw, were the various facets of the mind, in which the mind operates. Because the mind can operate in two ways only, in thought and in colour. So that was a good experience. Questioner. I'm going to find this very hard to talk about because it was probably the most devastating experience of my life. I sat down to meditate and I could feel my heart pounding very, very hard which is unusual in meditation. I have not experienced that before. And I sort of wondered if I was meditating. I think I was really. And then I felt something getting

2. UK 85-6 closer. I knew something was going to happen. I didn't know what. And the force or the power came closer and closer, and it started to grip me very, very tightly and I felt it in different parts of my body. I felt around here. I felt in my face. I had my hands together and I started to get tingling all over, which got more and more and more, until I felt I was practically paralysed and I couldn't move. And my hands were absolutely locked together no way could I have moved them. And I found this as I found before in Communion, that I was so sort of full up inside that I had to take more and more breath 'til I was panting. In fact anyone near my room heard me screaming. And it was so just so strong and powerful, I have no way of describing it. It was also very painful. It was very, very painful in my arms. And yet whilst I was afraid on one level and it was very painful on that level, I also knew that I would get through it and that it would stop and that Guruji would help me. And when I came out after about half an hour, I was still shaking and feeling sick, wondering what on earth had hit me. And I went to see Gururaj and he made me put my hand on his heart and I stopped shaking instantly. And he confirmed what I thought must have happened, that it was something coming out of me. At the time it felt as if I was almost possessed but obviously it was something that was coming out of me. The nearest experience I've had to it is giving birth, only it was a hundred times more. So I don't know what I was giving birth to last night. Gururaj. You became twice born. Questioner. (Cont'd). It did occur that it was no coincidence that it’s Good Friday, on Friday. I wanted to share it because not just because it was painful, but because I got through it. And the feeling this morning was also difficult to describe. Gururaj. Beautiful. Beautiful. You see all experience, - let me just explain, people always look for sweet medicine, don't they. It’s not always the sweet medicine that cures or helps. Some medicines that really help could be very bitter for the moment. So here was a beautiful cleansing process. The opening of the heart was there. And when she knocked on my door last night - who was there, Vidya was there and a few others were there, and when I put my hand on her heart the palpitations and panting and all that was gone. So this was a cleansing experience for you. And as I said, you've been reborn into a different life altogether now. Your life will never be the same again, always better and better and better. That lady there, I think put her hand up. Questioner. Dear Gururaj, actually this was just down to earth practical help. As I sat on my bed to meditate and suddenly I realised I didn't know what to do in spite of all the wonderful teaching. And then I thought well, I must simply ask Gururaj. And he told me to get out of bed that I'd forgotten to put on my golden thread. And that, then I got out and

3. UK 85-6 got it out of my haversack and put it on. And then I thought this still isn't quite right. And then he said, well you haven't got my little photo. And it really wasn't me saying it, I really was listening to Gururaj. And then I got out of bed again, I felt a bit lazy and I got out of bed again and I got the photo. And then I looked at the photo and smiled at Gururaj and said thank you very much. And then I just had a very nice meditation. Gururaj. Good. Beautiful. Lovely. Now this means one thing, that - through the grace of God of course everything happens, - through the grace of God, I could be thousands of miles away from you but if you just focus the mind and a picture is a helpful method of focusing, rather than thinking or being abstract. Many people can do that of course. But it helps to focus and when you focus in, I'm near you as your nearest breath, love. Always. Always. That is the power of Love and the power of grace, the power of God that does it, not me. I'm an ordinary human being, just a channel. Next. Questioner. Namaste. I felt like telling this just as you said that. Because I sat for meditation and I did some Tratak and I was looking sort of in this direction. And within a short while I had a very strong urge to turn around and face this way. So I did that in my spiritual body in a while, but my physical body was still facing like this. And I saw you were standing there in blazing gold. Gururaj. That's a very common experience. Very good. Questioner. (Cont'd). It was very nice. Gururaj. Very good Questioner. (Cont'd). Then you said something funny because I wondered why I was just standing there still and I think you said to me. 'Do you think I'm a statue?' (General laughter) Gururaj. Lovely. Questioner(contd). So I figured I was sort of my mind was holding things stiff or stuck that should happen. And afterwards I think you took my arm or something and wanted to take me somewhere but I couldn't let go of my body or something, I was sort of stuck there. So I came out along a pathway and there was some stairs and a little Temple or something and you wanted me to go out there. I couldn't really go out there. And then finally I came in and I was back

4. UK 85-6 and I was in and I was back. And then I think I at last came in. And there was, it was a little Temple from outside but inside it was a great huge room, very beautiful decoration. And there's was a little table with a ball on it, like a crystal ball full of light. And you wanted me to pick it up and I sort of - oh there's the ball and I'm here and how can I pick it up and how can I get into it. And my mind was all sort of mixed up with it. And then there was a lot of different things. I think I saw some mandala-like shapes, some ornaments, very beautiful geometric figures. But it was all confused. My mind sort of made the whole thing up and I had a fear that's what was going on, I was being shown how the mind could mess things up. Gururaj. Yes that is true. You see when you have an experience and at that moment when you start analysing the experience, the value of the experience or the meaning of the experience is lost because you are mixed up in the experience. So when ever anyone has any experience, do not analyse it immediately, give it some time. Then a few hours later then you start thinking back of the experience and you'll find a clearer meaning to you. When I told you last night that 'Do you think I'm a statue?', you know what that actually meant. Voice. I'm not sure. Gururaj. Let me tell you. That I am as human as you are and extend your heart to me. I'm not a statue. I'm not made of stone. I have a heart, extend your heart to me as I extend my heart to you. Yes. The geometrical designs and the crystal ball, you're afraid to pick up the crystal ball because of inner fear. Why? This was symbolic. What it actually meant, pick up that crystal ball and look at yourself. Thank you beautiful. Beautiful. Inoo, thank you for your lovely card - I was - thank you very much. Questioner. Guruji, when I went into meditation, I felt Guruji not as he is sitting there you could have been standing, but he was within me. Just the whole person was within me. And I felt as if I was on fire. But it didn't disturb me. It was very, very beautiful and was all radiating out. And then felt a coolness from the top of the head, here really from here, going down right over and then to the back of the neck, right down to the back of the neck. And it was very, very beautiful. An d there's was a tremendous peace within me and a tremendous joy and happiness. And I heard also two birds, they were suddenly giving a little tweet and it was so, so Gururaj. Eh, we're in love.

5. UK 85-6 Questioner. Oh dear. (General laughter) Anyway, so then I didn't want to come out of meditation but I did and I had a cup of camomile tea. And then afterwards when I went to bed again, I still was on fire but it was a pleasant experience. And I still had that coolness going down my head. And it’s still there on the top of my head like that, this lovely cool breeze. Very beautiful. Thank you, Guruji. Gururaj. Thank you. Right. Well this actually means the cool breeze and the comfort she found around the head and down the neck, it is to get rid of some of the worries or anxieties that you might have which I don't know about and it gets rid of that. You felt me within you. That's actually where I belong, within everyone's heart. And that produces that warmth and warmth as you would know is always comforting, bringing peace, solace and becoming closer to Divinity. This warm feeling. As a matter of fact Vidya would tell you that while I was doing meditation last night, my hands were on fire. And she actually had to dip a towel in cold water to try and get the warmth away because those are the energies which I've been sending out to all my beloveds. Thank you. Thank you very much, beautiful. Jai Bavna, Jai Bavna, Jai Jai Bavna. Irish Leader, Jai Bavna. Questioner. I started off last night, we decided we'd do a few minutes of Gurushakti first and I had the little picture in front of me. I've had it since I started meditating, it’s the same one. And it was suddenly just like a Communion because your face just kept on changing into lots and lots of different faces. And I suddenly felt the absolute heat coming from my heart and my mantra then was my heartbeat. It was all one. Gururaj. Beautiful. Questioner. (Cont’d). Then you’re ah, of course the mind said 'Oh you're getting out of hand on this Course, you imagining you're in a communion or something'. And immediately I had that thought, your hands move and went upwards in a Namaste sign. So I thought okay, right. Then I got this really, really very strong pain in my ankles and severe shooting pains in the rest of my body. And then my feet went missing and my hands went missing completely. After getting very hot, they just weren't there. And it was like as if there was a very large blue ball or globe between my arms but they're were no hands, like the stumps or something of my arms was holding this blue ball. And then I just went into an incredibly deep meditation. And I felt that the whole top of my head just became iced totally, I don't know Gururaj. Frozen.

6. UK 85-6 Questioner. (Cont’d). Yes, frozen completely. And I felt as though I was looking up through here which sounds ridiculous but that's how I felt Gururaj. Beautiful. Questioner. (Cont’d). And while that was happening there were just beautiful, beautiful colours ending up in gold and then ending up in white. And I got into this lovely, lovely deep meditation and was really enjoying myself and didn't want to come out. And I heard darling Arun's voice saying 'Oh God, I'm sorry darling, I've got to go to the loo'. (General laughter ) So I felt like I could kill him and you're not supposed to be angry in Meditation. So I thought well that's the end of that I've had enough anyway, serves you right for looking for more. So he went off to the loo and I lay down I felt very tired. And when I lay down, my breath immediately started like the time about my blood pressure, the breath was very, very loud and it felt as if the whole room was the same breath. And I just felt that you were there beside me. Gururaj. I was there. By the way did I kiss you? Questioner. (Cont’d). I'm not going to tell everybody that. Gururaj. Lovely, Bavna, it was a beautiful experience. The heat is a purification of the body and what happens after purification, you feel the coolness the calmness of the body. And as a matter of fact if I remember correctly, she was severely troubled with blood pressure, wasn't it. She wrote a letter to me and even before the letter reaching me, her problem was gone. Focusing of the mind that is very important. I can't understand one thing and it is this, that why should you go through miseries and sufferings. If you have any misery and suffering, you have your guru, give it to him. Give it to your guru; he's there to accept it. He's there; he's born for that purpose. Only thing you have to do is sit dow n with your Gurushakti picture which I'm sure everyone has - if you haven't of course you can get from John - and talk to me, just talk. 'Guruji, this is my problem what shall I do about it'. Just tell me, just talk to me sitting quietly in your room, whenever at any time. Just talk to me tell me and do a bit of meditation or Gurushakti or whatever you want to do and you'll see the answers will just dawn upon you and your problem will be solved. Why don't you do that? You lazy BB's. He has - face the people here - he has received his Spiritual Name today, Dharmesh, Dharmesh, Dharmesh, the Lord of dharma. Dharma means good works, good duty, good things. Bless you my son.

7. UK 85-6 Questioner. .... (Inaudible) Gururaj. It’s up to you. Questioner. Let’s have a quick fire Satsang now. Anyone else got anything to say? Jamie. Gururaj. Jamie, he's always worth listening to, this guy. Questioner. Now I was doing Tratak and I closed my eyes and as opposed to seeing a flame, I saw a very small pinpoint of light and then very beautiful light surrounded it. And that experience lasted Gururaj. I tell you the colours as well. It started off as orange, and then you had a green circumference and then a red one and then a lilac one. Am I right? Questioner. Yes. (General laughter) Well in any case after the experience passed, the thought came to my mind that that's the eye of the needle. And so I don't know, I was confused as to whether I was the camel or the rich man. (General laughter and applause) Gururaj. I told you he's always interesting to listen to. Good. Now of course I'm sure most of you must have felt some experience. How many of you felt as if I was present in the room? Just put your hands up. Oh quite a number. Right. How many of you saw me as you are seeing my physically? Beautiful. How many of you smelt a beautiful perfume? Plenty. Good. How many of you for example, felt or saw your room filled with light golden light? Very good. I suppose if we should, everyone should talk of their experiences, we won't get finished until tonight. Good. The programme this morning on every Course, I mean this is specially for the newcomers that have come to the Course for the first time, that on every Course we have a Rapid Fire question and answer. The reason is this, that if one person asks a question, I will speak an hour or more on it then the others don't get a chance to ask what they want to. So by having a Rapid Fire session, short question and the answer to the point, and that's what we call Rapid Fire. Questioner. We may have a chance to do another one. ......(inaudible)............. forty five minutes ........ Ten possible questions - shall we leave that to you or should we limit it to five?

8. UK 85-6 Gururaj. This is first. During Group Practice, some teachers tell us to cry or laugh freely while other teachers tell us to leave and return when we have finished our laughter or crying so as not to disturb others. Please Guruji, tell us if you were here during Group Practice, what in prison, in person ah (General laughter) advice would you give us. Gururaj. Well I would say sometimes during meditations, people go through various kinds of experiences - for example crying, they're releasing something out of their systems or laughing is also release. But we must always be considerate of others. Because our laughter or crying might disturb others that are in the group. So it would be best to get up quietly and go to the loo and cry there, or laugh there whichever you prefer, so that we don't disturb others. Someone might just be entering into a very deep state and our crying or shouting or laughing would disturb them and prevent them from going deeper as they really should. Remember that. Aide. Anton, do you want to talk from there - I know you can project your voice. Anton. Sorry (General laughter) This is a question that came to Laurie and myself at the same time ............. (Inaudible).... Gururaj. John, John. Yes, Guruji. Gururaj. Let me see if I can project my voice better. To be or not to be that is the question. Did I project it better? Healing thoughts is something that is filled with love and when healing thoughts are filled with love, you do not need anyone's permission. Do I need permission to project my love to any of you? Do I need your permission? No. Because they are unselfish. Yes, I would need your permission if there was some selfish thing involved, such as lust. And in any case people don't know how to make love - you don't start with lust. Lust should never be in the question at any time whatsoever. It’s just a flow between two people which culminates in physical union. That's besides the point. So, to send healing thoughts is a good thing because it is filled with love and it is unselfish and you don't need anyone's permission at all for that. No. No. No. When it rains, does the clouds ask your permission when it should fall down in rain? When the sun shines, does it ask your permission? No. Because the sun and rain are for our benefits, to make food grow, to provide heat etc. etc. Am I projecting my voice well? (General laughter) Good. Next.

9. UK 85-6 Questioner. Tell us please, how to know you. Gururaj. Do you really want to know how to know your guru, then you don't know. (Gururaj laughs) I'll just have a little sip of water. Thank you. You see the way to know your guru, is very easy. First you examine his toes. Yes. See if he has twelve. If he has twelve toes (General laughter) then that's a guru. Then you examine his buttocks. Right. And if you find two moles - what you call it, no moles, black moles, if you find each on each buttock, then you know that's your guru. There are other areas of the anatomy that could be examined as well. (General laughter) Ah dear me. Where are you going to get a guru like me? No. What happens is this that when you meet a guru something just happens in your heart. It’s like electricity, a spark that just flies and then you listen to him. You listen to his wisdom, that's after the first spark, you listen to his wisdom and then you analyse that to see if it makes any sense. And then you feel what flows from him, how much love flows from him. You can feel it very easily and no one is so insensitive not to be able to feel it. Right. You feel that force. You feel God's grace flowing through the guru. And when he gives you instructions, things to do practices, do them without question, because he knows. When you go to a doctor and he writes a prescription for you or he gives you a bottle of medicine, are you questioning your doctor how much of this drug is in there and how much of that is in there, and how much of that is in there. You don't. You take the bottle of medicine and he says three teaspoons a day and you take three teaspoons. Yet you know nothing about the medicine in the bottle. It could even be poison. Right. Now, if you can trust an ordinary GP, Doctor, General Practitioner why not the guru that gives you instructions to do, right, and you try them out and see how it helps you. If it does not help you discard it. And as the old saying goes, 'The proof of the pudding lies in the eating'. So you try it out, give it a reasonable chance. I mean if you are ill, you don't go to one doctor today and another doctor tomorrow and another doctor the day after and the fourth one on the fourth day. You don't do that. You allow the doctor's medicine to work in your system and see how you feel. And if you think you are not benefiting, then I am one guru that never holds anyone tight to me. I'm the only guru in the world that gives a person every bit of freedom. I know one organisation which is a very large one and when people started applying for four thousand pounds at a time for the Siddhi practices, - what's that chap's name I've forgot - nevertheless, there was a questionnaire there that named some gurus including my name - ‘Have you done any of Gururaj's practices' and if you say 'Yes', you are not accepted. I say go to any teacher and every teacher and listen to them. And perhaps you might learn something, you might just pick up one word that could make you understand me better. So read whatever literature you want to and I don't mean the Porno Books you find on every corner of London, but good literature. Read, study, compare and you'll

10. UK 85-6 always find in a good book that 'Ah wait a minute, this strikes a bell, Guruji said this'. Because truth is truth. Truth is never ever changed. It is eternal as eternity itself. That's how you find your guru. Does he make sense to you? Yes. Is there some little spark, some rapport if you want to call it that word that gives instructions to tell you what practices to do? Are they helping me? Good. How much does he love? What is his life? My life is part of my teachings. I would never do anything which many others might do, like sitting on a high pedestal, untouchable, you know. You got to stay so far away. I've been to one church in London - I think it was some very large Cathedral someone took me - where the priests or the bishop, I think it was, a very big Cathedral where he sits was from about here to right outside that wall there. I sat there in that church, I wanted to see the church because of the architecture - I'm a lover of all fine arts you know painting, poetry, music, architecture you name them, I'm a lover of them all - then I started thinking that why should this Bishop whoever he is sit so far away while the pews began there behind the wall so far away. So I got one of the cleaner boys there and I started chatting with him, joking, my usual way, just normal natural. I said 'Why does the Bishop sit so far away?' So you know what he tells me, he says 'But please don't repeat this to anyone because every time the Bishop comes in or the Minister whoever right comes in, he's normally pickled up. He always comes with a couple of shots in, so he could speak better. That's why he likes to sit far away'. I know of one fellow that actually cried at my feet because I told him what he was doing. You must have heard of Trungchum, what's that Rumpa, Trung, - Voice. Lobsang Gururaj. No, no, not Lobsang Rampa - that was guise of one of our meditators. No, no. Well nevertheless, it will strike me just now. He used to sit with a - when he used to give a talk - a glass of water and he used to sip from the glass of water. It was actually gin. (General laughter) Oh, thank you. Oh, smell it, it’s not gin. (General laughter) That is my beloved how you recognise your guru. His naturalness, his ordinariness. He doesn't want to sit on a high pedestal. He likes to be with the people, for the people, of the people, like the Americans would say. Normal, natural and there's no difference between you and me, no difference at all. The only difference is that I have reached the end of the path. I found myself one with Divinity and many of you here are on the path too. If London is say fifty miles away for example, - I forgot to bring my tape measure along - but let's say fifty miles, some might be forty miles away from London, some thirty, some twenty five, some twenty, and some fifteen and some might just be at the edge. And I like those that are at the edge. But they mustn’t face me, they must face London, that way so I can ooops. Do you get the point? Do you understand? Next question. That's okay darling, I'll give you a healing in a moment, your voice will be fine. Oh why don't

11. UK 85-6 you just take a sip of this water? Pass it on to her, Inoo. Your voice will be fine in two seconds flat. Look at your watch? And just take a few deep breaths. Feeling better. There you are. It’s so simple. Namaste. Questioner. Gururaj, as you have said in the past that chants can be dangerous. Could you tell us more about this? Gururaj. I've said in the past that Charles can be dangerous? (General laughter) Sorry love, I didn't hear that too well, would you repeat it? Questioner.(Cont’d) Gururaj, you have said in the past that chants, chanting Voice. Plants. No. No. It 'P' for Peter, 'Plants' Voice.(Cont’d) It’s 'C' here. Voice. It’s chants here Gururaj. Plants. Voice. We'll change it to plants then. Gururaj. Plants, yeah. Why not make the chant into a plant? That's okay darling, yes, that plants could be dangerous. Now it all depends what we mean by plants and what we mean by it being dangerous. Right. The entire Ayurvedic System of medicine which was founded about seven thousand years ago, did all their cures through plants. It is a pity and perhaps as technology advances, that more natural things like plants, would be used for healing purposes. But then it does require a person that has knowledge of the plants because they could be poisonous plants as well. So we should never try and dabble in things that we do not know anything about or very little about for that matter. Because there are definitely poisonous plants, I mean, we all know that. So, plants for example, let's take quinine which is made from the bark of a tree. Right. And it has the greatest curative powers for fever. And like that, there are many, many other plants. I remember one of our meditators, Mrs Ketkar, that's her name, she was in India and she went to one Ashram. And now there was one Swami there who was an ex-practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and somehow Mrs. Ketkar cut her finger. So she met the Swami on the path walking at the Ashram and she says 'Swamiji, I have cut my finger, have you got

12. UK 85-6 iodine? - is that what you call it, - iodine, 'iodine'. Right. Fine. He says 'No, you don't need iodine. Do you see those flowers over there, just take a petal, squash it up and put it on your finger'. And the bleeding immediately stopped. So there are many, many great properties in plants that I hope in future will be used instead of all these synthetic drugs that are manufactured. For example, cosmetics, someone was telling me about lipstick. Now the main ingredient in lipstick is rats' tails. (General laughter) You know I really made a joke with someone once, I says 'You know the lipstick you are using, you know it’s made of rats' tails'. And from that day she stopped using lipstick. I feel sorry for the cosmetic companies because they make billions and billions and billions a year. I wish they could give us a small percentage to build an Ashram. So nevertheless, Helen, one must not use plants indiscriminately. One must take the advice of someone who knows them and that has studied the subject. Because a Course in Ayurvedic medicine lasts for five years, just more or less the same time as a ordinary allopathic medical course. Okay. Next. Voice. Gladys. Questioner. You have already answered my question about fifteen minutes ago. ................. (Inaudible) Gururaj. No. No. Perhaps I could apply a different - (General laughter) No. No. Ask the same question, perhaps I could answer it from a different angle. Questioner.(Cont’d) What I was going to ask was, could you please enlighten me on the method of personally dealing with pain and with ill-health? Gururaj. Yes by the healing thoughts, - the question, which, yes. Now for example if a person - I think I have talked about this before, - nevertheless say if a person you know has a leg injury and is limping - now in your mind's eye after meditation, because your thoughts always become more and more powerful after meditation - and then you picture the person not as limping but as walking well or running. Right. And if you could picture the person, also at the same time, covered in a blue haze. It doesn't matter what blue it could be dark blue, light blue whatever. That's not important. But picture the person in a blue haze and see the person healthy and well. So what you are doing is this, you're sending positive thoughts, positive healing energies. Now I always tell people, say if you have a friend or a loved on who is sick, don't keep on thinking that 'Oh my beloved has a stomach ache or a back ache or this ache or that ache or whatever ache'. Don't think that. Because you are strengthening by your thought, the thoughts of that particular person having the

13. UK 85-6 ache, so it makes the ache worst. So rather think in the mind 'Ah, no, that ache is gone'. Like for example Helen was complaining about her throat and I just sent one little thought, one or two seconds that her throat is going to be okay. Right Helen. There you are? You see. So always healing, uplifting thoughts at all times. You know it was New Year's Eve and of course this fellow was a bit tipsy, you know and what he was doing looking at the clock tower, Big Ben I suppose you know. I'm sure it must have been Big Ben because with his blurry eyes he couldn't look at a smaller watch. So he was feeding the parking meter there with ten pence coins all the time and he was looking and looking and saying 'Hey, Cor Blimey, I'm losing, I'm losing weight'. Next question. Voice. Rajesh Gururaj. Ah, Rajesh. Rajesh. .......................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. That question should be answered really by someone like you, who could very easily be my Biographer. Gururaj is an ordinary human being that has realised God and is one with God and telling you, teaching you, and make you experience the Divinity that he has experienced. That is Gururaj, in short. I hope your Biography is not going to be so short. (Gururaj laughs) You know this young boy gets late for school and the teacher you know normally gives him a bit of his or her mind and says 'Why are you so late, why are you so late?' So this boy explains one day that 'We, Sir', - I don't know if it was Peter Moore - but nevertheless, the little child explains 'Sir, you see we are a family of nine and my mother always sets the alarm for eight'. (Gururaj laughs) Next question. Questioner. Gururaj, Gururaj. Sorry. Questioner(Cont’d). Guruji, are Mantras ever changed?

14. UK 85-6 Gururaj. Good question. The Mantra that you are given and I think I have explained this before but I'll say a few words on it again. That using your picture as a focal point I go into a deep meditation and that meditation takes me to the superconscious level which is beyond the conscious mind, beyond the subconscious mind and to the superconscious mind. That is where you Mantra is heard in a very subtle form. Now I have to bring that Mantra down to a grosser level where it becomes audible and utterable. Fine. Now as you keep on practising your Mantra you will find your Mantra becoming finer and finer and finer, until it reaches the stage where it was originally picked up at the superconscious level. So, the Mantra you have is never changed but by constant and regular meditation, it will change itself to a finer and finer level. The Mantra my guru gave me, has thirteen syllables. And I experience all thirteen syllables at every moment of the day, even as I'm sitting here chatting to you now, I experience the thirteen syllables just as an impulse all the time, an impulse. So your Mantra is never changed. There are other movements, say for example, they give you a Bidja Mantra call Ram, and you go for an advanced technique and there are some teachers here who used to teach that particular system. They call it TM. Look I mention names, I'm afraid of no one. And when I get invited by these gurus - as a matter of fact Maharishi wanted me, he invited me to Spain and wanted me to take over the TM Movement. And I refused it because I do not agree with their principles. And you know the whole thing is based on economics and you know all those things - I did not agree. So Maharishi has sixteen Mantras, Bidja Mantras which you can find in any Tantric book including Woodrow what's his name - something. Yah. And then he gives them out on age basis. If you're twenty, twenty five, he'll give you Rama. If you're twenty five to thirty Shama, if you're thirty or thirty five, Bhama whatever. Right. And then you go for an advanced technique and what he does - some ex teachers that are here of the TM movement and that left TM and is with me and very close to me - they will tell you, you go for an advanced technique and instead of saying Rama you say Sri Rama. And then you go, and it costs money of course. So just to add on Sri, prefix Rama with Sri, you got to pay a couple a hundred bucks. Right. And then you go for a further advanced technique then they give you Nama, Sri Ram Nama, Sri Ram Nama, Sri Ram Nama. Nama means that I surrender myself. That's all it means. Another couple of hundred bucks. We don't operate in that way. You get a Mantra, if a Mantra is required and in most cases it is. And as you practice regularly and constantly, you'll find the same Mantra becoming finer and finer and finer until you reach that level where it was picked up and you become the mantra. Because the Mantra is you. If there was some mechanical device where your mind body and spirit or whatever could be melted up, boiled up, that, your Mantra at it subtlest level, would be the sound that would be heard.

15. UK 85-6 So presently those that start meditating, they start repeating the mantra from a conscious level and then you go deeper and deeper and the mantra becomes more and more refined until you become the mantra. And when you become the mantra you are at onement with Divinity. That's how it works. Questioner. ................ (Inaudible)................ in this life .............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. How do you know, how do you know that you will not know the Mantra? Have you been reborn? Let me know after you're up there. (Gururaj laughs) I tell you what happens. If any guru comes to you and says 'I'll show you God', please run a hundred miles away. He can't. He can show you the path on how to reach Divinity. Now if you are established in your Mantra, then in the next lifetime, you will come across some situation or some person or some guru, that will give you back your sound. And as a matter of fact, if say a person is dying, you think I'm not going to go with that person. I will be with every person all the time. That is the spark we were talking about that's ignited. So even if a person has to leave this body, remember your guru is coming with you. All the time. As a matter of fact now, I wish I had some way of showing it to you really, but at this very moment, I'm teaching on nearly a thousand different planets at this very moment. Yes. Not only here amongst my family here but among so many of my families on a thousand other planets. Now that is why I wanted you to do the Midnight Special, that I can be in my room and still with you in your room where you can either see me or feel my presence or see the light or have a few experiences that were described just now, like that. So, I'm never away from you. Questioner. ............... (Inaudible) ..... I would like ...... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Inoo, my darling Questioner.(Cont’d) If I did come back again, I would love to know that you're there. Gururaj. You will. You will know. How did you know in this lifetime that I am here? You’re meditating, you meditating for seven, eight years now, I think, something like that is it? Right. We live on opposite sides of the world, thousands of miles away and we met. So in the same way, you will become aware that 'Hey, I know this guy. He's such a lovely chap isn't he?' (General laughter). Very good. Oh she's one of, Inoo is one of our teachers and she's doing a wonderful job teaching. Very good. Ah, yes. Must I start crying?

16. UK 85-6 The wife of the Ambassador of Colombo to America makes these shirts, these guru shirts for me. But she is getting very old and of course she can't handle thread and needle too well anymore. She does a lovely job, double cuffs and it’s nice. I like them. But now I'm running out of shirts and I was wondering if any lady here who is a dressmaker or a whatever, could make a few for me. I'll give you the money for the material and your labour and your trouble which I know you won't accept. (General laughter) This shirt I've got for the past six, seven years. So if there is one that could make it, - now some dressmakers or whatever you call them, use your tape measure and some do it without a tape measure - but Vidya has, you have a pattern. So if there's anyone that would like to make a few shirts for me, I'd be very grateful. Give it to me on the next Course when I come in November. Right. Any more announcements. Aide. The bell gonged. Gururaj. Oh the bell went. Oh dear me. Okay folks, see you later. Voice. Communion tonight, Guruji, Communion Practice tonight. Gururaj. Oh yes, tonight is the - you did mention it? Voice. Yes, but if you want to say something else. Gururaj. Well yeah. You know Communion Practice is something very holy, very sacred. I'll explain more about it tonight especially for the new people that are here. So it would be very nice and good as it’s a sacred occasion, is to have a nice bath, a shower, clean clothes and things and change the things which you need to change and you know. Okay. Where is it? There. Thank you very much. END


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