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1. UK 85-7 Gururaj. Thank you, darling, thank you. Ah beautiful. God's great beauty. Thank you whoever brought it. Voice. Do you want the lights off? Gururaj. Leave them off, it’s better cooler and you know it’s nicer. Now, there are new people here, so most of you that have attended Satsangs before do know what the procedure is. But for the new ones here, just a few words of explanation, and it is this, that I go into a state of Meditation which in Sanskrit is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi. You first start off with Cervikalpa Samadhi which means - Samadhi is Meditation - Samadhi with form, and then you progress further and go into that state which is Nirvikalpa, meaning that which can not even be imagined by the mind. So where do you reach there, when that which cannot be imagined by the mind, you are one with God because God is unimaginable. So many of you, most of you, all of you will go through experiences and after that you can ask me about them and I'll give you an explanation of what they means. I won't tell you what experiences you'll go through because I do not want to influence your thoughts because human minds are so susceptible that they can be influenced and that I never ever would do or would like to do. Fine. What else was there to be mentioned? Yes. Sit relaxedly, fine, relax. You can take off your ties if you like, and kick off your shoes, whatever you want to do. Right, just relax and do not concentrate on me but just a gentle focus on me. Fine, good. That's all. And whatever experiences you go through, do not try and analyse the experiences. Just experience them, we can do the analysis afterwards. Because once you start analysing, you bring the mind into play and when you bring the mind into play, then your experience will lose its value and its quality and you will not get the fullness of the experience. Then, - Bye Bye. Let us first meditate for a moment to settle down. Where's Helen Twynam? She's sitting in that coffee shop. Just when you get her - will one of you young men go and give her this mint? Guruji sends it, for her throat. She has been looking after me and Peter all so well on this Course . This flower will never wilt, for six months at least. I wish I could take all of you on this journey with me. You might think it is the unknown but for those that know, is not unknown at all. You leave your conscious body which you are conscious about and you go and traverse the entire universe, through the whole solar system, millions of solar systems, millions of moons, millions of suns, stars, galaxies, and you are just amazed at the beauty that there is. Everything is scintillating, sparkling, filled with light. And after y ou

2. UK 85-7 cover the entire universe, seeing everything that there is, all the manifestation of the Manifestor, then your heart just feels what great glory there is in this creation or manifestation, whichever you want to call it. And once you see the entire universe, you become one firstly with the Personal God which is the universe. But then you still go further. You go to that primal energy level which is the Impersonal God. A neutral force, a neutral energy that energises all manifestation of which we know to be the Personal God. And when you reach there and become one with that Divinity that Divine energy, you merge into it like taking a spoon of salt and throwing it in the ocean and the salt becomes the ocean with all its saltiness. You cannot separate them. You become one with Divinity. And then while you're in the realms of the Personal God, you feel that wonderful ecstasy, that bliss that could never be experienced by the human mind. It comes from a different area. We call it the core of yourself or the heart or whatever you want to call it. But when you reach the Impersonal, even the bliss and the ecstasy is not there any more. Because to experience the bliss and the ecstasy, you require an experiencer, or else how would you know it is bliss or ecstasy. So you still transcend above that and you become the experience itself, where there's no experiencer and there's no object of experience. So you become the experience. So it means that experience experiences itself. That's the highest stage anyone can reach. Oh my beloveds, I wish I could take you with me and show you this and bring you back. But I'm sure you would not like to come back. No, it is too beautiful up there. I have to come back fortunately or unfortunately because I do not know of either word, it’s not in my dictionary, I have to come back to teach. And at least do my best to try and put people on the path towards that the indefinable that indefinable, that you can't define. That, and that thou art. Tat vam asee. That Tho u art. And once you recognise that Thou art you also start knowing the true meaning of Brahmas Me. I am Brahma, I am Divine and nothing if thou art that and I am Brahma, then how which is that cannot be separate from Brahman, Divinity. So you become one with the entire Universe, all that, all the manifestations and the Manifestor. For there is only one. Then like Ramakrishna says, 'People coming from different, rivers coming from different directions become one in the same ocean'. That's what we want. And that is the fulfilment of life and living. Because what happens to most, most people, ninety nine, point nine, nine, nine, nine is that they got to take birth again and again, and again, and again, and again and suffer the sufferings all over again, according to their stage of evolution. So when you reach up there you do not feel like coming back, but true Teachers are bound to come back. They have to. And do you know who bring true Masters into this world? You. Because a true Teacher, the true Spiritual Master can merge away at will in that Impersonal force. But he always sits on the fence, doesn't merge away. And the reason being this, that the various planets, the various worlds certain conditions are created, a certain atmosphere if you

3. UK 85-7 wish to use that word is created whereby through that magnetic force, you pull him down to earth. That is how Buddha came, Krishna came, Jesus came. Are you feeling better Helen? I'm glad. Namaste. Do you see? As the Gita would say that 'When evil rises certain anti-forces rise then the true force comes to earth, taking a human form to help humanity and to show them the path to Divinity'. How much they can take, how much they can grasp, depends entirely on the person? But the true Master carries on doing his work. Like in the Scriptures it says ‘The gardener keeps on planting his seeds. Some would fall on fertile ground and it will grow. Some on barren ground and it won't grow. And some on rocks on which the birds of the air would feed. But the gardener just goes on and on and on, planting, planting, planting all the time’. Most of you might have read Savita's book 'Path of Unfoldment'. (Gururaj coughs) I beg your pardon. Change of climate and things you know. I'm still human, very human, ordinary. I also have my aches and pains. But you get involved in your aches and pains I observe them and not get involved in them, so that they don't affect me. That's the difference. Good. Now Savita's book 'The Path of Unfoldment' is very elementary. It doesn't go into very deep philosophy like we have on Courses for example, where we go to greater depths depending upon the audience. It is very easy for me to see people and know exactly how much can sink in and how deeper to dive in. Good. Now when she wrote, at least she just took a dozen or fifteen of my tapes and transcribed them, edited them and linked them together with a few linking passages. It was made primarily for new people that would start meditating, so at least they have some idea of what it is all about. So when she finished that book, she asked me 'On the front page what can I write down - a dedication perhaps?' So I says that's simple, haven't you got any brains in your head, - 'To the Eternal Wanderer'. That's me, wandering around eternally throughout the universe, teaching whatever I can and teaching things which people could understand. I could go into various mechanics and various functionings which the world is not even ready for yet. There are certain places where I teach, where I don't say a word at all. I would sit in my usual fashion, crossed legged and not say a single word and people would sit around me, and they leave transformed. Because they feel that spiritual force and energy permeating every cell of themselves and any problem in the mind, gets resolved by themselves because of the spiritual force. Do you see? So, in different places they teach in different ways. And sometimes if you can't, I have said this before I don't know when, if you can't get things through a person's head you can use a strap on the back. Good. If they're are any people here that would like to perhaps say a few words on any experiences you've had, I'd be glad to hear them so I that I could tell you what they actually mean. I believe during my nap- ti me in the afternoon, they've been holding groups - I think Rajesh and Jasmini and a few others - were holding groups and many people reported I was told, I don't know the details, had wonderful experiences during the Midnight Special. Good. So before the storm, we have the quietude. So let

4. UK 85-7 someone start the storm. Yes. If you would stand up. I tell you why, then the sound would travel better. If you wish? Yes. She, by the way is the Leader with Dhanjee of the Danish Meditation Society. Aide. It is the first Communion I have ever been to where I felt such peace that I have not been crying, I have not been feeling actually not anything at all. It was just extreme peaceful. I saw you disappear in gold and lilac and normally I fear that you won't come back, I feel very upset about this Gururaj. Ah, I have to come back for you. Aide. (Cont'd). Actually this is the first time when I was so calm that I felt I wish you would stay up there. (General laughter) Well I mean in the sense that all other times I felt the pain when you came back, all the sufferings you go through and this was the first time I was actually able to let go and wish you would just stay in your happiness, in your heaven. Gururaj. In my heaven. Thank you very much. Yes. Why are we not getting the feeling of this mike here? I like to hear myself you know. The calmness she felt is for one reason and the reason is this, that when I go into that state of Samadhi, a tremendous energy is generated and that energy always gives the effect of calmness. You feel calm. In other words, it means that having the Communion, you are at peace with yourself and peace and to be calm is the same thing. Do you see? And of course the golden light you saw, it is the emanation, gold and lilac. Now gold, lilac, white, blue, orange, yellow are the higher colours that the mind could conceive of. Because every thought is only interpreted in two ways and the two ways are, colour, right and word. Right. So the colours you saw is an expression from the deeper levels of your mind where you would see the emanations that are radiating from me. Thank you. Next. Gururaj. Would you guide, Tony or anyone? Ah, hah. Namaste. Voice. I had a really amazing experience. It’s very difficult to describe. Gururaj. Describe it in any way, I will understand it. Must I tell you what you experienced? No, no, you say it rather. (General laughter)

5. UK 85-7 Voice. (Cont'd). As I was watching you, I could see your face changing and all of a sudden my heart started to thump really loudly and my heart started to fill up almost as if it was going to burst. And then I could see this golden light all around. And suddenly I saw the face of Jesus and I saw a halo all around you, as if 'twas the crown of thorns. And all I wanted to just cry. I could feel your pain. I could feel a pain in my heart really, really and I could see your face and I just wanted to cry for you. And then there was this voice screaming inside me saying 'Take me with you'. I just wanted to go with you and this voice was just screaming, screaming 'Please, please take me with you'. And then my heart is still stumping. I can still feel it. Gururaj. We won't stop it altogether but we'll, - the thumping will go away. Come closer, don't be afraid, I don't bite. Gone down. Good. You had a lovely experience. And you went into one of the bodies I lived in. But never cry for truth. Always be joyous for truth. God bless you. Is there a spare chair somewhere here? Come dear, come. Can't remember your name. Sit down. Good. Anyone else to describe experiences, perhaps? Voice. Someone back here. Gururaj. Your name is? Voice. Max. Gururaj. That's right, Max. Beloved Max. She's been crying all the time when I went into Samadhi. But you'll feel fine. Tonight you'll have the finest sleep that you've ever had. Sit, sit, sit. There's no need to move away. Yes, young man. Max. I don't know how to describe it, but it was a short experience and it wasn't peaceful, I felt just the same flowing through myself Gururaj. Flowing what through you, your English is not the same as mine. You know there's always been a remark made that I speak better English than the English, and I speak better gibberish. Yes. Please if you could repeat that? Max. (Cont'd). It’s hard to describe but I felt a flowing through myself

6. UK 85-7 Gururaj. A flow. Yes. Max. (Cont’d). It wasn't peaceful or anything, I just felt something flow through me. And as I looked, I could see like a white yellow going over your head like that with a gold band around it. Gururaj. Ah hah, very good. Max.(Cont’d) It lasted about two minutes at a guess. Gururaj. Now, now that flow which you found in yourself, it wasn't painful, it was pleasant? Max. (Cont’d). It was pleasant but it wasn't peaceful. Gururaj. Pleasant and peaceful. Max. (Cont’d). It wasn't peaceful. Gururaj. It wasn't 'peaceful'. (General laughter) It wasn't peaceful. Ah. Carry on. Max. (Cont’d). It lasted about two minutes. Then you coughed and it just went and I can't describe it. (General laughter) Gururaj. Did I, did I cough? Max. (Cont’d). Yes, yes. Gururaj. Did I cough? (General laughter) I was not aware of it at all. Oh, Yeah. Max. (Cont’d). That's it. Nothing more happened. Gururaj. Nothing more happened? Well, you meditate regularly and you'll see more will happen.

7. UK 85-7 Max. (Cont’d). Give us a chance, I was only initiated this morning. (General laughter and clapping) Gururaj. Oh lovely. Yes. Now, the energy flow you felt through you was the energy that was generated here by me being one with God. Fine. And you did not find it peaceful because it is still something very strange to you. He only got initiated today. (General laughter) But on the next Course, you'll find it different. But you don't, you don't need to worr y about it because the peace will come with the ease produced by your meditation. Max. (Cont’d). Thank you. Gururaj. Okay. Lovely. Namaste. Come here. Come here. God bless you, my son. Be regular in your meditations. Voice. Anybody else? Gururaj. Gemma darling, come here first. Can you get up, I'm such a shortie you know. Probably you're a bit taller or are you also short. Are you feeling better now Joe, remember we discussed a few things last time? Is there an improvement? Voice. I feel a bit spaced out Gururaj. You feel a bit spaced out, yes that would be so now after getting this blast of energy. But you'll feel fine. Voice. I feel very sad. Gururaj. You do. Oh my darling, you must not. Joe by the way is a medical doctor. Good. You wanted to say something, the mike is there. Voice.(Cont’d) I don't know, I felt my head being forced back in my body. Gururaj. Like that.

8. UK 85-7 Voice. (Cont’d). Yeah. I know it's a bit weird, but I felt as if I was outside my body not inside it. Gururaj. Very good. Voice. (Cont’d). I saw a purple light and I had a pounding in my ears. Gururaj. Did you see the purple light around me? Voice. (Cont’d). No, I shut my eyes. I said you must not. I had to shut them, I couldn’t keep them open. Gururaj. Good. Fine. Right. Carry on. Voice. (Cont’d). And then when you came back and were talking, I felt as if I came back after you. I felt if I wasn't Gururaj. So you've been following me around, aw hah. (General laughter) Good. Voice. (Cont’d). And then I felt sad because I hadn't got back. Gururaj. Nothing to feel sad about. If you went on a journey with me, you should feel happy. Yeah. Nevertheless there's one thing that you mentioned that was very important. What was it now, let's see? You felt that you were outside your body. Now no one really can leave their body. You know people talk of astral projection which is a whole lot of bunkum. Yeah. Now what happens is this, that a person's mind doesn't go outside the body, if it does, then your dead. Right. But what happens is this, that one can project one's mind outside the body and yet watch your physical self. Yeah. Beautiful experience. Lilac and that purple, it’s a very highly spiritual colour. Good. Lovely. Nice. Aide. Anyone else? Voice. I found this different from any other Communion I've ever had, Bapuji. I kept my eyes open because the last few Communions I've had to close them. But I felt all the time that they were burning and it was water but they weren't tears. It was like as if they were been cleansed, but they were stinging like mad. And it was just all the time that you were

9. UK 85-7 completely white, but like a negative with a black background somewhere. What I found was that every time your face changed that you seemed to lift up and I felt lifting up too. Gururaj. Ah hah, I lifted up. Voice. (Cont’d). And then it was just all very peaceful until you lifted your hand up. And this has happened in Denmark too, it was a very ugly deformed hand and it only had, I think it was three fingers and a very huge large thumb. And when it came around to me in the very centre was Gururaj. A light Voice. (Cont’d). Yes, but with a crucifix in the light and that's where my Gururaj. How many of you while we're on the subject, how many of you saw, - I do it mostly unconsciously, it’s actually a benediction, a blessing, - how many of you saw a light? Oh, quite a number. Yes. Yes. Its not only benediction but the one hand going down and the other going up is symbolic of saying that the Absolute and the Relative are both joined within you. Voice. (Cont’d). The only other thing was a terrible pain in my head. Gururaj. Have you got a mallet or something? They'll go away in a minute or two. Because of the intensity of your experience, naturally you know all the nerves and the grooves of the brain gets awakened a bit. It'll settle down. Nothing to worry about. Good experience. Good experience. Especially that lifting up. Right, in other words, through the power of your mind, not the conscious mind the deeper layers of the mind, you rose to greater heights than just the body. Because the body is only conscious of this ground you walk on but the higher levels of the mind can make you conscious of higher levels of existence. Very beautiful. Good. Right. Voice. Anyone else? Gururaj. Now let me ask - sorry, did you want to get up now? Whoever? Right.

10. UK 85-7 Voice. As usual I didn't have any particularly strong visual or feeling experience and the reason I'm standing up is purely for those people that had just the same. I felt at the end of the experiences, it was just pleasant sitting there and it was very nice. But since I've experienced a really nice flow, loving feelings I think you might all agree that young Ian certainly sparked off these feelings with his strong personality. And I'm only saying this just to reassure those that didn't have such experiences, that often its not until after, that something becomes manifest or visible within your being. Gururaj. That's true. That's true. Namaste. Some people, they might not experience consciously the things immediately. It’s not everything that comes to the conscious mind immediately for recognition. There is a delayed reaction with many people that they start experiencing certain things afterwards. I think I've done about four thousand talks throughout the world and at every Course and hundreds and hundreds of them. I've been coming to England for nine, ten years now and many years we had two Courses and three Courses and what have you, and we've had reports that many people do have delayed experiences. So it doesn't matter. But just remember one thing, that you have been touched by the hand of God and your life will never be the same again. Never. It'll be better. In some way or the other it will be better. To be touched by the hand of God, it has to be better because it’s His energy that you have experienced not mine. Just a little channel. Perhaps even more human than human. More ordinary than ordinary. And once when you become more ordinary than ordinary, you become extraordinary so that you too can experience that Guy up there. Is this a double storey building by the way? So when I say that Guy up there, I don't mean those that lives above this. Voice. That's the squirrels, Guruji, on this roof. Gururaj. Ah they're lovely aren't they, lovely bushy tails. You were a squirrel once in your life too (General laughter) in the path of evolution and then as you evolved more and more, your tail fell off. Voice.(Cont’d) I still like nuts, Guruji. Gururaj. You still like nuts? Listen to that nut. But then that tail just did not disappear altogether. You know it forme d itself up again in different parts of the human anatomy. (General laughter) Where you going to get a guru like me? Always fun loving, joking. And that's what a true guru should be. Not sad faced. Laugh and enjoy the joy with me. ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you’, you know the saying. And when you cry, you don't cry alone. They say when you laugh, the world laughs with you, and when you cry you cry alone, but that is false. When you laugh, the world laughs with you. That is true. But when you cry, cry with your guru. Pour your tears to him. He's strong enough to accept them

11. UK 85-7 all. And he might even come with a hankie to wipe your eyes. I think, shall we call it a day? Thank you so much, it was so lovely. You know I forgot to bring the shoehorn - I never have horns. Do have a pleasant evening. Are there any announcements, John? John. Not any more tonight but there is, the Teachers are waiting here a couple of minutes for a short talk. Gururaj. You don't need me for that, do you? John.(Cont’d) No. Gururaj. No. Tomorrow the Teachers are going to put, going to be put on the Advanced Healing Techniques, and of course I'll be teaching in a class at half past five. Tomorrow? Aide. Tomorrow in the Oak Room. Gururaj. In the Oak Room at half past five. So all the Teachers to be there and put seats in a circle - Aide. Teachers or Healers, Guruji? Gururaj. I mean Healers, sorry, sorry. Yah, Healers. Put them, let them sit in a circle so I can be in the centre. Then whatever I'm doing - we'll have to use someone as a guinea pig. END


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