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1. UK 86-1 Gururaj. The body may not be too well, but the mind and the spirit is in full force. I have people with me this evening tha t have been with me for the last ten, twelve years and all the new people that have come - Charles sit here - but the new people who have come to this Course, are so welcome in the depths of my heart. And to find the depths - Namaste - and to find the depths of the heart is an art, to live life as it should be lived, for life is love, and love is life. The care that you take of me is because of the caring I take of you, for you are not further away than my own self, my heart, and that is the art. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) - I show you the dreams of life that you have always dreamt of. What are the dreams of your life? (Gururaj sings in English) - You dream of love, you dream of happiness, you dream of prosperity. Those are your dreams of life. And then you also dream to find love. But are these dreams not composed of dreams in your heart. Now let us talk of reality and what dreams are made of. Dreams constitute imagination and all dreams are none else but imagination. So you create images in your mind to produce that imagination. What is your imagination worth? Has it any value at all? For if there were, if there would be value to your imagination then the value would be lost. How to find the value of life is to merge in the Divinity of Iife, for it is only Divinity that constitutes the true value of your Iife. A husband who loves his wife, what value does he find in his wife? The evaluation of his personal ideal of his wife. And when you live in imagination and formulate the ideal of what your wife should be, then you can only find disappointment, because the ideal you have formed in life has been created by the thoughts in your mind. Now, get away from the mind and dwell, and delve into your inner self to find yourself through spiritual practices that what you imagine can never be true. For truthfulness only comes when you know yourself. And when you know yourself, you will know your husband or your wife, which becomes your life. That is the true way of living. And when you can find the truth of life then you would live, for now you do not live, very few, you just exist. Existence is a molecular structure that formulates the atomic and molecular structure of your bodies. So are you living, or are you living in the molecules and the atoms that makes you walk and talk and make love? Do whatever you want to do but to live is to find the meaning of that important quality of Divinity that is for ever there. It does not. I'll tell you something very revolutionary tonight - your existence is not brought about by you. Your existence, all life force, is always there. Now, where do you want to be? There, or nowhere? Where do you want to be? Here, there or nowhere? So life is composed of being here. And when you realise the 'Here-ness' of life, then you will start to live. And when you start to live, life can only become more and more joyous and this joy, I through the Grace of God share this joy with you.

2. UK 86-1 So be up, and up, and up. Don't go down and down and down in your imagination because imagination is only image-making. And what are your images worth? The word imagination stems from image, so you create all kinds of images within yourself. You image. You make through your imagination the image that you are a king, and you can only just be a street sweeper. But now find that king in the street-sweeper, and how beautiful life can be. To live life, as I said before, is an art. And you can never be apart from the art of the life that you are. So live in the art of life, for there are so many colours, so many beauties to explore within those colours, creating the form that brings beauty to life. Though life is formless, and you, possessing bodies, which I don't possess, you can bring formlessness into form to make life beautiful, joyous, delightful, an inexpressible experience of the glory of Divinity . So my beloveds be without care. Caring is good, but sharing is better. When you can learn to share, then no power on earth could dare to bring any unhappiness into your lives. For unhappiness, as I said before, is an inner quality, an inner meandering and misunderstanding of what life really means. But what do you do? You get influenced by your surroundings. But if you are stable within yourself then no surrounding can ever affect you. That is for sure. Surroundings can only affect if you are weak. So strengthen yourself through your meditation and spiritual practices so that not even a pin prick can hurt you because you are strong. As a diabetic, a very severe one, I have to take injections every morning but I do not feel the prick at all, because I have accepted the fact that I need those injections. Now, I am giving an example of course, accept life with all its pin pricks and enjoy life, by the very idea of acceptance, so the injection does not hurt you. Someone wrote out a joke for me. It’s called the Fisherman's Prayer. It’s a beautiful title, for was our Lord not the fisher of men? ‘Lord, grant me the luck before I die, to catch a fish so big that even I, when telling of it afterwards, may never need to lie’. Rajoo, he did it. (General laughter). Why can an aviary keeper never get rid of a headache? Because parrots eat them all - Paracementol. (General laughter) Thank you, Rajoo. If any of you guys think of something, write it down for me. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit ........... - then in English). I know, I know, your hearts. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) How can I tell you the words of my heart? (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit - hand clapping continues). Come with me, come with me, come with me together. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit - hand clapping). I will take you to your home. This Course is going to be a lot of fun. (General laughter) And not only fun but fun mixed with wisdom, to make it funny. This is the musical background - excuse me, (Gururaj blows his nose).

3. UK 86-1 As I said before, that life is nothing else but loving, and if you can not be loving, you are not living. How to discover this love in your life? It is very easy, really. I have got a hundred thousand women loving me. Why? Because I am love itself. And when you become love itself, no one can help but, no one can help but, to love you. Gururaj sings in Sanskrit. .................... Thank you, it’s so nice to be together. I've just did a Course in Spain, and after the Course in England, I have got to do a Course in America, and so many TV programmes and radio programmes and Courses and University Lectures and blah, blah, blah. Thank you, all of you, for being together, and also being with me. Thank you. The ugliest, handsomest guru in the world. Although I make a lot of fun, please remember the words of wisdom that are imparted to you. And John, Alan, everyone, because if I start mentioning names, we'll only get finished at two o'clock in the morning. (Gururaj laughs). You see, life could be joyous, life could be fun, life could be happy, life could be filled with wisdom, and life could be so, so close to God, our Lord. Thank you. My feet are swollen. Why do I need a shoe horn? Rather cut off the feet. Thank you. Thank you. When do I have to take my Lacix? Voice. You had it today. Gururaj. So tomorrow. It’s the travelling, it swells up the feet. Oh yes, I think that's fine. If it’s not fine, we just cut off a piece. (Gururaj laughs) Lovely. Namaste. Do have a very pleasant evening. Tonight we only spoke for an hour. Tomorrow we start work. END


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