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1. UK 86- 11 Gururaj. Tonight we are not going to go very deep into things because I know you have travelled for so many, many miles and you must be tired. Actually, we got held up on the highway here, for about an hour and a half, was it? Good. Now, so, there is a lot of tension in your bodies. Let's get rid of that. Raju, Jasmini. Come on! And on the other side, if you can. And what about a few other girls to join us, that would or think they have a nice voice? It doesn't matte r really. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Say about three of you ladies. Jyotima, come, ah, Jyotima, come on. There, there, there. Yes, that's it, Anu. Come, come, come, come. Join the family. Where do you want to be? You can sit on my lap, I don't mind. Right, let's start it off, eh? (Group singing with Gururaj) "O reach a lah wo" .......... (5 minutes - all join in) Gururaj. Now come on. You've got to loosen up your back. (Singing continues) You just carry on with that. (Singing continues) Sing! (Singing continues) Get this loose. Come on get your shoulders going! You see? Let the body relax. Fine. And by letting the body relax, if it is in a relaxed state with a bit of movement then automatically your mind also follows suit and goes into a state of relaxation. Now, when the mind goes into a state of relaxation then it would become more perceptive to the thoughts that are given to you. Do you see? So the body and mind is but a continuum. There is no separation between the body and the mind. One is of a grosser form, while the mind is at a subtler level. And, of course, further on the subtler level of the mind still goes more and more subtler and reaches the spiritual self, the Kingdom of Heaven that is within. And that is what we aim for, to find the joy that is inborn, inherent within you, for you are a product of joy and that joy is there. Only thing – yes, babba, (to baby) you are quite right. Now, you are - what really, what really happens is this that because of the various meanderings of the mind, we cover up the real joy that is within us. The joy is like the sun and the clouds are just covering the sun yet it is there all the time. For example, when you fly in an aeroplane... Uh, yes -hello. Good. Another meditator. (General laughter). Yes, so that joy is forever there within all of us and of course, what we have to do, is to be able to express that joy, not only in our minds but also in our bodies to make it a real living entity. So, what people normally do, they live the physical life so materially orientated. But, in that very materialism of daily life, one could infuse that spiritual life, that inner self. To be able to infuse that in our daily activities and then you will know that the whole world could go crazy and turn round but you are standing still because that, you have now recognised that prevailing force, the activating force in its own subtle way and how it could really penetrate everything you do, every

2. UK 86- 11 thought you think and that leads you to the purity of life. It does not mean that you go through so many observances and you have a conscious control of the mind. No. The more you try the more the conscious thought will affect you. When you say ‘I am not going to do this’, then, when you say ‘I am not going to do this’, it makes you do it ten times more. ‘I a m not going to light this cigarette’. But what happens is this the more you say with the conscious mind that ‘I am not going to light this cigarette’, the more the craving becomes tenfold to light it more and more. Do you see? So, if we allow that inner self to penetrate our daily activity then everything becomes spontaneous. And what do we need in life? - is spontaneity. Every action performed must be not something wilful. People talk of willpower. There is no such thing as willpower. By exerting the will too much, you are creating a lot of inhibitions within yourselves and repressions. But our method is different. We tackle the inner self first and let it flow through the mind and the body so then you are you. I would never tell you ‘Look, be like Krishna or Buddha or Christ’. No. Why must you? You will only become a second-class Jesus or a second-class Buddha or a second-class Krishna. No. The real joy of life is to be yourself and therefore, the Scriptures never tells you ‘Know God’. No. It says, ‘Know thyself’. For knowing yourself you would know what Divinity is all about because it is that Divine force that penetrates every cell in your body. And then, through the superconscious level of the mind to the subconscious and the conscious mind, that penetration becomes tangible, where you do not need to say any more, I believe in God. Then you can say as I say, I know God. Do you see? Now what is the mechanism of knowing? Do you think your mind knows? Your mind doesn't know anything. The mind is there just to analyse things. It does not know anything. The real knower is within you and you are just an instrumentation, an instrument of that Divine knowledge that penetrates every cell of your body, that goes through you all the time. Ah, so people are unconscious of it. Now what we have to do through our spiritual practices is to bring that unconsciousness to its conscious level. And when we bring that to the conscious level of life then it becomes a living thing. It stops being something conceptual. You can see if you perceive but how far does it get you without your spiritual practices which would in a very, very simple way, bring it all to the fore. And then your face glows with that Divinity, every word you say is influenced by that force within you? Star wars! The force is always with you. (Gururaj laughs) So, let's not just live for the sake of living. Living must become meaningful, for there is great meaning to life. What else is there? Only life! That is all you have. So why can't life be made so meaningful, so joyous filled with ecstasy? Have you ever seen me frowning? Never. Always smiling. It takes more energy to frown than to smile. And there is the joy bubbling over - the cup

3. UK 86- 11 runneth over, filled with the essence of that Divine self which is yourself. There is no God or Divinity sitting up there in the clouds on a golden throne. If He was sitting up there in the clouds on a throne, I seem to wonder sometimes why doesn't He catch a cold. (General laughter) No. It's all here and now. It is all within you and you are all Divine beings. You are, within yourselves the Creator, and the outer expression is the creation. So every moment, every time you breathe, you are creating, you are using the vital forces that are within yourselves all the time. It is there. How many times are you ever conscious of your breathing? Never. You just take it to be, one of the things. The only time you are consciously breathing is when you do your Pranayama, where you feel that there is that life force within you and that life force is beginless and endless. So here in the re-cognition of the life force, you will find that you are the life force, because, if you were not, you won't be able to live life. And you are not living life! When you really start living life, it becomes ‘loverly’, ‘luvvelly’, something like that. So then, what are you really? Are you Jack or Joe or Jean or Joan or...? No. Just labels. So your mother and father called you Jack and another, Jean or whatever, label. Essentially you are the life force! And that is the cognition and recognition of the eternal self that is you all the time. These little bodies, they come, they go to be reborn again. Or you go, after leaving the body, in different spheres. But nothing can destroy that life force. It is indestructible as each and every one of you are totally indestructible, immortal. And, therefore, Scriptures talk about the immortal soul that is within you. For example, this girl loved me very much. Fine. And then she would meet someone else and perhaps love him more, or it could be more conducive to her lifestyle. In any case who wants to love a Yogi? They are here, there, nowhere and yet everywhere! So this girl marries someone else. Now what is destroyed? Nothing. No thing. Nothing is destroyed because the primal love is always there. For love is always, it was, is and always will be eternal, immortal. Now, to a person of a less understanding would say, ‘Oh, she has left me’ and he would feel hurt. Why? It is because they do not recognise the eternity, the universality of love for there is only love. Life, love and laughter, that is what y ou really are. So, to be able to enjoy life as it is, you must also recognise the love that's within you. And, once these recognitions come about, then life becomes laughter and it is expressed in love. Go round to the riverside or a little brook and see how beautifully it just bubbles. The bubbling book, it just bubbles. And why are you not bubbling? Are you lesser than that brook? You know in the Afrikaans language, we have a word called ‘Bruk’, not meaning in our usual English, you know, the running water of the brook. Bruk means pants in Afrikaans language - bruk. Tr ek up your bruk! Pull up your pants! Now

4. UK 86- 11 when are you going to start doing that? Ah! Pull up your blooming pants and live life for life is made for living. Do you see? Or else, if it what was not made to live, how come you have life? So simple. Very simple logic. But, how you live it, that's important and like - what was that again? Life is like a cup of tea, is how you make it. Ah! Lovely. You can have spiced tea as well you know - put in a bit of spices. You could put in a bit of sugar - make it sweeter. You can add milk to it or you can have it black. It's how you want it, how you make it. Do you see? So, there is no cause at all in the world in anyone's life to become despondent. None whatsoever. What you need to make life happy is to become the observer of what life brings. And, by becoming an observer of what life brings, you do not feel the twinges and the pains of what life can bring, because you are now the higher self of yourself is standing apart and watching life that is flowing like the river. For the river, though it flows, is the same water at the beginning, in the middle and at the end, it's the same - Herman Hesse, quoting him. So, what are we going to do? What are we going to do with this thing called life? Can we manage life? People think they can manage their lives. Try it. And if you manage it too much, you become bankrupt. Over management, I’d rather prefer surrender. Rather surrender to life. You don't need to surrender to the guru or to God or whatever. That's the path you start. But in reality what you are doing, is surrendering to life. And, in that surrender, you break asunder all those things that are seemingly plaguing you and making you feel that life is troublesome. So, in surrender why not 'render' to yourself. And, as you go further in deeper and deeper studies, you'll find you cannot surrender to God. Impossible! That is abstract. The God, people believe in, is abstract. Who knows about that God? One perhaps out of ten, twenty, fifty million knows that energy, that power experientially. And yet knowing it experientially, it becomes indefinable. You cannot define, and it will always remain in people's minds to be something abstract. Get away from the abstract, come to the concrete because abstraction revolves around a belief system. Do you know why you believe in God? Because all our books, the holy books say believe in Him. That's why you - you're copycats. You are just doing what someone else has said which came from a human mind. Believe in yourself! And I will tell you all the benefits that will come from it. Believe in yourself. It will create greater self-confidence and, by having that self-confidence, you can tackle any problem in the world and never fail because you are confident. Why reach out up there? Reach here, in here. Man know thyself. Do you see? So, even in the scriptures, apart from all their meanderings and rituals and mythologies and what have you, there are so many great truths there - man know thyself; be still and know that I am God. And, with those thoughts, you start believing, okay, it's part of the way, and then you start really knowing. You start realising that 'I am Divine' and there is nothing which is impossible for me. Now, if you are saturated with these thoughts from the mental level then it becomes a total reality to you. And then you find life to be real, tangible, forceful ,

5. UK 86- 11 powerful. And yet, you know, that it’s not my power. You will know that I am not the doer, but there is a force within that is the doer. And then - it's okay, darling. I can take him on my lap. Oh, you 'cuckoo bums'. Come, come, come, come. He is tired, very tired, yes. Okay, darling. (takes baby on his lap). Okay. Fine. Oh, he's tire d -needs some rest. Was that baby crying? The baby was laughing! If you have the ability to turn a cry into a laugh then you know what life is all about. Do you see? Life is not made for tears. It's a good cleanser, yeh, cleans the eyes you know, gets the muck away. But do not allow the tears to affect the heart. Let the eyes cry and shed tears but the heart must always be laughing, full of joy. An d that's what you are. You are doing nothing else but to recognise again the joy that you really are. Why must we deny this privilege of the joy that we are, for that very joy is the concretisation of Divine energy? You bring it to the fore and you will always have a smile. Do you see? So with all this, it brings with that self-confidence, as we said before, it brings so much simplicity to us. So much simplicity. And, with that simplicity, greater and greater recognition comes of the love that is within us. It is portrayed in our daily life. And then, with that love automatically, we develop sympathy, compassion, kindness. All the positive virtues that you could think of, comes about spontaneously. You don't require will-force. All the inhibitions and repressions disappear for you just to be yourself. Yes. Ah, my children of Divinity, that is what you really are, born of Divinity, living in Divinity and you merge into Divinity. And that is the way to find yourself, immortal and eternal. Do you see? So be joyous, what the hell! (Gururaj and Group sing) ‘Jai Ram’ ................. ‘Ram’ means Lord and ‘Jai means praise to the Lord. People call it - this is for the new people that are here - people call it by different names. Some say Allah, some say Ishvara, some say Christos but you are just the same. You are one, no different, for He is one and you are at-onement with him. Remember that. I and my Father are one. You could also say ‘I and my Mother are one’. Why not? Because the Father is the Manifestor and the Mother is the manifestation. And how can you separate the manifestation from the Manifestor? How can you separate the light from the sun? How can you separate the heat from the fire? It is one. How can you separate the fragrance from the flower? It is one. All is one. And that oneness is encapsuled within each and every one of you. There is one sun reflected in all the various bubbles, bubbles of life, and the reflection is perfect. It is the on e

6. UK 86- 11 transmitter, telly or radio transmitter. And yet every radio will pick up the totality of the Symphony. It is undivided and there can be twenty million radios. Do you see? So you reflect all that is Divine. Just clean the mirror with your spiritual practices and then you can see yourself clearly who you really are. And you'll see the Divinity that you are. There's none else, none else, nothing else. Good. I suppose you guys want to have rest? That's about an hour gone? How nice. Do rest well and don't do things that I wouldn't do. (General laughter). Do have an enjoyable evening and tomorrow, we'll go into deeper and deeper subjects. I know you need a rest, travelling so many miles. So, Namaste, Namaste. I don't know why one should wear these things. You know this Optician's assistant went to a party and she took two glasses and made a spectacle of herself. (General laughter). END


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