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2. UK 86- 12 book, not these novels that float around, you know that has only to do with one's sensuality, and they do become best- sellers. A friend of mine, Jackie Collins, who is the sister of Joan Collins the actress, and she writes books and she's done about seven of them now, and all of them have become best-sellers. Do you know why they became best-sellers I told Jackie, it's because there is so much sensuality. So man's mind keeps on reverting to sensuality instead of reading a few pages that are uplifting, giving you hope and courage and faith, whatever. So this too would help getting rid of past impressions. Now if you try by force of will to eradicate impressions, what happens would be that the impressions become more and more stabilised in the mind. They get more and more implanted in the mind. So instead of dwelling on those impressions, use the other way, good thoughts and your spiritual practices which will get rid of the old impressions. Now impressions are connected with Karma. Now most of you know what Karma is. Karma is the reaction of every action that we perform. And these actions do have various, various forms and have various modifications within themselves. So Karma is like a turbulent ocean, and by that you create more and more actions and making your life more and more turbulent. The whole idea is to still the waves. Now you can't say to the ocean, 'Be still'. No you can't do that, you can't say that to the mind but by doing the meditational practices as is prescribed to you, you will find that turbulence just calming down and you view the mind in a different way altogether because now it is still, and in that stillness, all the impressions are drowned. For impressions, like the waves on the ocean, would keep on creating, as we said just now, more and more turbulence. So, to get rid of these impressions, we use the methods, to repeat again, of practices that are given to you for your own particular needs, and that when the mind is quiet, you'll always find good thoughts coming to you, which is helpful. So quieten the mind more further. And when the mind is quietened, then you can truly say that my practices are working for me. But you must allow it to work effortlessly. There's no effort in that quietude. You find you cannot stop thoughts. You'll find thoughts coming up. But then because of the quietude, you become an observer of the thoughts. ln other words there is non-involvement in the thoughts, you're a bystander. You're watching them. And as you watch them, they just fade away, you see, producing still greater quietude within yourself. As we said yesterday, 'Be still and know that I am God'. That's a quotation from the Scriptures. So what man requires - I beg your pardon for this little cold I have, change of climate and pressurised air in the plane, what have you - but I'm observing the little cough and the little sniffles, and they don't bother me. So you become the observer of life itself. And when you become the observer of life, then all those impressions that are implanted in your subconscious mind just dissipate themselves. And that is how you get rid of all the impressions of past experiences, past actions, past thoughts and you find the quietude. There's a lovely saying in Sanskrit which means that you are then burning the seeds of karma. For example, if you want to plant seeds, and if you

3. UK 86- 12 fry the seeds first, they will not grow. So fry them, boil them, so they can't grow into further impressions within yourself . Do you see? Now, that, the whole procedure, is a matter of evolution. Why are you here? Why have you taken this life? You've taken this life, you've come to school, taken this life for one purpose, is to get rid of the samskaras or the impressions. And as impressions become less and less - don't expect it overnight - but as they become less and less, you will find you become nearer and nearer to your Real Self, which is your Divine Self. And that adds a greater momentum to get rid of the residue of the impressions that are already there, deigned. And so now, to recap, we have three aspects here. The first is to do your practices regularly, second is to consciously capture good thoughts. Now, your guru is not around with you all the time, you can listen to his tapes, and most of you here will bear me out that you listen to a tape today and a few years' time you listen to the same tape again, and you'll find something new in it. The tape has not changed but your understanding has changed where you can listen to the same tape three years later and you'll find a greater depth of meaning to it. Do you see? It's like this boy was fourteen years old and he said at that time, 'Oh, my father knows nothing'. But when he became twenty-one years old, he said 'My father knows something'. Who has progressed? Not the father. The young boy, because he has grown and developed a more mature understanding of life and living. Do you see? So now, are you really impressed by your impressions? No. You're not. They don't impress you at all. They only express you. Everything in life or the Universe, everything is forever seeking expression, like the flower would express itself in its beauty and its fragrance. The sun is forever expressing itself with its light and heat. And like that, the moon expresses itself by that beautiful coolness. Have you ever gone out on a full moon night and just looked at it? Although the moon is only the reflector of the sun, but here the sun gives heat, the moon gives that cool feeling within you. Now what do you want? You want the heat or the coolness? You want both. Each has its place. You see? So there is the time of day and there is the time of night, and both beautifully enjoyable. As the sun reflects its heat, its light, gives off its heat and light, and the moon reflects it back in coolness. Now here, this might sound paradoxical but very true, that from heat coolness is born. You see? So the heat of the impressions one has in one's mind can also find its coolness, stillness, steadiness. Now if you study the sun, it is filled with motion all the time because without the motion, heat cannot be produced.

4. UK 86- 12 I've got to wait fifteen seconds for these guys to change a tape. Ah. How are you Liz? Keeping well? Good. Thank you. You know we waste so many things in life, all the opportunities which are our inherent privileges. I drank half a glass of water, now why waste this water? Let us put it to good use. Put a flower in it. Why not? So as I fed myself with the water, quenching the thirst, the water, I am also quenching the thirst of the flower because they do get thirsty, you know. Yes. So that is the secret of life, where every moment becomes a useful moment, nothing is wasted. One day I was watching my youngster, he filled a glass of water at the faucet - the Americans they call it faucet, we call it the tap - and he drank half of it and poured the other half away down the drain. That's what we all do you know, we pour things down the drain. And the stomach is the greatest drain, where we just pour things in. Is that right, Charles? Good. Yah. So then I had a little chat with him. I said 'You know, you poured a glass of water away, why couldn't you take half a glass of water from the tap in the first place, and if you needed more, you could have always taken more. Right. In any case your Pop is paying for the water bill, so use it, right'. And then I told him that at this very moment, someone could be in the desert and that half a glass of water could save his life. Why waste it? And that waste comes because of our past impressions. We had not really looked after ourselves, and made life totally useful. In other words we made it totally useless. So, the usefulness of life is based upon life itself and how we handle it, how we handle it, like the water. And that is how every moment becomes so joyful. Every moment becomes joyous to us. We start living in the moment and not in past impressions. Do you see? I think I have said this in some talk somewhere, I think by now I have done over five thousand odd talks around the world, and I have said that people do not live in the moment at all. So therefore they're not living. Living dead, I suppose. They either live in the past, their minds are filled with what Auntie Matilda said three weeks ago, whatever, and then they take the past and then project it into the future, and that's where all your troubles begin. Living in the past and projecting it, so you are projecting all your problems of the past into the future, and when the future comes, the problems are still there. But what has been missed out is the present, this moment. Because that's all we live in, really, you live in this moment. You're not living in the past, the past is gone and who knows if there will be a future. So as we get rid of past impressions, gradually, no hurry, you've got many, many more lifetimes to go, so take your time, yes, but try and live in the moment, because it is only the moment that is enjoyable. It is filled with life. For life is only a moment. You know, three score years and ten as they say, is just but a moment, like Blake, to capture eternity in an hour. I always say, and I've said this before, you capture eternity in a moment, for that moment is eternal. So how much is eternity? We can not measure it linearly, because if you start measuring eternity linearly, you are living in the world of time and space, for space is related to time. You walk from here after the Satsang to the Dining Room, now it

5. UK 86- 12 would take you one minute or two minutes, two minutes to reach the Dining Room. Fine, but in that two minutes, there's also sense of space. So time and space is related to each other and the more conscious you are of time and space, the less conscious would you become of causation. And what is causation? You. You are the cause of all causes. How do you spell causes? C-a-u-s -e-s. Oh, I nearly mistook it for C-o-u-r-s -e-s. Courses. Do you see? So to get back to the primal cause, which is you within you - th e outer body is just an expression of the eternal cause within you, that Divinity within you. The causeless cause. And when you understand the cause to be causeless, then you know what eternity is all about. And that eternity is just but a moment. So why not just live in the moment? And you will know you are living in eternity, not in the past, not in the future. How many of you sitting here are totally aware of your own body for this moment? I'm glad you're not. So the awareness being wrapped in the words I speak, you have lost the awareness of your body. Do you see? Now how about losing the awareness of the physical self and find the Eternal self? That's the way you find it and that's the way all those old impressions disappear. And with the impressions disappearing, you lose the sense of worry, problems, troubles, and anything which is annoying. Can you tell me without thinking, which leg of yours is crossed on which leg - the right or the left? Don't think. Do you see? What we've done now is brought our brother there to body consciousness where he realises that he's crossed his right over the left - is it that way - or the left over the right. You see? So the mind can flip back to any level of consciousness that you want, can bring it down to the body or you can take the mind itself to your mind. But then you go further and you are not conscious of your little conscious mind. I don't know if I've told you this before, that this two and a half, three pound brain we have, and there are twelve billion cells in this little brain, and we are using only one million of twelve billion cells. So what's happened to the rest? They're dead. And the brain is only an organ to give vent or to allow the mind to express itself. Now through meditational practices, when more and more of the brain cells are opened, the more and more the mind will flow through. In any case Einstein only used eight per cent of his brain power and he's supposed to be a geni-ass, sorry genius! For example, me, I never prepare any lecture, never ever, I always say what shall we speak about today and someone asks a question. I can go on for hours and hours. Why? Because the brain cells are open, so the mind just flows through it. And there's only one mind. There are no separate minds at all. There's one Universal Mind in which all knowledge since beginless of time, since beginless beginnings had started in the present cycle of this Universe which was created from that Big Bang. And there were Universes like these before our present Universe.

6. UK 86- 12 Everything comes down one day into a state of Pralaya where the Gunas - this is a different subject altogether, we'll talk about it sometime - where they come into total balance. Rajas, Tamas and Sattva, they come into total balance and there is that quietude sucked into the black hole where not even a ray of light could escape. But as it gets sucked in from one side, there is a subtle current, and because of that current, it bursts out on the other side and that is a black hole. You come from a damn dark black hole and you're going back into it. (General laughter) You see how it works? And that forms a cycle. And then another cycle begins just to be sucked in again into the black hole. So where are your impressions then? They are sucked into the black hole. Mind you, black holes are useful for creative purposes, for procreation, whatever. Now, I've forgotten all those things, I don't know the devil what they mean. A bit of fun. Now our life also runs in cycles. When I was a young man, you know, I was quite a nice looking boy, and being in the film world for so many years as an Actor, Producer, Director, Casting Director, and everything, as a matter a fact give these TV guys, video men, some little tips before, and they had a good laugh about it too. They're professionals, you know, but I was a professional before they became professional. So life itself has a cyclical pattern. Now when I was a young man with all these girlies, the phone never used to stop ringing, and knowing me to be the Producer's, you know, Assistant, friend, they wouldn't go to the Producer directly, they would come to me. Perhaps I could get them into films and things like that. And mind you it was a lot of fun when I was a young man. Ooof!! You have three meals a day, okay. Fine. I used to have three girls a day before the meals!! (General laughter) But now, people ask me, 'Do you make love' - imagine three times a day and now I'm an old man. I say 'Yes, I do make love - once a year and some years I forget'. (General laughter) You see? So life runs in cycles. There is a progression, and then you have that recession. Like watch yourself walking, when the one leg is moving forward the other leg is resting. Just watch yourself, become conscious of it. So everything requires that rest, but that is the period to be captured. That is the moment. Even your thoughts, thought patterns, you think it’s a continuous thought, it's not. A thought can never last more than eight seconds. Meanwhile you've been thinking on something for half an hour. It’s like a film, you must have seen a roll of the movie film, on the screen when it's projected through the projector, you know there's a continuous movement, like you're walking from that end of the room to that end and it seems continuous. Meanwhile if you look at the film, they are made up in squares, frames. And it's just because of the - its nice if everything can go the same time, even in lovemaking, to experience the orgasm at the same time, both of you, husband and wife. Good.

7. UK 86- 12 Yeah, so it's like the projector with its mechanism, although the film is made up of frames, but because of the mechanism, it seems a continuous movement on the screen. You see? So life is like that. Now if you have a look at a movie film, you'd find as I said, frames. Now our lives are like that. Now a frame is made up with a line, there's a gap between frame to frame, capture the gap, for that is the moment that you live in, really live in. The rest is the impressions which the camera has taken onto those frames of the film of life. It is the breaking down of the frames, that little gap there, that is where true life exists, the frame is blank. The line cutting one frame from the other is blank. Be in that blankness, for that blankness is that stillness within yourself. You don't need to stay there all the time - but even during waking life, doing your work, whatever, do Gurushakti in that blankness, and enjoy life. For the frames will always run on and on and on until the film of your life is finished. ‘The End’. But it never ends really. The story is over, and then in another lifetime, you carry over the impressions of the first film and you create another story. And that is history. His- story, your-story, her-story, his story. But you get tired after a while creating all the stories and stories and stories, and they will always be created as long as past impressions exist. And then when all these past impressions cease, are wiped out, then you merge away in totality. And that totality is Divinity when no more lives are needed for suffering. You've been born in this world to enjo y this world, but people don't do that. You're born into suffering. That is what we know as the burden we bring with us, the burden of impressions. The formulation of the end result of the impressions is what we take over into the next life. And then your suffering begins again. You have a little rest period in between, before you take on another body, but its a rest period where you gather all the impressions, like gathering flowers from the garden and then formulating them, arranging them into a lovely floral design, the flowers, and that forms your next life, because of impressions of your last life. See how it works? So through our spiritual practices our meditations, we are shedding off those impressions, and as we shed them off, you’d find life becoming lighter, and more and more and more joyous. And that joy is to enjoy. Do you see how it is so related? Enjoy the joy. Why not? So you make love once a year, and some years you forget. You're still damn joyful! Because when you experience real joy, then you do not think of pleasure, because pleasure is temporary. Joy is permanent. I had a girlfriend some years ago, her name was Joy. It was quite enjoyable with Joy. I don't know if she's still permanent. You see, that's the beauty of life. Make life into this flower because as you progress in your evolution, remember one thing, that you are flowering. The bud is opening to its fullest glory. And then what does the flower do? Asking for no return, it gives off spontaneously its fragrance to all that's around the flower, does it spontaneously because it is the nature of the flower to give of the fragrance that we so much enjoy. And the flower doesn't ask for any return.

1. UK 86- 12 Gururaj. Good. Shall we meditate for a minute? I have noticed and I would like you to try this. I want you to see my face. When you meditate, now watch me, that within one or two seconds, you know the jaw drops. Now the most difficult part to be able to relax, is the face, you know your eye muscles and the entire face. And once that is relaxed, you will find your body also following suit much, much more easily. Look, just watch. See how the tension has disappeared from the face? So whenever you start meditating, do that, and with a little bit of practice, it will become very easy for you. And then you will find with the facial muscles relaxing, your whole body would relax, which could become very inducive to deeper and deeper meditation. Try that next time, okay. What shall we talk about this morning? Questioner. Gururaj, how does one let go of impressions created lifetime after lifetime? Gururaj. How does one let go of impressions or depressions, what is it? Questioner. (Cont'd) Impressions. Gururaj. Impressions, okay. A lovely question, yes. Impressions do not come round overnight. Impressions has a long, long history to it which could extend to so many, many previous lives that you might have lived. Depends upon what you believe, but the impressions are there. Now impressions are in Sanskrit called samskaras. That means that any action we do, any thought will think, we think, would have an impression in the subconscious mind and all these impressions naturally would require expression. So it affects all our day- to -day living and all our activities. So whatever you do, remember it is the sum totality of the impressions contained within you. Now, how do you get rid of impressions, that is the gist of the question. You cannot get rid of impressions, but you can overcome the impression. If your cup of tea is bitter, what do you do? You add a bit more sugar to make it sweeter. Right. And what is that sugar one adds would be your meditations and spiritual practices whereby you overcome the impressions and allow the impressions to float away by itself. So it is a matter of substitution. You put in more sugar and make the tea sweeter. Fine. And then the bitterness of the impressions would automatically disappear like the bitterness of the tea without sugar, unless of course you're not a diabetic. Good. So implementing oneself with your meditations which would naturally be followed with good thoughts - there should never be a day in one's life where you do not read a few pages of something which is uplifting. So here you are helped more by implanting thoughts into the mind which are uplifting thoughts, like listening to any of our tapes, or reading a good

8. UK 86- 12 The flower lives to its true nature. How many of us live to our true natures? Very few, unfortunately very few. Now to live to your true nature doesn't mean 007 - licence to kill, - doesn't mean that. Your true nature, which is Divine, not this contorted, distorted outer appearance of our nature. That's a falsity, and that is caused by impressions. So as we gradually get rid of these impressions, greater and greater clarity comes to us, and we can see things then in its true light. We get rid of the jaundice because jaundiced eyes would see everything yellow. Well it is not so. The wall could be white or blue or pink or sky-blue pink, whatever, but it is our jaundiced eyes because of those past impressions that makes us see everything to be yellow. And then you become yellow-livered. I think the Americans have a saying to that effect - he's a yellow, meaning he's a coward. So we're all blooming cowards really. We only want to see what we think we can see. There's so much depth within each and everyone, to really see the beauty and the glory of the Father that might be. You guys must be getting hungry now. Okay. Enjoy your lunch! Anton, do you get the idea of impressions now? Good. Oops. Thank you. My feet are a bit swollen because of the air pressure. Namaste. Namaste. Enjoy your lunch. END


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