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1. UK 86- 15 Gururaj. What we are going to do, before our Satsang, is for us to spend just a few seconds for our beloved Christine, because in this moment, we're going to get rid of her sufferings, multiple scel, multiple sclerosis. So can we just close our eyes again for just a few seconds, and direct all our prayers to our beloved Christine? Thank you all, for your wonderful help. Gururaj. Do you know how to moan? Now just start moaning. Aaaaahhhhhhhooohhhhhhh aughhhhhhhahhhhhh . . . ( moaning goes on for a long time) Ahhhhhahhhhhhaahhhhh. (Moaning) Moan. Moan your troubles away, because I'm going to tell you about a different kind of moan. We haven't a blackboard, have you? AAAhhhhhhhhhhhh (More moaning) Your life is filled with total moaning all the time. You're moaning and you're groaning, what for? It is so imaginary where you moan and you groan, and you don't know why. Now, let us give you something else. Moan. How many hours does it take to bring the blackboard? So we moan more! Aaahhhhhhh....... (More moaning) And do you know, we don't only moan from upstairs, but we also moan from downstairs. Yeah. So life becomes a moan, and then we groan. Ahhhhhhhh Peter. (General laughter and clapping) There we got it. Well, he wasn't warned in advance, it's not Peter's fault. Now, would you please, anywhere, anywhere on the chair, wherever, wherever you think. Raju would you help Peter? You've got chalk? Voice. The chalk is coming Gururaj. Oh, let's start moaning again. Aahhhhaaahhhh. (Group moaning) There's chalk for you. Aaaahhhhhhh. (Moaning) He's brought toilet paper Ahhhhhhh. (Moaning) How many of you have indigestion? Ahhahhhhh. (Moaning) Now that's moan. Now please do write down M-O-A-U-N. You haven't got white chalk, have you? They haven't got white chalk. Ahhhahhh... (Moaning) That's moan, now you write down the other word . M -O-A-U-N . Whatever, we're still moaning, aren't we? Ahhhahhhhh. (More moaning) Now, Moaun, not the moan we did just now, but m-o-a-u-n, moaun means total silence. I know when I was with Gandhi, we used to practise it every day. Just an hour of total silence to regenerate yourself, and all the moaning will become maoun, silence. And the best time to preserve the silence would be in the morning, while you're shaving, brushing your teeth, and stop, stop, stop. That's better. You preserve that silence within yourself - just an hour in the morning, while you're bathing or showering or shaving or doing all your 'S's'. And just be in silence.

3. UK 86- 15 Gururaj. Tell us. Voice. (Cont’d). It's turning golden. Gururaj. Right. Tell us of the colours. Voice. (Cont’d). Blue, green gold, Gururaj. Sorry, what's the second Voice. (Cont’d). Gold. Gururaj. Gold. Yes. Voice. (Cont’d). Very dark blue. Gururaj. And now? Are you going into a void? Voice. (Cont’d). No. It's not changing. Gururaj. What is there now then? You going to Voice. (Cont’d). Just really dark blue, Gururaj. Right. Voice. (Cont’d). And gold round the edges. Gururaj. Keep on the running commentary. Yah. Um.. Keep on talking. Voice. (Cont’d). Violet.

4. UK 86- 15 Gururaj. Violet. Yah. Right. Fine. Voice. (Cont’d). Changing to orange. Gururaj. Ah hah and now. Voice. (Cont’d). Bright blue, gold, red. Gururaj. Bright gold. Is that what you see? Voice. (Cont’d). Blue and red. Green. Gururaj. And now. Voice. (Cont’d). Just gold and red. Gururaj. Is the gold surrounding the red or is the red surrounding the gold? Voice. (Cont’d). It's all mixed up. Gururaj. That's it, it should be. You're feeling so calm. Voice. (Cont’d). Pardon. Gururaj. You're feeling so calm. Voice. (Cont’d). Yes, I am. Gururaj. We've taken at least five years off your life. Good, darling, don't rush and take it easy. Feeling so much better , aren't you? Totally relaxed. And through the colour patterns which you described, I could see the entire make-up of your

5. UK 86- 15 life. I could see all the troubles spots that are there and they have been reduced considerably. You'll never be the same again, never. Your life will be so much more and more and more blessed. And you Chrissie, just a few minutes of walking, let someone help you in the beginning, but we're going to get rid of your multiple scle- scle- ubb, sclerosis. That's for sure. Take your guru's word. And then you and I will go jogging together. And Jotyma, come here. Can you balance your backside on that? Aide. What? Gururaj. Sit there. No, there. Good. I think you'd rather sit a bit further back, because those guys can't see me there. Aide. Well, I can't really sit further back, couldn't I just sit on the floor? Gururaj. Okay, sure darling. (General laughter) She just knows what I want. You see the communion, where without a word even being said, it is understood. Fine. Now, what shall we speak about tonight? Questioner. Beloved Bapuji, when Jesus said 'What I did, you can do and you can even do greater things than me' - what did he mean by this? Gururaj. Why don't you find out for yourself? Questioner. (Cont'd). Well, as I was actually sitting there and thinking, you just showed me the answer. So, but in more detail, maybe. Gururaj. Jesus said, 'What I can do, you can do for yourselves', and I've been saying this for the past ten, twelve years, lecturing around the world, that I, what I can do, you can do too. It just requires the communion with one to the other, for as we know, it does take two to tango. So, in life's vicissitudes, in life's meanderings, what are we really trying to do? You don't need to walk in Krishna, Buddha, Christ's footsteps. I would not advocate that, because it would be very difficult, but I would like you to walk in your own footsteps. And when you walk in your own footsteps, walk towards the sun, so the shadow remains behind. And when you walk away from the sun, your shadow follows you, before you. Now why must the shadow be before you when you can leave it behind? And that shadow is the burden that you carry, all your samskaras of so many, many past ages. Leave them behind as you walk to the sun and fill life with light.

6. UK 86- 15 When life is filled with light, you’ll find all problems in your life becoming so much lighter and lighter and lighter, and still more lighter. Is that not what you want? The water flows, the heavens reflect, the cloud disperses its rain, and you with the thoughts loaded there as clouds - let it disperse, in rain. Give off, become free because that freedom is your birthright. You have been born free and just carrying this bag on your shoulder. Wherever you go you carry your bag. Is there any woman here that hasn't got a handbag? Hah. And do you know what the handbag contains? I will tell you. It contains the burdens you are carrying with you. It has the lipsticks and the rouge and eye make-up, things like that which are none else but to provide your sense of vanity. So your handbag is nothing else but your sense of vanity. So your handbag contains your sense of vanity. So your handbag, the load you carry around with you, is nothing else but vainful desires. Now when we could eliminate or diminish gradually all these desires, then only can you become fulfilled. You throw away the mire and with it you throw away the desire and you live true to yourself without being vain, just in that beautiful, beautiful simplicity, with which you are born. And let me tell you, forever repeat this refrain - 'That my life has not given itself to this world in vain'. So carry on, beloveds you, carry on, but to yourself be true. For when you love, remember every moment becomes anew to find yourself and ask 'Who am I' and 'Who are you?' And when this knowledge is gained, you will find without any selfishness, that you are the self. And gathering those flowers of life, and pressing it to your bosom, you become one with the flower, and then you know that I now am you. And finding the nowness of the you- ness, you will always know that I have not left home, I've never been away. Sometimes with my thoughts, I might have gone astray, but I still have to come home, for mother awaits. She is there and she can also be everywhere. So what do you gain in tonight's delight? What do you gain is how to stand still. And even if you have to fight, fight with courage, for nothing is in vain, there's always something whereby you can gain. What gainest Thou, O lovers mine, what gainest thou in this world that seems so profane? But you and I will know that in that profaneness, we can find the profundity of life and its love, all the time. So, you can convert that which is profane into profundity. Can you realise this? And by realising this, your life can only end from the profane to the gain. And what do you gain? You gain the joy, you realise yourself, that this life lived, is not in vain. For coming from there and going the other way over there, yet be steadfast and still, and you will know you've really gone nowhere. Where do you want to go to? Where have you come from and where can you go to? From nowhere to nowhere, for you have always been there to seek the succour and be fed by the Mother Divine. And she fills, she fills your heart, but suckling her breasts still remains the art of your life.

7. UK 86- 15 So, we carry on through life, we carry on with all our problems and all our woes. And we battle and battle against our foes. There are no foes, really, for everyone is a friend, and that friendship, if truly felt, could never end. And so we walk on, on muddy roads, and roads dark but while we are walking, we know that at the end the light shines so bright that it would bedazzle me, coming from the dark. Then I seem to wonder if I really stepped out of Noah's ark, was I forever there, and for how long did I tarry there. And all those matings of wondrous life in various forms, as birds and camels and doves that as its nature to flow, yet standing around watching it, I see that glow in the flow and that is creativity. Creation began when man was not, from his amoebic cell, he carried on until he could find the song of the ringing, the tingling of that bell, and his ears then were opened to sound. And with the sound, he found himself with some sight. And what I teach thee, my beloveds, is not only your outside, what I teach to thee is the inside, where you have originated from, from where you have really come. So find your way, for gloomy could be the day, and yet the night with moonlit bright can show you the coolness, the calmness of life's way. So where the hell are you going to, tell me? Do you want to be scorched by the burning sun? And why not, gives you a suntan and you burn, with lotion supplied. It takes a few days, I know. But the moonlight devoid of depth of scorching sun and giving you only a reflected light, could see the beauty shining, her beautiful face, the glory of the moon. No wonder she's loony! So onward we march in the search to find ourself. And finding ourselves, we find so much more that is seemingly beyond, yet remaining here within ourself. So why do you complain, and why do you need to explain the glory, the beauty of life that be? For I know one thing, it is but me and she. In the combination of the Manifestor and manifestation, how could there any separation be? But life marches on, to find its own dear joy and happiness. Find it, my blessings are with thee, but know you can never live alone without the cruciality that comes from me. Hour and a half - is it? Starting to compose poetry as it comes, to love and be loved, as it becomes the way of life which you could offer to each and every one and for this day let this deed of life and living be done. If you are life and I am life too, so what is the separation, what is the separation, that exists between us? If there was a separation, you take a ride on that red bus. You don't need to - I don’t know of these London things, but I do know and the bus I ride is never far away from me, but it rides within my heart, enclosing all. So I know, so there's neither you nor me. Have we got a meeting tonight? About what? Yeah, good, lovely! Tonight was a night of poetry. I've got a very important announcement to make and I do hope you people will understand me, 'Geeeahnohagongeeohha, yelatoneakongheedoahee. Ankonichooahha, yehinokooahohoho. (Gururaj laughs)

2. UK 86- 15 Now what silence does for you, is to regenerate and rejuvenate the energies that are there within you. Is it so difficult to remain silent for just an hour a day? We had practices where we used to be silent for a whole day. But I ask you, just an hour a day. Don't talk and when you don't talk, when you talk, your thoughts are flowing outward and when you are in silence, those very foundations of talking goes inward. So, to rejuvenate yourself and regenerate yourself, you need that peace of just silence. And the silence is so important to make your day more efficiently and carry out your day without becoming so tired. The importance of that one hour's of silence is so great. It takes you away from yourself, from your mental thoughts that worries you. Get up in the morning and there's thoughts floating, and you're thinking, thinking, thinking of what the day is going to bring. But why? Start off with the silence and the, the mornings are the most conducive to that silence. And you find your whole day will become so, so pleasurable, joyful, quiet, because you have started off from silence and you will end it off in silence, where your very sleep would become so silent too. I can demonstrate this to you now, if I have a volunteer. How about you, come. Come, Blondie, sit here. Sit down there and within a moment, a moment or too, I will make you feel totally and silent. All your worries, the depressions or impressions will just disappear. You haven't got contacts on, have you dear? Voice. No. Gururaj. Good. Rest back in your father's lap. And now just give us a running, a running commentary of what you are seeing. Okay, here we go, just describe it, what you are seeing. Voice. (Cont'd). Just darkness at the moment. Gururaj. Dullness? Voice. (Cont’d). No. Gururaj A kind of a dullness? Is it a kind of blankness? Voice. (Cont’d). No, it's turning golden.

8. UK 86- 15 Voice. The translation is, 'Don't do anything I wouldn't do tonight'. Gururaj. Thank you darling. I'm glad there are no Chinese people here, because it would be an insult to them. Namaste. Have a lovely evening. END


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