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1. UK 86-2 Gururaj. What shall we speak about today? Questioner. Guruji, is loving not so much an emotion but the capacity to see the true nature of a person or of God? Gururaj. Beautiful, beautiful. Where did you get this brain from? Loving is the true nature of a person, but that nature, the truth of the nature, is covered by the cloudiness of the mind. The clouds that are formed, is because of your past impressions that have been created in your mind. Now the purpose of life, to find the true nature of Divinity, is to get rid of those old impressions that has clouded the mind. How do we do that? How do we get rid of the old, stale, stinking impressions? There is only one way. And the way is to purify one's mind through spiritual practices. And when one is regular in their spiritual practices then all those impressions would disappear. And the disappearance of those stale, stinking impressions brings about purity. And when the purity comes, you will know the meaning of love. And when you know the meaning of love, it brings you close to God. Now, to know the meaning of love, it is not a mental conception, it is a spiritual reality which is realised by the heart. And when this realisation dawns, then the heart becomes pure. And when the heart becomes pure, you are close to God. So simple. What do we do, to find this purity which in most cases, is a rarity? But everyone has the capacity to find the purity which will no longer remain a rarity. Peter Moore tells me I should have been a Professor of PhiIology and not a struggling guru! So now the secret of life, to find that purity, is not so difficult if you try. And how do you try? Is to get rid of the age old impressions through so many lifetimes, if you believe in that. Namaste. Thank you, for being early. Now to find that purity one has to develop within oneself the simplicity that goes with life. What is the meaning of simplicity? There are many factors involved in being simple and not simplistic. To be simple is to be very true to oneself. I like to hear myself. The very idea, to repeat again, it's even shaking, look at that. Have you got a shaking mike? To be simple to repeat again, is not to be simplistic. But a simpleness involves total truth within oneself. Now what do we mean by being truthful to oneself? To be truthful to oneself, is to be honest with oneself. What does this imply? Is to be yourself. Then only can you be honest with yourself. If you are a thief, be a thief, but an honest thief. Now is this not a contradiction of terms, by being an honest thief? Because thieves are regarded to be dishonest. But be a thief in honesty, go and steal, take from the rich to give to the poor - Robin Hood. So you are not thieving for yourself, but you are doing this deed to help the poor, the needy, the lonely, the lost.

2. UK 86-2 So the honesty takes many forms but it all depends how you formulate the form of your deed. There is no one in this world that is perfect. Even a self-realised man has to have two percent of imperfection in him. If he does not have that two percent imperfection he will not be able to eat, he will not even be able to go to the toilet. So what we do when we go to the toilet is expel the dirt that has accumulated in the body. Food has only certain values as far as its energies are concerned, the rest you evacuate, throw off. Can anyone tell me that you do not go for a wee or a pee or the other things that go with it? What a stinking subject! That is life. And life must be lived in normality. Life must not become abnormal. For once life becomes abnormal - June, where is she? - once life becomes abnormal, you lose the love of life. When you lose the love of life, you lose the love of God. So the principle is this, love yourself. When you can really love yourself unselfishly then only will you know the value of life and the Divinity that gives you this life. And when life is given to you by Divinity, use it and not abuse it. For when you abuse, you are creating more and more impressions in your sub-conscious mind. And the more impressions you have, good or bad, in your sub-conscious mind, they must find some expression. And that expression is translated to your conscious mind and that is where your problems begin because of the translation from the sub-conscious to the conscious level of your daily living. Now if you can clear your mind, if you can clear your mind from those impressions of the sub-conscious, then your conscious mind becomes clear and in its clarity you will find your life very, very, much, much, mucho, mucho, mucho happy. Life is no secret. If you want to call it a secret, please pre-fix it with the word 'open' - secret, for life is an open secret to be enjoyed. For your entire constitution is composed of nothing else but joy, but because you cannot enjoy the joy, you make life miserable. Not my fault and it’s neither the fault of Divinity. It is you, governed by the impressions which formulates your karma. And as you would know, and I might have said this before somewhere, I can't remember, that every cause must have its effect. And every effect creates another cause. So if you in the first place destroy the cause, there will be no effect. For example, my beloved which I assume she loves me, but if I do not encourage or inspire the love in my beloved, then naturally she will not love me as she should. She might do her duty. Yes. But doing one's duty is not loving. Loving is a natural quality that just wells up within oneself. It is not something planned, it is not something contrived, it is something that just happens and that is love. Fo r anything you contrive has been constituted through your thought processes. But love is not a thought process. Love is a quality of the heart that just wells up within you and yet it still translates itself into the consciousness, the lower conscious mind, it translates it there, so you feel, Joan, you feel the emotion of love. For feeling and emotions are not of the heart. Feeling and emotions are created by the mind. Because the mind cognises feelings and emotions so therefore the mind is the creator of feelings and emotions. It is the creator of pain and pleasure.

3. UK 86-2 But I want you to go beyond that conscious mental level, the lower mind to the realm of joy, where the mind is not involved and joy just exists to bring you happiness. And when that joy brings you this happiness, it must reflect itself to the conscious mind. Your conscious mind is nothing but a mirror which pictures all the things of your sub-conscious. And if you are regular in your spiritual practices - if you're regular in your spiritual practices, then it will not only be your sub- conscious mind that filtrates through to the mirror of the conscious mind, but with your regular spiritual practices, the superconscious level of the mind filters through and cleans up that dirty conscious mind. So the purpose of life is to bring ourselves - where? - to clean that mirror. So simple. And when that mirror is cleaned, the superconscious level of yourself is seen clearly, brightly, beautifully because there is no dirt. And when you can see your face clearly in that mirror, your life becomes happier. You will look prettier because there's no dirt. Logical. And when you see the cleanliness there, you will yourself feel very clean outside and inside. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, as the old saying goes. So we come into this life and take on these various forms - she's slim and someone is fat, and someone is tall, and someone is short. Ah. Why? Why can't all human beings look exactly the same? Because, as I said before, your samskaras and your karmas. There will come a time - what is it, eighty six - another fifty, sixty years where everyone will look the same. Different features perhaps, but there will be no white, black, brown, green, yellow. There will only be red. Because that redness in everyone's faces will reflect the blood of which they are constituted. So the purpose of life is to find that Divinity, June, to find that love which will naturally, automatically lead you to Divinity. We're both wearing yellow, aren't we? And everyone has a yellow tag. So let us all just be yellow. What does this mean? Let us all be love, the sunshine of the yellow, all the time. For are we not all brothers and sisters? Good. I have spoken for an hour, I think. Yes. Yeah. Su ggest any subject and I'll compose a song for you. A song, or any work of art. Any comic subject or something dramatic. You had put your hand up first. 'Parents'. You want it in song or words? Song? (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) .................. My mother and father has gone through so many troubles to give me this life and brought me up. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ............ They have given me life. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit and clapping) ......... Let me live, let me live, let me live. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ....... But remember one thing, that let me live this life in truth. (Clapping) Come, come, that side. Now, the women join me and then after that, we have the men. (Clapping). Sing, sing. Men. (Men clapping - general laughter).

4. UK 86-2 (Gururaj speaks in Sanskrit) ........... As long as I live in this life, let my life always be lived in truthfulness. Okay. Enough for now. I don't want to stretch your minds too much. Oh, fun. Oh by the way, my zip was not broken. (General laughter) I forgot to pull it up. END


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