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1. UK 86- 20 Gladys. Very kind of you, I hadn't expected that. No, what I wanted to say was this, I feel, and we all know that we are all one big family and we're all equal. And we've had a wonderful Course, but one of the things I would like you to think about is, and perhaps agree with me about is for this Course to be possible there's had to be Newsletters, there's had to be terrific organisation in arranging and booking of the Hall and all the other material daily things. And then during the Course, there's had to be the arranging of meetings, teachers helping other people and giving their time. In fact everybody in this Group has being giving to somebody else, or taken from somebody else some gift. But I do feel the organising of it doesn't usually get spoken about because the people that speak here are the organisers and I think they deserve a sort of accolade from us for all that they've done, all of them. (Clapping) Aide. There are many organisers - thanks for those words on behalf of all the people who've done it, but I should think half the people in the room are clapping themselves. But we must point out Tony of course, no other names mentioned I don't think, there are some constantly hard workers who spend all their time, virtually all their own time running BMS because we have no paid staff, no office, no nothing. It's all done from home but Tony has done three quarters of it, I should think. So a big hand for Tony. (Clapping). Gururaj. Sorry, I'm some minutes late, but I was showing some of our Full Teachers how to bless objects that were given to us. The whole idea - I have also given them some shaving lessons. The real purpose of life and the blessings you give has to come from the real depth of your heart. For these objects that were blessed this morning, what is there really? Do you know? Can you understand that your guru's heart has floated, giving you the blessing and the meaning of life? So, whoever these things belong to, it does not matter to me, for you are human and so am I, but to know how to let the heart flow, for there in its very flow, lies the true blessing. Try this sometime if you can. Doing your bit of Gurushakti and just let your heart flow to the other person and in that very flow, it means the true blessing. Do you think you are just this body? You are the heart, that pulsation of the heart which is mixed suitedly with Divinity. And through your spiritual practices, if you could only mix that Divinity that is within you, then you can impart it to all around you. That is the meaning of true blessing. Would you please hand this over? (Blessed objects being handed over by Jasmini - names being called out) Gururaj. She's walking well. Yes. Yes. Yes. She does not need a wheelchair anymore.

2. UK 86- 20 (Gururaj starts singing) Would you forever be with me, for I will lead you on to the path of Divinity and make you know the beauty of life that could be. So sweet you are, you are the mother of the world. May you always be the mother, and succour all the children that come unto thee. You are the world's mother and you're my mother too. So just be. (Gururaj singing in Sanskrit) .......... Tuku, Tuku, Tuku, kay say tu saymayaimuku. Tuku,Tuku, Tuku, how can I leave you and where shall I place you. The only place you could find in life is in my heart. Tuku, Tuku, Tuku .............. (Gururaj singing in Sanskrit) Ah beloved thank you. You've made this Course so lovely and so wonderful. And he's been working so hard. God bless you, beloved. (Gururaj singing in Sanskrit) Inoo, Inoo, Inooji. We've got to shift it that way. That's it. Inoo, Inoo, Inooji (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit) ......... Inoo, Inoo, Inoo, may tumku chahoo. I love you. God Bless you my darling and all the problems which we know about will just disappear. My love and regards to your husband and children. God bless you. Would you read this for me, I can't see. Aide. Beloved Guruji, I have divorced you in the mind but married you in my spirit. All my love and devotion always. Your wife, Jyotima. (clapping) Gururaj. This is what meditation is all about where you can allow yourself just to float away, go away from your daily problems and go, go, go. Spare the time to yourself, Jyotima you're making me cry, spare a little time unto yourself and make yourself feel you're just gone, gone, gone away. I will give you a demonstration now, how you can just totally be away from yourself. That's important. You're too involved in your mind. You're too involved there. So divorce yourself from your mind and be married to your heart, for that is where true meditation lies. I'll go away for a few moments. Communion Practice Gururaj. You see in just a few moments, you can flow away from yourself. You talk of nervous breakdowns, what does it really mean, that you are not allowing yourself to let go of yourself. And when you can really know the art, to let go of yourself, there could never be any nervous breakdown. Come here. Sit there, facing here. Okay. Good. Just relax, that's right. Do you feel the pulsation in your temples? Voice. Yes.

3. UK 86- 20 Gururaj. Of course you should. Extend your arms. The pulsations are gone. Yes. Yes. Oh beloved, may you forever be happy. Good. The true Master can take away your problems. He can take away your troubles in a moment. Good. But you have to develop that heart quality through your meditation. I will very soon be leaving this body, but this heart wi ll always remain with you, in you, of you. I want you to know this my beloveds. I want you to realise it within yourselves. Call upon your heart which is none else but my heart. And I bleed to give you the source of joy, to give you the strength so that you could really live life. Shall I show you? I have a vest on, rather. You will find it bleeding and pulsating and pulsating. Do you see the scar? Where has it come from? That comes by giving my heart to you. So know one thing and know it well that you are not apart but a part of your true self. And with these realisations that you could perhaps understand, you will know there's no sorrow. There's neither any wind to make the willow bend. It bends on its own. So bend down the now to yourself. Surrender now to yourself. There you will find the glory of our God for He has always been with you all the time. So cry, laugh and enjoy this life is yours. Do you think this life is yours? This life is not yours. This life comes, comes from some power above, for it is through His presence that all creation has come about. Remember one thing, that through His breath, I am breathing. Realise this in your hearts that it is only His breath that makes me breathe. Otherwise there's no life and you will be dead. Why did He breathe that energy within you? It is so that you could live and that life is not yours. It's His. Remember that. This is the message I give you from my Father. He has given you life. He has breathed the vital forces within you. Do one thing, yes, please, honour Him and that is what your Gurushakti is all about. Always remember that force, the power, the grace that comes from our Father. It is very simple, very delightful, very enjoyable, for that force is always there. Do not neglect it, ever. And as we join hands with hands, remember always that. What is it that make us join hands with hands? That Guy upstairs. So let nothing trouble you, really. All your problems will disappear if you can realise the presence of the power that be. If you could walk hand in hand with the man of Galilee, you do not even need to learn how to swim because He is doing the swimming for thee. So, my beloveds as the messenger of the Father, what more can I say? How can I express the love that wells up all the time within me? There are no words for it. There is just the feeling that is created in your heart. Let it grow, like this beautiful flower. Let it bloom in love's delight and in that bloom there's no place at all for gloom. Be happy, be happy, know the joy of life, for in that knowingness, you will find within yourself the eternity of yourself. If we do not meet again, for this body is getting so tired, so frail but know one thing for sure, my beloveds, this heart is always with you, over and over and over again and again and again.

4. UK 86- 20 It’s been a lovely week. I hope you have enjoyed yourselves. Good. I hope you have imbibed some of the wisdom that was given. I hope you have taken to your heart this heart that's filled with life and loving, for it will always be there. And what is always there has its eternal value. So please, please, please, please just take care. The Master of love, the Master of poetry and if you can but try to understand that I am nothing else but your servant. So please, please, please share, share, share and take care, care, care. It’s been a lovely week, I think. Good. You've been crying just now, Cuckoo. Voice ..................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. How old is she? Voice. (Cont’d) Twenty five. Gururaj. Um, twenty five. When does she have to have a heart operation? Just let me get this, when was her heart operation? Voice. ....................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah, hah, yes. And how is she feeling now? Voice. She seems marvellous, she doesn't care about life, it’s the quality of life. Gururaj. And then why are you worrying so much about her? Voice. ................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Good, good. (chela crying) She's going to be well, she is going to be fine. Just do one thing for me, hold these hands. I'm giving you energy that's of life and put her hands, your hands on hers, and her heart will be fine. Nothing to worry about. And you stop crying. Start smiling. Good. God bless.

5. UK 86- 20 There are no miracles in life. There is only the flow of life and if you can allow yourself to flow with life, you'll find it will become so, so smooth because you are flowing with life and not against life. You have a wonderful, wonderful possession God granted to you, the power, the energy to live, to live life. Questioner ..................... (Inaudible) (Very poor sound on Side 2) You can all relax a bit. Cuckoobums. Give me a ciggie. Come on, relax. I get this problem travelling around the world all the time. She's very jealous. Of course the old meditators, not old really, they know the process, but to those who are newcomers, may I remind you, or tell you in the Communion Practice I merge away. Now what you do is just draw your attention to me. Do not concentrate. Just gazing, you will go through various kinds of experiences, experiences - no effort at all. Now you've got the point clear ........... (Inaudible) Water, acqua.................. So let us use and never abuse His gift of life, just given to us. Enjoy it, love life, for life in itself is love. And this is through my Father, I bestow upon you. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for being within me, for that is where you belong, in this heart, which is none else but life's song. Just sing along, that's all. I shall not say goodbye to you. Do you know the meaning of the word ‘Goodbye’? It means 'God be with you'. That's what it means. Thank you my Beloveds. END


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