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2. UK 86-7 Aum bhur bhuvah swah. Tatsavitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi. Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat. Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Namaste, my children. Namaste. Tell you a few words of the Midnight Practice. In your own rooms at about twenty to or quarter to twelve, you meditate and I will be meditating in my room and you will have, all of you, - we'll discuss it tomorrow - you will have some experience, you will. Look, I don't want to tell you these things but just as a pointer, you will feel my presence, you migh t see me personally. And there was one very unusual experience that we had - I think it was in America or some other country because I travel around all the time - and this woman would not tell me of her experience in public but next day, she came to me and said "Guruji, you made love to me". Jesus I can't do it anymore. But that was the experience she had. So the whole point of the story is this that people according to their capacities, go through different kinds of experiences. But everyone has some experience. Now, the whole point is this that I can be, I, not meaning this little me, I meaning the higher self of me. Why is that chair empty? Come, cuckoo, my little girl, come, come, come, come, come, sit there on that chair. Joe. Good. Lovely. You do the Satsang tonight. So everyone will go through some experience in different varied forms. It doesn't matter. But the point in question is this that I can be thousands of miles away from you - from here to South Africa is about six thousand miles, something like that, I don't know, who cares. But please whenever you feel troubled in any way, just do gurushakti and call upon me and I will be there. Excuse me. So to repeat again, twenty to twelve, quarter to twelve, start meditating and I will be meditating in my room and tomorrow you can tell me about it. Okay. Good. Joe? (General laughter) Voice. His name is Tom. Gururaj. Tom, Tom. Good. Now this light is very bright for my eyes. Can it be put off? Yes. That's fine. Okay. Now le t me tell you, I mean most of our old meditators of ten, twelve years know, but the newcomers let me tell you in the Communion Practice what would happen is this, that I go into Communion with Divinity and there would be - I don't want anyone to come in there Peter please, you know that because it will disturb the - (Gururaj laughs) - and all of you or most of you will have some experience. Because when you bring down that Divine energy from the universe, then that energy would be in this room very powerfully. Now what you have to do is just focus your eyes upon me. Do not concentrate, just a simple innocent focus. Whatever energy you experience or whatever experience you have, do not try to analyse it. You tell it to me afterwards and I will explain you what it means. So, bye bye.

3. UK 86-7 Perhaps many of you do not have the awareness or capacity to realise this, but you have been in the presence of Divinity. It’s a lovely journey and I wish I could take all of you with me on this journey, including you, and you. You traverse the entire universe and you go through the flight of the various planets and galaxies and all the moons and suns and there are millions of them. Because I've seen them, I know. You only know of one sun but there are so many million suns and moons. And as you go through the universe, you see the splendour, the beautitude of it all. And everything works in such close precision. So you go through this great vastness to be with Divinity and then you come back into the small little body and observe the sufferings of humanity, my children. It hurts. It is very painful. But if you can bring any spiritual force to your children, your brothers, your sisters, why not. Do it, for it has to be done. And when you do this, your children, your brothers, your sisters feel a beautiful upliftment within their hearts, for they have touched that Divine force that keeps you alive and living. And when through your spiritual practices, you keep on touching the Divine force through the instrument of Divinity, I'm only an instrument, I'm nothing, please believe me, I'm nothing. I'm very human just as you are. I eat, I drink, I go to the loo like you. I'm no different than you. But how does man or how does Divinity touch you? It is only because he makes you the instrument like you. Now if I was flying on feathers, you will not be able to be close to me. So therefore, it is the Divine plan to send a man like Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Gururaj, whoever, to touch you. And when I say you, I mean your hearts, to uplift and make you realise that your bodies are of some importance, but it is not totality in the eyes of Divinity. So once you find that Divinity within yourselves, you will find the total meaning of life and the total meaning of joyousness which is you, which is you all. So, that what we call God or Divinity or Divine energy transforms Himself in the form of man so he could touch man, his body, his mind and his spirit. That is how Divinity has worked through kingdom come, through eternity. Understand me. Come here, my darling, sit next to me. Ah. Oops. Oops. I'm so weak. So that is how Divinity expresses itself, as you require expression in your lives in whatever endeavour you are involved in. So too, that Guy upstairs requires expression and He expresses his Divinity through sending His messengers to the world. And it is given to you because of your freewill to recognise the Divine will and if you can't, blank, blank, blank. So let there be a song in your heart, love in your life and through that bring peace in your life. For peace can bring ease and when you are at ease, there would be a greater recognition and cognition. Cognition is to know, okay, cognise, and recognition is to cognise again that which you have cognised. I'm a Professor of Philology you know. So that is the secret and I said to you a day or two ago, I can't remember, I never remember anything. You ask me ten minutes later what I spoke about and I wouldn't know what I spoke about. Perhaps you can tell me, okay. (General laughter) So cognition requires

4. UK 86-7 through your spiritual practices, recognition. Do you get that? And the more you remember the spiritual self of yours, that makes it cognition into recognition and if I might add a word to the English dictionary re, re, re, re, re, recognition. So my beloveds if you could only practise your Gurushakti and your Trataks and whatever is given to you to do. And Gurushakti does not require time. You can be sitting at your office typing, or doing accounting, or in the factory, whatever, just to have the remembrance of Gurushakti. Membrance comes from the root of membrane. So what you do is practise membrance and keep on remembering it. It is so simple. And your life will be more and more happy. Good. Now. Oh no, my darling. Oh. Now do remember one thing, don't let your nose always be running in the cold weather of this country and do not allow your feet to be smelling, but let your hearts always be welling. (General laughter) This is with the compliments of John, where the hell is he? Right, I added something on to your joke. (Laughter with the children) Be innocent as this lovely child who can laugh and smile in total innocence. (General laughter) When are we going to have our baby? (General laughter) It would be a miracle, though. He's also laughing. He understood the joke. Now from the - we're not going to spend much time I think. What, what is it? Ten past ten, ah ha, ten past nine. We still have time. So we can discuss some of your experiences during the Communion Practice and I will explain you what they meant. Come on. Yeah. I think it'll be nice to be at the mike. Don't be shy, you know. You are shy. Namaste. Beloved. Voice. I had a very special experience this time which was very much different from what I have seen the other times. It started with a cobra which I have seen before and then it was totally white light. Everything disappeared in white light and I heard some of the choirs chanting the Aum. And this white light, it sort of, it went into small crystals like stars, Gururaj. And it covered me Voice. No. It was - the whole scenery dissolved into these stars. It was like atoms. But between those atoms was an energy so it was so hot that I felt hot before, but this was really extraordinary. And this energy was floating between all these atoms. So everything in this room was nothing but atoms or tingling stars. It was really beautiful. Gururaj. Good. Good. Good. Good. Lovely. Where is my hankie? If you're feeling hot, use my hankie. This experience means, please, running nose but no smelling feet but a welling heart. You explain her, her experience. Tell her. Come on. I need a lot of children like you to carry on my work when I'm dead, yes. (children laughing). That's no

5. UK 86-7 reason for laughing. (General laughter) Your experience actually meant that you gradually started penetrating that which the eyes cannot see. Your eyes cannot see atoms. So you saw the construction of the atomic universe through the inner eye and that white light represented nothing else but me. For it is through that white light that you could perceive those atoms. Now there is only one light, as most of you will know. There's only one light, white light, but we find these different shades of colours because they are reflected through a prism. Have them reflected through a prism, but always have the cognition of the white light or otherwise you are in a prison captured by the various colours that you would see. It is so beautiful that children and animals and people of innocence are so drawn to me. Ah, look at this arm around me? You must do that. It's a great experience. Very good. Next please. Come my dearest. Voice. Guruji, at first I saw a white Gururaj. Wait, wait, wait. Namaste. That's right. Voice.(Cont'd). At first I saw a white light coming out of this part of your head and then I saw your face change as I have seen it at previous Communions. At about half way through something happened which hasn't happened before. I can't quite explain it. But the whole room changed and there was a lot of power but it wasn't the sort of lovely power that you know we're used to. I was quite frightened in fact and I felt a physical fear between the two Chakras. And although the fear went, well I'm still tingling here now. Gururaj. That physical force never went lower down Voice. No. (General laughter). Gururaj. Oh, mother. Children asked did it go on the floor. Voice.(Cont'd). No, it didn't go on the floor dear it was all seemed to be up here. (General laughter) Gururaj. Good. Now the white, oh, sorry. The white light that you saw is the radiation I impart to all of you on the Course. Therefore it is so important to come on the Course. You can always plan well ahead. Look, I get nothing out of it. It doesn't even cover two weeks expenses of mine. But I do it for love. Now the white light you saw was the emanation, the radiation of that spiritual force that came out. Now the fear you had between your, I'll tell you, your Manipura and Anhata

6. UK 86-7 Chakras, ah, because you were mentally afraid of the force of the light. Do not fear my beloved, there's no need to fear at all, because Divine energies are not to be feared. They are to be loved and not only loved but absorbed, simulated in your entire system. Next time my beloved you have this experience, feel that white light going through your whole system. When you eat food, okay, what do you do? You eat the food first. Then you digest the food and then the food becomes assimilated in your system to provide your body with energy. The same principle applies to spiritual force. Same principle. Let it become assimilated in every cell of your body and you become a new person altogether. Is that right? Good. I think I'm a bit tired now. I'm going on now for nearly two hours, hour and a half, two hours something like that. Because we could go through so many experiences and sit around till twelve at night. Holy Communion is a very rare experience. No one in the world can do it in public to bring God into this hall. So what I said a day or two ago, I don't know when, I can never remember, on the next Course try and bring just one friend with you so their lives might too become uplifted. Because it’s not knowledge that I impart, or wisdom that I impart to you but I give my entirety to you, all that spiritual flow, that Divinity to you which you already have but to awaken it and bring it to force. This light burning there, there, has electrical energy. It has. Various forces, the positive and negative and what have you and all the mechanism that goes with Mister Computer, but you got to have someone to switch on the damn light. That's all I do. I switch on the light so that you could see life in reality. Your lives - sorry my darling - your lives are just assumptions of life. I will show you through the grace of our Lord, the reality of life and not just the assumption of life. I promise you that, very, very truthfully. To give you an example, those years, about ten years ago I think, when Amrit, you know those Bastardos who were here, there was a woman in jail and I travelled four hundred miles there and four hundred miles back, which makes it four and four is how much, eight, to see her and help her out of her troubles. Those Bastardos tried to get money out of her, which they did. And I can prove you the figures. But I as a guru, found it my duty to help her and got her out within three days, out of jail. This is just one small example, but you will never know what I go through all the time. But that is my job. So why not? If you want to do your job, do it well, else don't do it. I think we'll end this evening now. Any little song or poem, any subject to round off the evening. When you have a good dinner, the dinner is never complete without having some dessert. Let's have our dessert now. Voice. Union with God. Union with God. Gururaj. What language? Danish, Japanese? What a subject.

1. UK 86-7 Gururaj. Where are you? Ah. Okay, that puddy bird. Come on. Children singing - I thought I saw a puddy (General laughter) I thought I saw a puddy cat, as plain as he could be. Gururaj. Is that all? Children singing - I thought I saw a puddy cat, as plain as he could be. Gururaj. Puddy bird, puddy bird will you come to me, for I can see the puddy bird, the puddy bird coming to me. Good. Lovely. Now what notes has my secretary made for me? Ah Teacher Initiation. Lovely. (Gururaj starts singing in Sanskrit) Guru Bramha, Guru Vishnur, Guru Devo Maheshvarah............................ It's a special occasion tonight where two of my children, Ian and Vijya are appointed as our representatives. Are you feeling cold, cuckoo? No. Good. Because you can have my shawl, if you like - will be appointed as our official representatives. You have not brought two pillows - now I'm so weak, I can't even walk. Ah. No, no, no. They can just kneel down, it's alright. Come. Oh, thank you. Repeat with me and you all can, if you wish to. Aum Satyam, Aum Shivam, Aum Sundaram. It means that, Satyam is truth, Shivam is God, Sundaram is beauty. And the combination of all this is Divinity. So we walk on the path of Divinity. Vijya, Ian. No. You're right. You're right. Your name from today Ian, is Jyaniyam, - J Y A N I Y A M, Ja- ni -yam - which means the possessor of Divine knowledge. Jyaniyam. I'll call you Jyani, of course. And of course Vijya, you know I explained you that before. From today with the blessings of our Divine Lord, you are appointed as Teachers, Healer and Prep Teacher. Yes. Good. Now please through your hands, Divine power will be imparted to you. Use them in a good way. Use them for the benefit of humanity. Heal those that are sick. Bring them or destroy their discomfort. And you my beloved Vijya, through your hands lead people to the path of God. For doing that, you would be helping humanity and what is more important than to help our fellow mankind. I do not only talk and teach but I also try to teach you as well the meaning of life. And the meaning of life is only one, to help mankind. So if you belong to the kind of man, why must you not help mankind. And in expressing this beautiful kindness, you'll find a greater and greater joy. Teachers and Healers I appoint throughout the world to help others which need your help. So help them.

7. UK 86-7 Voice.(Cont’d) Dissunion, then. Gururaj. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ........ (Applause). Thank you. Okay. Come, come. Come. I don't only kiss big women but also - good. Fine. Do have a pleasant evening. If you need, if you need to find any kind of release, do it through meditation. Is that understood? (General laughter) Oh yes, of course, sorry. Right. So to remind you again, twenty to, quarter to midnight, in your rooms do your meditation and I will be seeing you tonight in some way or the other because I will be in my room. She's got to massage my back. Okay, my darling. Ah, ha, ha, hah END


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