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1. UK 87-1 Gururaj. I don't know what announcements were made but we have a special guest from America, Sunita. Where is she? There she is. Come. Bring a chair for her here and sit here with me. Yes. Sunita. Next time maybe, I feel so shy. Gururaj. You don't need to feel shy, this is our family. This is your English family and Danish and whoever they are and of course welcome to you all. As you would know, I don't know what was said in the introduction but we had a terrific Course in Cyprus where I composed three books. And then we had a Course in Spain where I composed another two books. And I'm here now and from here I'll be going to Canada with Chetanji. Where is he? He's somewhere. Yes, he always likes to remain in the background. Why remain in the background where you can be in the foreground of life because that is where you belong, in the foreground of life. When you are - okay darling, thank you - when you are in the foreground of life you're facing life. Remaining in the background your not facing life but you are there far away and not finding total observance of life. To observe the totality of life is to be in the foreground, where you can face it face to face. How can you stand a million miles away from a mirror and see yourself clearly? Be in the foreground, face the mirror and see yourself. And by seeing yourself, you find the realisation of yourself. What is there to be realised? Nothing else, no t the mirror. The mirror is only a reflection of yourself. So when you can squarely see yourself, you face yourself and that is the challenge of life. When you can see yourself clearly reflected in that mirror and you see your face clearly and you realise what you are. For is that not what you want to be, to really see yourself. And when you can see yourself clearly in the mirror of your life, you will realise what life is all about. And seeing that, you will find yourself different than what you are because most people live life imaginarily. They imagine life without seeing the truth of life. So, see the truth of yourself and when you see the truth of yourself, you will say, 'I am Jean, Jack, John, Joe, whatever'. Seeing yourself is so important. Not just seeing yourself in your imagination, but seeing yourself in reality. I am Joe. I have these faults. And when you can really see yourself you will ask yourself that 'I, Joe what must I do to rectify my faults and make myself a better person and become the real Joe or Jean or Jack or whatever'. You can use many names. So then you will start asking the question, 'Who am I'. The question of 'Who am I' can only be found within you. Your guru is only a guide that will show you the way but you still have to do the walking yourself. So are you sleepy? Are you sitting or are you walking? You can sit around and laze around. You can sleep and waste your life away, twenty four hours of the day, just imagine. Eight hours you might doing your work to make a living, eight hours you sleep, perhaps more, depending how lazy you are and the balance of your time - right, spend three or four hours in love making, why not, it's your right, you're human beings - but there's still four hours left. What are you doing with it, with that

2. UK 87-1 four hours? One hour you spend in meditation. So you've got three left now and in that three hours have fun. You do not need to be an ascetic. Use those three hours having fun. Why not? Is life not supposed to be fun, filled with life, love and laughter? So have fun for those three hours. But remember those are three hours out of twenty four. Use them wisely, for they, that will provide you with the relaxation that you need. One hour of meditation and three hours of having fun. And fun could be had in so many different ways. It does not mean you go fucking around. It means you use it in your total relaxation, painting, drawing or whatever hobby you have, doing carpentry, making up a little table and doing whatever you want to. So the point is this, that you are momentarily for those three hours in getting away from yourself. Get away from yourself and do not take life too seriously. You need a break and that break will bring you greater mental stability. You see how the human mind works. The psychology of the human mind, you see how it works. You need that break because all your hours of the day you spend in intensity which is not necessary. You must learn to give yourself a break. And once you develop this habit of giving yourself this break, it will come habitual and it will happen automatically. That's the secret. I work twenty four hours of the day throughout the year, but in between I have my break. I would tell one of my children to take me for a drive to the beach and I will sit there listening to the sound of the waves as they flow. It will be taking my mind away from all the stresses and strains of life. What most people suffer is the stresses and strains of life. They live in tension. They are so tensed up and because of that tension and that tensing up, they break themselves to pieces. And when they do that, what is the value of meditation or your spiritual practices. You must, you must, you must learn to give yourself that break. Jump into your motorcar and go up into the hills and lean your back against a pine tree or a fir tree and just let yourself go and tell yourself, 'I'm not Jack, I'm not Jean, I'm not Joe, I am nothing'. I am now one with nature. And feeling that, that you are one with nature, you become natural. The greatest problem in the world is that you escape nature and your natural self. If you can avoid that just for two hours a day perhaps, you'll feel such a much better, better person. Lean yourself, if there are no trees around, lean yourself against a rock and feel that 'I am the rock and the rock is me'. It will give you such strength. It will give you stability. For the rock is no different from you. It's no different at all. For the very molecular structure of the rock is your own personal molecular self because you are formed of atoms and molecules and of nothing else. And when that realisation dawns, you will know that you are made of that vital force of our Father. And when you start realising the vital force of our Father, you will come closer and closer to the Father. It is just changing of attention. People tend to be mor e orientated to externalities. You see the rock, but have you ever tried identifying yourself with the rock. The rock is made from that vital force of Divinity and so am I. And that forms identification with the rock and you and with Divinity. For

3. UK 87-1 identification itself is Divinity. You look at a rock and you say 'Oh, that's a blooming rock'. And with your ego self you say 'Ah, I am Joe, Jack or Jean'. You're not. You are fuck all. There's no difference between you and that rock. You are made of the same structure of that rock. Now identification would mean that I and that rock is one and the binding force that makes me feel myself one with the rock is our Father. That vital force, that vital energy that permeates through you and the rock. These things might be a bit difficult to understand but you will understand it gradually. I'm sure you would. I'm blowing my nose - the snot is going into my hanky. Where is the difference between the snot and the hanky? Isn't it mixed together, now? So mix yourself with the meaning of what it means the snot and the hankie. They are one. If this hankie is not washed, the snot will still be there, permeating the fibre of this piece of cloth. But we have to wash it away, because the snot and the hankie is one, because I have blown into it and penetrated the fibres of the cloth. So the entire idea is to identify yourself with everything, for life itself is everything. Whenever you find any differentiation between two objects, you are dwelling in duality. But find that oneness. That oneness is everything in life and then you will truly say in the words of Jesus that 'I and My Father are One'. Is that not the supreme goal of life to identify yourself with your Father? Hah. You are the creature of the Creator. What is the difference between the creature and the Creator? Nothing. Because the Creator lives in the creature and the creature lives in the Creator. So where's the difference? But these are realisations that has to dawn upon you. These are things you have to realise and that will make you from the unwise to the wise. Now guys I don't want to stretch your brains too much. Relax. Light up a cigarette. Carry on, carry on. You have my permission. Light up a cigarette and just relax. And then I'll carry on from there. Yes sure why not (General laughter) light up a cigarette. Relax for a minute or two and then I'll start again. If you haven't any, you can use mine they are very special. (Laughter and talking) Get me an ashtray, darling. (General talking) You know, people, people do not even know how to light a cigarette for a lady. They take the lighter and push it in the face. That's wrong. You light the lighter this way and then slowly take it to the face. There's an art in everything, to have the finesse, the culture, the manner in how one does things. (General laughter) I have to make you laugh a bit too, you know. I like your purple, Helen, beautiful. Well you wanted, you wanted to appear a bit taller for me. Ah, hah. (Gururaj laughs) The idea of life is to be totally natural. To live with nature and be natural and not the pretence that people assume to themselves because then they are false. So gradually with understanding, we move away from falsity to true-tality -

4. UK 87-1 that's a new word for your dictionary - from falsity to true-tality. And that is the way to live loves, to live life and when people reach that stage - wonderful ashtray isn't it, everything is appreciated in a piece of cardboard box - that's how life is to be lived, in appreciation of everything. You have a dry piece of bread or a King's feast, you still appreciate it because I might have said somewhere in some country, I don't know where, that your taste buds is only four inches from there to there and after that it becomes shit. (General laughter) I do not only teach by words. No. I teach by my life. For life itself and life's actions are more powerful than words themselves. One ounce of practice is worth so much more than a thousand pounds of words. Naturalness, to be totally oneself, never mind what you are or what you do, that's not important to me, but just be yourself. And that is how you'll find the truth in yourself. Rajesh and Jasmini, where are you? Come. Is there another mike there somewhere? Right. Now, you people have been travelling for miles and tired, I know, driving up from London here I'm feeling tired too. So - what's happened to my cigarette? You're tired and I want you to - you must get me an ashtray here please, for God's sake, damn it - you got to loosen up your muscles. Now let me tell you what happens here. I don't know if we did it in England. Did we? Aide. We did it on the last Course Gururaj. Yeah. We did. Now by having this movement, you loosen up your shoulder muscles and this should - are you listening - and loosening up your shoulder muscles what also happens is this that your spinal cord is connected to your brain, the medular oblongata, something, right. Now you loosen that up and you'll feel more relaxed because you've been travelling for many, many miles, I don't know where all. Right and it will help you to relax. Right, kids start off. Jasmini and Rajesh. (Start singing) O reach alaho, o reach alaho, o reach alaho ..................... (Group join in) Gururaj. You just carry on with that I'll do the improvisation. (Gururaj singing) O reach alaho ........ Come on, Come on. Come on. Come on. More stuff. (Gururaj singing) That's it, getting loosened up. Lift your shoulders up, that's right. As I said before, it also loosens up the medular oblongato, something like that, yeah, and it gets release of the tension because the greatest tension is centred just here, just there. And with this simple yoga exercise you loosen it all up. And you'll feel more relaxed and you'll sleep very well.

5. UK 87-1 Hour and a quarter, darling. Good. Yes. Good. I suppose I'm still on South African time. Well it's so pleasant being with my family again. It’s so nice. It’s such a joy to me to be with my family. I've been with my Cyprian family and Spanish family and now the English family and the next the Canadian family and of course in June, the American family. It is so nice. It is my joy. What a great pleasure it is to me to be with my loved ones, my children. I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you. He was enjoying himself. Good. That's it. Yeah. Thank you very much. Ta. God Bless you. God Bless. Do you love me? Child. Yes. Gururaj. I love you too. Oh well. Tomorrow we'll start working. Tonight we try to make it a bit light and talked about somethings and - ah, ah, my sweetheart. Do you love me? Child. Yes. Gururaj. I do too very much, very much. You're making me cry. Will you wipe my tears for me? Do that. Good, then. See you in the morning. Tomorrow I'm going to put you through hellfire. Voice. We've just done a period on a slave ship, Bapuji. END


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